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@MindOfQuinn God, Selleck was incredible. @Dirtbags21 Was she kicking the crap out of her brother? LolThe first ever #AWIPODRumble is now over 900 views! Thanks to everyone for watching! Watch now if you haven't alrea…
Retweeted by Steve Signore @AUplinger Wow... definitely haven’t seen that one yet @creatinjustin Same. The only thing I didn’t love was Hoffman’s portrayal of Art Howe @WrestleSketcher Absolutely love that film
Retweeted by Steve Signore @e_cornetto It’s underrated, in my opinion. Plus Chris Pratt as Scott Hatteberg, I mean come on. Can’t go wrong. @WrestleSketcher Great film. It's in my rotation of go to sleep movies.
Retweeted by Steve SignoreTonight’s movie that will drift me off to sleep. 😴’d be first in line for this movie. Badass “Tango & Cash”-inspired poster from @DarkNateReturns. #CobraKai
Retweeted by Steve SignoreHere is the audio from Saturday nights live #AWIPODRumble Steve,Erica and Brent were joined by The Mayor Of Canton…
Retweeted by Steve Signore @dre2124 @MikyMambo @AWIPOD @gawrestlenut @scottLASERbeams @theygone238 @HipsterTito @TreyGetsIt @mdalakas
@SeanEric19 Congrats! I know the Chiefs were a struggling franchise for awhile. @AUplinger I just watched one where a family was essentially shot up because the neighbor drove to reckless on their shared driveway. 🤦‍♂️ @SeanEric19 Don’t mind me, I’m just a Giants fan who always roots for the team that never won the Super Bowl. 😅Join us live 2 hours before the Royal Rumble PPV January 31st! Erica and Brent will talk some #WWENXT and give you…
Retweeted by Steve SignoreLets go Bills. @WrestleSketcher @CobraKaiSeries Me too!!! I binged it the first weekend of YouTube red. Free trial. Then binged again. And then cancelled.
Retweeted by Steve Signore @swptheleg84 @CobraKaiSeries Sad but trueChad Henne beat us.
Retweeted by Steve Signore @DSFedor @CobraKaiSeries 🤣 @DSFedor @CobraKaiSeries Me: “I have YouTube Red, what should I watch??” “Friends”: “Whatever you do, don’t watch… @DSFedor @CobraKaiSeries I totally get the streaming service thing. At the time I was trying it out so I literally… @Realbgsix @CobraKaiSeries Like I mentioned, we don’t speak anymore. Lol @WrestleSketcher @CobraKaiSeries No normal functioning human would ever tell somebody to not watch @CobraKaiSeries.…
Retweeted by Steve Signore @kerowackart @CobraKaiSeries Man I wish you were around to get in my ear two years ago. @WrestleSketcher @CobraKaiSeries I told the WORLD to watch it. The world waited.
Retweeted by Steve Signore @WrestleSketcher @CobraKaiSeries Those people’s numbers would be deleted from my phone.
Retweeted by Steve SignoreI saw some people flexing their muscles cause they saw @CobraKaiSeries when it was on YouTube Red.. To my defense,… @mayorofcanton I only knew cause I saw his name pop up on Draft Kings lol @MikyMambo @AWIPOD @gawrestlenut @scottLASERbeams @theygone238 @HipsterTito @TreyGetsIt @dre2124 @mdalakas @AWIPOD @gawrestlenut @scottLASERbeams @theygone238 @HipsterTito @TreyGetsIt @dre2124 @mdalakas @MindOfQuinn
Retweeted by Steve SignoreThanks too @gawrestlenut @scottLASERbeams @theygone238 @HipsterTito @TreyGetsIt @dre2124 @mdalakas @MindOfQuinn
Retweeted by Steve SignoreThis reminded me of @kimwayans take on Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” on #InLivingColor 😃 @AdamColePro 😬Here is the audio from Saturday nights live #AWIPODRumble @WrestleSketcher , @ericaAWIPOD and @PylesClash were jo…
Retweeted by Steve SignoreThere’s no team out there better positioned than the New York Jets to put together a compelling trade package for D…
Retweeted by Steve SignoreEp 16 is live! ⁦@gawrestlenut⁩ & ⁦@eplandnfl⁩ talk cracks in WALTER’s armor, AEW frustrations, & Salina de la Renta…
Retweeted by Steve Signore @AUplinger Yup. Now I’m gonna have to double check my property lines too. LolRecently started watching #FearThyNeighbor. And, of course, someone new just moved in next door to me. 😦 #paranoiaThanks to everyone for joining is last night for the first ever #AWIPODRumble! This was probably our viewed Saturda…
Retweeted by Steve SignoreMe the morning after #AWIPODRumble
Retweeted by Steve Signorethank you so much to everyone who joined us live! It was one hell of a good time!!
