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@Miss_Kay84 👊
Happy Birthday #AJStyles @acmilan7 Yes!!! @2SweetKyle 🤣 @2SweetKyle @2SweetKyle I’ll take Date and Prison Mike as well. @2SweetKyle I’ll stick with Michael Scott. @Serenitydogg Five minutes too long lol @ericaAWIPOD Pfffft no 😬 @mayorofcanton So they learned from last weeks botch lol @mayorofcanton He kept them on this time? @ericaAWIPOD I was stalking you guys from the hard camera side 🤷‍♂️idgaf I was right there for this that night and it was so awesome #streetprofits #NXTTakeOverXXV
Retweeted by Steve Signore @MikyMambo 😅 @Coffeetime_18 Michael Scott is one of my favorite characters ever. Maybe I was just hoping to get something a little closer to that. @BayAreaRetro 🤣 @pw1701d I’m with you. I figured with that cast there was no chance it would be that bad. @mayorofcanton Kirstie Alley saved the day I bet @Glenjamin_Smith Oh I bet. He seems maybe overqualified for this!! @mayorofcanton I never got fully into that show. @thenickcox81 @mayorofcanton This sums up how i felt within the first 10 minutes. @thenickcox81 I feel like I’m rushing to judgment but seemed like overreacting from the start. Nothing was even somewhat amusing.Is Space Force any good cause I just sat through the first 10 minutes and was not impressed? Actually, it was pretty awful. @mayorofcanton @ericaAWIPOD @PylesClash 🤦‍♂️ @MikyMambo @mayorofcanton @AWIPOD 🤣🤣 @Neilcorn3 @AWIPOD @mayorofcanton @mayorofcanton Im so lost. How much momentum did this guy have?I’ve watched at least 50 times now. Going to watch 50 more. This is... I don’t even have a word to describe it!
Retweeted by Steve Signore#MondayNightMongo
Retweeted by Steve Signore It was Brent's Birthday, he got a new mic and the gang did a little mic check while watchin…
Retweeted by Steve SignoreOh my god!!! If you enjoy “the absence of execution” Mongo Mcmichael displayed below, check out the most recent epi…
Retweeted by Steve Signore @Reverend316 @jontaffer @BarRescue @paramountnet I think it was called Blacklight District. Man, Id put a fourth in… @Reverend316 @jontaffer @BarRescue @paramountnet Ha! I wasn’t a fan of the owner who just would not let go of the P… time I’ve seen the @jontaffer @BarRescue “Top 10 Worst Owners” and I was shocked the owner of Second Base did…
@lgg1025 🤣 I hope all is well! 👊 @lgg1025 He was a geniusJoin @PylesClash @WrestleSketcher and @ericaAWIPOD as they watch a few matches featuring "The Absence of execution…
Retweeted by Steve Signore @skyessong More wishful thinking than anything @PylesClash @ericaAWIPOD Never. @AWIPOD 🤣🤣🤣This is my new favorite account
Retweeted by Steve SignoreHappy Birthday #JamesStorm was Brent's Birthday, he got a new mic and the gang did a little mic check while watching some random Steve "Mon…
Retweeted by Steve Signore @AWIPOD @ericaAWIPOD 🤣 @skyessong What about mayo chips? 🤔 @AWIPOD @ericaAWIPOD It’s magical. You did the dance?I just listened to Alex Wright's theme for a lot longer than I should have @WrestleSketcher @ericaAWIPOD
Retweeted by Steve Signore @pipe_picasso I’m in. @WrestleSketcher Next, try chocolate covered bacon.👍
Retweeted by Steve Signore @m_e_r_a_k_i My neighbor used to always eat that when I was a kid.😍😍😍😍 @joeyfugazzi Oooooo @mayorofcanton I do have bananas. 🤔 @m_e_r_a_k_i Ive never tried it. @Primetime_1987 Oh yeah!!! 👊 @dre2124 @mayorofcanton 😅 @gaulergolf Nooo way!Does anyone else eating peanut butter and bacon sandwiches? One of my many new routines per Covid lockdown. 🤷‍♂️ @scottLASERbeams @AWIPOD Thanks my bestest hype man! @WrestleSketcher @AWIPOD #thePeoplesArtist #MasterOfThePencil #LeaderOfTheLead #ArtistIncarnate #thePaperWhisperer
Retweeted by Steve SignoreCheck out episode 26 #AWIPODNxtTALKover! @ericaAWIPOD and @PylesClash talk this weeks stacked #NXTonUSA
Retweeted by Steve Signore @NateTylerDogg @OldSchoolScion Hahahaha I love this episode @mayorofcanton @ericaAWIPOD @PylesClash Oh wow!!!
