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ryley @wolrdisafcuk I am not Ant.

I must be loyle to my capo.

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our bffs DUMMO LOOP
Retweeted by ryleyno song hits like dummo loop from another room everyone! Playing a Halloween event with friends! Haven’t played a Halloween event in a long time so I’m excite…
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Retweeted by ryley#NewProfilePic loopLETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DODGERRSSSSSS @Sloppyclock wouldn’t surprise me👨 | | \ |. \ 8===D |. 💦 | \ |. \ 👟👟 #HIBUDDY
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AFI but they need one for knees too @stupidassrock you’re on to something @peterberkman yakuza is a little bit like a slice of life game mixed in with a beat em up, pretty fun. idk if you’v… out 😈
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Retweeted by ryleywavedashdummo loop - out everywhere at midnight <3 pre save here: @GudVibrations
Retweeted by ryley @TommyThroatEm it’s 21 days and the game went gold with multiple confirmations of the release date, there’s serious… is more pathetic than funny at this point lol @ggooeemmoon cancelling my pre order and just buying it whenever the dumb thing is ready:/ @peterberkman love you pete, i’m here to talk if you need it. @peterberkman i’d give you mine i don’t need themi’m glad borat 2 got the phrase wawawewa back into the spotlight that’s a good oneI don’t need it....... @layajospe mine gets here on wednesday if you wanna buy my 256gb XS with a cracked back but nice smiley face sticker @arixant @arixant you weren’t supposed to be able to reply"wft_NOVA" design by @arixant , seen in the music video for dummo loop
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dummo loop
Retweeted by ryley @arixant @shadient nah I thought it was girl you chop me up haha @M1CHAELW0NG literally it should just be a quiet and efficient dreamcast with all the accessories baked into the controller. perfectionI can’t believe dummo loop is like. out. @milkshapes emo milk todaysega should say fuck what you heard and just rerelease the dreamcast. no mini.eating fine italian food.. trader giuseppesomebody stop me from buying a japanese Saturn before this gets any worse don’t even play my dreamcast every day but I buy shit for it like every daydummo loop
Retweeted by ryley @arixant we luv to see it
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Retweeted by ryley @arixant i’m smoking ANT 😟😟😟😟this was kind of epic was epic.Check out @wearewavedash 's new single "Dummo Loop" if you get the chance. Sound of the summer.
Retweeted by ryley LOOP. 30 MINUTES. @milkshapes splatoon vibesDUMMO LOOP - VIDEO PREMIERE @ukf @gudvibrations
Retweeted by ryleywhen a place got homemade ketchup... ooooweeeI feel like going to disney world would piss me off because I can’t try all the food in one tripmarriage friends boobs video is 9 seconds long and I think I’ve watched it for an hours’ worth of time today
Retweeted by ryleyno hiss... @peterberkman 10 hours... why stop there 👀look at the monkey smile ☺︎
Retweeted by ryley1 year of good album @Wario64 i’ve used this and it certifiably works okmre tasted like spaghettios and pop tart that shit is goldmre time @Sloppyclock @arixant i’ve been hearing that for 5 years LET ME IN
canadian borders open I might have to act upif you do anything tomorrow make it listening to this is Wavedash Day
Retweeted by ryleyI wanna give everybody who owns a motor trike a clobbering @arixant DEADASS LMFAOLIKE I HAVENT BREN THERE IN 5 MONTHS YALL ARE INSANE LOLread it and what the FUCk they have shifts they want me to workI think ikea just called to tell me i’m fired idk I didn’t listen to the voicemail lol @wearewavedash @GudVibrations thank god“world famous tour” - our very first album it all starts tomorrow @ 2PM EST @gudvibrations
Retweeted by ryleyI watched cats againgreened out on cbd @arixant yo real talk talk to sk
Retweeted by ryleyI wanted the 2 seat versionnnn @arixant how tf is this hyper pop this is a fucking uzi beat @Scamron_Giles 🤔 @Scamron_Giles LMFAOOOOOOO NAHi’m going to beat the shit outta whoever runs adobelegit I’m so mad I never get in fights I want to beat somebody up @arixant to be fair spotify just did this to me too so now I have NONE of my local files lolI want to get in a fight right now so fucking badly loleveryone has a breaking point
maybe a little vain because this is my name but i’m kind of in love with this song but fr my magsafe charger hasn’t even shipped and that’s a separate order whats the deal apple what’s the beefbut tbh the all queues have to be outdoors part is just not feasible lolif you want disneyland open sooner it’s simple really just get rid of covid in orange county that will happen right