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@btookess go to school @twindrac0s pick a different artists song @twindrac0s these names suck @btookess @wlyrrr my dad loves me @btookess @wlyrrr crazy how niggas have no dad in 2022 @maifatnutz @wlyrrr julian… @maifatnutz @wlyrrr you’re so fed @pohluhr why is karen blocking you @btookess @wlyrrr I can name 3 players better than you @venusluvvr l @btookess @wlyrrr he’s mental @venusluvvr whats that @nerosheaven myb @wlyrrr @btookess u too @ashpwo vo @kolhr_ no @wlyrrr @Ev3ly6 @h2nnyu u can stop now @wlyrrr @Ev3ly6 @h2nnyu bro was waiting his whole day for thisRocket man
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Retweeted by w #syns @s3xylatin0 I wanna know @Ev3ly6 in bedNo More Parties In LA - Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar
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@wolfyval vLFT (NA EAST) • jett entry/op •immortal (330rr peak) • lot of scrim/tournament exp + lan exp • can practice e…
Retweeted by w #synsflex the wraith follow 🦥 @snndown “ take a pic of me sleep rq ” @daimyoFPS y @naj4ah lmaoWelcome to the Enchant House! ✰ Your 3rd @ has to move in with you👀
Retweeted by w #syns @wlyrrr this was personal.@wlyrrr I own you @wlyrrr @aftrrX the irony @wlyrrr @aftrrX speaks for itself @wlyrrr @aftrrX @aftrrX gun range groupie @theyIveme @weatherdae do u have anymore pics of necklaces to share @Rewind1K me rewind pick mePassing of Slastt's Father.. Read:
Retweeted by w #syns @TeamSynergy ❤️pythagoras you a BITCHclick this poll if your name starts with a N @aftrrX I was the king of them fleets @1kotaaa @twindrac0s got his ankles in a chokehold @sAv1oRVAL @1EDEN_ @camilleettv seeing it how it is @1kotaaa @twindrac0s he need to lace em @1EDEN_ @sAv1oRVAL @camilleettv owned @sAvpR1vaTe leak @2ampire yo🦥ESports Tiger Wugi2/無極2 Finally😁🔥🔥🔥 Grab yours now: ------------------------------------…
Retweeted by w #syns @aftrrX 🦦 @1EDEN_ @1EDEN_ bro got on orthopedic shoes @twindrac0s reaver, prime, and sum otha stuffme and kan left neiman wit too much bags @twindrac0s I have champ karambit @wlyrrr @aftrrX @wlyrrr “king of soundcloud” 🤓 @stonelistt @maifatnutz thanks @maifatnutz what does mahi mean @wlyrrr @aleksandarosa - no dad - no hoes - no life - black @DazzyLeads @sxmsacha @AstraSect he speaks @drop1x @AvoraGG lets make plans @1EDEN_ not me tho @minnieism1n1 rip @minnieism1n1 down to play val sumtime soon? @minnieism1n1 hru??Astra Apparel 🔜🌐
Retweeted by w #syns @ashpwo @aleksandarosa happens to the best of us @ashpwo @aleksandarosa the nerves were kicking in @ashpwo @aleksandarosa on his team? @ashpwo @aleksandarosa could say the same @minnieism1n1 hey minnie :3we are twins :x @aleksandarosa @KaedenVAL vouch @KaedenVAL syns wraith is 🅿️ @sofficialcy u ok? @wlyrrr @1kotaaa @wgunrange i’m sorry ryan @pohluhr she’s saying what has already been said @wlyrrr @1kotaaa @wgunrange me and you are not the same, i’m on a different playing field, the shit I do you cant e… @1kotaaa @wlyrrr @wgunrange 🦬 @wlyrrr @1kotaaa @wgunrange you a hater not seeing the vison , not surprised + invest in some hoes @wlyrrr @wgunrange okey wyan😓 @1kotaaa @wlyrrr @wgunrange interesting 👀 #blm @wlyrrr @wgunrange fan @wlyrrr @wgunrange u wanna be me so bad @ivyy6969 @fishszns W ivy @maifatnutz @wlyrrr @4cc3nt @Ev3ly6 @sAv1oRVAL @endrynaphobia @h2nnyu group effort @s3xylatin0 u need the lord @wgunrange @aftrrX ima gun range groupie 🤪 @aftrrX what is gun range @wlyrrr @Ev3ly6 @maifatnutz @sAv1oRVAL @endrynaphobia @h2nnyu #owned @Ev3ly6 @sAv1oRVAL @endrynaphobia @maifatnutz @h2nnyu @wlyrrr ratio 🤣 @maifatnutz @wlyrrr @h2nnyu @Ev3ly6 L racist + ryan owns you 🤣 @maifatnutz @h2nnyu @wlyrrr @Ev3ly6 this is about black lives ✊🏿 @wlyrrr @maifatnutz @Ev3ly6 @bobabonk ✊🏿 @wlyrrr @Ev3ly6 @maifatnutz @bobabonk has to be @wlyrrr @Ev3ly6 @maifatnutz @bobabonk owned