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He/him. Making Steam Marines 2, a squad-based procedural death labyrinth. Alpha available now!

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The only thing I leave running overnight is automated test suites.Honestly Unity/C# has spoiled me in a lot of ways. I used to be all "yep, gotta full recompile this C++ project, wa… does matter, tho. @redneptonic @MOOMANiBE @retroremakes Never played that but feels appropriate. @DominicTarason @MOOMANiBE @hell0jed LOL WHAT WHAT WHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT… @redneptonic @MOOMANiBE @retroremakes It would be better if each mission started with a SSFII announcer FIGHT follo… @MOOMANiBE @retroremakes There seems to be a lot of... lore... written for the game, that is not in the actual game… @rje Just waiting on Bannerlord. @rje Not in gif form you're off your game, Evans. @MOOMANiBE @retroremakes It's like a very pretty lego block you keep stepping on.Good night, Bums. Good work. Sleep well. I'll most likely take time off in the morning. @MOOMANiBE @retroremakes Rob: "This is for cats." Actual Cat: "This isn't even for me I YT this shit."(Testing code to load external user provided portraits in #SteamMarines2.)My taking the day off is going real well. if there's any industry that could lean on "our players probably know exactly how to play this" it's reskinned… OF COURSE THEY ADD THE SHITTY POPUPS AND HOSTILE UX TO SELL YOU CRAP BUT LIKE THE TUTORIAL SHIT IS TIGHTAre they explicitly tutorials? Well yes. But they work and are effective.Like you can tell they built the entire game then went back and redid all the beginning stuff to tell the player ex… think one area where mobile games really shine, more than their desktop/console counterparts, is UI/UX and teachi…, I'm not going to assume creative intent when this inexplicable stuff happens everywhere.In a game that actually communicated to me I would take this small gift as a sign of mystery, of intrigue, of you-n… might be done with this tbh. I feel like I'm constantly fighting the game's UI more than playing the game.I strongly suspect that this is not correct, but I have basically negative faith in Destiny 2's UI/UX team at this… don't know what this gift is but the only thing I could seem to do was dismantle it so. Hope that was correct. @viiolaceus Bottom center always best.Late as always for the art v. artist tag ☺💦 #artvsartist2019 #artvsartist
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Retweeted by Ω @BadCGISharks @Estirdalin @LeeshaHannigan lol wtf @fazor3d They believe themselves pure unto themselves xD @fazor3d Every food purist is an asshole, tbh. @OneManHorde No one around me plays Commander, unfortunately. I'll be moving next year, tho, so maybe that will change.THEY'RE ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU #sketchbook #sketches
Retweeted by Ω @OneManHorde I've really pulled back on my MtG spending the last few years.* (*Translation: I am several thousand… @Estirdalin @LeeshaHannigan *Ogre costume /dance.*Video gamers: "SIXTY DOLLARS FOR ONLY A HUNDRED HOURS OF GAMEPLAY IS A SLAP IN THE FACE." MtG players: "Only $150… @dagrelite I liked it a lot when I first started playing it, but I haven't touched it since Summerset (didn't even… @Estirdalin When you're ready for @LeeshaHannigan to take you out looking for eggs but also you stayed up too late… have to do the Summerset Isle quests. Literally pre-ordered that shit then quit when it launched? I am the best customer tbh. @Estirdalin @Estirdalin Killing horde to protect your mining/herb routes all day e'ery day.Ah yes the urge to do crafting dailies. I remember why I quit now. @WolfSkullJack still can't run by flowers. was stealing a lot of shit on this toon.PS DESTINY 2. TAKE HEED. miss my orc warrior from Neverwinter tbh. That game was fun. don't RT this I'm just subsnarktweeiting about /r/GameDev. @Sererena Is this a selfie? Don't see you.It has decided it is all okay and is downloading another 12gb. @Estirdalin It's a carrot/ginger salad dressing. Do you not get that in sushi places over there? Not actually sure… CC @Estirdalin'm not saying replies to viral tweets are as bad as YouTube comments but there are some real not bright people on this website. @GreyAlien I do have a separate documentation... document... that explains stuff like "this is how you implement a… it is verifying 70gb of installation worth ESO and it went from "300 mb remaining" to "21300 mb remaining". @GreyAlien Is this literally comments in your code? Personally I don't tend to sketch out nitty gritty implementati… @GreyAlien I just do everything in a spreadsheet and move stuff to high priority when I want to work on it "soon",… an indie game dev.
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Retweeted by ΩThis suddenly popped into my head. here telling me I’m gonna have it easier now as a woman of color going into film. Me on the google:
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Retweeted by ΩMe listening to anime openings and not understanding a single word
Retweeted by ΩI was suspicious of the dairy free but like... I can barely tell. Texture is off, but flavor is A+. @Ed_dV Daniel had a concept for a cloth/plastic/flexible tube tunnel thing a while back.Okay now taking time off xD*Cough* email doesn't count as work? >.> @_mrgrak CC @Ed_dVSpent some more time optimizing the demo's cloth sims. Now I can fill an entire level with cloth and maintain 60fps…
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Retweeted by Ω @Danielleri lololololI'm so confused.This is definitely coming from Destiny 2 wtf? xD... there's music with lyrics in this game?Didn't have all the graphic settings turned up. Whoops. happy these new areas allow sniping opportunities. @Fenreliania Didn't like the hand cannons I got but I didn't get too many yet.Guess I should be buying one of these a day. @Fenreliania Yeah. Shotguns felt good to fire, but limited ammo and extremely short range made them not great overall.A good feeling gun makes all the difference this game was holding out on me for the first ~24 hours. ominous at all. @VioletFractal @Supervinh47 Who the hell gave Vinh a weapon of mass destruction, really. @Estirdalin @LeeshaHannigan I think it's two cartoon onions being friendly. @NeedMoreLoot @DQNoContext CC @LeeshaHannigan @Estirdalin
Retweeted by Ω @NeedMoreLoot Yeah probably. I did get my headset mic working. I think.Gonna take tomorrow off and reboot my brain a bit, I think. Need to send a big roadmappy email later and don't wanna fuck it up xD @lizardengland @NeedMoreLoot It took the team five years to go from left to right xD @NeedMoreLoot And like it's fast because you don't even need fully fledged systems to test some things. My VS did n… @NeedMoreLoot And that's pretty bang on for what the game is like 5 years later. It's got more fancy camera work, g… @NeedMoreLoot The vertical slice for SM2 was basically: 1) Generate a level, 2) Player can negotiate through it wi… @NeedMoreLoot Personally I take this as every non-trivial part of the gameplay. Like I don't care about implementin… the honk steals eyebrows
Retweeted by ΩI feel like even if you are intimately familiar with your tools/framework/engine/codebase this seems like a mistake.Do indie game devs not like... make vertical slices. I even made a vertical slice for SM3 before I pivoted.