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gonna finish all the AI Somnium files storylines today goin' live right now twitch dot tv slash woops @BattleBuddyKB Weekend warrior haircut :) @EmiWanChonobi EMI SELFIE POGU @CaptainPlanetOW Wait TRUEMan if I just dyed my hair white... I could pull off a kakashi look I think... 🤔 to the final days of
Retweeted by woops @DualcastShow DoH/DoL, I had no idea you could make your own -insert pretty much anything here- for the longest time.
Streaming some morning beat saber, gonna grind some rank a little and mess around. Not sure how long we'll be going…' of streaming Indivisible tonight, but not sure what time... hmmmm
@liffeh02 @Mendo Wait a minute we should talk about your paymentsLast Night, Good Times.
Retweeted by woops @levi_tames Aw fuck @bananabreaa @realDonaldTrump SHAMELESS @goldentot nice @GeersArt It's the best VR currently available, hands down. Fair price point for what you get too imo @TheRealHoppaw PogThis @liffeh02 👀👀
ok live now! Continuing AI Somnium Files minute gotta change start time sorry, 3pm PST now!! @Acai28 Bro we still need to do the soulless duetAI Somnium Files stream at 1PM PST. Big big action right when we start so don't be late 😵 @ZupoAlter Probably not LOLI've been having a ton of fun on VRChat the past few nights... Way different vibe than it used to have but I predic… @0turan_ it was my fault
I am going live now with more ai somnium files, it is getting very intense twitch dot tv slash woops @BabyF22 @Asuka_Boi i oughtta knock you out play boyNOMNOMNOM @woops
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@AdmiralBahroo A few times, ye
@oddloop_ SadTrackingoh also, reuploaded some of the halloween emotes from last year on Twitch :O they live nowsorry bout not being able to stream past few days, probably including today. all that irl bs I was talking about sh… @_AnubisX LMFAOOFOKKK
@A_Seagull @Split82 @Golfuh @ChickenWithATie @Flee_VR That would be great, the controller grip variety between players is pret… @renniesaurus Uhh 8... Wow wtf I'm old .... @_zPanda_ I look the same @rob_ishi Aight  <⌒/ヽ-、___ /<_/____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ @cametek WWRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY<⌒/ヽ-、___ /<_/____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ I SHOULD REORGANIZE MY ENTIRE ROOM AT 6 AM    ∧_∧    ( ・ω・)    _| ⊃/(___ / └-(____/  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ @annytf POG @jjinomu WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😵😵😵💜💜💜it's been quite rainy today..... a nice coincidence ☔️
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@brendonurie would love to see you stream some Beat Saber! If you need help or have question my DMs are open :)High Hopes - @PanicAtTheDisco GN FS | #4 global score Thanks @BeatSaber for the awesome song pack! ^^ @PanicAtTheDisco @BeatSaber I'll also be giving away a steam code for the song pack after we're done! (in chat)Going to try out the @PanicAtTheDisco song pack in @BeatSaber now! If I don't get a top 10 score in every song by t… @goldentot all mods from last version work this update, nothings broke 👌Hey I've got some extra @PanicAtTheDisco song pack codes for @BeatSaber on Steam, I'll give 1 away here and 2 away… @CohhCarnage I kind of feel bad for streaming full story driven games like this at the risk of having some people e… @Larryzaur Your bun is so cute please keep her @LogitechG I've got too many favorites but I'll have to go with @Surefour atm @kaynimatic 😘😘😘😘😘😘 THANK YOU KAY YOU'RE AMAZINGNew animation for muh boiiiiiiii @woops Twitch channel 😎👍 YOU GET SOME LOVE, AND YOU GET SOME LOVE, EVERYONEEE GET…
Retweeted by woops @BeatSaber @PanicAtTheDisco I'll be giving it a shot today!Dude the Azur Lane anime is actually sick what the hell LOLBIG TEXAS CUMMERS DOWN TITAN, cleared on Aether!
Retweeted by woops @TaigerArts @WoopsMessy o shit @cametek 3 2 2 we will try harder to summon you owo3 : 2 2 (the pattern at 3:22 killed woopssan so many times) ...and it's amazing dude😭❤️ how exciting if I can watch…
Retweeted by woopsINSECTICIDE this is my fav Camellia song btw @TheSchef_ @jschlatt NO LMAO @goldentot youre getting so good so fast man it's nuts
k i l l e r b e a s t @ejiejidayo pe pe gaaa pe pe gaaa pe pe gaaa AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACheck this out, it's a really lit play by saber maestro woopssan! I hope you can pass killerbeast in next attempt Ò…
Retweeted by woops @cametek thank you!!!!! 😭💜 chat tried to summon you but it didn't work tonight lolol love your songs so much can't… @cametek I did!! Raid with a Dragon - @cametek very very fast nyooooom's that? You want to watch me play beat saber RIGHT NOW? You're in luck. I'm live right now.
@BeasttrollMC @cocowo_ Very clean 👌 nice workI'm gonna stream really late tonight btw cause I got some stuff to do this evening 👌Beat Saber community raised nearly $8,000 for charity in their very first charity tournament hosted by…
Retweeted by woops @sh1nym Nice job gamerThat's wassup @jjinomu KEEP KICKING ASS JJ YOURE MY HERO WOO @OrangeW_ Love u dude
continuing AI Somnium Files today :O the heck out of my tongue on some coffee guess I'll die @BabyF22 Welcome to adult life LOL you are not alone and this is totally normal unfortunately @goldentot @BabyF22 Even if it's something that gets memed a lot like art or communications, there will always be something fo… @BabyF22 Most people don't even know until after they graduate bud lol. Unless you're going for something big like… @BabyF22 Your boys aren't going anywhere, all of you gotta finish school, don't stub your future just to go to a few cons. @BabyF22 You're young, don't drop out. Finish school now so you don't have to later, please @Split82 @Golfuh @ChickenWithATie @Flee_VR An in-game calibration function for saber positioning would be great: -h… @cametek So hard 😭 @woops Yes, we are all watching you
Retweeted by woops @ToasterKiwi Yeah!!! Thanks for the print! I love it 💜I am home, and I am now streaming. Twitch dot tv slash woops :) @EmiWanChonobi LMFAO GO OFF EMIis he ... crying? #promare
Retweeted by woops @Chiroyoyoyoyoyo Yeah I had to scoot real fast to the restroom LOOOL probably missed ya
these goddang hokage I s2g
Retweeted by woops @Chiroyoyoyoyoyo Yup hahaha @Chiroyoyoyoyoyo I'm like 99% sure I saw you get on the same plane as me @goldentot The noob tube of legend @OkamotoKitchen You do ☺️Gonna stream when I get home tonight, got an insatiable itch to beat some sabers. See you all soon 💜