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News and Information. Father of 2 boys! Golf lover, sneakerhead, wool not in that order.

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Finally sense prevails. All those cases obscurely registered as Covid. People who had fully recovered. People alrea… Damn! Is this legit Mit? @realDonaldTrump 😂 those seeking clarity here, Guardiola’s net spend at Man City is around £500m compared to Klopp’s £75m. If you…
Retweeted by .RT once votedHere’s the 100 million dollar question... Is Nathan Ake better than John Stones? You decide... @Mobyhaque1 Thought they’d quashed that clause rumour?This is just the semis, I’m talking about the whole comp😉🏆. Let’s go up!!
Retweeted by .First one in about 8 years. Slow and warm. But it’s a start! #Fitness it done @pritipatel! Less talk more action! @coombezy_jcw Was fit not on reduced duties for 3 months. They said we can accommodate 4 weeks then back to normal. I have that in writing @GrizzKhan Being quite generous in terms of sell on % and paying the fee up front will help 👍🏻 @BillingtonDa Well they have to dismiss him. Right now they are trying to bully him in to quitting @scottishdude @SkySports_Keith Didn’t watch him at Leeds to be honest. Be interesting to see where he plays. Baller though @WalCoch He has a reduced work note. But his employers are saying they can’t adhere to it as they need a salesman @DiscussHRUK @MyHRAdvice @BillingtonDa No mate.£10+2 and 20%. #LFC @SkySports_Keith Is Roofe a striker? Watched him at OUFC and I would suggest although versatile, he was most defini… see Jamaal Lewis in red by next week. #LFC @DPSD37 No they don’t even offer one! @MelJane6190 Yea he was on sick. But has a return to work form for reduced hours. But they are saying they can’t really accommodate that @MelJane6190 He has. They said no. @LFCRich_76 Yea I agree @inthesmoke Yes he went back. But has found it really hard. @naomi_pullin @CitizensAdvice He’s not and we’ve tried them. They said “find another job”He can’t resign otherwise he can’t get support from UC or JSa. They refuse to support him and have made all kinds o… got any experience with returning to work post furlough. My dads employer (he’s 65 & had a heart attack last… @britainelects @IpsosMORI It’s a bit mind bending this. I’m not absolutely sure how.Westminster voting intention: CON: 45% (+2) LAB: 37% (-1) LDEM: 6% (-4) GRN: 5% (+2) via @IpsosMORI, 30 Jul - 04…
Retweeted by . @real_rudge @munjal1294 I don’t think Origi planned to be a backup. He always aspired to be more and worked damn ha… @_Alfie_99 I’m not annoyed or “pressed”. I just find little cunts like you unbearable. Call every scouser thick, an… @_Alfie_99 I’m not your mate. You are a little weasel. Gobbling off on twitter. One of the worst kind. Attention se… @_Alfie_99 All you’ve done is amplify my point: immature. I’m from Oxford. I ended the conversation with you and RT… @wr_ghty Granted not all but some scousers aren’t very smart and by what you’ve done with sayin the convo is over t…
Retweeted by . @_Alfie_99 What does that mean Alfie? @_Alfie_99 You people? @_Alfie_99 @TyBracey Ok. This conversation is over @_Alfie_99 @TyBracey So Watkins is better than Firmino? @_Alfie_99 @TyBracey In your opinion. Goals scored in any league factually means “better player” right?The Correct Decision!!! 💯%
Retweeted by . @_Alfie_99 @TyBracey Keep doing little laughing faces and making sweeping statements about how a lad at Celtic is “… subs rule scrapped. @asha_k3 @avfcmd81 @avfcnewsgossip He won’t go anywhere as back up. His time now. @_Alfie_99 @TyBracey That’s ok. Your opinion is yours. But instantly suggesting SPL and Champ players are better be… @_Alfie_99 @TyBracey Think we’ve just established that hasn’t happened. You are fabricating an argument. We rejecte… @asha_k3 @avfcmd81 @avfcnewsgossip They rejected £32m last window. We don’t give players away. Although we have Bre… @_Alfie_99 @TyBracey Look properly at the games. Mins. Contributions. Also who was playing when he did. Barely ever… @asha_k3 @avfcmd81 @avfcnewsgossip Yes exactly mate. It’s unfair to penalise the lad for only playing 800mins or whatever @avfcmd81 @avfcnewsgossip 