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stupid babies need the most attention

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@taint_chakra :) @taint_chakra :( @stefapie we'll be the queens of summer!! @asterofpuppets @a_sleepykisser i'm always dragging my feet on shit but i will def watch it during the fest @asterofpuppets @a_sleepykisser wow ok i really gotta watch it, thanks you two! @rbgscfz wowwwwThe "the girl in my bathtub" section of my campaign website for district attorney is prompting a lot of questions a…
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@faggy_dyke just check the aubrey plaza trending topic! @MBeefmaster aubrey plaza is married and some people are mad abt itthis website has made basically anything acceptable to say but this is still unhinged!it is incredibly deranged behavior for an adult to be upset that a celebrity is married @musidoraismydad tbh the best gift i could give anyone! @brendanowicz cool copy @CEEGO i said this elsewhere but his feed is literally irl dril, hard to believe he's real for sureNobody reading this will ever be as cool as Melvin Van Peebles.
Retweeted by D A N A @WillSloanEsq ftr i fucking hate brown eyed girl lol @WillSloanEsq wow i really like that "brown-eyed girl" song, now to take a big sip of coffee and see what van's been up to since then--everyone should listen to the Czarface / DOOM album that came out today, predictably great @SinacoLad @truefalse i love her so muchi definitely feel like "busting my crackers" might just become part of my vocabulary @c0mmunicants oh yeah, this is a brain worm for sure @coopercooperco i honestly still can't believe kelly is real, his account literally reads like dril tweetsme: ugh i wish people took me more seriously professionally also me: replies to a staff email that includes dog pic… @c0mmunicants lol exactly! he wore a blue button up with meet with trump....what the fuck lolwas thinking of making an olive oil or other loaf cake.....i'm getting a little tattoo tomorrow :) :) my first in like 15 years :) :) i'm paying my artist cash, and she said…
Retweeted by D A N ADon’t be silly about it. Listen to Sleaford Mods. #biggypop @IggyPop
Retweeted by D A N Aquit busting my CRACKERS guysthe most prestigious brand in PANTS @cgduckworth kittens plural??? 🥺🥺 @bmrow use a different song lol, that one is about cocaineloving this samsung commercial that uses the White Lines instrumental but omits all the lyrics about cocaine
@_taco_belle CONGRATS!! @fruitstripescum they definitely do notif the naomi be klein, then you're doing fine, if the naomi be wolf, then that's a big oof
Retweeted by D A N Ame today @brofromanother @brendanowicz oh i didn't mean it i just have a bee in my bonnet today haha @brendanowicz lolol @brendanowicz Salo is a stupid answer to that question in the first place imo!just looked at naomi wolf's tl and i couldn't even find the bad tweet from several hours ago because it's just a co… @aliasodessa i'm gonna jump off a bridge @menwritewomen pretty clearly a joke @WildPalmCity how could you think that was not a joke????every single person replying to the original tweet is an idiot lol @jjdotbiz you are a dunce if you think that's how butts workalso it's very cool to make fun of an author who literally killed himself bc of the reaction to his booksi can't believe how stupid we've gotten @brofromanother @swen_ryan lmaoreally gotta respect the chaotic game of bic, dominating the fields of lighters, pens, and razors
Retweeted by D A N A @MrGlinis happy birthday!And I Will Rise, If Only To Hold You Down (Jennifer Reeder, 2012) knew six weeks ago that their treadmill killed a child and refused to recall it until today. almost comical… this is THE lesbian vampire lineup tbh!! @attheimax i'm a very big lee fan!! haha @marshlands my dad would always rip on the guys who pulled a claven
Just popping in to say that @womensrites’ little blurb here gets at some of what was on my mind while thinking abou…
Retweeted by D A N A @attheimax this is the only bond movie i've seen and tbh it's fun. totally wastes lee of course! @MiriamBale @W0RLDGENESIS @soapyboobs been thinking abt you bc the benedetta trailer dropped!!! @brofromanother oh Irreversible duh @brofromanother also lilja forever / a hole in my heart and the works of lars von trier @brofromanother i don't think any movie has made me feel worse than SPOORLOS tbh @labuzamovies i mean every one of us has been jokerized so just make it a docyou guys are so funny about ella emhoff, a normal person couldn’t tell her apart from any of the people who hate on her the loudest
Retweeted by D A N A"i'll do that this weekend" i tell myself, no matter what day it isweekends are no longer a time for me but rather a liminal space in my mind where i file everything i have to get done @karenyhan happy birthday karen!my brother calls it Undertaker Face lolfreakiest dog shit is when their eyes are open but the milky white lids are up. scary DON'T DO THATapparently the systems aren't exactly the same in america and australia but who cares lol? i can still do the thing… @mindtheoctopus yep, via Zelle! i used to pay rent that way @SophyRomvari my husband and i start hootin & hollerin every time when we see a Law & Order title card that the epi… @mindtheoctopus but i can still do that via my bank app! @falsebinary yeah i wouldn't want to point out that she's wrong so bad if she wasn't smirking like thatso funny when people are like "in america we don't do this!" when the situation is actually "i just didn't know that existed"you definitely can lol's true women are always saying this to their bosses @JScottCampbell i don't have any idea who you are but you are definitely an asshole @PatrickPreziosi yeah, i'm hoping there's some good deep cuts on there, that's how the last few albums have panned out @NickAbides lol def @asterofpuppets what a fuddy duddy you have to be to think he's bad @bmrow yeah i think that will end up being their last really great albumdef happy to get a new modest mouse album, who cares if they're soft now, i'm soft now toofalling down a well PROS -quiet -cool -dark -cozy -you might die -if you get rescued everyone calls you "baby" and…
Retweeted by D A N A @MrGlinis School of the Holy Beast, Killer Nun, The Other Hell, Malabimba
miss ya @FCardamenis this is the one i thought wasn't terrible but i encourage you to look several tweets back on her tl as… i had this tweet drafted about the "why can we kill animals but not fuck them" tweet: there are 100000000 worse… whole thread had me crine😭😭
Retweeted by D A N A @phantasiesatze i read Notice last year, an absolute masterpiece @KylePWolfe love that lil crunch @luulubuu
Retweeted by D A N A @falsebinary great plan!!!10 hours of new barry jenkins material!! this should be "cinematic event of the year" type shitlike others have said, i literally did not even know that this show from our most promising young american auteur w… has so much money and hires everyone they can and yet can't figure out a decent release and promotion plan f… @lorenacupcake hahahahha