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the real hidden features are the friends we made along the way 👩‍💻

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@cameronwilson ;— DROP TABLE Identitiesi think i crashed the room 🥺tried to fill @sonar with trees 🌲🌲 @theduskykitchen @mattryanharris 為什麼 ( ゚д゚) @malgordon eww @BashBrah Exactly why I’m glad it didn’t roll out to meLinkedIn Stories still isn’t rolled out to me ☺️ @chrismessina @instagram @mosseri Huh, seems like a feature “graduated” from Threads @wongmjane Step 1: VR Step 2: AR Step 3: hotpot
Retweeted by Jane Manchun Wong @boztank Facebook is working on hot pot 🍲 @CaseyNewton Is this reverse psychology orI’ve reached out to Facebook for comments
@aniacopian looked it up.. looks like a cd movie renting store? I feel like if it still existed today people would… @aniacopian what’s blockbuster? @oihamza Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories @AdamSinger I miss living in New England now 🥺 @boomereng @apretz @kealiepretz Happy Birthday! @apretz @kealiepretz Congrats!!!! @awesomekling Imagine if TikTok was only available in Chinese and when English-speaking influencers complain about… is working on moving the settings button from the home page to the library page this is innovation @HammerToe ⬇️ @threepointone At some point it’ll just break you and you’ll switch @threepointone 🥴 @tomgara So it’s like gravy for clothes?oh ok looked up for the meaning of “sus” and turns out it has something to do with the Bible apparently @mxstbr Yes I did @localghost3000 Just yesterday @rmnscnce @verified lol @mxstbr Not aware of such featureTwitter gives verified accounts a choice to reactivate in 12 months Non-verified accounts can only reactivate with… you’re verified, your notification page and followers list comes with a “Verified” tab, where it shows only a… @vijethx It’s capped at 20Seems once you’re verified, the notification tab badge no longer shows the number, instead it just shows a little d… @haroenv @seldo Yes. Back then they framed it as a social feature for college students @mmahalwy @rauchg idk @rw_grim @shanselman Basically yeah @novallkhan “Aluminum” but this is banned at Apple anyways @shanselman If the maths work out, you’ll become a giant developer with 10 monitors @shanselman It does makes you a bigger developer Size of developer = Original size * (1 + Amount of monitors * 0.5) @DrKwanEC I’ve already been verified on IG, so I know what to expect 😅 @charlesmok 擦鞋 有肉食 先會咁講啫 @mergesort oh really? list all the numbers @_rm0rf @kieranmch what is real? how can i tell if this incarnation is real or just an illusion? i don’t know, thou…
@topjohnwu I said “within a week”, not “for a week”. I don’t doubt your ability to swiftly root the phone, but I th… @topjohnwu Challenge: the Magisk that undo the busted fuse @okbel @rauchg 😭 @rauchg @evilrabbit_ @evilrabbit this badge? ⌨️ @schrockn yeah they saw it coming and are thinking about showing a banner telling people to be nice, like that’d help @peteskomoroch @dbeyer123 obligatory cc @killedbygoogle @brittanyforks そして @topjohnwu Are you concerned about the mechanical weakness in the joint? @topjohnwu it’s gonna get rooted within a week right? @chrismessina @googlechrome Every family’s dedicated tech support person will thank Google for this @aweary Happy birthday!! 🎂 @novallkhan there will always be ways to invalidate you if they wanted to @IanColdwater They’re also working on better ways to get the verification going so hopefully it’ll be launched 🤞 @IanColdwater I don’t know. I’m just speaking from my own perspective and I’m not invalidating your work. Your Anim… @IanColdwater I was caught by surprise, too Evidently, I was featured on major news orgs for 6 times @sriramk @Cereal_Box_Sol @chocolovesfood @jack I actually thought they’d never verify me @UXSuggestions @jack I believe they’re working on something like that @Daniel15 They only halted the public application, not the verification itself Also: @kieranmch I didn’t initiate this. Zero (0) interactions were involved 😱 @LongTran02 Lurked for 7 years @VictorKagarama This can’t be real, right?Holy shit 96 days before announcement @qaisjp @chocolovesfood ? @evleaks What’s the hardware shortcoming at this time? lolBeen receiving more DM requests lately. Some of the accounts signal-boost tweets related to a political campaign D… @TwitterComms Could you confirm this is the same incident as this one? Thanks @chocolovesfood I know him enough to know he won’t verify me. Still honored to be followed by him tho @TaylorLorenz Do reporters usually have a minimum amount of stories to crank out per a period of time? @beijingscribe what about it? @Broadcastorm i can sympathize given the situations they’re dealing with, but on the other hand I’m glad there’s this gap for staying sanein case you’re wondering why Twitter feed is quite zenful from 3 PM to 7 PM HKT 😅 @jarredsumner kinda? @Netlify @cassidoo @elibelly basically yeah @atduskgreg @hondanhon nope, not that one @VictorPontis I haven’t found it yet, but it seems I managed to crash it on the client side via an unhandled UI behavior @mxstbr Congrats! 🎉 @feramsx Does it mean something like “you’re insane”? @ericlewis What is a reverse coffeetoo late @brian_d_vaughn is it moral to put pineapple on pizza? @Mat__Savage kinda? the more vulgar the reply is, the more likely it will be deboosted1. i shared this because this is his “first” on using the f word 2. we are also are dealing with similar issues h… @littlenono he’s the ceo of this website @chrismessina @jack but yeah it’s pretty messed up @chrismessina @jack This is not the first time @chrismessina has said the f word on Twitter is the first time @jack has ever used the f word in a tweet Speaks volumes @ericlewis Data fetched via REST or Firebase? @evleaks test @evleaks @evleaks @evleaks @evleaks @evleaks @evleaks @evleaks @evleaks @evleaks @evleaks @evleaks @devonbl 😍I managed to frustrate the scammer enough to get blocked 🥺’s account seems to be hacked and started trying scam ppl ... it’s my time to shine 😎