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Ed Reed
This got me so bad. I was genuinely so excited for a moment @NYGovCuomo We’re drinking Andrew @johnkrasinski Please make a quiet place 2 a home premier. We’re all stuck at home bored. I think it would do ver…
Should I use this time to get back in shape?I am so fucking bored @misslillytoyou @Rey99280661 Tell him the CDC disagrees with him.I wanna escape NY and just go to somewhere tropicalThe state of Oregon is sending 140 ventilators to NY. We are so grateful to @OregonGovBrown and the people of Ore…
Retweeted by NY Bears FanNot a trump fan, but could never vote for Hillary or Biden... Interesting thought is what would happen if Obama vs… would be nice if the deomocratic party could produce a viable candidate at some point this decadeTrump is that guy in the office who points fingers to make sure he doesn’t look bad. “I know this is my project, b… isn’t leadership. Ma.... oh wait @InvestcoTrading @elerianm @BeckyQuick @CNBC Very good point. I was thinking he knew something about Delta that we didn’t @InvestcoTrading @elerianm @BeckyQuick @CNBC Made me nervous when I saw that he sold
@bisping Wife is usually not right Bisping.Lol this guy blocked me after this 😅 @yuusharo @eugenegu *Sips tea*
No idea how royal carribean stock is higher then Delta. That’s crazy to meTaking the $1,400 refund I received from Delta for my flights to Aruba and buying their stock with it @DShapiro1014 I want to buy one for Pokémon go soley lol @yuusharo @eugenegu That being said, I own no masks and just stay at home. With where we are today the masks shou… @yuusharo @eugenegu Okay, I will spell it out for you. He is an extremely intelligent man. People like him choose… @eugenegu I noticed how you said may not instead of will not
Trump is incredibly frustrating at times... but I love aggressive shit like this.!! but it’s worth nothing that this online was far superior and so was the RB @maria_comettta @vickto_willy I know what you meant
@maria_comettta @vickto_willy I feel like if a minor sends you that, the last thing you should do is reply. Report and block @Ky1eLong This is so relatable Kyle!!! 30, 2020 - The day that Mike Francesa's unwavering loyalty to his old friend @realDonaldTrump finally came to…
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@olin_kreutz not being on this at a 98 overall has them lose all credibility
@erymahz Not a bad guess. A little low but not a bad guess @SteveAllen_NVO Jesus man. That’s terrifyingIt’s gross how so much politics are going on right now. We have to work together. This is humanity vs the virusAgreed. just passed 2,000 deaths in the US from Covid-19. It took us a month to go from 1 death to 1,000 deaths. It to…
Retweeted by NY Bears FanInsinuating that Cuomo would let people die over a slight political gain is gross.He didn’t know he had them??? Tweets like this are not only crazy, they’re dangerous. To many adults involved in p… @DanielaEspo So true thoThis is so idiotic. Florida never seems to disappoint Alcohol is prohibited 2020: Liquor stores are an essential business during a national health crisis
Retweeted by NY Bears FanMy wife and I are moving into a new apartment in a week. Worst timing ever?Guess who just wasted $250 on alcohol because he thought he was about to be quarantined 🙋🏻‍♂️… who write “am” instead of “I’m”
@erymahz Samesies @zaccheo_annie The platform was sooo goodSex on the first date made me uninterested 🤷🏻‍♂️ should ABSOLUTELY do a quarantine. Been saying this for awhile now.🤣 I’ll post my pic of me at 217 lbs if this gets 2,170 retweets 😂😅 (in other words, I doubt that’ll happen which is…
Retweeted by NY Bears Fan @pmoneyballer41 No worries then ❤️ @pmoneyballer41 My mother’s health situation (which you’re well aware of) is why my family doesnt take the chance o… @pmoneyballer41 Also going out together is a completely different experience... @pmoneyballer41 We don’t order in anymore Pat.Remember to wipe down your bags and boxes of food with disinfectant before storing. This virus can live on surfaces for many daysBeen saying this for awhile. We should stop going to grocery stores. It’s the last great gathering place of people,… Cutler when he sees Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles
Retweeted by NY Bears FanI love these Jay Cutler nostalgia tweets... That being said, he was absolutely infuriating to watch sometimes.I wanna take my wife and parents out to dinner :\
@MilesEckert Buy stocks
@MilesEckert Technically, you still haven’t missed itSee, there’s no need to panic. The world’s still perfectly normal.
