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future hu tao haver

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@kuwroken i hope u dont pull hu tao @kantorpoIisi omg @II3LUE so cool @9etou sure bae whats ur uid @bitterpapaya i love ur food life @kuwroken tinggal cariplaying genshin while commutingi got two xingqiu thats good enough for now 🙏🏻 god bless @prodwybh FUCKdoing everything i can to get hu tao today feel like this rn
Retweeted by lucasHU TAO U WILL BE MINE WAIT FOR ME BABY @panadollar CRYING @panadollar WISH ME LUCK BABE @panadollar MANIFESTING @panadollar FUCKKKKKK @yancored asia server!!!!! @childofheIl IM IN ASIA20 pulls left and youre mine idgaf @kai_nkafan ini apa takut @Dem0nCyborg why r u edging ur tv ☹️guys this is a gravestone commissioned by a widow to express her eternal and unbound love for her deceased husband
Retweeted by lucas @lavafairys happy bday!!!!!!
@yatsuhashee fushiguro/gojo >>>> @prodwybh asia!!!playing genshin rn ^___^ @grrrlinred pake ular aku @toradowa damn thats crazy bc u too 🤔hes kinda annoying just like any other main charactersidont even like sukuna 🤷🏻‍♂️ old as hell
Retweeted by lucas @couhragee kayanya enaki want this ngl @medicaIiens⚰️🗡🖤🪦 CRYING AHHHRHHH i have to pull her bye idgaf im spending everythingYOU WILL BE MINE. crying bc of hu tao @h6njo BDJEBXKSBXJEND @ectacty omg u look so good!!!!!!! @SIANlDA yes drag them 🔥🔥🔥 @sunsetbeamgunn ive had enoughjust got called racist for hating on white people mf idgaf if a cottage cheese dies
Retweeted by lucasi wanna collect every single one of emhorror vhs r so sexy ☹️idgaf i live for it give me more raw hannah montana contentwhy is miley cyrus’ instagram is like trashy niche page now @nocturnaels ih mau @amanbrug HAPPY BDAY <333*yawns*halloween sequels on vhs
Retweeted by lucasscream (1996) / characters in danger
Retweeted by lucashigh rise invasion is soo good i love the tension @ngemtot kamu pisces bukanpisces are the weakling fr
@h6njo in love w u Wowmore from yesterday 💃
Retweeted by lucas @wwinthinker im thinking about ft date tmr 🤔 @yinfutang beli makanan <333 @wwinthinker im literally staring at the ceiling thinking abt that rn @grrrlinred jiakkhhhhh si cakepVisited historical landmarks today <3
Retweeted by lucas @kantorpoIisi meow @eriyung so sexygirl with a pearl earring earrings
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@wurldgf acbejBDSJDBJXif u tired of me just take a nap fr🤦🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by lucas @zoIoftuser im gonna keep boosting ur work u deserve all the love @kalengsardien kenapa beda bgt @wwinthinker ill send her pic to u @breadlover500 🤔 @prasad_adke wtf is that i cant believe i spent 5 mins watching it gaining nothingi have a new kitten :9 @wwinthinker silence @kujobff as u should @kantorpoIisi RIGHT????? IT TASTES GOOD I CAN probably taste the same as fries + ice cream but sunda version 🤷🏻‍♂️ idgaf i’d eat itcome on now i cant be the only one rightthat eskrim seblak looks good ngl ☹️i like this kinda @ectacty wait i kinda like that video..back pain bf stomper gf @wwinthinker WHAT @hrtfeIt AWbeanie and my heart-shaped cheesecake
Retweeted by lucas @angeldnst SO SEXYjunya watanabe fw06
Retweeted by lucas @digitaIrem nice hair :o @digitaIrem HEY REM HIII
@grvyrd3 YESSSSS HOTTIE BEST FWEN @loveaufad me 30 mins agojust made a mistake @CeceKaspol enak sih keknya @fruua HEY BAEacademic smart gf, life smart bf
Retweeted by lucas @digitaIrem twin @ectacty i love this @dracubina u look so good omglove u
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