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Edtwt✨ Hw: 224lbs cw: 160lbs gw: 130lbs (Dni if fatphobic)

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@revulimic @miumiuhearts man im starting to think im not even anorexic, maybe i keep looking at skinny naked girls because im fucking gay
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Edtwt what’s your dream body in photos?? I’ll start’m scared of tiktok“hair loss and brain fog are the worst ed side effects” i bring to u: saggy boobs
Retweeted by Nini @hellzthin How does that even come up in conversation @moistuvre @chaerrycals Good luck I ate so much today. But I also got a puppy so there’s thatWhy do people think people w eds hate food I love food
Retweeted by NiniThis is how I know ana shrinks the brainೃ⁀➷ Cat meanspo - a thread for edtwt
Retweeted by NiniPov: You romanticize your Ed and have your dream life✨ A thread for edtwt
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I hope you liked this thread💞You decide for the rest of the day you should fast. End🤍After eating and talking you walk home and decide to workout. What kind of exercise do you prefer??🤍While eating your friend compliments you on how you look. What do they say??🤍You walk to the coffee shop and catch up with your friend. She asks what you wanna get from the café and you decide…🤍When you get home you take a cold shower to burn more calories. When you look at your phone you see a message from…🤍As always you need to be active in the morning so you get dressed and head to do what??🤍You make your bed and tidy your room while thinking about how many calories you need to burn today in order to reac…🤍Pov: You wake up to your alarm clock and immediately feel awake a ready for the day. You look over and see your pet… You romanticize your Ed and have your dream life✨ A thread for edtwt want a tag???? thread should i make tomorrow??
Retweeted by NiniGood morning moots @loverxic Unpopular for a reason#jennie kim's body is so perfect
Retweeted by Nini#jennie is waist is definitely perfect
Retweeted by Ninii’m convinced the “do this or gain 20lbs” people of edtwt just DONT have eating disorders. Cuz like why the fuck would you say that to us???
Retweeted by NiniWhat thread should i make tomorrow?? @Strawberrydwarf @billion_bone_bo Loses Weight: K@te M0ss is kissing your feet after visiting town for a fashion sh…
Retweeted by NiniEdtwt POV be like: U lost weight: you go to school, everyone gets on their knees before you. They turn as Ana and…
Retweeted by NiniDoes green tea break a fast?? @yoongcaIs TYSM💖💞I threw up like 3 times today but still a good birthday😭 @hachibmi Everyday and sometimes twice cause I workout a lot @chuuwtr Thx!!
Trying to look like this on my next birthday @tulipchae Thank you ❤️ @naniaut Thanks 😊 @crunchmila Ty!! @lonesomecals Thanks💖💖 @bambi_eyes_66 Tysm!! @bunnybie13 Thank you 💛 @1rmom1 TYSM💖💞💛 @ittoenthusiast6 Thanks 💞💞 @erika809491721 Thank you ❤️ @luvj1sungie Ty ty💖💖 @neristars Thanks ❤️❤️It’s my birthday 🥳 GOT BALLOONS"the size of ur arm is the size of someone else's thigh" will forever haunt me
Retweeted by Nini @bloodydaniiiiii Drained* @bloodydaniiiiii I may have been chopped in half or had my blood dra @strghtqut Ty!!
why does having an ed involve so much math
Retweeted by Nini @Strwb3rryGash3s I’d kms @yiassify Ugw cause Idc about money rnI love her so much’s my birthday tomorrow!!! Gonna eat a cake pop👏😭She knew the coquette kp0p ed+wt bitches would eat this one up
Retweeted by Nini @lolkys30445444 Soooo happyJust ate too much peanut butter. What else is newan abortion could’ve prevented this twt account
Retweeted by Niniwhy is this what we’re doing
Retweeted by Nini❝Things I think about that keep me motivated ❞ ·˚ ༘₊· ͟͟͞͞꒰➳a short thread for the disordered people on my phone…
Retweeted by Ninia thread on ed tips from an old ana forum!! tags: edtwt,3dtwt
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@chuuwtr Idk I was chewing but I must’ve missed that piece and just swallowed 😭😭 @chuuwtr True storyTip for pvrgers: chew your food really well before swallowing. My throat just got scratched by the almonds in my cereal I forgot to chew @Fairy_milka OMG so pretty😭A-ana unnie wdym a thigh gap depends on genetics...
Retweeted by Nini @Fairy_milka Black lab😭 she’s so cute ed has made me get a little TOO excited about shitting
Retweeted by Nini @OuiBunni I love the songs and I’m glad their styling has been age appropriate for stages. They are really cute and… a puppy on Monday!!!!its not an eating disorder its just weight loss the silly way
Retweeted by Nini @kayspos Welp Ig they’ll know Im mentally ill @ickdiet Amazing wow ur goalsGIRL IF I CAN DO THIS ANYONE CAN
Retweeted by Ninippl on edtwt who dont got “cals” “kcals” “rexia” “diet” in their username needa stick together
Retweeted by Nininaw cuz how did i go from wanting to starve myself today to wanting to recover to eating and hating myself to setting up an omad plan😟
Retweeted by Nini @ruethediem @lonesomecals I do this like everyday 😭 @twiceorexic Be careful it can really mess up ur health!! I do it but not as much anymore cause it messed up my stomach.Yes but I’d prob go insane did this sound like such a good idea lost 8lbs in a week👏😭 ig thats what happens when U go on vacation and eat like 2000 calories a day for 2 weeks I…
@twiceorexic Same with pasta it’s disgustingpurging rice isn't difficult it's just disgusting
Retweeted by NiniEdtwt daily thought process
Retweeted by Nini @cyberbvgz 4Why is starving so boringI want legs like these