Retweeted by Steve SignoreMy newest sketch and favorite @CobraKaiSeries student, Hawk! @jb_mixmatch #hawkcobrakai #CobraKai #Hawk
Retweeted by Steve Signore#AWIPODRumble only 24 minutes away!!! Choose your team and play along with us!!! #TeamMayor @mayorofcanton
Retweeted by Steve SignoreI already feel like I’m going to be in rare form tonight #AWIPODRumble
Retweeted by Steve Signore @ericaAWIPOD 😃 @ericaAWIPOD @PylesClash @WrestleSketcher @AWIPOD Also, tonight’s selection is a finely brewed beverage from 100% R…
Retweeted by Steve SignoreFranzia. @PylesClash @ericaAWIPOD @mayorofcanton @AWIPOD Franzia @theygone238 @kerowackart Thank you 😊Tonight's #AWIPODRumble numbers are as follows! #TeamMayor @mayorofcanton 1, 2, 5, 14 and 19 #TeamSketch
Retweeted by Steve Signore @theygone238 @kerowackart Eventually @kerowackart @WrestleSketcher I’m still waiting no tug boat. But all these fine works we have to do.
Retweeted by Steve Signore @dre2124 I love this idea @WrestleSketcher I'm gonna take a 2 hr power nap.. alarm clock set
Retweeted by Steve Signore#TeamSketch #AWIPODRumble @AWIPOD @ 9:30 pm EST @VINR10 Yes.
@Loochy219 Ah Wish I never dropped Schroeder 🤣 @AWIPOD @Loochy219 @mayorofcanton @ericaAWIPOD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @Dirtbags21 RC is high end next to the Bob. @DanSparano 🤣What’s his PhD in?
Retweeted by Steve SignoreLove something as much as Daryl Johnston loves the word “Opportunity”
Retweeted by Steve Signore @Miss_Kay84 @WrestleSketcher Me either lol
Retweeted by Steve Signore @WrestleSketcher Can't go wrong with the red hair up front next to the purple scarf.
Retweeted by Steve Signore @WrestleSketcher I can’t stand you 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Steve SignoreNow, before you say this is a serial killer’s dungeon, hear me out...which me should I be tonight for the… @WrestleSketcher I saw many shows at the New Haven Coliseum
Retweeted by Steve Signore @ImThatSupi I miss it so much. It got loud in there! @theygone238 I wish they had a Dr. Leo Marvin. @Davis77Dustin @Bengals I wonder how many QB classes were complete duds like that?Make sure you check out our sponsor @TreyGetsIt and his website today to pick up any of th…
Retweeted by Steve Signore @Davis77Dustin @Bengals That’s the best I’ve seen so far @Davis77Dustin @Bengals Yes! Lol @Davis77Dustin @Bengals You are correct @DeeboF22 He is not. I think he was a year before. @Davis77Dustin @Bengals Definitely true. His NFL failures were kind of shocking with that in mind. @WrestleSketcher I'm a lifelong @Bengals me, I know.
Retweeted by Steve Signore @Davis77Dustin @Bengals Good news, doesn’t looked like they missed out on any other QBs that draft. @Davis77Dustin He was supposed to be a star. 😬 @theundudesputed YupThe McRib It McSucks
Retweeted by Steve Signore @swtnrse05 🤣 @WrestleSketcher The glasses in the mouth! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Steve Signore @p3radio1 That’s a great point lolDaughter having some wig fun. Tell me you don’t have an aunt that looks like this. three months, finally finished my loan forgiveness application 😅 @Miss_Kay84 Yeah, it’s just not in the budget right now. We’re keeping our eyes open for special promos though. @Miss_Kay84 All Wayans comedy seems underrated, starting back to In Living Color. 😔 @Miss_Kay84 Ooooh!!! I forgot about this show. So underrated. @Dirtbags21 @Mets Hahahaha probably in the contract @WrestleSketcher @Mets Delete this post. I think Mets have to pay him just for someone posting his likeness
Retweeted by Steve Signore @mayorofcanton Don’t. @michaelwatkins7 @AWIPOD There it is. Lol @WrestleSketcher @AWIPOD 1992 CLASSIC #97 CLASSIC QUARTERBACKS/MATT BLUNDIN/DAVID KLINGLER/TOMMY MADDOX/MIKE PAWLAW…
Retweeted by Steve Signore @mayorofcanton DeBerg was the man. The Ryan Fitzpatrick of his day. @WrestleSketcher I’m just going to say Steve Deberg because I think he played for every team in the 80s and 90’s
Retweeted by Steve Signore