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I spent a lot of time watching the Timberwolves. Don't ask me why.

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It angers me and I don't even have to deal with them.How does someone still support the American police? It's shameful what they keep doing. The sheer incompetence is s… @boognish1972 @notcapnamerica And rightfully so
After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit… already is the greater player so who cares Time flies (except in 2020) someone on the outside looking in: using ' the popular vote' is BS. It shouldn't be even be a thing (most vote… of pure gold from Sacha Baron Cohen: “Voltaire was right, “Those who can make you believe absurdities —…
Retweeted by Erik @Talkshow_M Komt bekend voor? Wat een blunder was dat joh Dat is geen journalistiek en eerlijk gezegd best beschame… feel like I don't belong on twitter because I don't think Dril is funny @JEcadeQueiroz Amazing reallyI think a lot of people are considering Trump again after this
Look at the excellent sit, 10/10 👏
Retweeted by ErikBecause most everything sucks right now please enjoy this baby laughing with daddy. Needed it today...
Retweeted by Erik @LaltenNBA Is Billy King back? @shan_yuga @WkndatBurnies @balldontstop Tbf, they can'tIf what you need in your week is a cockatoo introducing himself to some 19 day old kittens, I have that for you.
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😂 @McDonaldsNL @BurgerKingNL Nu éven niet. We hebben wat anders aan ons hoofd. #burgeroorlogA lot of Americans suffer from objectophilia @lynn_inMN 🙂😇 @JamesBu9 @JoeHulbertNBA @threesley Bad reads and overcommitting remain his biggest flaws though (in general) @JamesBu9 @JoeHulbertNBA @threesley He's no Draymond Green. But he's been ok and think he's getting better at it… @jlluh Was thinking just the same this week😂🔥
Weak. When Pete Buttigieg started writing a book I wrote a book about Netflix AND Tiger King. @Patrick_Fenelon Was Lenin Imperial or a Stormcloak? @jarrettc08 is special.
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Because we know for a fact there will be a new outbreak of a novel virus in our lifetime. At least we had a good re… need to focus more on preventing the next outbreak. Find unknown viruses among animals, determine risk area's/wh… in bats. The start of SARS , MERS and Covid-19 are traced back to bats (Bats also Carry EBOLA). Th… swine flu) WE ARE LUCKY AF. There are as many as 1.6 million viruses we know virtually nothing about carri… way in the world would the WHO and the world governments response be good enough to prevent an unprecedented wor… can't imagine what would've happened if there was a corona -or other virus that jumped from bat to civetcat/camel… all know what happened in 2019/2020. Even knowing the risks of the outbreaks mentioned the governments around th… that's 3 signifcant outbreaks in the span of 20 years. And there have been multiple ebola outbreaks in that span… people we're infected. 4922 people died. That's a MR of 35%. There are 4 know Ebola viruses that can transmi… MERS isn't easily transmittable form person to person. And SARS was identified early and a lot less infecti… when you go back in recent memory 2003 SARS (a strain of coronavirus) outbreak: 8001 people infected and 774 de… the best word. But hey, it's Twitter. I think the last estimate is that it has a mortality rate of 0.65%. That'…'ve just started a new Lockdown in the Netherlands with 10.000 new cases a day with a population of 17 million. N… could say many pessimistic things about AW's tenure in Minnesota, but goodness I will miss watching him obliter…
Retweeted by ErikBorat will not work this day and age. What is there to reveal? Everyone is open about their sick toughts these days… @Preecha2007 @op1npo @ricknieman @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden @jeroenpauw @TijsvandenBrink Fox news journalistiek noe… @JEcadeQueiroz Sorry for the wrong spelling. It's Twitter not me @JEcadeQueiroz What's the best Portugese squad ever (porto/benfica/sporting)? I think this has to be a top 3 Dutch… @JEcadeQueiroz Ajax thoughUnbelievable squad @BBallJonnJonzz Leto was the worst of them all. Agree about Phoenix version not really being the Joker. But nothing…
Looks like a Korfball shot. Don't believe anyone outside of the Netherlands and Belgium even plays it (The Netherla… else really disliking the new retweeting functionality?
