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The world's foremost innovation challenge through the heart of Australia

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Chuck Hutchins leads Electrum in 2019. We wish @UMSolarCarTeam's Standard-Bearer a very happy birthday 🎂 #BWSC19 @solarteamtwente The Quest begins!
The sun sets on an amazing 2019. We wish all of our mates from around the world a safe and happy start to 2020. 🎇🎇
The adventure continues in 2021. Pre-nominate now as a World Solar Team for the 2021 Bridgestone @WorldSolarChlg ➡️…
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Congratulations to @SolarEHV for winning the #SmartGrids Pitch Competition supporting MI's IC1 at the World Solar C…
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We were so inspired by the efforts of @solarteam_be this year - be sure to give our 2019 Champions a follow!
A big congratulations to @wendypham_ for winning the Bridgestone Photo Competition! She takes home the prize of a C… adventure continues in 2021. Pre-nominate now as a World Solar Team for the 2021 Bridgestone World Solar Challe…
Solar Team Eindhoven made it four in a row last night, winning the Cruiser Class for the fourth consecutive time. S…
🔟 Year Partnership! ☀️ We are thrilled to have @Bridgestone on board for 10 more years as our title sponsor! Read… Night ! #bwsc2019
Retweeted by Bridgestone World Solar Challenge ☀️ @theolejniczaks It's our absolute pleasure. What a journey they've all been on this year. We are so proud of everyone!Thank you for all the congratulations! We'll respond to all your messages tomorrow, as we are currently celebrating…
Retweeted by Bridgestone World Solar Challenge ☀️🗣️ "The most precious thing about this event is not the cars - although they are amazing. It's you!" - Chris Selwood AM #BWSC191️⃣ And taking out top spot in the Challenger Class is @solarteam_be! A well-deserved standing ovation accompanies…️⃣ Coming in second place in the Challenger Class... @tokaichallenger! 👏🇯🇵 What an amazing journey. #BWSC19️⃣ It's the @UMSolarCarTeam in third place for the Challenger Class. A fantastic effort you should all be proud o…️⃣ You've all been waiting... Congratulations to @SolarEHV on being named winner of the Cruiser Class! 🏆 #BWSC19️⃣ @sunswiftsolar has come in second place in the Cruiser Class for 2019. Congrats! 🎉 #BWSC19️⃣ Third position in the Cruiser Class is awarded to @ivetysophie! 🎉 #BWSC19🏅 Drum roll please! 🥁 Mission Innovation Smart Grid Pitch Competition Winner is... @SolarEHV! #BWSC19🏅 Well done to Team @sonnenwagen on receiving the David Fewchuck Spirit of the Event Award. 👏😊 The cheers in the ro…🏅 Get Red-E to celebrate because @solarteamtwente have received the Promotional Award. 📱📸 #BWSC19🏅 Shout out to @tdsolarracing for being awarded the @Flinders University Excellence in Engineering Award in 2019. 😁…🏅 Congratulations to @sonnenwagen who have been awarded the 2019 Team Safety Award at the 2019 Bridgestone World So…🏅 To kick off our #BWSC19 awards presentation, we are excited to announce that the @CSIRO Technical Innovation Awar… @Bridgestone tires, we wouldn't be able to drive the 3000 km journey through the Australian outback!…
Retweeted by Bridgestone World Solar Challenge ☀️ @JoostKuckartz Hey @joostkuckartz, this should all be fixed now! Apologies for the delay. Awards are just about to get underway!🗣️ "Together, let's keep on dreaming bigger and going further!" - Masaaki Tsuya, Chairman of the Board, CEO and Rep…🗣️ "It is an amazing challenge. It is cool, crazy and a tough challenge. You should be proud of what you have done.…🗣️ "Thank you to the faculty, the volunteers and to you... Your participation and contribution to this event has be… @JoostKuckartz Oh no! What seems to be the problem for you Joost? We will look into this now!🗣️ "This is an event of extremes, and an event that in many cases is a life changing experience... But hey, If it w…🗣️ "This event is recognised worldwide as the pinnacle of intellectual endeavour in the solar industry." - Chris Selwood AM #BWSC19💭 A reminder to those at home, you can stream tonight's Awards Ceremony LIVE on our website here. ➡️ #BWSC19It's almost time! 😁 @terriepappas At 6.30pm ACDT :)Want to catch the #BWSC19 Awards Ceremony LIVE? 🎥 Catch the live stream on our website here from 6:30pm (ACDT).… @WorldSolarChlg has been a life changing experience for all of us. It brings a new perspective of life.
