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@MmeCarbonneau What is the URL of the site you're trying to access? @RevAGSL Hm, what's the URL of the site this is happening on? @RevAGSL You can back-date a post to whenever you want, even the year 0020. :) @ThisIsMDH That is a self-hosted site, which we can't help with here.… @ebenwikina Edit is for content (like editing a post or page) and Customize is for customizing the site (like chang… @tori_chapmann What is the URL of the site with the problem, and what happened?
@SMilkdrama @WordPress We see you post mainly photos/screen shots. PNG files are meant for simple images, like line… @SMilkdrama @WordPress You should be able to upload PNGs. If clearing the cache doesn't work, please contact suppor… @spanrig @sejournal @martinibuster If this is true, it was a decision by the @WordPress/ theme review… @SMilkdrama @WordPress Can you tell us the URL of your site? Check if clearing your browser cache makes any difference. @bixtweets @automattic @WooCommerce We link to several sites in the announcement post at, f… @ecotechie We don't have a self-hosted version yet, but we plan to offer this option in the future. @KatherineBrain Try deliberately pressing save after customizing the message, and then waiting for that before send… @shidume @Facebook This site is not hosted with us, but for what it's worth, it's showing in Spanish for me. Do you…
@shidume @Facebook Hmm - we typically don't auto translate. Can you send a link to a site where you're seeing this? @KatherineBrain Hmmm, did you customize the message immediately before publishing? Wondering if it had a chance to… @KatherineBrain Hi! I am able to see the sharing section on your site from my end. What in particular isn't working… @setophaga @WordPress Since we do not have access to self-hosted WordPress sites, we are unable to provide any dire… @omcfarlane @photomatt Hi Omar - Have you tried these instructions? @diranlou You'll want to continue with the browser since that's working. The site is up and running properly. @THECincyDickey Howdy! Thanks for reaching out. What is your site URL?In four days, more than 600 attendees and 50 industry experts (including @millanasnow, @chriscoyier, and… @mcelhearn @photomatt This should be resolved now. Someone from our support team will follow up via email shortly. @diranlou Ah I see, the proxy might be the culprit here. What is the URL of the site you're working on? @chintuchatora This site is not hosted with so we won't be able to help you with that. I'd… @mcelhearn @photomatt We see our support team are following up with you on this via email, so please continue working with them there. @diranlou Please see if flushing the DNS cache in Windows helps. If you're using a proxy or VPN, also check if disa… team has been distributed for 15 years, with colleagues collaborating across time zones. The secret to our comm… @chintuchatora Can you provide the URL of a site where this happens, and specify what link on the site you're clicking? @Ashfaque433 is already completely free to use on our free plan, with a free… @conallen Do you want to use a "disable right-click" plugin? If so, you should know those don't actually protect yo… @conallen The moment in install a plugin on your site, we have to make certain changes to your site behind the scen… @ReadersBAdvised Hi Alicia. Not sure to which updates you're referring. Images not uploading and drafts failing to…, we’ve been doing all-remote work for more than 15 years. Today we’re sharing one of the…
Retweeted by @artoodetoo If it's WooCommerce, you can reach out here for paid products: — or for help wi…
@artoodetoo has complete documentation for self-hosted/installed versions of… @artoodetoo Would you please quote the message you saw? @artoodetoo That is a self-hosted site, which we can't help with here.… @artoodetoo What is the URL of the site with the problem? @redcrew I've passed it along. :) @diranlou Are you able to log in with your browser without issued?Think you have what it takes to join our global support team? We're accepting applications for Happiness Engineers… @trendsgyan What is the URL of the site with the problem? @Leazy84 If you're seeing a page listing of old pages, you may simply be looking at the wrong site. The site… @redcrew Not currently, no.One of the secret sauces of distributed work at #Automattic. We use this instead of emails and phone. It is now av…
Retweeted by WordPress.comIf you are curious about where I spend 80% of my working day you should definitely check out P2…
Retweeted by @Leazy84 Thank you. Do you see the missing content under My Sites - Site - Posts or My Sites - Site - Pages ? @redcrew Yes, it is. You would still need to set up the theme and widgets, with that option. @redcrew Howdy - Regardless of plan, the site owner can create a content export file at any time. @Leazy84 Howdy - Are you working on or a different site? @mcelhearn Hi Kirk - I see your reply. Give me a few minutes to review that and get back in touch with you there. Thanks for reaching out.Since I started @automattic, one of the coolest parts of how the company works has been that everything is communic…
Retweeted by WordPress.com launches new P2 to take on internal communication tools by @romaindillet
Retweeted by WordPress.comAutomattic launches P2, a WordPress-powered collaboration tool for remote teams by @psawers
Retweeted by WordPress.comToday we’re announcing an all-new P2 beta as a standalone product, powered by We’re excite…’s great for work, for school PTAs organizing remote learning resources this fall, or for community groups. P2 can be public or private.P2 means more transparency and a clearer understanding of what’s happening with your team or organization, no matte… have a saying: “P2 or it didn’t happen.” Use P2 to show your work and document your goals and projects.P2 is a perfect companion to real-time group chat and videoconferencing. It’s an internal blog, and it has replaced…’s called P2, and it’s how our teams share announcements, discuss big ideas, and publish project updates and docu…, we’ve been doing all-remote work for more than 15 years. Today we’re sharing one of the… @DhartiKota Hi there! Please reach out directly via live chat:, our support team will have a look and avdise.
