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Laughing at myself and also screaming incoherently at the world/into the void.

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I used LinkedIn for the first time in months yesterday. I made the mistake of reading the comments on a media bias…
@stammer @Scroobiuspipyo I wrote an editorial for my papers about tomorrow's Int'l Stuttering Awareness Day as a da… @ninagcomedian How long did it take for you to feel comfortable talking about your stutter? When did you find the funny in it? @stutteringfdn @westutterI wrote my first editorial since college about tomorrow's International Stuttering Awareness Day: phrase "unskilled labor" is used to distract you from the fact that the work they are doing is necessary for so…
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Retweeted by just madthere is a font created entirely from congressional districts called UglyGerry
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PSA: Men, before you rush to defend masturbating in front of your colleagues, consider that you’re about to defend…
Retweeted by just mad @MarvelMan616 I had no idea actual piles of shit can get cancer. @CateSJewels Chevy Chase!There’s COVID and the election and a hundred other assaults on our emotions and attention. We’re all metaphorically…
Retweeted by just madMe: I am so angry this clearly inferior writer has found more success than I have. Also me: *doomscrolls for three nonstop hours* @beaniezee It is a crime against typically delicious foods everywhere.┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ in ┃╱╱╲╲ this ╱╱╭╮╲╲house ▔▏┗┛▕▔ we ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ don't throw crowded parties during a pandemic ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲ ▔▏┗┻┛┃┃┗┻┛▕▔
Retweeted by just madHubs and I have been watching Halloween movies since August, and this is scarier and more gratuitous than all of 'e… @FoodNetwork @TheBlueOwl far, my biggest fear -- a disembodied Mothmanesque voice projecting from the drain -- has been unfounded.the only dangerous minority is the rich
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@APEntertainment @AP @vincommunicado Juuuuust in case your daughter didn't already sense that this is a thing she can enjoy. @DeidreDykes Thank you for this. Sincerely. Nothing I've lost these past few months matters as much as another huma… sure who needs to hear this, but your choice to give up your normal life for the last 7 months may have saved s…
Retweeted by just mad @beaniezee Most of me is so endlessly grateful to never have an Octshowber again; a not-insignificant portion of me… an applesauce jug labeled "holy water" underneath the downstairs bathroom sink and so help me if this turns i… hope we all get ponies after this is over
Retweeted by just madEARS. pandemic has shown how hard people will fight for the right to go through life on autopilot I DONT WANT TO SEE…
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At an event I covered today, a woman started talking to me like I was her companion then apologized profusely; I to… @SarahBlask ❤❤❤❤❤ and thank you!!!!!
@HurkaDoesSports Sending love and love and love, friend. If you need anything, I'm here to support you always.There is one Covid-19 for the poor and another for the rich. Some have access to excellent health care. Others cou…
Retweeted by just mad @vincommunicado 😂😂😂😂😂Aaaaaaanyway, almost got into a complete stranger's truck because it looked like my husband's, so that's what I get…
@stammer @Scroobiuspipyo I love this!This is one of the coolest stuttering advocacy projects I have ever seen. Words matter -- let's always pause to ref…
Retweeted by just mad @caitiedelaney Joke or not, they were fucking even when they weren't.
Hi y'all, I'm a book editor looking for a queer illustrator for a ⚡️special gay project⚡️ related to LGBTQIA+ humor…
Retweeted by just mad @MarvelMan616 Awwwwww, Boo, you are too good to me. Thank you for sharing this! ❤❤ @beaniezee I love you, I love this, and this is how we're dancing when Hallowqueen is a thing again. ❤❤Aaaaaand here's some writing about New York for an Australian music blog: it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by just mad @motelsiren I will always have room in my heart for this video. @amysrosenberg @beaniezee I did a trade show there years ago. Such a shitty, tacky and outdated venue I cannot WAIT…"deforestation in south-east Asia is expected to force 99% of the region’s bats to migrate by 2050 (there are thoug…
Retweeted by just mad @beaniezee Every time I remember this exists is a beautiful moment.I feel this deep in my soul today.
