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Also been a god sub since day one LOL l. You're the only person I'll ever always be starstruck around, thanks for being fucking awesome 😎 @MOONMOON_OW your content/community kept me sane in a pretty rough time in my life a few years back and I'm really… @CrikMaster I told you this before but I literally grew up watching your content, and you really did shape my idea… Kyousougiga wallpapers if you want em do be going live doe DND SESSION JUST TURNED INTO AVENGERS
Yooo they sending MOONMOON to space @hp_hollowtones Cinematic... Wow... @lonray11 LMFAO CHANGE IT THATS SPOILERSHalf joking here but could you IMAGINE if the Phantom Thieves were real right now bro up with an insane amount of privilege, no problems whatsoever, rich household, supportive parents, got a colle… cope in scary times like this by just trying be be a stupid class clown on the internet lol. I hope I can bring…'m sure you've heard it a million times already, but man is it TERRIFYING in the US. I'm gonna hate to have to te… @goldentot The Persona 5 PFP LMAO @liffeh02 Find a bud who is an omnicrafter and just have em make you a set of whatever gear you need, just gather t… @liffeh02 You're not gonna make any Gil rn cause nobody is raiding. No demand = no money. The people that's still p… @_AnubisX TRUUUUUE ZZZZZ @_AnubisX LETS GOOOOOOOO @moarinterz LMFAOgnightCAN I GET A HOOOOOO YEAH @GloriousArcadum Love you Arcadum, you have the most creative mind and I'm so happy to see you popping the hell off… @TheNo1Alex you're a very nice person and one of the most genuine people I've met thanks for always being super kind @Octopimp thanks for being one of the most rad motherfuckers I've ever met, you're creative and hilarious and you inspire me @goldentot thanks for making me laugh literally everytime we interact and for teaching me to be a real MMO GAMER love u bro @Strippin thanks for being my literal father figure when I started my streaming career and for continuing to be one of my best friends @_AnubisX @AkabayashiSoma @KiwiKiki9 @JerZenith I wouldn't raid with any other group but y'all. Love u bitchesHomie appreciation post. Tag your homie and tell them how much you love em.
@chakklet @SyberTurtle @FayteKuromo yep @FayteKuromo literally just put a "-" in front of itrenaming the pso launcher in windows just completely removed all my lobby lag LOL WHAT A MESS @RiskofRain I might 🤔Congratulations to the winners of the Building Blocks 2020 Mapping Contest! ETAN - 🥇 Bloodcloak - 🥈 Kival Evan -…
Retweeted by woopsGonna have a big ol PSO 2 stream later today with absolutely 0 gambling and gacha :) But for now I sleeplocal idol HARASSED by PSO2 community, the first Building Blocks mapping contest is a wrap, got all our winners and I'm real happy with how it tu…
@RealKirbySwag @King0fSpiders @BobberWCCI want to play but I literally cannot this is tortureso my PSO2 just uninstalled itself again, that's pretty freaking epic.rhythm game players when they see the word good
Retweeted by woops
@ProjektMelody Good choice is super fucking fun, will definitely be playing a lot moreIf anyone wants my PSO2 referral code for when you're signing up, here it is Player ID: 10489356trying PSO2 for the first time got it all workin, WE GOODHERE WE GOOOOOO uhhh, trying to get it working but microsoft store is forcing my PC to update to a version of windows which brea… time then PSO2 stream in the mornin 😴
getting my stamina back LETS GOOOOOOO is a clip of a beat saber map absolutely kicking my ass please excuse my language :)
STARTING SOLO MASTER MODE TERRARIA RUN NOW. Gonna do mage/summoner idk yet @Twitch twitch please follow me back please bro @Twitch HAHAHA NOOOOWhen big brain thinking meets Journey's End.
Retweeted by woops @Amanyatsu @fraeis I think @drekwiz was struggling until he got zenith but then he was the most op motherfucker lol @fraeis I already did ranged on a multiplayer server, was fun as shitSolo master mode Terraria playthrough starting today, what class should I play, convince me @SusuXIV @SusuXIV you have the audacity to be creative and humorous? on MY timeline?? I don't think so buddy.outro of this song go brrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRR @Amanyatsu @taichitakoyaki what the FUCKKK
@SusuXIV LMFAO @taichitakoyaki good job taichi!!!stream is gonna resume tomorrow, fully taking advantage of this 3 day weekend to hangout with some buds on discord.… sad part though is there's a weird relationship between Beat Games and the modded game community, and they hard…'s a whole slew of other tournaments with huge prize pools and great viewership on Twitch as well, RST 2020, S… first ever Beat Saber World Cup is being set up right now. Countries from all around the world are forming team… Saber League Season 1 just wrapped up where players from all around the world competed in a League-style tourn… Blocks 2020, a mapping contest, is currently having a big community vote for a $1000 prize pool split. 61… much cool shit happening in the Beat Saber community lately kinda just want to make a thread of it all, feel fre… @_AnubisX broooo 😣👉👈 @GloriousArcadum doesn't seem like your thing, but maybe @goldentot I'm playing PSO2 PC I'm goin' ship 2 I think I have no idea how to playawhat if paul blart
Gambler's Delight Ep. 9 ft. @Strippin @goldentot @woops @CrikMaster @TheNo1Alex at Al…
Retweeted by woops @veriitasu POG @Atrioc There still A TON of really important story elements until you go back and do a pacifist and a genocide playthrough!
OHHH BABYYYY new keycaps are finally here OH BABY @CohhCarnage My fav part of Terraria is making a big checklist like this while offline, then finally getting on and… mess around and play a new Terraria solo master run. I wanna try summoner real brain for the past 7 days: @JT_Senpai ME RIGHT NOW pepeJAM雪花飄飄 北風蕭蕭 @Occi_ as soon as it's updated for 1.4, yup!Terraria 1.4 ✅ All bosses defeated, even daytime EoL, 10-15 players depending on the day, many hours of fun times…
Today on @woops Terraria stream "The Empress of Light has awoken!!!" Woops:
Retweeted by woops morning yall let's fight some bosses we might actually finish today
art by @BobberWCCTODAY WE FIGHT PLANTERA REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE love playing survival games with friends, makes everyday so action packed and exciting 🥺 We're doing calamity Te… bein' like this a lot.
Retweeted by woopshey this looks familiar LOL
good morning gang, preparing for the mechanical bosses today... this oughta be good @berzerkfury54 Lmfaooo @Bonzeye44 No