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News and Information. Father of 2 boys! Golf lover, sneakerhead, wool not in that order.

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@TheKopHQ I dunno he’s got talent. Bit lightweight. Problem is he’s still playing with Mctominay Fred. In front of shite. @DXVIES98 @wr_ghty I've been using them for 2 years with zero issues.
Retweeted by . @KP_LFC @DXVIES98 Me tooFernandes rolling to to #MUFC wearing a Homer Simpson TShirt tells me everything you need to know about him.Not sure what’s funnier. The bid or the rejection. @FCBarcelona have truly lost their minds.As promised... #LFC #Liverpool Mentality monsters T-shirt in STOCK All previous orders have been dispatch in la…
Retweeted by . @AllThingsFodder @indykaila No exit fees and free to switch away at anytime. Why wouldn’t you bother wanting to save money? @willthomas67 @hlonipanie @TheKopHQ Klopp hasn’t done anything wrong here. Following orders and standing by his own… @AnfieldWatch Not really. He said “you tell me where and I will be there. But don’t tell me who to play” Was a bit of a dig in my opinion @andygillespie91 Will be packed mate. Kids for a £5 adults for £15. Will be loads using that as a chance to take the kids for the first time @Jocxxd123 Me too @TheKopHQ Agree mate. All a bit shit for them. @TheKopHQ Agree mate. Price dropped as well. £15#LFC vs Shrewsbury replay not even on TV.can you RT this please guys! ⬆️£50 free from me! When was the last time you checked your Energy Bills?? Save £300+a year just by switching from… people are failing to understand is that he is quite clearly the Paul Pogba replacement. So the question is, i… United mess about for months and then pay the €80m price they were quoted on day one is quite funny. But reg… red Suso joining Sevilla.Bruno Fernandes on route for medical. #MUFCLiverpool will set yet another club record if they beat West Ham United at the London Stadium on Wednesday night.…
Retweeted by . @ShaunCashmore1 @PeterCrouchPod @OffMenuOfficial @petercrouch #PissofKarl @ShaunCashmore1 @PeterCrouchPod @OffMenuOfficial Mate I’m addicted. Thanks for the recommendation! @petercrouch pod…
@badaholt Not specified whether the will be together. But they are going for warm weather fitness camps.Confirmed that the lads will be on warm weather camp for the winter break! ☀️30ish balaclava wearing thugs attacked Ed Woodward’s family home tonight throwing flares and fireworks and chanting… @phileboy11 If you can’t get Pogba scoring/creating in this team, I’d be shocked if Bruno excels😂 one of the poorest transfer target to signature in history. 8 weeks after refusing price, end up paying the same… have also agreed a fee with Sporting. Have pulled out of the Rodrigo deal, and could well give Fernandes… @DavidMeyler @WiggzLFC 👀Okay let’s add another poll to the greatest Brazilian in the Premier League these names have been most used so I’ll…
Retweeted by . @jamesrobsonES What are you talking about! Utterly ridiculous they’ve paid the €80m they were asked for at the very… @mufarsar I’m not actually attacking the players at all. Mostly excellent players used poorly and treated badly @mufarsar Ibra play 33 PL games. End of discussion Lukaku was scapegoated and shipped out. Fred 😂 @RobertBoydell @Lucas_Duston7 Im not criticising players. Not one bit. (Mostly) top talent. Bar Fred and a few others @Manutdonmymind I’m talking about the recruitment of players from your hierarchy. Not cussing individual players. Read before you comment @mufarsar What?! Of course they were @Manutdonmymind Do you understand English?Julien Laurens, from ESPN and the BBC has claimed that Mbappe would be interested in joining #LFC @Manutdonmymind I’m not sure your legends (of which there are many) is relevant here @Lucas_Duston7 @RobertBoydell He played 33 PL games. Regardless of the fact he scored a goal every 180 mins. It’s a… Fernandes isn’t going to be the problem. The club he is signing for is. There’s a strong chance he flops and… agree to pay the number first asked, MONTHS ago. €60m + €20m in add ons. As first requested by Sporting. W… predicted #MUFC finally up their offer. Unbelievable. Such a poorly run outfitSkySports: Barcelona are in talks to sign Bruno Fernandes. Ole: “The fact Barcelona want to sign a player we want…
Retweeted by .BREAKING 😂🔻 @wr_ghty @TheKopHQ @indykaila @ManUtd A 15 year old reserve keeper to I heard 😂😂😂
