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Alright I forgot it's supposed to be Song Request Saturday soooo we're gonna give away a new Skadi skin right now,… @CakemanB I'll DM you.Let's be honest, Kurt's playing a crappy game you might as well watch me. the pullup bar. @Awfulmasterhat Sorry its so long D: @Awfulmasterhat Did you liek it D:
@Kitten0fDoom LowShout outs to @OC_Swifft who works for Comcast and joined us last night to give some perspective on what they’re dealing with right now.I did a stream last night explaining how the internet works and what problems internet services are having now and… @Twitch ban update is one of the more severe a social platform has implemented. If you ban a person, they can n…
Retweeted by Wraithyn @SavvySquints Nope. Fucking plague. I wish I could. @SavvySquints Sup @TheOtherFrost @Awfulmasterhat Ye the adding and typing one’s usually fixed with that. I typically reset my client… @TheOtherFrost @Awfulmasterhat Invite from the 'Friends' Tab not the party tab. Makes it a world easier. @torchpork @NaParamore I could actually. DDoS is cool shit. @NaParamore DDoS is a very very very tough problem to solve.Hope everyone enjoyed the internet 101 session. Good Stuff! @SPJithins didn't stick around to hear my answer for him :(
@D3adLuck That's because that was taken out of context and "Single Core" is an internal term they use. I think they'll clarify. @Kitten0fDoom @TShword @SPJithins @realDonaldTrump @SMITEGame @DannyDeVito He means Damny Devito @cashfIo Depends entirely on the throughput my man. I’m actually doing internet 101 tonight on my stream cause ever… @cashfIo No, it depends on the throughput between datacenter and browser, seems like it’s capped at 5Mbps somewhere… @BIackEyeSMITE Their whole team is in my lane. My Jungler Sucks. My Mid Sucks. I can probably Proxy here. I shouldn… @flaminflamingoz @Mike_Haracz Fondant Potatoes only. @Mike_Haracz I need Whetstone help @kolbepayne Can’t wait to see it man, congratsIn the not so distant future, there was a @SmitePro team named Pittsburgh Knights. We sent them lots of stuff to wa…
Retweeted by Wraithyn @MyShot_4U I wish I was that good at shooters. But im trash.I'm going to start today's stream a little early with some basic Internet 101 and what's happening that's causing p… @MarkOfZYLARK Hotfix @thehorizon20 @RogueCompany I will cut you. With a thrown katana. @SPJithins @realDonaldTrump @SMITEGame @DannyDeVito @Kitten0fDoom Ok brb. Idk how long it will take so when it work… @SPJithins @realDonaldTrump @SMITEGame @DannyDeVito @Kitten0fDoom Hi Jithins, it appears you are correct. @LayersSmite Lot more going on here than you think. I’m going to explain what’s going on with the internet right no… @SSGELLEON Fucking R T. I need a haircut so bad. @ATLRomanova End of April will be peak in GA. Buckle up.I'm very happy today.MY ALLERGIES ARE KILLING ME. Might build my new @KnightsGG Chair tonight between queues.... Come hang out, tell me…
Server Update: start my stream tomorrow with a little Internet 101 and what's happening to the internet due to the pandemic.… @Kitten0fDoom Unfortunately lots of public company CEOs are paid in 90% stock (if not more) which usually has rules… use this information to ruin Loki Mains’ fun for what little time they have left with his toxic kit! @Capy9llves @Kitten0fDoom Toss a report on the website they’ll take care of it. @Blugin_ Yeah, we’ll probably hang drywall this year. Eventually want to finish the whole basement but its expensive af. @Scelto_ Not u kitten @MRS_JOK Yeaaah eventually. @TheZachLHS Discord probably wouldnt pass the enterprise-class sniff test. @TheZachLHS It used to be WebEx and GoToMeeting and then everyone hated using both of those, especially when CISCO… @Kevykinss 😡 @serialnotcereal @SombsSC Tbh it hadn’t been busted forever until literally today at like 4:00 @Wlfy7 @sZapman switch to Ashburn servers.Will Trade Toilet Paper for a Haircut. Let's rock. @serialnotcereal Unlikely, I’m an idiot: @serialnotcereal Saw a couple tweets on it, trying to fact check.Twitch won’t let me go live. @popsjaja Haha yeah we’re going to eventually finish it and make it a downstairs apartment we can rent out when I’m not using it as a gym.
