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Promoting the outdoors using a range of techniques and activities to improve mental health, whilst increasing the awareness of our environmental impact.

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@SamanthaMalin Thank you for that. So glad I’m not the only one x @miffythegamer Pantomime villains. @KateWilton1 Who developed it? @DrewLawDesign Really stormy here, lights flickering 😳 @SkyNews Is he saying it isn’t compulsory to download the (SERCO) app rather than the recommendations listed on the app?Parents of school and college children should read this - Covid19 symptoms differ from those of adults. solo with the conservation work over at Godrevy today, very stormy skies and got absolutely drenched. An abs… @tedandharry @miffythegamer I can cope with looking at the outside of it but not the inside. Really freaks me out! @tedandharry @miffythegamer Say WHAT?!!! @miffythegamer I know! I have no idea where it came from either 😳 @miffythegamer I have a phobia of choux pastry. Even typing those words makes me 😱 @JulieTaylorLan1 @IndependentSage Good! I have one in secondary and one in primary. We’ve just had a chat about it… @JulieTaylorLan1 @IndependentSage This is really worrying. Thanks for telling me, I’ve been waiting for the persistent coughs (and fever). @JulieTaylorLan1 @IndependentSage What are the symptoms for children Julie? I didn’t know they were different 😳 @MarthaHD Trying desperately it to binge watch! We love it! @TracymOshea @DrewLawDesign This just doesn’t age does it? 🤣 @mhdksafa Afternoon! @DrewLawDesign Who is Boris Johnson’s stunt body double? @WilfredAldwych Sorry to hear that, stay safe. @LeeJPalmer Needed that this morning, thank you! 🙌🏽 @devonlass Nope. Nada.
@matthaig1 You aren’t the only one 😞 @Jonathan_MBanks What about imperial units? @StevePayne2018 Both! @StevePayne2018 Make sure you’re home by 9pm just to be safe! @realmatbaynton Done! 👻My favourite tweet of today 🤣 ⏰ @SamanthaMalin It’s my favourite cake! @antartica81 @miffythegamer Same 😒 @daveywithers1 Oh David, I’m so sorry to hear this. Best wishes to you all xBake Off’s impeccably-timed take
Retweeted by Woods to Waves 🌳🌊Your favourite GIF please...I need some giggles today. @DrewLawDesign @scrapegroat Some schools here are asking for children with colds to stay at home. @johnpsimon @DrewLawDesign Really sorry to hear that 😞 Sending you all best wishes x
@DrewLawDesign Yeah I know!! @nickdenton23 @DrewLawDesign Got a few mates who would disagree 😳 @DrewLawDesign Who has the most ironic name in the cabinet? @DrewLawDesign of my fave tweets of the week. Do let us all know @t0mb16 nearer the time so we can wish you a HB 😊 🍻 @JonquilLucy Thank you 😊Drove to Gwithian Green this afternoon in search of comma butterflies, no joy today. Watched these 2 speckled wood… @TobyonTV @emmccatt 🙌🏽 @AgnesPostOffice I’m really sad to hear that. Take care all of you x @DrewLawDesign Eleventy. @KateWilton1 @BethRigby @PsychDrD @CMO_England @uksciencechief Ministers appearing on interviews saying it’s househ… turning up at the pub to find it shut at 10
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@LeeTrewhela What??!!! Sending best wishes x @YvonneBurdett3 Or thumping the desk. It’s a real shame they didn’t answer press questions though. @rickycoxon Great thread. @TracymOshea Is that it? The Apocalypse is nigh but we’ll try and keep the boozers open? 🤷🏼‍♀️🙄 @JonquilLucy @EmmaKennedy I’m sure I heard Schapps saying on BBC this morning that he had read the briefing so yes! @kates_words @EmmaKennedy Same!I have no doubt this week is going to be intense. We've got this. Check in on your colleagues and make sure you're…
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@nickdenton23 @Jocar6562 Violin lesson? @Jocar6562 Is he busy tomorrow then? @JimHowick @benwillbond SO EXCITED!!! @Jonathan_MBanks Who me? I would only ever do that in a very specific and limited way (not killing any grouse) 😉The health minister from the government that told the public it should go to the pubs, eat out to help out, return…
Retweeted by Woods to Waves 🌳🌊 @Jonathan_MBanks Sorry I’ll be busy with 29 mates looking for grouse! @drphiliplee1 This is very interesting. COVID-19 doesn’t ‘do’ after 10pm or Christmas Day. It does however do Boxin… @DrewLawDesign Hope all is well with your family 😊 @ProfRHarris @BorisJohnson And Buckingham Palace for tennis. @KayBurley He should have done it on Friday. @Guys_page Which is more comfortable for a face mask? Beard looks good though!
@TupacCarruthers @withnailjones @Guys_page Love it! @clarewenham Something you could read together until they’re a little older 😊 guy, respect to him. @MarthaHD Happy birthday! @DrewLawDesign Wept over Tom Hardy allegedly becoming 007. He’ll be way too busy to come over now 😭 @TracymOshea *checks date isn’t 1st April* @RussInCheshire Thank you for this! 🙌🏽 @sparkleyclairey Have a great time!
@DrewLawDesign Love a bit of Waitrose! What a treat! @NOWTV Say what?!!! 🤩😍🤩 @JonJonesSnr He always does these on a building site?! Is it a subliminal message? 🤔An otter defending a random plastic box from being sprayed
Retweeted by Woods to Waves 🌳🌊‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it’.… @neilcaddy @Jen_Huyton @EmmaKennedy Same. @LeeJPalmer 🤩 @DrewLawDesign Mr Bean.
@missgxox @DrewLawDesign Gorgeous 😍
@K_RhodesWriter Brilliant! You’re running out of islands though 😞 xx @ConcernedofBri1 @fitterhappierAJ @SchoolGovNet @IndependentSage @HoppySaul @JustJen1915 @RemainRevoke volunteering over at Godrevy Warren today with Martin from @CwallWildlife after 7 months. I had way too many w…
@kirstenproctor @Lloyd_Cole So weird, I’ve been listening to his greatest bits for the past few weeks, after all those years!!! @TracymOshea He’s on Planet Ian Brown. @AgnesPostOffice Gorgeous colours 🤩 @PhoebeAverill Thank you 😊 @StevePayne2018 @DrewLawDesign Same 🙌🏽Sat in swirling fog making these out of some washed up bits of fishing net I found on the Isles of Scilly. One of t… Department for Education does not hold information on the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in schools,…
Retweeted by Woods to Waves 🌳🌊 @DrewLawDesign The Lonely Sea by the Beach Boys @TracymOshea Tsk. I don't know, all these people going around breaking laws... 🤷🏼‍♀️
@BareFoot_IOS @AgnesPostOffice I’m a bit in love with them 😊 @DrewLawDesign Satan.Just posted a photo @ St Ives, Cornwall