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Socialist - Class war is fucking real-Black Lives Matter - Fuck the Tories - Save the planet -Eat the rich The Socialist Gatekeeper. I swear so fucking much

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@jaredleandoer Looks so good ❤️ Congrats guysThanks @TeeJayney I honestly feel sick now
Retweeted by AntifaBot #666 AKA 'The Socialist Gang Member' @StabbyJesus_ @louloufell Don't worry about it bud 😂❤️ @dadovdeon Literally starting again in an hour @leedsgamer 👆👆👆 This boy Top boy ❤️ @Nick76Socialist He is my absolute boy, been there through thick and thin, been there at my lowest and he's one of… @leedsgamer Hurry up. Less tweeting, more driving. @louloufell I shall 😘soul who literally saw me through my lowest times in life ❤️ he's been there through thick and thin, and I love him…, so I have been informed my friends are en route already for my proper party I can hold my head up, and one… @louloufell It's about to start all over again My friends are en route for actual party At half nine in the morning @louloufell Dying slowlyMy. Fucking. Head.who to call INSTEAD of the police!
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Everything today has been perfect ❤️ @miriksmit God, I love that ship @danks_ruth It's been amazingAnd to finish the night off, I get to spend it with my best mate ❤️ Hope you've all had a good day @Rachael_Swindon Hang on... Have you missed "left wing sluts"!? They're the best lists @tiffy201 @KSwiz Kinda want a bounty @KSwiz I'm having the best time ❤️ enjoy your drink my lovely eyes xxx @KSwiz Cheers pretty eyes ❤️'m having the best night Thank you all so much for your kind wishes today ❤️ Sorry if I haven't been in touch x @soopagaz @ThatCorbynista Really!? XCan people please report this repugnant man? Please don’t interact with him, just report ❤️✊🏻 #NoRacismNoFascism…
Retweeted by AntifaBot #666 AKA 'The Socialist Gang Member' @Jenni99426331 Thank you so much 😊 I'm glad I make you laugh ❤️ @paulrob91017199 @soopagaz Massively, I've been there before and it stopped me doing loads of things Luckily we ha… @paulrob91017199 @soopagaz This made me smile 😊 @bekiund Bleach my lovely 😂 I do it every month @soopagaz Can I nominate someone? @ThatCorbynista has a sister who is shaving her head for macmillan. Her little g… @theeaglecanfly Already am, thank you so much 😊❤️ @Britain_People @Rachael_Swindon Thank you 😊 I think I'm good for either of those ☺️ happy with the ungodly amount… @jamesbirch11 @SAMWAF53 @Mummasuzz I love the fact this conversation hadn't regressed into mud slinging 😊 It's a sensitive subject @danks_ruth Sounds amazing! @danks_ruth I can't wait to read this! @theeaglecanfly EVERYONE LOOK. @senderofpoo It's a trooper 😂 @jaredleandoer @danks_ruth Tell me more! @jamesbirch11 @SAMWAF53 @Mummasuzz I have my reasons, mainly the name calling and the fact he started giving me abu… @jamesbirch11 @SAMWAF53 @Mummasuzz I have my dude @SillySkulker Wren gets arrested for biting a copper @SillySkulker On the gin Will fight themThanks @TeeJayney I honestly feel sick now @TeeJayney My eyes. I need to retweet this @jaredleandoer It's amazing 😊 @stimmopaul1 @SariellaHerself @jaredleandoer @zosteb @JoelBaccas @greggwatson90 @LadyWoodOfLdn @carmel_prescott… Friday. Some really good accounts worth a follow if not already following. @SariellaHerself @jaredleandoer…
Retweeted by AntifaBot #666 AKA 'The Socialist Gang Member'When the other guy ate the sack of wet eggs you wanted.
