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they all look the samei know nyc people when i see one tbh
@boysbIush hey baby have u eaten @atsukaie exactlyhes a whore he just like me, olivia hye, nayeon i agree with u guys i support it is so accurate sexual tension between me & faking my death @buenoseraa exactlygoing to cry rn ^____^ @2ksIut HIIIIIIII!!!!!!! hope u have a good dayhey
Retweeted by lucas @atsukaie SIAPA SIH SEBEL @atsukaie NDWKNDakKwkskwkskkdcome a little closer cause u loooookin thirsty 😹😹😹😹😹😹going to get my dick sucked over ice cream - blackpink❀ *。⋆₍⑅ᐢ.ˬ.ᐢ₎
Retweeted by lucas @maripsitas prettyyyyyyyyycause i-i-im in the stars tonight 😹😹😹😹going to eat pussy over dynamite - bts @mentoiIIness EXACTLY LMFAOOOOcant stop watching this video
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Retweeted by lucas @ikoykeren happy bday ikoy!!!!! @boysbIush shut upmy two therapy sessions be like "im enfp" yeah bruh Eating No Fucking Pussy
Retweeted by lucasidc there will be no meal if theres no movie and vice versa @lilacslushie happy bday!!!!!!!!!! @fairybitchheav hiicant stop saying Wow @valuatine of abandonment being 0 😁🙏🏻🤣🙏🏻🙏🏻🤣🤣🤣 smth im proud of that u bitches dont have 🔥🔥🔥🔥wow u guys actually use fleets 😟i watched pretty little liars religiously in middle school and wonder why i am the way i am!! URGENT !! this is still a very urgent matter as i need to find a place to live after my semester ends. some word…
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@sundaysnite aahhh hope u find the culprit asap!!!!! @sundaysnite hey baby hope everythings okay w u!!!!!! take careheyy it’s sundayy. it’s my back up acc. since my main isn’t a safe place now i won’t be there for a while😔 rt to help me find my mutuals!!
Retweeted by lucas @bloodviaI gm baemanifesting a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom apartment for $7 a month
Retweeted by lucas4 RUGS AND 0 HOES
Retweeted by lucas @sadmelona ure so talented @risolmayonnaise its me u want me @babymetul its so cute!!!!need a tracking number for assneed a tracking number for pussyhe just like me a great day yesterday i love my fwends @dumbestfairy :9 @42angeI ily @PIXIANE can we .. k word @PIXIANE not good bc ure not here lol 🤷🏻‍♂️!!!!!!! @PIXIANE hey gf
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@risolmayonnaise aku @f4awn ure crazy for this ily sm @f4awn hi goddesshmm
Retweeted by lucasnot halle eating a few of her sea friends!
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Retweeted by lucas @boysbIush ure not getting cock buddy 🙏🏻😂me asf a chocolate heart shape box, give me a sushi heart shape box <3
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Retweeted by lucas @baksorexia u gotta stop with the skin tight snake prints @justantasy heyyy hii^u^
Retweeted by lucas @cuteeebonyteen hi @n1ckisdead shes gonna look weird tho 😭 @pastelmaiden_ oomf @itakezoloft god ok i see it wonder they barely post pics of themselves when irl theyre looking like THAThelp this is so sick @babymetul YES ASF @itakezoloft WHAT THE FUCK??? @itakezoloft wait then who the hell is the other obsessed w this gif @bl4keys @coltondoe u deserve hell for that
@tinyfaru omg!!!!!! so cool i love thismy first clay creation is a zombie finger ^~^
Retweeted by lucas @dehimbofication hi @cuteeebonyteen ew.. @itakezoloft FUCKKKAKSJSJSNKXBSKSNWNDB
Retweeted by lucas @itakezoloft HABABEBDBBBXVBSBZJNXKSNXKSNXKZNSdemonias daughter or af1 son @sinfuljoys ure my fav*listens to the weeknd once*
Retweeted by lucassometimes i wonder how scabs taste like ..... hmmm yeahhhh Crunchy @grrrlinred i hate sagis in general 🙏🏻 @grrrlinred whos chart is that so ugly @shoyoT__T so true best friend @qwonidin takut.... itu sakit gabestie just made me this😭
Retweeted by lucas @PIXIANE @pixiegasm i agree