So a fetus in the first trimester should be protected by the state but a 1 week old newborn born in a detention cen…
Retweeted by just mad @beaniezee ❤❤❤❤❤ @barkbox Another year of Hunter Stockton, Esq., being shockingly absent from the list! 😂 week was a tough fucking one but it's got nothing on how I am just weeping my way through writing my first edi…
BOE meeting, discussing the district schools: "At Harrington, Hartford and Hillside--" My brain: "--HURRICANES HARDLY HAPPEN...!?"Shout out to the pro-life politicians at the hearings today without their masks. 👊🏼 #ACBHearings
Retweeted by just madLookit this majestic poop factory. @JujuriGirl @ninagcomedian I'm a print journalist & covered an event where the local new station's cameraman introd… a black adoptee in a white family, I have to add that this is so gross. Those kids are going to need a lot of…
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One of my absolute favorite people in the world is back to writing about sports and you should follow him immediate… @HurkaDoesSports This is the most excited I will ever be about the sportsballs! YAAAAASSSSS DO THIS THING YOU ARE R… things are getting worse mercury: hold my retrograde
Retweeted by just madRecasting 2020 as just a really effective vehicle of hastening the inevitable doesn't make this bloodthirsty year s…
@HurkaDoesSports I'm sorry, friend. Sending you love now and always.
Me: *does things with words for a living* Also me, but driving: USE YOUR FUCKING BLINKER, YOU EMPTY FUCKING YOGURT CONTAINER. @karencheee Is just one egg an ouef?In lieu of a GoFundMe post today, there are 20 shelters in the link below who could use your help. Pick the one clo…
Retweeted by just mad @TommySiegel Can't spell "dumbest" without "best."Stop it. These people had thousands of dollars For night vision goggles, 800,000 volt stunguns and bomb materials.…
Retweeted by just mad @beaniezee Ooooh, good to know. If this is a good illustration of their sound, I am digging on it hard! @beaniezee I started self-medicating with painstakingly curated Spotify playlists and I'm just gonna sliiiiiide thi… @AnaMardoll Oh, you are far too kind, thankya twice. ❤ It stings now but growth always does. (And honestly? I think… @AnaMardoll I really need to thank you for this tweet. I've been thinking about it for days and it is making me und…
@lifeafterhate Not on deadline at the moment but I hope you're cool with talking to hyper-local small-town papers b… @Tahl @StacyFernandezB In the interest of full transparency, it took me my third newspaper job to learn that! @StacyFernandezB But it's jargon specifically designed to not LOOK like a word so it doesn't get mistaken for added… laugh at dogs for being afraid of safe things like vacuums while they're out here being afraid of safe things like feelings
Retweeted by just mad @RabbiHayon I'm a hyper-local journalist and six months ago I'd call myself agnostic. But I gotta say, talking to r… @fizznonsense1 @Looloo68 @hgrosman @annasproul This is so wholesome and sweet and y'all are making my auntie-heart… Pence signed a law forcing Indiana women to pay for funerals for miscarriages.
Retweeted by just mad @MarvelMan616 I keep grappling with similar thoughts! Like OF COURSE it's exciting to see a WOC on the national sta… @MarvelMan616 Yoooooo, I feel like Disaster Bisexual would be my superhero identity but also my real-life descriptor. 😂 @HellovesRick Awwww, Helen, thank you for this. You always say the things my shitbag parents should have, and I lov… @SeitanicStef Thankya lots, ladyma'am! ❤❤Thread of fruit and vegetable prices in the Arctic
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@SarahBlask Awwwwww, this story warmed my heart so much. There is NOTHING like new coworkers making you feel welcom… @SarahBlask Thank you, my foxy Roxie! It's not the good news I've been refreshing ny news feeds hoping for, but it…, 1969: Angela Davis returns to UCLA for the first lecture after the courts reinstated her as Prof. of Ph…
Retweeted by just mad @SparkNotes Okay, but if he's not Philip Quast, he isn't REALLY Javert.Props to everyone else who started a new job right before or during the pandemic because HOLY. SHIT. it is just ung… yourself friends who check in out of love, not because they want to martyr-monologue at someone new.republicans will say “don’t wish death on anyone” and then say that protestors should be ran over for just blocking traffic
Retweeted by just madUpdate: COME OOOONNNN I'M A FUNCTIONING ALCOHOLIC MY ORGANS CAN'T TAKE THIS STRESS. @michaelianblack No, he mentioned the one time his wife was positive around him.Obviously it’s funny that Stephen Miller has it but he could have easily infected others. Please please please go g…
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@ErinChack All led, no zeppelinUpdate: Thing I submitted to is in Australia. I linked to my blog with my submission. I had 0 views from Australia… @beaniezee I'm usually jumpy enough over every email-notification ding. I am straight-up crawling out of my skin right meow.Shit is weird and terrible right now, but remember that it doesn't have to be even worse: The only people who will… @jsstansel I had social-media management foisted on me at my last job and HOLY SHIT this is exactly what our "strat… radical left wants everyone in the country to have access to the same government-funded healthcare that Donald Trump has right now.
Retweeted by just mad @beaniezee OMFG TWIN I LOVE YOU. I think I did this to myself during working hours so I can avoid the roller-coast… @MarvelMan616 Imagine caring this much about a stranger's genitalia. 🙄