Retweeted by AntifaBot #666 AKA 'The Socialist Gang Member' @NealgodNeal Never will 😊❤️ @yeti_is_waiting Well fucking done my friend! @jaredleandoer Protest gear ahoy ❤️ @Jhiaxus_Prime You got this buddy, sending positive vibes ❤️ @theeaglecanfly Thank you Alun ❤️ @BenJolly9 Happy birthday Eva God, she chose an amazing day to be born 😂 Hope she has a wonderful day ❤️It begins. @WillEatYourRich This the one who got you? @iamsime Happy birthday Simon! Hope you have an amazing day ❤️ @pricegspt Mine has been a trooper, but it's probably pickled by this point @PeacePleb I want this cake 😍😍😍 @rodjgrimmer It's scared of shop tills, children and beer @pricegspt I shouldn't to be fair 😂😂😂 @pricegspt Thank you Bern ❤️❤️❤️❤️have met so many people on here who have become amazing friends and confidants Thank you all so much for putting u… myself goals, ones that I've actually managed to attain And on top of that I've got the man of my dreams next…, you know how 2020 has been a bitch of a year for most of us? This is going to be a little controversial but fo… @AgendaFvck Also, I meant thank ❤️ @SillySkulker @GaryBarryLFC @DwhiteForester @Elaine_Lanie78 That... Was beautiful @jaredleandoer I love this ❤️ @lorraine_teuten @HackneyAbbott @socialistsunday @Ker1244 @k4_owen @Dellboy29670181 @TheSocialistDad @OohLookWine… @DnbJin Of course @rodjgrimmer @GwladysThe @MkennaCarole Not you this time, The twat up there 👆👆👆 @Rachael_Swindon @GwladysThe @MkennaCarole Smol pp energyHappy Birthday @wrenasaurus ❤ Hope your having a wonderful day 😘😘😘😘
Retweeted by AntifaBot #666 AKA 'The Socialist Gang Member' @AgendaFvck That you you fucking stunning human ❤️❤️❤️Jimmy lost his account ❤️ @GwladysThe @MkennaCarole Well aren't you an angry little git? Stop being an insensitive loser and get a lifeThis is incredibly powerful. Please make sure it reaches the audience that its undoubtedly deserves to reach. An O…
Retweeted by AntifaBot #666 AKA 'The Socialist Gang Member' @jo52120843 Thank you Jo ❤️😊Happy Birthday to @wrenasaurus
Retweeted by AntifaBot #666 AKA 'The Socialist Gang Member' @RespectIsVital Thank you Alex ❤️ Hope you're feeling better my dude xxx @KSwiz Thank you pretty eyes I'm so fucking lucky and today has had me crying loads about it 😂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Rachael_Swindon Gonna be absolutely fucked I apologise now 😂❤️Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear @wrenasaurus Happy Birthday to you. Please…
Retweeted by AntifaBot #666 AKA 'The Socialist Gang Member' @Rachael_Swindon Aw thank you my lovely ❤️ Such a good day ❤️😘Sorry I haven't replied to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday, there's so many to reply to Thank you all… @GaryBarryLFC @snapperjack11 @Elaine_Lanie78 @jercor1 @elaine_lanie Same old tripe People making assumptions and a… @GaryBarryLFC @snapperjack11 @Elaine_Lanie78 @jercor1 I've seen it Do you believe she had a gazebo worth £1,234 as well bud? @gtrd1960 Thank you 😊❤️ I hope you had an amazing day ❤️ @IndustrialPet Thank you my lovely ❤️ They're all of this years obsessions so far 😊 @tiffy201 He's the best thing that ever happened to me @KSwiz At least I'm aware I'm a pain in the arse 😂 @cool_grandad Thank you sir! ❤️ @kidmago @Razer Thank you Wilson ❤️❤️ @cool_grandad @Razer Morning ❤️❤️❤️ @MrsLandDB Thank you my lovely 😊❤️ @YvonneCrocker8 Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ @mariamaria05 You got this sister ❤️😊 @senderofpoo No deal @RedLozB Thank you so much Lauren ❤️