800mins. 25 sub appearances . @_Alfie_99 @TyBracey Stop comparing championship strikers and SPL strikers. It’s just mad. He’s continually contrib… @TyBracey @_Alfie_99 I think £25m with add ons will be the region we sell him. Turned down £32m last year from Wolv… @lew_clamp Really? You need me to explain. Add to that we sold Solanke for £20m. And Ings for £22m after TWO ACL’s. @JakeMel81723744 Not sure you quite grasp the role he’s played. The involvement. Comparing apples and oranges is always a bit silly @JakeMel81723744 6 goals in 894 mins. 6 in 8 starts. The rest were all subs. Comparing him to a championship strike… @TheWillRoss @gingeavfc96 He’s not desperate to leave @avfcmd81 @avfcnewsgossip You understand why? How many CF’s start for #LFC right now? @gingeavfc96 Many of his goals have been self made. Look back at them. Recently vs Newcastle a huge example. His o… @_astonwhite @AVFCFaithful_ We rejected £32m from wolves. Think the same figure now would enough @_Alfie_99 We sold solanke for £20m. Origi has been exceptional for us. Well respected internally and internationally @JakeMel81723744 😂 yes championship Watkins is better than the kid who dragged us to a champions league final and s… @EliAVFC @AVFCFaithful_ Agree. any offer would always start low. @gingeavfc96 Two goals vs Barca to get us to CL final. Goal in the final. Crucial goals every time he’s played. Are… @kyng_nayid He was valued at £35m I believe @colleggedropout That’s including add ons. Bids more like £13mPretty sure they will pay up to £30m for him. But will he want to go there? Is it enough? He’s been vital to our su… opening bid for Origi a bit insulting! £18m. #Rejected #AVFC #LFCThis is what corruption looks like
Retweeted by . @curtisjr_10 @MrCharlieGill My guy! Smoking that vote now!Where the REAL fans?👀👀😂❤️ lets go up!
Retweeted by .Is it weird that I am so mixed on this? I see this and feel happy for the men on the boat, for a safe arrival and… @EmiratesFACup @curtisjr_10 @Aubameyang7 @BudweiserUK @budfootball Vote⚽️ GOAL OF THE SEASON ⚽️ 𝙎𝙚𝙢𝙞-𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙖𝙡. Vote for @curtisjr_10's Merseyside derby strike OR @Aubameyang7's…
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@martyn1200 YesAs expected Lewis is desperate to move to #LFC @RealKevinPalmer @LeighCurtis_NP 😂Pep Guardiola has now spent an estimated £385m JUST on defensive players since he arrived at Man City as his spendi…
Retweeted by . @DPSD37 @bowser133 @GraemeKelly1 I like him. I’d take him for a year or two as back. But at £100k and 2 years MAX @GraemeKelly1 @DPSD37 Yea. Of course. But it’s still mad£200k pw for 4 years! For a 32 year old bit part player. 55 low wage members of staff made redundant. The Arsenal wayFeeling Premier
Retweeted by .Nailed it! 😂😂😂
Retweeted by . @Deanomac14 It’s disgraceful mate @wr_ghty 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by .Nailed it! 😂😂😂 @EmiratesFACup success would have covered the c£2m In wages to avoid redundancies. That should have been the story @Arsenal @MaaxiAngelo 100% agree. A player with very little physical involvement being replaced by a lad with a sky high pot… customer service from @VerisureUK. Clicked a link looking for information. Wishing 6 mins had a call.… @GraemeKelly1 @Mobyhaque1 If you are willing to pay £25m for him. You pay him £3m a year. That’s a cover up to justify missing him @GraemeKelly1 I did think that when you said it. I was like Gra knows his onions seems odd he wouldn’t know that ab… @GraemeKelly1 Yea it’s a mad one. I find the concept of clubs this size making redundancies scary. Not signing players I understand @lfcntha Haha you understand what the consultation means? I’ve literally just been through it myself mate @GraemeKelly1 Public relations. Like the damage on their image. Greater than the cost of 55 members of staff surely… @blacksheepfarm5 @Calrichardson_ Still a child. @Cwillo92 @SamMcGuire90 I don’t agree at all. It was astute business/marketing from Nike and will have generated a… @lfcntha 55 members of staff put in to 30 day consultation. @Ash_Bradders @ChelseaFC Yet leaves the club in £1.4bn worth of debt. More than the value of the whole club? That s…