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the real hidden features are the friends we made along the way 👩‍💻

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Just because I (aka me, aka @wongmjane) was joking (aka kidding, aka making a joke), it (aka me making joke) doesn'… @e_p82 @sebmck I know. And I was joking @TheoOnTwitch @sebmck @thelordvengeful @sebmck the darwin kernel, too @sebmck i don’t even know what the past commits mean @sebmck My public github repos @timneutkens “Vercel is committed to dealing with environmental change” @fionais__online @abenaanim21 @isosteph @aquariusacquah @ktzhu @negroprogrammer @rohanrkumar @patagucci_girl @ericclemmons @acemarke @ts Wish there's something like ts-warn or ts-todo: blah blah blah so we can get the best of both worlds @CaseyNewton Disclaimer: I'm not dramatic when I'm on Clubhouse. I'm very shy and usually leave the room when I encounter confrontation @CaseyNewton They thought they could avoid the drama by cherrypicking the "high quality people" (meaning influentia… @hunterwalk @TaylorLorenz Thank you! @yuarecold So that justifies sending death threats to the journalists. Got it. @agisilaosts without any criticisms whatsoever it's just propagandaWhy must the tech elites see journalists the enemy? Journalism could be a way they can show to the public they can… @Errorreporrt @a_fly_guy @TaylorLorenz Elone Musk? @mattschaar 😉😉😉 @amrith rip in peaceGoogle doesn't really understand I'm not dead shows "Jane Manchun Wong Death" as the first search suggestion despite I'm alive’s up #TwitterAPI #TwitterDev @ichthyos I don’t know. All of the Spotify finds are done completely in technical ways. There are no “sources” @mergesort @film_girl @JuanIsidro definitely something Twitter can do if they want to :D cc @dantley is working on shareable “Quotes” from podcast episodes featuring one of their engineer’s “kittie cat” in t… @potatros I think they might be able to solve the exclusionary issue by being more open, but then they'd have to ma… @potatros 1. It's as good as a MVP. But they're working to make the app scalable for mass consumption 2. Cynically… like the idea that you can spontaneously form a live podcast. I am very lucky to be invited to try out the app B…'s an echo chamber where the rich and powerful in tech reinforces one another's crazy ideas while remaining uncha… @brianmcc @nbashaw @awilkinson (narrator: it already did)
@kerrymflynn There's no way Lasso can be successful when they heavily geofence the app @juanbuis @amrith @maladham @IonAalbers i don't have the energy to tweet any finds today @CaseyNewton have i ever reverse engineered a bad reality @CaseyNewton :( @erinfoox Have fun looking up the standard C++ library for string @travychan @marimarrecuse2 I'm not near my laptop, pardon me if I use text watermarks I am one of the @wongmjane.… @marimarrecuse2 It's basically in the last sentence the of the tweet @jordanschnyc I am pessimistic that this will change anything. You can't stop an opium addict by telling them opium… @evleaks Imagine cheating the $1/month subscription @topjohnwu Did you react... cringely? @ghosttyped to me, it's because of this: @buildsghost @gaberivera i actually thought techmeme was about meme at first (techmeme is a tech news aggregator.… @buildsghost lol cc @gaberivera @aweary Love the rebranding! are no apps, therefore, there are no fake apps @itsnathanlam @cwarzel As a publicly-funded utility funded by multiple countries“what if i tweet this” @mask0fmydisguis @cwarzel Think of Facebook, Twitter, etc if they don’t have to worry about making any money, so th… @cwarzel A model for social media platforms that doesn’t rely on revenue to survive, so they can focus on building… 15 days before launch @Wander1236 No one can tell who he is from the name if I blur it @am4sten Sorry, no doxxingTwitter is working on “Show Retweets with comments” button for policy-violating tweets that’s remain accessible I…
@dtrj787 @_inside Apple has hired researchers in the past @_inside Why aren't you working at Apple already?? 🔥 @amrith Hi Amrith, would you mind taking down this tweet? It appears you are posting a picture of me without my permission. Thanks @satya164 It appears he has archived the repo @kateconger This is messed upThis “common practice” of app scanning should be less common thanks to @AndroidDev hardening the platform 👍 thanks… @rmondello If it means React Dev Tools on Safari will be possible I’m definitely switching 😍 cc @brian_d_vaughn @davidzmorris @ktzhu love it! @fs0c131y but then if you become too diplomatic, your tweet might lose the personality @fs0c131y I think the impact matters relatively less as your audience base grows @ktzhu it’s a matter of time, people grow up and the new ones will emerge @ktzhu in a decade or two we might see gen z not understanding the symbolese or emojiese that the future Gen Alpha/… @hunterwalk @amrith aww~ @amrith context? @formikhq @jaredpalmer @tailwindcss @vercel @algolia What does ISSG stand for? thx @evleaks @AndroidPolice I can’t see myself wrestling with members of the media looking to exploit for the rest of my life @evleaks @AndroidPolice The stressful relationship between people like Evan and tech blogs is why I don’t want to b… @Wander1236 I think the Big Sir’s UI is alright. It will take awhile for me to get used to though @kylemh_ @paul__132 He seems very egotistical and doesn’t want to admit when he encounters embarrassing situations @flyosity @satya164 Dunning–Kruger effect is in full force @satya164 ;) @selcukbulca that makes a lot more sense now, thanks! @shergin I think the andThen/compose methods are pretty useful because I can use it for functional compositionsWhy does AndroidX offer certain packages when it already exists in Java SE and is less featureful than the equivale… @alex lolThis is long overdue. We should reward ones who's done the original reporting, not the content farms who piece them… @ericlewis Without vowels, how is "JWT" pronounced?As a US business (and tech) community, I think we should be significantly clearer about our horror at, and oppositi…
Retweeted by Jane Manchun Wong @codebytere The point isn't for adding value. The point is to growth hack @alvinllum something something「基本法賦予香港美國的敏感科技] @HeineLuke *sad engagement*{person} be like "I know a spot" but then [insert text here] please give me engagements @amrith @ktzhu You might know me from your own unreleased features, but I just really like shitposting lmao @freialobo Looks like the tweet is gone
@ktzhu I believe the simulation has given up @MishaalRahman @AlpacaAlpacaAl1 @topjohnwu I wish Android could snitch on clipboard access like iOS 14 @ktzhu It is what it isNotion is working on supporting multiple languages, including Korean @auchenberg was it the time you gave the talk at @HarbourFrontHK? @roelvangils >assuming the icon is illustrated on Earth @mergesort no fleets? @Bernstein Opium @Daniel15 @NewsBlur huh, perhaps I didn’t specify the MIME type @Dieulot Twitter @Daniel15 technically yes. I will implement it properly before new posts come up @ludoviclandry Congrats!As more platforms move to deplatform Trump, he is left with fewer sanctuaries to flock to