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He/him. Black Lives Matter. Steam Marines 2 alpha available now! Also working on #Hammergrind

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Retweeted by Ωbeen watching more animated movies lately and i go apeshit every time the animal designs are like this
Retweeted by Ω @dphrygian Nexusmods would look mildly different @lynncyrin Haven't been following just gonna go for it like I always do but EXCITEMe, probably, in a shadowrun world @lynncyrin i don't think i actually finished dragonfall, weird camera issues maybe i should give it another go...… @lynncyrin now i have to learn to say chummer and being a decker means having to meet people in seedy alleyways and… "at least i have an edge from playing 23523234234 hours of fallout right?" lynn: "it's probably more like shad… are you taking this away from me lynn it's all i have left @MOOMANiBE slide the wok backward and the wave slides right back in i'm not good at this i've never had a big wok and time to practice @jLDN__ cc @MOOMANiBEHardest pic ever
Retweeted by Ωnow a bok choi day @RayneLombardi64 cc @Estirdalin @lynncyrinI fucking love this image
Retweeted by ΩTHEY CALL CLUSTERS OF THEM NESTSTHESE ARE DEFINITELY EGGS OF SOME SUBTERRANEAN ROCK CREATUREi have discovered Hang Sơn Đoòng cave pearls and are you shitting me youtube video on mortar tactics popped up and i know that if i click it i will be bombarded with right wing fuckerythis thread on estimating the prydwen's size based on hydrogen lift reminds me of the difference between physicists and engineers @lynncyrin your mask looks much cooler than my masks xDchonky marine armors don't think this has anything to do with marine recruitment this might just be a completely different bug that produces a similar outcomeoh actually no i can't because of weapon/armor tiers haha fucki can fix this except it's not a real fix it's a patch by correcting the bad data when i detect it but i don't know why it happens :|so... i think i reproduced the bug but under very abnormal circumstances by stretching my code past certain guardra… making my debugging tools more robust for this, my cursed sonhey i found a completely different bug and fixed that tho xD#ExtremelyConfidenceInspiringComments method with the word queue in it is just a nightmare under the hood what secrets are you hiding why am i id…
*throws discrete math text across room* IT IS ONE TO ONE AND ONTO FUCK YOU FUCK YOUi have this system of gear lists and marine class list that should map onto one another and in theory it is clean… games are the devil all technology should have stopped at super metroidjust let me rest i could just find a way to reproduce it on one of my machines seems related to a very old bug i (thought) killed where sometimes different marines would have their class gear… steam marines 2 bug is legit killing me i've had 4 roughly similar reports and they all involve the scout clas… did a little bit of work today don't yell at me porkchop day IS RATED E FOR EVERYONE.
Retweeted by Ω @SergeantIndie i used to do it a lot more too xD sometimes i don't wanna qrt for... reasonsi don't know how i feel about that one lonely windmill at the front gate on one hand it is a sign of early growth… does not look overly impressed my concrete structures and water purifiers/windmill generators finally completed, months long constructio… technically i am not general and preston is interim general because he's being a noodle but still... people call me general so)what a good general i am i will have to talk to preston and the other mm who were there who might remember them :Xi checked my spreadsheet and realized i have two minutemen recruits named "Minuteman 1" and "Minuteman 2" because i… to be Ash Ketchum's enthusiastic mum today
Retweeted by ΩFaculty at UGA are being asked to identify their next-of-academic-kin, meaning someone who can take over their clas…
Retweeted by Ωit is time for sleeps strong no gauss rifle with a suppressor is so long i can get dof to blur strong when focusing on the muzzle xD "don't you see how we're stronger when we work together?" strong: "i'm hungry i want to eat someone"AND THEY NEVER LET OFF THE GAS YOU JUST FIND OUT INCREASINGLY MORE HORRIFIC SHIT ABOUT THE LEGION AS THE GAME GOES…"but they make the roads safe for merchants!" ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THE LEGION IS AT NIPTON WH… time some legion fuckboy (calling them that now) mentions how the ncr is overextended and can't protect its c… @ckimberlinjr cc @Estirdalin @LeeshaHanniganLaughing with my friends after testing to see it they’re actually a cake
Retweeted by Ωlololololol @ALWyvern conversations remind me i never finished/continued my last tes run huh @kattehus seems like there are flowers EVERYWHERE we can all pick to make faster money????? @SergeantIndie i feel like tes fandom is extremely into headcanon but not as much into headupass, as a point of comparisonimagine how they could bolster their ranks if they stopped the whole assassination thing! genius!i don't know what it is about fallout "fans" who always think that they're some genius level writer when they can't… post was somehow 96% upvoted granted, the top voted replies are very clearly explaining why this makes no fucking sense @SergeantIndie were... were they wearing a mask"if the faction went against literally everything it stood for it would have benefited them oh why oh why did the l…'m not saying the story was amazeballs but jesus fucking christ how can you play the game and not fucking understand anything)i'm extremely convinced that many people think the story in fo4 was bad through some mechanism of not allowing info… energy
Retweeted by Ωpretty much what i think of when someone mentions disney at this point MAN creeping around with strong is unnerving because 1) he does not crouch/sneak, and 2) with thermals he looks li… only murder (that i know of) that i potentially committed was nathan all the way back in fo3 because the enclav… not-insignificant portion of my modlist is dedicated to "it's night time and i'm X00 yards away and i can't tell… gifted Golden Light by @lampstick. It's ..................... different
Retweeted by Ω @Cryofauna @BearlyInTime_ came into morrowind suuuuuuuper late and installed very few mods, is it that bad? @BearlyInTime_ @Cryofauna i'm not a big skyrim player i'm team fo4 but yeah same deal over hereSTRONG AT LEAST PRETEND TO TRY TO SNEAK @BearlyInTime_ @lisaquestions for sure there was a lot of cut content but to be honest i don't think there's any aa… @BearlyInTime_ @Cryofauna i definitely think a large part of it is people want to create monstrous modlists, which… @BearlyInTime_ @lisaquestions nexus comments are always like this "bethesda is so lazy this should have been in th… that i didn't have strong along for the virgil quest, that's a really neat interactionstrong sure is a hard companion to get along with as a do-gooder xDsigh so hooked is this correct
Retweeted by ΩFor 5 dollars I will come st*b your boyfriend to make sure he’s not a cake
Retweeted by ΩRequest: Mercedes in that grilling apron
Retweeted by Ω @Estirdalin @AstragaliUSA the record i know my main dev machine is fucky since my move, but this is happening across all my machines on w10/ubuntu so @nik_narcotic the stuttering cursor/non-changing hand over urls has been reported already for 78 not sure about the…"please use mozregression" "please use mozregression" "please use mozregression" "please use mozregression"apparently there has been a profiler tool since 75 so... just me i have no idea what is in 78.0.2 but it's legit terriblefirefox has been leaking memory, intense latency causing cursor lag and not being able to even compose a tweet with… @saikiikiridori cc @MOOMANiBEインスタ見てたら出てきた猫ちゃんウルティメイトプラズマ過ぎる😂
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