90% finished with the home gym. Need to re-frame the door so I can hang the pull-up bar, and I’m waiting on a flat… Twitch broken for anyone else trying to go live? @Stealth40k Oh it was 100% going to be big, but being day-1 when everyone was sitting home and 1-2 days shy of the layoffs = huge.I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that timing might’ve had something to do with it. @HiRezMoose @killgoon @Avialence @Iamsensi Best I’ve found so far are The Local in east ATL. 10/10 @Iamsensi I’ll show you better wings when you get here. You’re coming to one of the best food cities in the world @TheSamDaDude Thank you for contacting the Olympians! I literally sit on Twitter all day waiting to take care of tasks like this personally!Imagine calling me inbred and thinking it’s going to get me to help you. Xbox kids are wild. @Aztxck @qtnoee @Kitten0fDoom Also, you can report him using the website with the MatchID. @Aztxck @qtnoee @Kitten0fDoom Then I guess he doesn’t get reported. We’re not here to handle reports. They’re aware… @qtnoee @Kitten0fDoom So what I’m your personal report system now? Go fuck yourself. @Aztxck @qtnoee @Kitten0fDoom If its in the chat just report him for int feeding using the client. @qtnoee @Kitten0fDoom I’m going to straight up block you if you continue to use us as your personal report system.… @ATRgod THIS YESQuarantine is bringing out the worst SMITE players I've ever seen holy hell.Yo wut. This is actually sick. might be the single best patch of skins in SMITE's history. I don't think there's a single one I don't like. @SPJithins is our 6th birthday, and we couldn't ask for a better community to celebrate with! We're so thankful for ea…
Retweeted by WraithynRogue Company shows its grit in new gameplay trailer
Retweeted by WraithynAre you Rogue Company material? Join an elite mercenary force to dominate the competition. Featuring crossplay and…
Retweeted by Wraithyn @Sidorros Its awful. I’d pay a dumb amount of money for a haircut right now. @Brokencinema_ @erikaishii Brad is the shit. I’ve never fermented anything in my life but I have a strong desire to… @qtnoee @Kitten0fDoom Matchid @Chef_Lu_Bu Oof @DukeSlothTV @J3st3ss Yeah was gonna grab glasses this week tbh but everything shut down @Chef_Lu_Bu What comes next @DukeSlothTV @J3st3ss Not that I’ve heard of. I use higher end dailies, no discomfort, perscription hasn’t changed… @DukeSlothTV @J3st3ss Nope just dailies. @J3st3ss @DukeSlothTV 100% @DukeSlothTV @J3st3ss I don’t even own them lmao @J3st3ss Always hated the way I look in them. @Kitten0fDoom On my phone 3” from my faceI cant stream because I’m out of contacts. Yup, the things that make it so I can actually see. Fuck. @SSGELLEON @artsaavy I just need someone that doesn’t flake out on me and duck my DMs (my cousin.) DM me please Saavy :)
Anyone out there that’s RELIABLE with Thumbnails for Youtube? @KnightsGG Yoooooo @MajstcSpaceDuck “Lost” @MajstcSpaceDuck I bought everything I needed, then UPS lost 400sqft of it @Kitten0fDoom @FGCTerrel @BluesUltra Thx I searched for Blues and nothing came up I’m a big silly :(Who was it that made the super simple patch images? @BinghamBaller9 I’m going to convince myself that I planned this all along.One month and 10 days after I order it, I’m finally about to get the rest of my home gym flooring. @Mike_Haracz @Mike_Haracz Traegar?