Retweeted by .Did not want him anyway, especially since we have Sanchez who will be like a brand new signing next season…
Retweeted by . @TheKopHQ @indykaila @ManUtd Yea it’s quite brilliant @biscuitchaser @GeorgeDugdale Unfortunately he’s too valuable to our depleted squad right now. Speaks volumes about… @TheKopHQ @indykaila @ManUtd They all thought it was something special 😂 like us waiting on Willian to find hes sig… @TheKopHQ @indykaila @ManUtd Haha it was a reserve goalkeeperI’m not a far right skinhead and everyone I know going isn’t either. Freddie, when will you accept a referendum, Eu…
Retweeted by .He’s right. Replays have always been daft. 90 minutes, penalties. In 3rd and 4th round, Lower league team gets to c…
Retweeted by .Interesting that they don’t even want him. Instantly loaning him out to Valencia to aid in bringing Rodrigo in. To… @GeorgeDugdale Haha there is solid connection between the clubs. Lots of contact regarding potential loans stemming… Hugging Revolutionary. Jurgen. Our boss. Future legend.Barcelona close to signing Bruno Fernandes. #FCB #MUFCEriksen out and #LoCelso in.. Biggest downgrade since Fergie to Moyes.Small muscle Injury/tear for Mane. Back in a few weeks. #LFCFee agreed! Deal close. #THFC
Even Pep Guardiola asking where the fans are... #MCFC @Mobyhaque1 I’m sure this has been confirmed as incorrect?!Klopp’s going in holiday for a week so Critchley will manage the return leg with the u23 squad. #FACupHate to be a party-pooper but Shrewsbury nicking a draw against Liverpool’s reserves isn’t proof of the ‘Magic of t…
Retweeted by ."Are you pretending to be that house again?" "Yeah Haha, just said I wanna shag the LFC Goalie" "Ok, me and the kid…
Retweeted by .Interesting that Matip, Lovren and Fabinho were the worstPoor from the youngsters. A lesson. Move on. @wr_ghty Can't remember when's the last time I've seen Liverpool play this bad. Reality check for the youngsters.
Retweeted by .These boys thought it was done. Poor attitude. Klopp will be raging😂#Bergwijn being targeted by #THFC in his window.Pedro the best player on the pitch again @GrizzKhan Madness really. Change that today hopefullyDidn’t realise this stat .😬
Retweeted by .Been nearly 5 years since Liverpool got past the 4th round in the FA Cup. Can you believe that! Come on red men! #LFC @DPSD37 They tag is so so so rare. It’s something that will never ever be forgotten. Would put this team right up t… @DPSD37 I’d take invincibles over FA Cup. 10000%The empty seats at The Eithad is absolutely incredible. Joke club them. Will never be a big club, regardless of all the money they have.
Retweeted by .Wow that gave me goose bumps right from the start . What a club what a manger what a team . #WeAreLiverpool #YNWA
Retweeted by .we are liverpool this means more,
Retweeted by .Damn this gets me everytime! What a club. #LFC
Retweeted by .My club. My family
Retweeted by . @MEDIOVON Your boys won’t cry this year winning nothing and having your records destroyed because they don’t care a… @MEDIOVON Yes mate. He was sad because he had his shoulder ripped out during the biggest match of his career. I’m s… @MEDIOVON Went on to win the champion league. On course to win the premier league earlier than any other team. Cont… hoping to receive offers from elsewhere after growing tired of #MUFC @MEDIOVON Just making yourself look silly, mate. It’s not big or clever. Just petty and immature @MEDIOVON Do you understand football? Or basic statistics? Or finances? He is the polar opposite of a flop. @losblancocarlo @brfootball He wasn’t bad. 14 games. Hand full of starts. Disregarded. Not the first work class pla… is a statement about Mo Salah. Soak it in. and truly in the mud @ManUtd
Retweeted by .Cavani has rejected Manchester United’s lucrative loan offer and would prefer to take a lesser contract to join Atletico Madrid. #MUFC #AM @empireofthekop Wonder where the player would rather be...My club !
Retweeted by . @LFC_Ace @mdeeks76 Agreed at £6.5m comp apparently @mdeeks76 I heard from a reliable source that Poch is already agreed. But then I guess it’s whether or not poch wan… @mdeeks76 I honestly think they have to. DesperateAfter all the back and fourth nonsense and #MUFC trying to low ball Sporting. The penny has dropped. Pay the asking price or move on. @davidschneider @bbcdanw Not an ounce of that is worth £150 a year.