With the right tools and some creativity, you can engage an audience and nurture a community virtually. Over the… @rattynem Hi there! Please share more details via, we'll be happy to have a look. @ASChalmers Hi there, you shouldn't have any problems with that. Could you please reach out with more details via… @writingsbyjm Oh, that site is not hosted on so it will not appear in Reader out of the box… @writingsbyjm Hi there! What is the address of your site? @BenJWeinberg For questions about how to work with plugins like those, please contact the companies that make them directly. @BenJWeinberg Uploading a video is as simple as drag-and-dropping it from your computer's file manager into the edi…
@THEakilahbrown We understand your frustration. Is your site on or self-hosted? Have you t… @shAAkkyy21 Hi, what errors do you see and what is the URL of your site? @MohdMaskati @WordPress Our TOS team only replies to some reports but if you used the form, you can be sure that have received it. @FredZi_1 That sounds like a browser issue, have you already checked ? @EricaSouthgate You should still be able to access the classic editor from the posts list in WP-Admin, though we re… @MohdMaskati If the site is hosted on our servers on, you can report it at… @_emilyskeels @WordPress Are you having trouble loading the Sites interface, or the WP-Admi… @inicopaez Please contact support at, and our team can take a look.
@_emilyskeels @WordPress Could you send a link to the site? We'll check it out and point you in the right direction for support. @Parasetamol_ Are you referring to the like button, and if so, do you need some help with that? @FredZi_1 No issues over here. What is the URL of the site with the problem? @MattWalkWild We have some options available at :) @ThisIsMissD Howdy - What does the error message say? @rattynem Hi there - I just sent an email your way. Can you write back to me there with more details about this? @lilmeeeezy We can't seem to duplicate this yet -- could you contact us through help in the app so our mobile support team can take a look? @CEOEnterpriseNX Please contact live chat support at, and they can look into this for you. @rfyoz Installing plugins on requires our Business Plan. Your other option is to set up a s… @robskinner Okay, that indeed sounds like a caching issue. Next time just try clearing the browser cache, and it should also work. @EricaSouthgate I'm not sure what you mean by vanishing buttons. Can you give a bit more detail? If you're speaking… @AliWuvBooks @yvo_about_books Please contact our support team at so we can take a closer lo… @WendyLovesJesus Still use the more-tag to control how posts display on your site's front page. In that regard you shouldn't see any change. @WendyLovesJesus The option under Settings ->Writing only affects your site's RSS feed and email notifications, not… @MintyScripter You can reach live chat support at if you need help with anything else :) @MintyScripter That's normal. WordAds requires a custom domain set as primary on your site, so that will only work… @kerryannmckim If you prefer the classic editor, you should still be able to access it from the Posts screen in WP-… @lauriebidaho Please contact live chat support at so our team can look into this for you. @yvo_about_books It sounds like we're not able to detect that you're already logged in. Make sure your browser allo… @robskinner Hi Rob. What is the URL of the site where you're receiving this error? Does clearing the browser cache make any difference? @MintyScripter Hi there. Can you tell us the URL of the site you need help with, and some details about the problem? @CEOEnterpriseNX Hi Emilio. Can you tell us the URL of the site you're working on?