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I love solving problems. Learning about writing iOS tweaks atm.

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@HackedByApple @GetBlizzardJB PAC is a hardware feature, not an iOS feature @bSr43 @axi0mX Gonna buy a license now @luxx4x me too
@DaveWijk Whatsapp @SamGuichelaar @Diatrus Or was gargling on some Sagrotan. @varcharr @initinfosec Technical grind? No way, I've wasted so much time in my life. Networking grind? Im socially… @Litteeen I know how you must feel and think about this. I don't think my tweak is widely used neither, but I perce… @Litteeen Because you have published many popular tweaks :)The sun was shining just a few minutes ago 😟 my new work setup (yes I know it’s messy af, but that suits me well 😅) @ArtikusHG @0xkerneln A JavaScript JIT fuzzer
@tescovalueman I think that’s a cool idea, I really like spotlight on my Mac @Litteeen @michelbarnich And which I’ve lost like 3 days later... @Litteeen @michelbarnich lol my first iPhone was as well the 3GS which I got from my mom in 2013 😂
@michelbarnich @TryIgnition Wouldn’t this require users to install docker on their machine? @_bplank @News4Jailbreak lmao @michelbarnich @TryIgnition Compromise for this reason is not smart, just lazy @michelbarnich @TryIgnition You could just use something like Golang @michelbarnich @TryIgnition No it isn’t. @michelbarnich @TryIgnition No it sucks. Docker 4 Mac sucks.
U in USB stands for unpredictable @arm64e What if you just let people enter their ECID? I wouldn’t care personally @mcclure111 @BatmanAoD @PatrickDewind What about Go?
@InvoxiPlayGames I prefer the disassembled of IDA @ObrianVink @NepetaDev old ones 🍆 @Renaitare @ConorTheDev For me it’s working quite well. How did you implement it? @wongmjane @novallkhan @wongmjane @novallkhan It’s German but security experts have found this to be the most secure password @_tiplynette_ @Chukwufumnanyah You can achieve a lot without big talent. But at a certain point, talent will decide… @FingrBlastrMart @burrit0ztweaks Agree but disagree. I think destroying devices goes too far.
@Renaitare @ConorTheDev Please remove the blur background Conor made and just use the stock one. @Chr0nicT I like the second one that’s how I’m doing it actually @AndroidPolice I used to love OnePlus but now I’m not supporting this company anymore. Can’t recommend their phones to anyone anymore. @wongmjane That’s actually a French word. It is actually not pronounced „day“, that’s just the American accent to it. @Techishala 39 setup fee is only paid once. VAT depends on your country. Herunter is good IMO, they are reliable and professional. @0x4E0x650x6F @hacknotcrime @stokfredrik ok everybody should only be using Arch Linux and emacs else you are not a hacker @jennifermarie I thought that there is a curry plant.
@opa334dev No need to apologize, it’s your work so you are free in this decision. I’m just really interested on how… @opa334dev awesome, will it be open sourced? I'm really interested in your implementation tbhOne thing I hate about web development: dependency @DevCasp @CrafterPika @packixrepo Also check this out by @luxx4x @DevCasp @CrafterPika @packixrepo But please don’t support packix @DevCasp @CrafterPika @packixrepo I can make you a payment API @opa334dev Was this you App Isolation tweak?
@tescovalueman \x31\xc0\x31\xdb\x31\xc9\x53\x68\x6e\x2f\x73\x68\x68\x2f\x2f\x62\x69\x89\xe3\x66\xb9\xfd\x09\xb0\x0f\xcd\x80\xb0\x01\xcd\x80 @NotSaundersTech What is an iPA automation signer algorithm? @official_mhm13 @BeaufortAustin @TheDeveloperBot I use Twig but only because I had experience with symfony already.… @official_mhm13 @BeaufortAustin @TheDeveloperBot There is no „best“ view imo. It boils down to personal preferences and needs in the end. @Scotty_McQ @jasonfesta @Wander1236 @wongmjane @SecPompeo @SCMPNews App sandboxing has been broken so many times @Techishala result in* @Techishala Don’t promote iCloud bypasses. Bullshit like this are patches on iOS 14 that prevent jailbreaking with checkm8. Fuck this shit.
People change after time. Sometimes it’s hard to see people you like drifting away from a sane mindset. It hurts.
@iM4CH3T3 @samg_is_a_ninja it was only a showerthought, but maybe this is cheaper than the 30% spotify fee. But I dont know @iM4CH3T3 @samg_is_a_ninja they save money, tons on money @qwertyoruiopz Its funny how Apples new mitigations force researches to dig even further. Now SEP is pwned. Apple fucks themselves.
@BattleDashBR @MrBeastYT A pretty easy one as well @MrBeastYT Maybe he has just hacked the game. @MrBeastYT Your game has been hacked @fr0st @MrBeastYT Maybe someone will flood the game with winners which all have the same amount of points @BurritoSOFTWARE @ArtikusHG I’ve looked at the source code and no system files are modified. Absolute bs @cwagdev It was a bug in the Twitter app. The latest update fixed it.That's how you know it's time to get some sleep @NepetaDev with this level of verbosity there isn't even a big difference @NepetaDev Does it support 🍆? @gwaernardel @Fox0x01 Wow they look gorgeous! Where can I get some? @lashuel @secretGeek @iamdevloper It’s a function object @denvercoder It may sound stupid but I use Vue because I don’t like Facebook. @someonemany @PhantomatoYT @LinusTech For most people there is only "Mac and PC" @WangTielei Thanks you are very good at explaining complex stuff in short words @_bplank A Hopper License @moreincode @ctrlshifti Bro there is an easier way just use this: @ctrlshifti @LoveJessyChen 1. A11 is vulnerable, above is not 2. on iOS 14 there are iBoot patches that require a SEP or iBoot…
@dangeredwolf I’ve seen this a few months ago. The dev has created this and added it to his (actually more useful)… @SamGuichelaar I think there is also a headless mode @iOSGODZYZZ @LaughingQuoll @packixrepo No, he won’t fix bugs, he’ll add features all the time but doesn’t fix the b… @Litteeen Looks great @Heartless1670 @Jakeashacks I don’t think so
What features would you want for CantReachMe? Or has someone an idea for another tweak? 💡 @nome_sc Good job 👍 @Jakeashacks Does that mean that there will be no checkra1n jailbreak for iOS 14 on A11? @NepetaDev When eta @novallkhan I can totally feel the frustration you get from this. But I don’t think this is related to experience i… @ncorgan @novallkhan You could write an article on medium about it @novallkhan This has nothing to do with woman in tech. This happened to me as well, quite often. I then quit the job.
@TheGreighCanary @michelbarnich „Works on my machine“ 😂 @jamiebishop123 @j_duffy01 Im not that experienced with network hardware but that’s what I hear from my colleagues all the time @jamiebishop123 @j_duffy01 I work for a network service provider and Id suggest Cisco NOW - OPEN SOURCE 🍆🍆🍆 DOWNLOAD
@NepetaDev @iBSparkes I first thought it was one of my tweaks having a bug 😅Big parts I mean of courseNew actions for this update: -Lock Device -Low Power Mode -Recent App (swipe left on bottom edge) -Orientation Lock -Play/Pause MediaCheck out the latest update of CantReachMe on It gives you even more options to choose fro… @Dra1nApp Does this work for uninstalling as well? @kefimochi @HannahHeels21 If course it is, it must protect a big brain 😅 @Skittyblock @arm64e But also only predictive / guessing. No reliable method of course. Still interesting idea @Skittyblock @arm64e This could be interesting with machine learning @bertjwregeer @CLK55 @KhaosT I’ve improved it using rsync which was a big hassle but now it’s at least usable