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April is #NationalPoetryMonth! Visual poetry catches our eye at the moment, like @spikypearofdoom's blackout poem,… @acgollapalli The verse block and the code block style text a similar way, yes. It uses monospace and preformatted… @dev_chhatbar Please see if clearing the browser cache, using incognito/private mode to log in, or using a complete… @twitsfrommarie That site is not hosted with us on, but using the open source @WordPress so… @LoveRosiee1 That site is not hosted with us, but using the open source @WordPress software at another hosting prov… @lindasevans Please contact our support team at with details on exactly what you're trying…
@dev_chhatbar Thanks for that, what exactly seems to be the issue? Your site works just fine and you shouldn't have… @LoveRosiee1 Hi, what's the address of the site with the problem? @Mar_Cherbonneau Ya veo que pasa, no has definido tu página de inicio. Ve a Mi sitio>Diseño>Personalizar>Ajustes de… @Mar_Cherbonneau Parece que la página que intentas acceder no es pública. ¿Cuál es la dirección de tu blog? @niyamvora Hi, it seems that we've already replied to you on the forums. Please wait for a reply from our support t… @patthemedic_ Hmm, they might have added something to the link by accident as it works perfectly. If you have any m… @patthemedic_ Hi there! The site loads fine for me, what page exactly does display the "Page not found" message? @allciie Hi there! Your site is not hosted on, you can look for help at the community forum… @dev_chhatbar Hi there, what's the address of your blog? @twitsfrommarie Hi Marie, what's the address of your site? @BeverleyHasRead Hi, have you tried to clear your browser's cache? If that does not help,… @rjoneshowe and are two independent entities. For help with a self-… @Mar_Cherbonneau Hola, ¿con qué necesitas ayuda? :) @DevonJHall @rjoneshowe Hi, this may help:
@rvabrewreviews Can you tell us the URL of your site? Also check if clearing the browser cache makes any difference. @anilvalasurat If you're using cPanel, you're not using, but instead using the open source… @LOFC_Progs @wpbeginner You'll need to ask the people who make the plugin you're using to add those drop-downs to y… @twohig_harry Most likely you're logged in as a user who doesn't have admin permissions, but that site is not hoste… @laviasco Hi there. Your site uses the open source @WordPress software, rather than, so ple… @realchasecurtis Thanks for that feedback. We'll make sure our mobile app team sees it :)
@SuzieSiegel We have some options for you at @KSchafferPhoto Yes! The same applies to the Personal Plan with regard to advertisements on posts - scroll down on… @liisa_agren To restore the Classic Editor, follow the steps under "Will I still be able to use the old editor?" at… @tulchin Hi there - what is the site URL you are looking to get help with? And what issue are you referring to?What are you writing, drawing, and reading while you #StayHome? We think you'll enjoy @WrongHands1' lighthearted…"It’s scary outside, and it’s dark inside." (@SKTDinosaurs) In "Blogging in the Time of Coronavirus," we've shared… @JMReflex Hi! is up and running without issues. You can see that in our status page:… @bugs_benn Just note that you're looking at a preview, your site loads correctly at While… @bugs_benn Your site seems to be working correctly but if you're still having issues, please reach out via… @bugs_benn Hi there! What is the address of your site? @avtsuk If it's hosted elsewhere you'd want to contact the host, and we could likely help you find that. @avtsuk Our Twitter team isn't able to handle legal requests, so you'll need to continue to work directly with our… @SuzieSiegel If you need help, can you send a link to your site? We'll check it out and point you in the right direction for support.
@KSchafferPhoto Great question! If you upgrade to the Premium Plan, the graphic advertisements you see on your exis… @guestlistblog Still experiencing this issue? If so, send us your site URL and we'll take a look with you. :) @_pharan Thanks so much for the screenshot! As a first step, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies: @deryn_anderson Congrats! @fabiola_cejku @LetsJustBeFoes This @WordPress site isn't hosted on our service, but the resources here may help yo… @stephyc @tmtysinger Could you both test to see if another browser makes any difference? Wondering if it's an exte… @DaveSabine The newer version (Calypso) is meant for managing multiple sites with and Jetpa… @mangoes92 Thanks, could you reach out here and let us know what which block you're struggling with? Please send a… @Channel83Pod Sorry you're having trouble. Can you send a link to your site? We'll check it out and point you in t… online events, schedule virtual 1:1 sessions, and share your calendar—right from your site. With these ne… @ChessLife2020 Hi! What is the name email address that is sending you these emails? @MobilityShopUK Hi! What is the site URL? I want to check on our end. @aheadofthenight Try disabling any extensions or adblocks you may have in the browser and see if that works. @westderbyevanch Please get in touch with us at so we can further assist you. @avtsuk They need to review your request and then they'll reply to you. Please be patient :) @avtsuk Please use this form to report this site and get in touch with our Terms of Service team.
