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valorant captain for @Company8VAL // @wokezpriv

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@notrxchel @AbramIWNL @Hori_VAL notiup good, yk what that means.
@bbylapras case link thanks @rickyeffps @zekkenVAL @ShakkCS i’m poor 🥲 job soon again @Mendo i def agree bro the game felt great, seems like u need to learn to balance ur econ more and the use of abili… @rickyeffps @zekkenVAL the regular pretty sure they go up to lkke 80 but i overclocked the i5 to be constant 4.3ghz @rickyeffps @zekkenVAL it doesn’t feel like 60hz my pc just doesn’t get the fps that’s all @rickyeffps @zekkenVAL yes BRO i5-9600k, 2060 rtx and it barely handles valorant at all low settings it sucks @rickyeffps @zekkenVAL doesn’t do anything 😐 @zekkenVAL i get 60fps. on a 144hz. @zekkenVAL it is a very life changing moment but if u have a shit pc, say gg to ur fps @zekkenVAL zekken bro chill man it’s 12:27if someone likes trippie redd as much as i do, they are automatically my friend just fyii said “me and you can do anything” “me and you and hennessy” “me and you is the remedy of loveee” @ShiiroQt @adorbse send me this on disc @Nano_valorant @vinylVAL ???
i got the new patch but couldn’t lock it once cuz my pc is too dogshit i guess.@wokezval is fucking nuts
Retweeted by ً @Dykaz_ we lost tholive playing the new patch :D @CarbynVAL only on certain maps 😈😈holy fuck it’s actually over for everyone LMFAOOOO shit i might not die to util only now @seshiriaa_ ez keep going @279_oscar @wokezpriv more like depression and otherfollow @wokezpriv, if i don’t accept then unlucky.this shit ain’t fiction, it’s too real too real. @480Wrap he’s big and strong like me
@desiirk HAHA @ZenosVAL needed change @Angellolll MARCELO @Fijiis14 u wanna kiss them or sum??short hair wokez. @ilyVal_ nice to meet you, val. @ilyVal_ i’m the big wokez @Fijiis14 ur 14? congratulations. @hyjinxVAL nate. stop. it’s 11:45am. @quackzyy he’s weird when he loses he always has an excuse @qzrqel actually debating it but my hair is the only good part of my look so @OneSnipeKO bro… @OneSnipeKO best b day @Dark3stVal she’s been single broi’m getting a haircut tmr i’m actually about to look so fresh 🥰 @Unholykid3 chill 🥲 @AstrioFPS yeah GG @ny_SmolSakura not funny… @Gramp_ anime tonight 💯🥲 @Gramp_ 😟 @Evs2x tmr i bring the big wokez @faithfps ☹️☹️☹️☹️ @AeroValorant just do it @faithfps older ☹️ @sAv1oRVAL no man @MxykoFPS too bad i would’ve actually moved for her @zekkenVAL @wildfirecsg @sw1ndal @magsvaI LMFAOMFAOFMAOFMAOMF @Evs2x STFU WE HAD FUN THAT IS WHAT MATTERS
@lahti_michael @phux66 ME TOO HAHA @Agr0fps some try to flex their d3 or low immortal it’s kinda funny @lahti_michael @phux66 freelo for you :))) @GhostkoreaVal it was nice they followed me on twitter @phux66 @lahti_michaeljust played w the nicest diamond players ever @jenvalorant @PlayVALORANT right right 😐😐😐😐😐😐 @jenvalorant @PlayVALORANT “i’m not good” @desiirk @diceyzx 😵‍💫😏😵‍💫😵‍💫 @ny_SmolSakura i’m always productive @ny_SmolSakura no, i just had shit to do so i had to wake up early @desiirk @diceyzx chill imma 😐 @lenavalorant this is why, u don’t queue at the end of the act @Evs2x no internet noobgood morning :) @NotReduxx that’s for any streamer tbh @ciaolyx sure @ciaolyx i like the poster @jenvalorant already am. @jenvalorant you ask me WOKEZ at this time of the night to queue. feels like you know nothing about me 😐 @jenvalorant JEN BRUH WTF HI @Agr0fps watching nagatoro catching up on eps @Agr0fps how u doing man @mehzyVAL @weirdoliv bro mehzy u missed the tea today bro. @Dark3stVal glad to hear that man :)) hopefully things are going good @notrxchel @ashveo @wackyzx deez nuts gottem bro rachel i gotta spell the tea text me @Dark3stVal been good man how about you @notrxchel @ashveo @wackyzx ur mom @Dark3stVal hi @MrSkitFPS my day was pretty cool , tmr better though i get my license and my car plates should be here soon too @ChippoVal i’m happy and vibing rn :))) @MrSkitFPS sup man @ashveo @wackyzx @notrxchel she actived my trust issues department. @ashveo @wackyzx @wackyzx @ashveo he is a guy. @ashveo my bad @wackyzx @ashveo woah hey hey, too much dip on ur chip. @AeroValorant banger @ashveo u forgot the “tweet”hey
my pc blue screened be back shorty @Evs2x @ItMightBeFrost @SPINBaeza dont queue when i queue 🥶🥶 @SPINBaeza HAHA @SPINBaeza SILVER? bro….