Retweeted by Bridgestone World Solar Challenge ☀️The World Solar Challenge will parade the solar cars in the CBD today, 20 October.☀️🏁 Please be mindful of traffic…
Retweeted by Bridgestone World Solar Challenge ☀️Come and check out the incredible innovation of our teams in Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga before the Parade at 3pm… @ArnoSijnesael @VattenfallTeam Hey Arno, We will have a live stream on our website from 6.30pm GMT+10.30
See more amazing moments from the #BWSC19 ➡️! ☀️ Don't forget to get your tickets for the Awards Ceremony tomorrow ➡️➡️
See the Results as they stand now ➡️ The Cruiser Class judging is still to come tomorrow -… to all of the Teams who have crossed the @CityofAdelaide Finish Line so far! We look forward to wel… an incredible day of arrivals it’s been! At the end of the day though, we’re all one team 👍 #BWSC19 a race! 🏎️ Congratulations to @UNSWEngineering's solar car team @sunswift for getting across the finish line…
Retweeted by Bridgestone World Solar Challenge ☀️We are celebrating the end of this @WorldSolarChlg It was not how we expected it to be or how we wanted to finish.…
Retweeted by Bridgestone World Solar Challenge ☀️That relief... What a challenge it's been! #teamspirit @TUeindhoven #BWSC19
Retweeted by Bridgestone World Solar Challenge ☀️Don't forget to come along and watch the parade of solar cars this Sunday 20 October, leaving from Victoria Square/…
Good morning on Challenge Day 6! ☀️ The field is on their way to Adelaide, with plenty of arrivals expected through… CLASS SCORES UPDATE ☀️ @SolarEHV 94.79 @sunswift 50.55 @ivetysophie 39.77 Official Judging is still to c… STOP TIMES ☀️ ADELAIDE @solarteam_be 11:52:42 @tokaichallenger 12:04:00 @UMSolarCarTeam 14:56:00… to @UMSolarCarTeam - Third across the @CityofAdelaide Finish Line 👏🍾 #BWSC19's been a tough day for @VattenfallTeam but props to them for crossing the line together. 👏👏 You can see the str… big thank you to all of the wonderful and hard working volunteers who help make the BWSC a reality! Did you know… only way to celebrate! 🍾 @tokaichallenger #BWSC19 here are @tokaichallenger 👏🍾 #BWSC19 a moment! 🍾 @solarteam_be #BWSC19 they are! @solarteam_be #BWSC19 crowds are gathered and ready! #BWSC19 @itsmeShio @solarteam_be @tokaichallenger @UMSolarCarTeam We will be live steaming the first team arrival on our Facebook page. Stay tuned 😊 @solarteamtwente is set to arrive in Adelaide very soon, in less than an hour! Be sure to make your way to the… ☀️ @solarteam_be are approaching Adelaide, with approximately 60kms to go. @tokaichallenger still follow in… ☀️ @solarteam_be have approximately 80kms to go until they reach Adelaide. #BWSC19Teams who have trailered are indicated on our Results page. If a Team has trailered at any point, they are no longe… get the latest on the cars arriving in Adelaide today, check our Live Car Tracker to see who's in the lead. Plea… ☀️ Agoria Solar Team (8) now lead. Tokai Unviersity Solar Car Team (10) are in provisional 2nd place, with U… ☀️ @solarteam_be now lead as they charge towards Adelaide. They are followed by @tokaichallenger and @UMSolarCarTeam #BWSC19
BREAKING We can confirm that all team members are safe, emergency services have been contacted, and we are taking s… @lexi1y @CityofAdelaide The City of Adelaide Finish Line is now open 🙂 It's open from 9am - 6pm from today until Su… long to go now! Are you ready to come and cheer the teams on as they cross the @CityofAdelaide Finish Line?… before the storm. 5 minutes before take off. #BWSC19 to see @sonnenwagen working hard to continue on! #BWSC19's Challenge Day 5, and the cars will be on the road very soon! It's just a few hours until the leaders arrive an… @solarteamtwente You made such an incredible effort @solarteamtwente - congratulations on your journey so far, you… ☀️ @solarteam_be have arrived at the Port Augusta Control Stop at 16:51:59 They've shortened the gap from 43… @VattenfallTeam have arrived at Port Augusta Control Stop at 16:44:32 ☀️ #BWSC19We're happy to welcome the BWSC Teams to @southaustralia this evening - while the Challengers are charging towards…🛑 CONTROL STOP GLENDAMBO 🛑 1 @VattenfallTeam 🇳🇱 12:40 2 @solarteam_be 🇧🇪 13:05 3 @tokaichallenger 🇯🇵 13:31 #BWSC19Speed restrictions have been lifted now, with wind conditions easing. #BWSC19With strong winds this morning causing issues for @solarteamtwente and @sonnenwagen we are happy to confirm that al…🛑 CONTROL STOP COOBER PEDY 🛑 1 @VattenfallTeam 🇳🇱 8:39.31 2 @solarteam_be 🇧🇪 9:22.36 (+43m) 3 @tokaichallenger 🇯🇵 9:52.55 (+73m) #BWSC19
Cruiser Class Scores Update ☀️ @SolarEHV - 78.40 @BO_SolarCar - 47.52 @sunswift - 43.21 @ivetysophie - 34.36 Sun Sh… leading Challenger teams will pass through #CooberPedy this morning, before the Cruisers arrive there this afte… Forecast☀️Coober Pedy Partly cloudy, areas of raised dust north of Woomera during the morning and afternoon…🛑 CONTROL STOP KULGERA🛑 Unofficial times 1 @solarteamtwente 🇳🇱 12:40pm arrival 2 @VattenfallTeam 🇳🇱 12:51pm arrival #bwsc19UPDATE - End of Day Challenge Day 3 ☀️ Approximately 600m separate leading team @solarteamtwente from… team walks away from the BWSC empty handed. There's so much to learn, whether you're a leader of the pack or a l… big welcome to the teams who have passed the border and arrived in our beautiful state of @southaustralia ☀️… out what's been going on in the BWSC world of Instagram lately! ➡️ halfway from Darwin to Adelaide today! In less than 3 days 👏👏 #BWSC19 ☀️ Some of the Challenger Class teams will cross the border into #SouthAustralia today. Remember, all times… to get live with the BWSC? Check out @VattenfallTeam's live stream on YouTube to feel like you're on the road!… out some of the moments from the #BWSC19 in the Photo Gallery on our website ➡️ MADE IT TO TENNANT CREEK! With only 10 minutes to go before the control stop closes, we made it just in time t…
Retweeted by Bridgestone World Solar Challenge ☀️ @terriepappas The teams who have trailered are indicated on our Results page 🙂➡️ ☀️ 7 Cruiser Class teams have trailered - they continue towards the next charging stop at Coober Pedy, but a…☀️ 8 Challenger Class teams have now trailered. They continue as Challenger Class vehicles in the BWSC, but a…