Retweeted by NY Bears FanJon Jones Arrested for DWI and Gun Charge In New Mexico
Retweeted by NY Bears FanUFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was arrested on DWI and gun charges in New Mexico early Thursday morning,…
Retweeted by NY Bears FanSomehow every line in this story is more heartbreaking than the last.
Retweeted by NY Bears FanPeople have died in the ER while waiting for a bed. There aren't enough ventilators. This entire hospital will soon…
Retweeted by NY Bears FanAn ER doctor took us inside Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, where staff are scrambling to cope with a surge of coronav…
Retweeted by NY Bears Fan @SteveAllen_NVO Bro that’s rough. My wife graduated from nursing school like 3 weeks ago and I was like I think you… have figured out the perfect amount of time it takes to microwave a hot pocket (one minute and 23 seconds) #Quarantine @SteveAllen_NVO That’s scary as shit
I will not kill my father, my mother, my grandparents, and my best friend for your fucking stock portfolio.
Retweeted by NY Bears FanYou know what will revive the economy? Suppressing and containing the virus. That’s it.
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@pmoneyballer41 My mother has multiple sclerosis and is immunocompromised. “People die every day” maybe an easy st… @pmoneyballer41 Not to mention - PEOPLE WILL DIE. @pmoneyballer41 Our country will be in just as terrible shape as we would be, if we would have never closed busines… @pmoneyballer41 It makes absolutely no sense to do it. There’s a TWO TRILLION DOLLAR stimulus package that is abo… statements about the country getting back to work are asinineThis glass of wine was well deservedMy mother is not expendable. Your mother is not expendable. We will not put a dollar figure on human life. We ca…
Retweeted by NY Bears Fan @realDonaldTrump Sending everyone back to work to get the economy roaring again is not going to magically make the…
Retweeted by NY Bears Fan @realDonaldTrump I cannot emphasize this enough. HUMAN LIVES ARE WORTH MUCH MORE THAN THE DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVER…
Retweeted by NY Bears Fan @realDonaldTrump went from “this is war” to “how much do you even love your grandparents anyway?” real quick
Retweeted by NY Bears FanShut everything down for three weeks. Enforce that everyone must stay home by law. Send out stimulus checks immedia… is literally the dumbest thing in the world to wait until the Coronavirus numbers are dwindling and then immedia… wife’s just like this. I look at this shit and gain 5lbs 😒 @liv_cowherd @ColinCowherd
Completely disagree. Don’t forget we almost won a SuperBowl with Grossman as our QB. Don’t forget Nick Foles has a… @NJBearsFan That’s bumblebee!
#COVIDー19 Bar chart #CoronavirusNewYork
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New York State is doing more #Coronavirus tests per capita than China and South Korea. We are doing more tests tha…
Retweeted by NY Bears Fan @MaxMarkhamNFL Lmfao this is hilarious
@pmoneyballer41 Cuomo has truly done a fantastic job handling this crisis.🚨NY has a critical need for PPE including gloves, gowns & masks🚨 We need companies to be creative to supply the cr…
Retweeted by NY Bears Fan @georgez22161737 My father is convinced that this is what’s happening. He said that’s why the children aren’t getting sick.
We are seeing the enemy on the horizon and they are approaching very quickly. What we do between now and then matt…
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@DShapiro1014 Don’t love it. Would have preferred Carr or Newton @JoeMussari LOL royal is killing me today Joe!!!