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stupid babies need the most attention

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Tsukamoto’s onscreen compassion’s as radical as his onscreen violence; thanks @NotebookMUBI for letting me write ab…
Retweeted by D A N A @cgduckworth i have been staring at all my "work" clothes since march, totally untouched, i should really get rid of 75% of that stuff!!must have a cool treat on its way from past me or i'll die
Retweeted by D A N Aok they're all in Alternative albums but rock songs? the grammys need to do a little categorization refresh imo @aliasodessa @haghallowed i've never even heard of her! @collectdust ????? how are the songs and albums different genres? @ThatJakePC over FtBC or Punisher??????this sucks lol - songs include fiona, phoebe, brittany howard, adrianne lenker but look at the boring ass album nom… @c0mmunicants books were a mistake @bmrow his movies are cold but that doesn't mean the characters aren't fleshed out!!! some ppl are just cold too hahawe rightfully made fun of fifty shades bc of how bad it was written but i don't think i could even read enough of t… this dude has a giant whiteboard with every cultural reference he knows and checks them off as he incorpo… still have so much to listen to :(having a great time working on my albums list this year tbh. lots of great tunes in pitchfork songs ballot @EtanHeytan says "The post-election support provides the president-elect’s team with fundin… @mmmsssllleeeooo barbara stanwyck, my all-time problematic fave
RIP @mmmsssllleeeooo it was me!! i started watching it last night and am going to finish it tonight, love it so far @Srirachachau oh absolutely not. "protocols"???? @subenfeoffed i've been thinking about them all day, the training manager had a field day @c0mmunicants Sacred Bones making tiktok bank???? you absolutely love to see it @AngerZia happy bday zia 💜 @subenfeoffed SO MANY"Don't imply Paddington can die!" is a best practice for all of us @cgduckworth even in the best relationship being around the same person 100% of the time is hardi mean fuck bosses but this doesn't seem like a hot news story to me!maybe i am An Old but it seems logical that you would get fired for making a ton of tiktok vids at work? @baalhisses right??? i can't imagine caring about 99.9999999% of tweets either way @michaelagrammar aimee play the inauguration challenge
Retweeted by D A N Aimagine getting these texts!!!!!!!!how have i never seen this i'm crying @labuzamovies @Pilgrim945 but connie is a bernie bro 😊 @vulveeta sorry for your loss but i just bought this for darren for xmas so thank u!!!!lmao the keven federline analogue who probably killed someone is named J TrainOH MY GOD the law & order analogue for thecobrasnake is SNAKEBOY DOT NET @disorganization @flipyourface i never want him to milkshake duck ever 🥺lol he's been stretched between the chair and the ottoman for ~five min now, just livin life to the fullest @ThatJakePC the definition of you love to see it @jjdotbiz kohls cash reference gets that automatic like @jjdotbiz lolllllll thank you for this very relatable tweet jjthis is a very good chill sunday album if u need one! @KylePienaar happy birthday!cackling is just a little too big to be a real lapdog but try explaining that @mcastimovies her lil stretched out paws!!!! @lorenacupcake lmao that is def the worst part about watching that show - being extremely high and wanting to weep… @jennylsq @siriusxmu Me and Giuiliani Down by the Schoolyard for melting rudy pls!!!! @kaymyers_ have you seen My Winnipeg? dream double feature for me bc Ann Savage completely steals both filmsone for the academics in the crowd @WSheepdog @nelliekillian i thought this was ralph in the stillput naperville on blast that place sucks Kagurazaka does THE MOST in this movie and it's great, just looked her up and she's married to Sono which ma… movie was great, a neon, paint-splattered perverted kafka-esque fuck movie constantly at 110%. love sono!!!!! @alexxkittle low-key one of the best sketchesme attempting to get more freelance work in 2021 of Romance (Sion Sono, 2011) clicked the trend hoping he had covid and not that he said another transphobic thing!!!!!!both my coffee and my pipe could use a refill but i can't move 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @alexxkittle lol my brother and i still occasionally yell YOU'LL DO IT NOW at each other a la this sketchjohn cleese just STOP PLEASE STOP
We all have our own sleeping preferences
Retweeted by D A N Amade a delicious side salad for dinner w green leaf lettuce, frisee, local microgreens, almonds and blueberries - t… @MBeefmaster heheh buttsLove my girls ❤️
Retweeted by D A N A @taint_chakra i'm almost always too high 🥺 it's my sin taxTHE JUNIPER TREE is streaming on mubi us this month, here's my piece from last year about this beautiful icelandic… @mcastimovies yaaaaaay, congrats to you both!!! what a sweet lil facethis is only 10 minutes but it does a few things very sharply and subtly: how, at 13, male attention (from any man)… Cousins Once Removed (Eliza Hittman, 2010): that unbridgeable chasm between being 11 and 13 @hedlike_a_hole lolplus with these on its much harder / impossible to chew my nails and cuticles, they were both looking rough recentlytoday i left the house for the first time this week and got complimented on them 😊😊😊 i always compliment good nails… most minor good thing that happened this week: i love wearing fake nails but i usually jimmy them off within 12… woman's opinion: catherine should have married morris at the end and made him a total simpany time her dad said anything in the second half i hissed SHUT UP through gritted teethman THE HEIRESS is a real fucking emotional rollercoaster, i started it like three days ago and only finished it to… @__k__9__ rahm is the worst fucking "democrat," ughhhh @jbushnell @taint_chakra would follow a "weird faces of cinema" account @taint_chakra an absolute shame
me attempting to escape all this Narcissus by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger vs. Black Narcissus by Ryan Murphy
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Retweeted by D A N Ai can tell who is not on the biden email list bc i have been getting fundraising emails since the day after the election for some reasonmy jaw literally dropped at #3
Retweeted by D A N A @battyhearst looooolGlossy red lips, Max Factor “Pan-Cake” foundation, powder puffs, & glistening gold compacts… Let’s dive into beauty…
Retweeted by D A N Aglad they're prepping us now for another 4 years of "the misunderstood trump voter" pieces @queenozymandias @charles_kinbote ya gotta admit that was pretty soon!!! @SlayerofCis i really thought he was gonna be an a-list movie star @tayloreyocom lol he does!!!! @asymmetricinfo literally what the fuck are you talking aboutthis is not asking for clarification lol, it's just an incredibly dumb pointliterally have no idea what "antics" big brain megan is referring to here
@nelliekillian just frowning at the clock after 6pm