@ericaAWIPOD @mayorofcanton @Kenny_Lofton7 @PylesClash 💋 @ericaAWIPOD @mayorofcanton @Kenny_Lofton7 @PylesClash 🤣 @mayorofcanton @ericaAWIPOD @Kenny_Lofton7 @PylesClash That is quite a foursome. @ericaAWIPOD @mayorofcanton @Kenny_Lofton7 @PylesClash Happy Birthday! @mayorofcanton @Kenny_Lofton7 @PylesClash @ericaAWIPOD Just snuck in at the buzzer. This calls for some🍿 @BlueDiamondNow @WWERollins @WWE @AWIPOD Thanks @mayorofcanton @Kenny_Lofton7 @PylesClash @ericaAWIPOD Impeccable timing.Just in case anyone missed out on the opportunity of wishing @Kenny_Lofton7 a Happy Birthday today.…
Retweeted by Steve SignoreI’ve always thought @TimStormNWA is like the Jake Taylor of #NWAPowerrr. 😃 @nwa @carnyland @Celts200834 @AWIPOD @KevinVonErich Thanks! @WrestleSketcher @AWIPOD Amazing bro!! @KevinVonErich
Retweeted by Steve Signore @RealSavageGent Been there. 😎 @RealSavageGent You totally used two packets. @WorldOfZen1 @AWIPOD Thank you! @BarRescue @mariamenounos @undergaro @jontaffer Hmm not Hall and Oates like I was expecting 🤷‍♂️ @AWIPOD @Loochy219 @mayorofcanton @ericaAWIPOD @AWIPOD @Loochy219 @mayorofcanton @ericaAWIPOD @Loochy219 @AWIPOD @mayorofcanton @ericaAWIPOD You’re very welcome. Throw some Mark Morrison in there pal. 😉 @Loochy219 @AWIPOD @mayorofcanton @ericaAWIPOD You’ll never get it......unless Erica texts you. 😏 @Loochy219 @AWIPOD @mayorofcanton @ericaAWIPOD do Timbaland and Magoo, popcorn, Kenny Lofton, fainting and an ‘86 Jetta have in common? You’ll never know.… Tussel is Texas coming soon! #AWIPODSillySlam #AWIPODRTSS #SNME #90sWrestling #AWIPOD #AWorkInProgress
Retweeted by Steve SignoreAlmost time. @AWIPOD #SixOHFive @OldSchoolScion Thank you! 👊 @Rox_Al_Ghul_89 @AWIPOD @ShamrockKen @RealKeithLee @ShawnMichaels @RicFlairNatrBoy @ThisBrodieLee @TripleH 🙏 @OldSchoolScion Thanks my friend!These are awesome.
Retweeted by Steve Signore @dejkirkby @AWIPOD Thanks again! Appreciate the kind words. @TheBull15757074 @theygone238 I shared that this morning. It was actually from a year ago. Thanks again! @theygone238 @TheBull15757074 @theygone238 Thank you! @dejkirkby @AWIPOD Thank you! @MikyMambo @Duke45Toys @AWIPOD @theygone238 Thanks for sharing 😉Mr. Sigore showing off the goods
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