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Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy. Startled policy person. Baffled former press officer and prelapsarian ex-bookseller. Mostly books, art, and suchlike.

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It’s the USPIS of sommeliers., now I’m thinking about it there was LOADS in my birthplan the hospital used and it made me much calmer having…
Retweeted by Alan BowdenI didn’t know how the birth would turn out, but I did know that I wanted either me or @WordsofMercury with the baby…
Retweeted by Alan BowdenThe idea that women don’t have a clue what kind of pain relief they might want is kind of insulting.
Retweeted by Alan BowdenThey’re also a really useful way of thinking through your different options. I knew I didn’t want opioids because I…
Retweeted by Alan BowdenThis is particularly true if you have mental health issues. I wrote mine with my psychiatrist and midwife, and it i…
Retweeted by Alan BowdenLeaving aside that birth plans are fundamentally about consent and that’s not something to be laughed at, they can…
Retweeted by Alan BowdenNot impressed with all the laughing about birth plans that’s going round Twitter at the moment. OH NO I THINK I’M G…
Retweeted by Alan BowdenWere you so inclined, you might vote for my brother (David) and his band Mezcla in their respective Scottish Jazz A… I am pleased. @TNeenan Pray I don’t alter it further.
And see the great Achilles, whom we knew. and Hare remains the worst—indeed, only—film in which I’ve appeared. @canongatebooks I’m available. I’m not. Or am I? Now that I’ve got your attention: would you like to keep hearing from me? @EwaSR Ah, see, no one in books likes Amazon. @canongatebooks Neediness is a data turnoff, CGB.The imperative to write a chatty, distinctive, yet non-pleading GDPR email constitutes a public relations professional’s Vietnam. @leebrackstone @byers90 @elgrffths @EdEmmie @chris_power @mariagluc @FaberBooks @RCWLitAgency What a line. *excelle… @SusannahOtter In Dulwich! @VenetiaJM Thanks. I’m quietly pleased. @FMelroseWriter One hundred times this. It’s so strange and seems bizarrely regressive. @john_self @vintagebooks Yes, I thought that. But they will insist on publishing the paperbacks for—quick calculati… @theLucyStrange Congratulations! Elephants are definitely In this season.
@Isabelwriter 12th, but just got around to, y’know, books.Birthday books for the storm, London. We were given a barbecue today, so obviously that is the end of summer.
Retweeted by Alan Bowden @ALittleSpaniard I think that’s the beginning of Jurassic Park 2.
20 mai 1799 :  Naissance d'Honoré de Balzac. Un écrivain qui impose un modèle de roman comme chronique de la sociét…
Retweeted by Alan BowdenRetweeting for « décapotable », parmi d’autres choses.
@eggsbened Shoutout for you on Saturday Review re Red just now. @SarahGPerry We stayed in a glorious hotel in Bath. If they’d had a maternity unit, we might have stayed.Pithiness is more of a British than an American virtue.
Retweeted by Alan Bowden @EwaSR @mmdotcox
Scribbling, scuffing, page folding and tearing. @john_self’s worst nightmare on @BBCFrontRow right now. @HMittelmark I’ve had it a while...Dare I? here’s my story THE FOX, precursor to MIDWINTER which was on the wireless. Read perfectly by Peter Jackson:…
Retweeted by Alan Bowdenyou haven't experienced life until you've seen Muppet outtakes
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One of these men pictured is a BAFTA winner and has sired a BAFTA winner, so is probably worth listening to. Come a…
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@SarahGPerry BuhlimeyBA Art History and Philosophy, MA philosophy, Morrisons cash office, PhD in philosophy, book blogger, bookseller, p…
this amazing poem in current LRB
Retweeted by Alan Bowden @NuclearTeeth Honestly, I just assume it’s all Rylance these days. @NuclearTeeth No @jpsmythe Read them. Definitely @Andr6wMale BrazilAujourd'hui, nous sommes le quartidi 24 floréal, de l'année CCXXVI du calendrier républicain, jour de la valériane.
Retweeted by Alan Bowden @paraicodonnell Oof
@EwaSR @EwaSR Dressed like a betazoid. This is my theme tonight, okay. @EwaSR Poor woman! She did so wellOoooh @niven_govinden Oh no, never mind. @niven_govinden You asked for BPMs, Niven. Norway delivers. @EwaSR Nah, wormhole to Gamma Quadrant. @EwaSR It’s like the weird under-uniform in TNG films. @niven_govinden She’s very sad that the man has no hair.
@michaelehughes @paraicodonnell @BCDreyer Hilarious, right? Amusing enough to be, dare I say it,, I daren’t. @paraicodonnell @BCDreyer No that’s fine. Sure. Yeah, no, cool. @mmdotcox Doesn’t he know it’s Eurovision weekend? @sannewman And a 🗡 @Isabelwriter @BCDreyer I mean, the book will probably tell you it’s “jacket”, so the value is already, so to speak, being added. @maxjohnporter Please write this children’s book. @maxjohnporter Peak Bath @GuyLongworth Opportunities to Antagonise?This cold open alone is why #Brooklyn99 should be renewed. #RenewB99
Retweeted by Alan BowdenI’m reading Wilkie Collins and Brandon Sanderson at the moment: it’s making my head hurt. @SarahGPerry Visceral piece @hearingvoice @literarti I request a livestream. @Tiny_Camels Honestly, he must be sick of Bovary by now.Chaps, I’m enjoying this: @jpsmythe @marchingwithtea M prefers roast chicken....Peak parent: @marchingwithtea has bought children’ pear purée to make Bellinis. @ALittleSpaniard Fruits de mer, obvs @hansmollman Not as bad as the time I thought cat food was pâté. I think I was 7
@earlymodernjohn Is that like a Lipizzaner?I’m driving @marchingwithtea mad by not telling her what I want for my birthday. I’m sure she’s happy to receive suggestions.
@BCDreyer Of course, the 70s actually ended in 1986. Common misunderstandingSo am I a nun or a soldier then?