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I don’t! But I hope others out there in #NYC do. Please RT!! those who say COVID is a hoax, I have bad news. It turns out the earth IS round. 🌍😱 @jhanteigh I just emailed you and hopped on twitter and saw this!!!! I'm glad to hear you're on the road to recover… York friends: how are you holding up? What can I do to support you from here?my boyfriend has been wearing sweats so much he has started calling normal pants... "hard pants"
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning herI know a lot of debut authors feel disappointed but it's still BADASS to get a book published. All the hard work st…
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning herBeautiful advice ❤️ was just what I needed tonight
It would be so much easier to hear the news and national health updates without the constant background buzz of overinflated ego.I'm so relieved the President is making time to get on the loveline with @tombrady, renowned epidemiologist. Feelin… bookstore purchases are the best purchases! @reenatweets2 No one thinks you're exaggerating, NYC (at least, not me!) Been thinking of you and hope you and the… @tusenoch Beautiful. Enjoy it. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!Friends - tell me yours! Yesterday, mine was a short, sweaty burst of lifting. Today will be letting L hang out and… help! #GetUsPPE
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning herWe really do. @RealCedricDark @JuddHollander Oh no. I'm so sorry to hear that Cedric. Please, please take care of yourself. Keepi… a great quote. poll: anyone else wake up at random times through the night only to immediately check the quality of their o… through town today and the streets were almost completely empty. Ghost town. What should have been depressing… @agent_ayesha What an awful position for a parent to be in. Wishing you both strength and a quick reunion.i’m going to try to post a free daily coloring sheet on instagram in my stories. — follow a…
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning herI already loved @mixtiles (our house is full of them), but the letter from the CEO tonight won me over forever. The… are different days! #TheShack #Windansea @ Windansea Beach
I just started reading this and it gets all my reading thumbs UP!!!!! @DionLimTV Why do you look so GRACEFUL when you're running??? RUDE! @DoctorYasmin Emergency toddler toes (PHOTOS, people!) available as needed.
Working at my parents' dining table and she brought me macaroni and cheese and buttered bread just like when I was…[angry tweet deleted, but I wrote it 3 times and it was GOOD] #stayathome #COVIdiots
Parents looking for great books - bookmark this site by author Naaz Khan. She picks out "Infinite Gems" from kids b… will now be making all public statements from my bathtub. Please send petals."Look for the helpers." ♥️ @CalHunter1 Thank you, but we're working on something over here that might conflict, so I will pass and wish you th… @reenatweets2 @djdnice I think it's archived online. I missed it too! I will dance with you!!!I just started reading #TheRumiPrescription by @MelodyMoezzi last night and it's absolutely wonderful. Just the lif… - I love Aisha's question. I want to hear your answers!!! Today, mine will be an online singalong with L's…
@DoctorYasmin News + yoga session. That is a combo I'd sign up for! (And possibly the only way to absorb the news w… @aishacs I love these reminders, Aisha. Thank you. Wishing you and your family safety, health, and joy everywhere y… you run an East Bay restaurant? Once a week for as long as this lasts @michaelchabon and I will buy 25 meals fro…
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You know you've always wanted to be a patron of the arts... now's your chance to really do it!
Sharing these books I illustrated -- they might be useful to families right now, esp if you're starting to feel coo…
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning her @MelodyMoezzi @agent_ayesha @warwicksbooks Is this archived??? I didn't see it until now!!Don't forget to FIGHT the secondary virus that's spreading right now: #racism. New #OpEd from @ABCNetwork SF newswo… photo also depicts how I welcome book recommendations into my life. Send yours!'s Persian New Year/first day of spring🌹🌷🌼💐, which typically kicks off 2 weeks of festivities in Iran. It's the b… mobarak, everyone! Happy (Persian) New Year to you all. We celebrate the first day of #spring. May the year… the end of THE BASEMENT, a novel I'm representing (rare!) and yesterday it had me in tears. I can't wait to… y’all please just follow the government instructions so we can knock this coronavirus out and be done? I feel l…
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PSA: Life insurance companies, maybe lay off the upsells right now. Especially about my toddler. Not in the mood today for any of this!! @musiccaab @KPBSnews Parenting award! @boygirlparty I haven't checked their stash yet!!!!! Will report back. I did see dad sneak one. #seniorwithtoddlerpalateThis is the only type of schedule I have been capable of keeping this past week. you an illustrator that recently lost your full-time gig? Respond below with your website and I'll keep you in…
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning herI found myself shipping orders yesterday, genuinely humbled to have any -- grateful for the support in these weird…
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I just heard my mom tell L that if she is good, the sun will come out. AND THE SUN CAME OUT IMMEDIATELY. That is go… - I am posting here, but not totally on top of things. If there is something I can be doing to support you,… of this, please! Mine: an energetic post-nap dance party with my little and her sweet salsa moves! got physical chills when I read this. Whoa. Brown, national treasure. I can't wait to go through all of these with Liana (who is going to speak better S… this was so good. AND SO TRUE. #rockstarlibrariantweets @RekhaSRajan Oh no - remember what I emailed you yesterday? He tried to leave again! I am a WARDEN! (But a very cute and charming one!) @kingdr360 I hope you guys are doing ok too, Dave, and not going stir crazy! Please take very good care of my inlaw…'m at my parents' and watching (and appreciated) how unnaturally calm they are, and then I realize: they are immig… jobs I've had: 1. Dental office assistant 2. Daycare employee 3. Student loan consolidation cold caller (yep, it… support your local indie bookstore in these weird times & support an author whose book release is in these we…
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning herPlaced a dealer’s choice order from my favorite bookstore to stock up for our family. I told her general taste and…
Moment of brightness🌟: I'm thrilled to announce that @mariam_qur and her beautiful illustration work are joining th…, the playlist I'm enjoying for so many reasons -- SOCIAL DISTANCING - A playlist for the apocalypse NOW… the look of the home space you're stuck in! Minimum artistic equipment (or talent, in my case) required, an… with kiddos, I'm attaching here a printable coloring sheet picturing Little Muir atop Half Dome in Yosemit…
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning herI just placed my order with @RFCBookstore. As I was making my list, it grew and grew. SO many good books are out no… check out @crafted_jennyp's tips on engaging kids with learning when you're home for the next few weeks.… @adriamgoetz Ooooh! Thanks for the recommendation - will watch this week! Did you hear about the new book deal on it?!Writers: use this time. Publishers *are* working! Force yourself to sit and work on those edits. This is your time… usually playing it cool, even I'm thrown for a loop right now. Helpful article on managing #COVID anxiety, for…
San Diego: local bookstore @RFCBookstore is offering phone orders and deliveries (to your doorstep or by mail). Sto… bad he has already read his own books! I've been recommending his work to friends with kids home from school th… you to San Francisco for setting an example for the country. Stay home and save lives. Love is DISTANCE right now. #flattenthecurveI believe something good can come out of this: renewed respect for educators and healthcare providers. Doctors, tea… @fahmida_azim Our parents have rebuilt lives in wildly different countries that didn’t make it easy to do. This is cake. @AirlieAnderson That night light has saved our sanity!!Tomorrow is officially America Works From Home Day. Now is the time to strategically move all your smartest books t…
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning herMany buildings and facilities across the country are closed so they can get a deep clean. The next time you see a c…
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You don’t have to be in a store to keep it open! Place online orders to your favorite local artist (@boygirlparty i… @oldtownbooks I don’t have a book, but happy to teach a course or do an open q+a if you have the tech for it!When walking outside (which you totally should because vitamin D is a superdrug), remember to keep twice the amount…
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning herI keep reading "wfh" as "wtf"
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning herI’m going give $13,700 to someone random who retweets this in the next 72 hours because we need good news ☀️ (must…
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning herI won! Watching #TheCircleNetflix about a national day of fucking testing people for coronavirus
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning her @RekhaSRajan Ps. I hope you got what you need. Holler if we can help. ❤️I'm sure I'm not the first to say this but please consider sending a text (or call/email/DM) to check in on loved o…
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning herYes!!! Ugh. People. Get it together. need to do this. Every day. said I wanted to lighten up and watch #TheCircle, a ridiculously entertaining, light reality show about social a… @realkatiejow @AOC "A virus is just a little packet of genetic code, but it will really put a mirror up to your soc…
Retweeted by Lilly's toddler is owning herThis is an AMAZING opportunity for anyone who missed the initial deadline to sign up for #12x12PB. 💜
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Your dose of feel-good!'m seeing a lot of empty @LtlFreeLibrary in my neighborhood... with @OaklandPublic and @SFPublicLibrary closed, le…
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