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@English_YL Chair. Floral Darts Caller. Glasses Icon. Town Councillor for St John’s Ward KTC. He/Him. Email-

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@HaryMcormack198 May the hangover gods be with you tomorrow
@Tosuff @JacobCharteris1 *11:39 @Tosuff They’re going by BST that’s sad @Tosuff It’s 9:45 GMTJust to be clear- I hate the Labour party more than life itself now. @CRobertson_LD LolLabour leadership announcement is 9:45 (GMT) tomorrow! Ngl seeing the man who drived me out of Labour no longer be leader will be great.Why are people calling for Yvette Cooper to be Shadow Home Secretary? She was such a bad one last time that the p… @adb0wen Roy coming soon23- no22-Yes21- no20- yes19- Deeply transphobic policy to ban trans people from the military. Thank all of them for their service!18- Takes a long time to create! Need to focus on renewables17- Was created to appease the slave states. In every other American election the winner is the person with the most votes.16- I think it’s bad one company owns so much of our internet life. Not sure there is much that can be done apart f… Ban all guns that can shoot more than 6 bullets.14- Amnesty and a pathway to citizenship13-Legalise all drugs. Introduce safe rooms. Treat it as a medical issue12- this is actually a key issue. Without this then large companies will be able to dominate the internet. Not good.11- If private companies want to then they are welcome to!10- would only nominate pro-Choice justices.9- Yes ofc6/7/8 they are all bad and I stand in solidarity with all of these communities.5- NIT or UBI. I slightly favour NIT but honestly both systems are better than what we have now. The failings of th… Great policy. If we don’t have UBI then definitely needs increasing3- We need to solve this issue by 2030. Especially in the Western world where it would be easier for us to transition.2- I’m guessing this is US based? In which case racist policies like Redlining have had serious impacts long after… Decisions about folk’s bodies should be between them and their doctor.Let’s GOOOO
petition for elizabeth warren to re-enter the race because this is bullshit
Retweeted by Jack E. P. Worrall 🔶 @domlzz WewAs the Jeremy Corbyn era comes to a close just 12% of all Brits, 13% of the working-class, 23% of 18-24-year-olds &…
Retweeted by Jack E. P. Worrall 🔶Andrew Yang has won the argument @callumclafferty Ohhhh what are you focusing on?!? @JoshDixonTweets @JohnRWaddell I just like John Major @dylanhm May and Cameron were both terrible. I am giving Cameron no credit for 2010-2015 because he takes way too m… @dylanhm Major and Callaghan for me represent the style of leadership I like to see. Callaghan had the opportunity… @JoshDixonTweets After he dumped useless Lamont we started on a path of continued steady economic growth that would last 15 years. @natehiggins My rankings are evenly balanced with the whole bottom line Tories x @ScottEmery92 Not taking us out of the EU, not risking the Union. Also, Cameron’s gets way too much credit for what… Post-War PM rankings!
20- Alaska - Olsen Brothers La det Swinge - Bobbysocks! Sing Little Birdie - Teddy Johnson and Pearl Carter (recently found out both have no passed away! They competed… Jack in the Box - Clodagh Rodgers Ne partez pas sans moi - Celine dion The End of the World - Olsen Brothers Sunday Morning - Olsen Brothers Hello Mary Lou - Olsen Brothers ci comme ca by Evridiki Pump by Freddie and Friends! I Love The Little Things - Matt Monro I Wanna by Marie N Copycat - Copycat (utter classic) De La Capat - Voltaj Marie Marie by Olsen Brothers got the name wrong but eh. 5- Like it by ZENA Hatrõ mun sigra by Hatari Jackson by Johnny Cash only want to see you again - Olsen Brothers’m cycling through 3 playlists for this. 1-Spirit in the Sky- Keiino fun @PrueBray @WillJColes To be honest, I don’t really see the need to cut Federal Board down. I think it would reduce… @PrueBray @WillJColes Yes yes that is very fair. @WillJColes Yep! Also, the English Party/Welsh Party/Scottish Party all have 2 reps! @ElshadKarbasi The problem is that they don’t ask for your date of birth on the sign up page- it’s asked immediatel… when this Party Bodies Review group reports back I really do hope to see that they come up with a solution to dr… folk join our party, if they are under the age of 26 they are automatically enrolled into the Young Liberals.… simple truth is that we are not like all of the other SAOs in the party, we are something much different. We… Young people in our party we need to be shouting from the rooftops exactly why we have the seat in the first pla… one question I would have is if this is an actual plan or just the personal views of Mark Pack. I am particul…, I asked Mark Pack for clarification on what he meant when he talked about Federal Board being bloated an… @kieranknight11 It’s passed middayOver the last few days I have been moving more and more to Wera Hobhouse. She is the only leader who could strike… @christopherward @hnjsamuels @ScottEmery92 I mean that is just not true at all. Vince Cable managed to stave off th… @hnjsamuels @christopherward @ScottEmery92 If we can’t actually set policy with conference than at least let us ele… emcourage everyone to watch “Richard Hammond’s Big” programme about their new stadium and then say that those fol… @hnjsamuels @christopherward @ScottEmery92 I put a heck of a lot of effort into internal stuff and even I think my…, friend, Grindr.... huh @ItsMatt_Again EggcellentGreat to have reopened Chatbox! Can’t wait to see everything all the members post in there!
He’s putting himself and others at risk of catching this awful virus. A reckless end to a disgraceful 5 years.
Retweeted by Jack E. P. Worrall 🔶 @wrdanks @AndrewJMcGlynn @libdemlife @esbagshaw Tbf they did that voluntarily @notchrisevans That’s the one!! @notchrisevans What was this program called?? @lisa_trandy @czeczotka13 This is just Sarah PalinSo many semi-important emails are going straight to junk mail, I have already missed a meeting because of it. How do I stop this?If u r one of thse parents right now who's teenage kids r Out beyond the limited'Exercise' time 'Hanging' with thei…
Retweeted by Jack E. P. Worrall 🔶 @libdemlife @mr_trajan I’ve seen 3 folk in the last few days leave from just scrolling twitter. Seen so many more q… @mr_trajan Because that is just who I mainly follow/interact with. @mr_trajan Ngl, okay, it’s being said by the pro-suspend democracy side that it’s just “those young folk on twitter… folk in the party should take over the party not leave it :/So many young folk saying they’ll leave the party or have already left the last few days 😕😕😕 It’s actually very disheartening to see.My mentor, ladies & gentlemen. 💕
Retweeted by Jack E. P. Worrall 🔶 @hermione_rose98 Completely agree tbh. The thing is I reckon it is now impossible to actually organise a physical o… @MayallHarry Exactly. The later it gets the more expensive the accom prices are @GeorgusPorgus99 Federal Board
We’ve gone all LibDem