Retweeted by Erik @Giels @langefrans @MvanRoosmalen @devooravondtv @weeronline Heb je aandacht tekort? Deze gast een podium geven is…
He had a record of 32-2 with 29 K.O's Gundy ft Damian Marley and Nas- Road to Zion'll miss you Twitter Van Gundy @realStanVGFor anyone who needs to hear this: It's okay to retroactively decide Ja Rule was always better than 50 Cent.Donald Sterling an agent now? can give you two examples I return as a T-Rex next life out the job I wanted all along was cycling reporter approximately 60 years ago
Retweeted by Erik @B_HedtkeNBA He stays. But if I had to bet he leaves. 🤔 @B_HedtkeNBA @JoeHulbertNBA Okay. I think that it's at least debateable but am kinda surprised. What makes you think he's better rn? @Sexxxbabomb @ericinmadison Am I mistaken in that we would add a second Beasly with Oubre? I would prefer Bridges… @Sexxxbabomb Yeah... I would be surprised if the team get's notably better if they stay put and draft a player with their #1 pick @ericinmadison @Sexxxbabomb Yeah I would for sure prefer Bridges @B_HedtkeNBA @JoeHulbertNBA Younger, cheaper, better @Sexxxbabomb I believe Oubre contract is expiring (not sure), Ty Jerome is not a name that get's me excited and yea… 0 @B0stonJohn @brianstelter @JohnBerman @NewDay Yeah. Biden is immensely popular🤢 @Cavsanada He isn't white though?Ball is life!
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@Patrick_Fenelon Khajeet are dangerousThis is awesome. Gotta love Dikembe.
'Ik voel me zo lekker in de fabeltjesfuik' @RebekaDawn he needs to dance battle this guy
Retweeted by Erik @RebekaDawn This is my favorite one they did. And I can’t even deny the girls ate up that choreo 💀
Retweeted by ErikY'all... Come look at this
Retweeted by Erik @RebekaDawn Same energy 😂
Retweeted by Erik @PintOfJack You're smoking tabloids?Because it's worth watching twice... @SidHartman & Kevin Garnett reunite
Retweeted by Erik @Lies69616541 @zondagmetlubach Hoe voelt het om je buiten de fuik te begeven? meer mensen worden op grote online platforms in een eigen parallelle werkelijkheid gezogen. Ze raken verdwaa…
Retweeted by Erik @TravLyleCzech @DaneMooreNBA Coaching staff: play small and fast Coaching staff during practice:
Retweeted by ErikTimberwolves coaching staff can hoop... PG: Pablo Prigioni, 22-year pro SG: Kevin Burleson, 10-year pro SF: David…
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2020 @jdhuberty11 top of covering the league for over 7 decades, he was also the GM of the Minneapolis Lakers back in 1947. RIP Si…
Retweeted by ErikVan der Poel heeft em, een monument. Prachtige koers, een prachtig duel en bovenal een prachtige winnaar. De Ronde…
Retweeted by ErikCarmelo Anthony @Patrick_Fenelon We as their neigbour are doing way better. It's about who's reddest, right? Right? @JohnEPalm I don't believe it's because she's a woman. Players touch the officials all the time. They shouldn't but…'re doing fine of #coronavirus infections per 1 million inhabitants (7 day average). Germany is a giant, comparatively clea…
Retweeted by Erik @Hans_ten_Wolde @bopanc @LavieJanRoos @welt 🤦‍♂️ @juliettekayyem Still looks like it takes a woman in power to take down the curious
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And now Lamarcus get's disrespected. As teams I would stop with these graphics @buitengebieden_ @BuitengebiedenB