@FrymanMark What can we help with you? @westderbyevanch That would mean you're logged in with the wrong account. We have some options for you at @realthetechguy That is a self-hosted site, which we can't help with .… @tmtysinger What is the URL of a site on the account?I set up my blog on @wordpressdotcom more than eight years ago. Squillions of views, a book and an @TEDGlobal talk…
Retweeted by @ejaleigh The most upcoming renewal on your account is for the registration of the domain, which expires May 1. @nshimiye_ Thanks for checking. @Rutembessa if you wouldn't mind messaging to let us know which sites you're having… @StrangeViolet Hi, can you link us to your forum post? We'll check it out for more details and point you in the ri… @kevinbrennan520 If you're using infinite scroll, they might have just kept scrolling for a while. Could also be a… @DebuYandi Oh, that site is not hosted on but on IndoWebsite. To seek help, you'll want to… @TinaEWhittaker Hi Tina, you have never replied to our email or on chats. Please reach out via… @lindasevans Hi Linda, if you can tell us the address of your site we can have a look and advise. @ejaleigh Hi there, what's the address of your site? Our prices have not changed recently. @DebuYandi Hi there, what's the address of your site? @mischa_eliot You'll want to contact the WordCamp organizers directly from WordCamps are o… @Staircase2 Excellent. Thanks for letting us know. @TinaEWhittaker You don't need to do anything, except contact our support team so we can help you with this process… @Staircase2 Your site's files are stored on our servers, not on your iPad. If you have local drafts saved in the ap… @Tyler25788175 Hi Tyler. If you don't wish to receive promotional emails from us, you can opt out from your account… @AEC_Now you can ask for help at @AEC_Now Hi there. Your site at is not hosted with us on, but using… @stephanievainer If you're referring to Jetpack Monitor emails, you're using the open source @WordPress software at… @stephanievainer What is your site's URL? We don't send emails at if a site goes offline, b… @TinaEWhittaker create a backup so that content can be restored again after the revert. Please start a live chat ag… @TinaEWhittaker We think there's been a misunderstanding, and it appears you left live chat without ever responding… @Staircase2 Please check if completely deleting the app from your device and re-installing makes any difference. If…
@clairehbrown Hi, can you reach out directly here? You'd also be welcome to DM a link to yo… @TinaEWhittaker Can you reach out here? If yo don't need the features of the business plan,… @Penny__Wright Thanks! You should be able to reach out directly at , or you're also welcom… @avtsuk Can you DM us with a few more details? We'll check it out and point you in the right direction for help. @Penny__Wright Can you send a link to your site? We'll check it out and point you in the right direction for support. @Giggs11 That is a self-hosted site, which we can't help with. and… @ericlaw 1. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies. 2. Try with all browser extensions or add-ons temporari… @ericlaw First, please make sure that your browser is up to date: If it is not, please try… @ericlaw What's the URL of the site with the problem? @JustSheilZ What's the URL of the site with the problem? @glapointewriter What's the URL of the site with the problem?Today, International Transgender Day of Visibility, we celebrate transgender and gender-nonconforming people around… @JamesHowdenIII If the email isn't landing in their spam folder, they need to contact their email provider for more… and blogging has the power to bring us together during tough times. So throughout the month of April, we'll…
Retweeted by @hillmacortho We're only able to help with sites hosted with us on, and we haven't had any… @johnkoetsier after you buy the Business Plan, but before you start the migration process, so they can walk you thr… @johnkoetsier You can start out with any free address, yes. That address will always exist in the background, but w… @wrongzaboca We see you also sent a DM. We'll reply to you there. @JamesHowdenIII A problem with the email account sounds likely, yes. If she's using Gmail, ask her to check the Soc…