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@XavierDLeau that whole season was fucking weird. i loved that girl with the attitude, though. she would NOT LET UP. @XavierDLeau oh my god yes @paperalphabet real question: can i be sued for fanfic? because if not i'ma write some. @paperalphabet because they know it would be FILTHY @eveewing
I’m gonna tell my grandkids that this was Julia Child.
Retweeted by samantha irbytoday on judge mathis, TEENS:'m gonna tell my grandkids that this was Steven Spielberg
Retweeted by samantha irbyTall Glass ft Daniel Kaluuya this week on #TheRead
Retweeted by samantha irby @noname love u @writeclubrules this is you and me in an alternate universe @lostblackboy @hunteryharris god i hope so
@OLOfragrance FEBRUARY 13 @_omgigi_ my porn!THIS IS MY SEXUALITY @marquitasade @ahiddenIife HELLO, BOYFRIEND. @WrittenByHanna i'm framing these tweets @WrittenByHanna HANNA!!!!!!!! i love you @dansinker dan i love you and your impeachment news is the only news i readtoday on judge mathis, giving maury povich a run for his money: @AmandaRosenberg @Kohls they really are the TRUTHbihhhhhhh my name is right there. on a magazine cover.
Retweeted by samantha irbydairrhea
Retweeted by samantha irby @RachelCharleneL it’s sooooooo good @RachelCharleneL first aid beauty ultra repair cream!
@one_crab THANK YOU BABE @ira @julianbreece @GBerlanti whoop whoop!If you would like to hire me to write features like the many I have written before (that can be found here:…
Retweeted by samantha irby @siskaphrenia let me make some calls @JWhitePubRadio i do this every single day i am clearly disturbed BUT I'M HERE FOR YOU @amyhoy 🤯today on judge mathis, an asshole: @ejdickson i’m crying at this @BarfieldLaRue i’ll officiate the weddingbrandy is the best i’m cryingimportant follow up“being a person is often very stupid and a bit of a letdown.” 🥳🥳 @_ellenisdead @imbobswaget i should have called her a bad feminist @_ellenisdead @imbobswaget hahahaha bitch yes!me in 2009 v me in 2019 @turnthineeyes bahahaha let me call kohl’s!new books, alison roman, and cozy clothes: @SorayaRoberts @jourdayen @imbobswaget "hi nice to finally meet u, i love modern family" @jourdayen @imbobswaget my chair had a name tag!! i burst out laughing and immediately tried to reabsorb back into the earth what a messY’all. Help, I can’t stop crying. 😭😭
Retweeted by samantha irby @MostlyMax i thought the same thing! "let me go download this young man's songs!" @imbobswaget ME FUCKING TOO lmao
@carmenmmachado jibri is my shit YOU BETTER GET IT @kelleent yes yes yes yes yes
@Jillhopkins it’s great! and yes please! @mollybackes MARRY HER
today on judge mathis, meat receipts: @IWriteAllDay_ @NicoleFroio changing my number, see y'all in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @WittiestManEver GET ME SOME TOOputting these at the top of my christmas list @sdlorman OK NOW
@_ellenisdead SHE CAME DOWN IN A BUBBLE, DAWG.i think about this video at least once a week @stephycha @IsaacFitzgerald you deserve!“”eww she fuck the weed man for weed” -a bitch that’s fucking the text man for texts”
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Alright, getting today's update written right now. Sign up in the next 60 minutes or so to…
Retweeted by samantha irby @_ellenisdead i was saying this in the VERY HILARIOUS “you aren’t really from chicago” way! don’t be embarrassed!!… was going through a spell of depression—too much exposure to the misery of this world—when I started interviewing…
Retweeted by samantha irbyImagine "waking up" and being "ready" to "take on" the "day".
Retweeted by samantha irby @reebsonstage my angel 💖 @_ellenisdead ellen i’m from evanston
today on judge mathis, your dad on tinder: @honeystaysuper (your book is on its way to me rn) @honeystaysuper 🥰🥰🥰🥰 @Vanessa_KDeLuca omg i think you are FANTASTIC 💫Hymen Great Til They Gotta Be Great this week on #TheRead
Retweeted by samantha irbyit’s holiday season/dinner party time! please consider having non alcoholic drink options at the table. i have a be…
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@joshgondelman oh hello we are the same @battymamzelle OH HELLO“It’s not that money makes you happy, but *not* having money is a really corrosive kind of stress.”
Retweeted by samantha irby"The (Other) F Word" is the CCBC Book of the Week. @misskubelik @abramskids
Retweeted by samantha irbyTime is my fave comparison that puts it into perspective! A million seconds is 12 days. A billion seconds is 31.7…
Retweeted by samantha irbyI wrote about the scars we inherit from our parents for my latest #Watchmen recap for @vulture.
Retweeted by samantha irby @honeystaysuper omggg thank you for seeing me 😭Our December Poetry Book Club pick is @Danez_Smif's HOMIE, forthcoming from @GraywolfPress! To receive your early c…
Retweeted by samantha irbyHere's a visual of my 35 favorite books of the decade.
Retweeted by samantha irby @mariskreizman WOW MARIS DAMN
@thealux oh hiiiiiiiiiiii @adamm0rgan MY LOVE FOR DOCTOR CRUSHER WAS GALACTIC @Caissie ANYTIME @RachelMcKibbens our dark haired queens! @Lady_VEE you gotta marry me @RachelMcKibbens COME AND KNOCK ON MY DOOR @bibliogrrl 1000% @ToniinTexas OH SHIT @mamapeachtoyou @_omgigi_ me three! night court filled a lot of crush needs for me??? @JenTod_ 🥰🥰🥰
@sassyblackdiva @imbobswaget i’m sorry for introducing you to GREATNESS ALEXIS @JohntheCraptist WHEN HIS FOOT LEFT THE GROUND!!! @ms_creilly @Nicole_Cliffe bobby axelrod (aka damian lewis) on billions wears CASHMERE HOODIES and there are so man… @imbobswaget @sassyblackdiva it is FULLY UNHINGED and yes i watched every episode multiple times @sassyblackdiva @imbobswaget oh hello welcome to this hell club
today on judge mathis, a dude who brought a briefcase: