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nini ౨ৎ @wonidiet ⠀:¨ ·.· ¨: ediary (♡ˊ͈ ꒳ ˋ͈) ⠀ `· . ୨୧ ugw 40 kgs ‹𝟹

chai & yogurt lover !!

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@hiddendying im going to lose 50 lbs!!eventhough i binged on nye, i still havent surpassed my last gw so im happysorry for being ia new years was crazy!!! its time to get back on track today !!
@kumadiets thank you, i will probably eat something to soak up the alcohol <33 @kumadiets alcohol mono 😄wednesday ??? no. just poyo ^_^
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎim going to be so tiny everyone will regret ever viewing me as chubbybodycheck teehee giggle giggle
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎ🎈
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎrules: — 30 mins of exercise daily — atleast 5k steps a day — burn 200 calories a day — curb binge urges by allowi…୨୧ — diet accountability + rules !! <3
i honestly dont think low/mid res is for me i keep binging lol, i might go back to high res and do the skinny girl diet 😕i hate my dumb period binged what if i put a bullet to my headgained even though i ate 600 cals yesterday i literally didnt do anything to cause that......... sigh💗🕯️manifesting ˎˊ˗ rt to claim
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎ @h0neyeo @starve4me theres iced shaken espressos and theres the iced brown sugar shaken espresso! so the regular on… abt how my bfs sisters roommate had to buy a kids size halloween costume bc the adult ones were all too big @h0neyeo @starve4me if u do the replacements yes 😁 they fill up the milk to the first line which is about 8 oz (1 c…
@starve4me i like getting a venti iced shaken espresso, ask for sugar free vanilla instead of classic syrup, and th… @kiarakcal looking at pics people took of me, vaping, chugging water, gumwait today is officially two weeks being home and ive lost 10 lbs... im so happyretweet if you hate your CURRENT WEIGHT
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎive lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks since being home yay!! @redparsley stopp i think mine is coming up super soon @orth0rexic ill take anything from 13-18all of my journaling materials are coming in tomorrow will be going amazingly and then boom maintenance and or weight gain for no reason what is the worst thing and why is it getting your period while trying to restrict
@_pixie_dust8 30-40 lbs @oatlver 2i cant wait to start journaling!my bfs flight got cancelled so he has to drive 14 hours to come see me :(
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎ @sweetrexic a5% @PJMBMI come here. at 600k omgfighting the urge to eat a breadroll rn
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎ @PJMBMI hi ni im nini ni ni ni ni @PJMBMI YES HI
@PJMBMI my dad literally got me these as a gift LOLim so sad nuts have so many caloriesdad made me eat bruh i need to get iut of here. 520 cals @user273790 thank u...⠀⠀⠀꒰ OFFICIAL ABC DISCORD FOR EDTWT ! ꒱ ㅤㅤㅤ ♡॒ ۫ ᰍ based on this tweet i made !…
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎ"christmas kcals count" no they don't it's my ed and i make the rules
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎ @catpuccinocals get healthier skin, hair and nails <3 @stars4soul ME @lowcaIcig happy bday moot!!good morning edtwt!! whats the limit for today? im fasting personally @lurkerlmaooo LOOOLL ITS SO OKAY ILY THIS IS ONLY MOTIVATION FOR ME TO STARVE NOW @doIIIspo this looks so pretty, u put so much work into it <3 i cant wait to join!! @CUPIDSP0 wishing i was you rn so bad @lurkerlmaooo LMAOOO its ok 💔 anorexia starts today fr @hanistarves me too its ok. anorexia starts tmrits either i binge and be miserable and hate myself or i restrict and still be miserable but like myself a little m…
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎbought vitamins + food scale for abc diet.. o ya
fasting until the 28th 😄so all of edtwt binged on christmas dinner tn...i probably had like 1.2 or 1.3k cals 😟 atleast i worked out this morning ig @dahyuncalss trying to reach atleast 45kg by june !! i want my bmi to be under 17 @berrybmi wow!! so happy for you... tf invented christmas dinner and how do i kill them
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎpeople who still say merry crisis or merry chrysler or whatever are the bane of my existenceburned 360 cals during my workout 🙏 i may have a little extra food nowmerry christmas!! <3 @gakuyois2 omg we r not moots but i wanna say ur art is so so so good !! ur so talented omg @starvingsaturn omgg this is so cute TYSM @fr13dM1lk LOOLLL THIS IS SO FUNNY @nicole54357051 @starvingpormi elfbunnyz @h0neyeo then they tweet "do u guys have any tips for weightloss 🥺🥺"the hoard of new edtwt users that r gonna come in in january is gonna be insanealcohol should NOT have cals
@Kizu_the_Bunny ultra fiesta!starving hurts but hating your body hurts more @iheartangldvl 13-15 @_jaasp_ i love anything strawbwrry too much cant wait for the abc diet discord server 💔💔like i wanna get gifts for my family, not be forced to eat a 1000 cal dinnerhot take: holidays shouldn't be centered around food but rather spending time with peoplemy bfs mom apparently got me a bunch of sanrio christmas gifts... i love her sm omggprob liquid fast bc my bf is on my case abt me eating </3 so ill have some coffee and maybe juice? idk idk gonna start fasting on the 29th until new years <33feeling too big to enjoy christmas :( maybe next year...edtwt would u rather have a small waist but big thighs, or a straight waist but small thighs?anyone elses bookmarks filled with thinspo and diets ?𓂋 ⊂⊂  ◞ )⠀ ˳ ㅤㅤㅤ˚ ㅤ⋅ ⊹ ଘ/⠀ ⠀| っ⠀⠀unpin at gw . . 💭 ⊂__ u @skyncals this!! i wanna feel like im good enough to be loved by my bf..i need 2 look like her for summer time shes perf loss is truly like minecraft, you just need to make it through the night time and you're fine 💀
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎ @teenykittyluvr isfj !
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎi’ll never be pretty so i need to at least be skinny.
Retweeted by nini ౨ৎ @katefiIms hii pls add me @leiliena he keeps asking me if i want food 😭 like im trying to starve plsssfor christmas: (planning out) 1. chicken - 3 oz: 140 2. potatoes - 1/2 cup: 190 3. mac n cheese - 1/2 cup: 135 4.… just want to give off angelic fragile dainty girl energy where everyone wants to take care of me and protect me
my dad made me pizza and had me eat in front of him again... i think hes onto me 😭i’m being consistent and sticking to my plan & goals because summer me will have the body she forever dreamed 🥭🍵🫐🤍
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