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Tesla's Elon Musk Updates On Autopilot Rewrite Functionality, Timelines via @insideevs.comA half-ton of tile seems like a lot for a crossover.
Retweeted by StevenThis crossover has a number of strong pros.
Retweeted by StevenSentry mode caught this culprit which is good, since they fled the scene.
Retweeted by StevenThis has got to be COVID-related, right?
Retweeted by StevenThe site is able to produce everything necessary for EVs, from complete electric drive units, to battery modules an…
Retweeted by StevenWe're ready for a post-COVID world. Bring it!
Retweeted by StevenPrime example of why seatbelts are so important!
Retweeted by StevenMitsubishi still sells cars?
Retweeted by StevenBMW i3 Sales In U.S. Down 85% In Q2 2020 via if you just need to lug lots of stuff around.
Retweeted by StevenYou say you want a (battery) revolution?
Retweeted by StevenSales of the all-electric Volkswagen e-Golf collapsed by 88% year-over-year, reaching pitiful lows.
Retweeted by StevenBMW Opens Competence Centre For E-Drive Production For 500,000 EVs via @insideevs.comTesla Beats Q2 Delivery Expectations, Audi e-tron S Debuts, More via @insideevs.comTesla Model 3 TeslaCam Catches SUV Crash With Multiple Rollovers via @insideevs.comThe cost difference between these three commercial EV charging systems is staggering.
Retweeted by StevenThe Tesla Model Y Is a Solid Crossover For Families: Find Out Why via @insideevs.comWith lots of renewable energy and EV-friendly policy, is there a better country for a battery factory?
Retweeted by StevenIt's all about Mii.
Retweeted by StevenVolkswagen EV Sales Almost Come To A Stop In The U.S. In Q2 2020 via @insideevs.comTesla production may well be production limited.
Retweeted by StevenIn 2019 Daimler officially selected Farasis Energy as a battery cell supplier for the new EQ models.
Retweeted by StevenTrail Less Traveled: Brand-New Tesla Model X Hit-And-Run Crash Repair via @insideevs.comLG Chem To Supply Tesla With Batteries Produced In South Korea via @insideevs.comFully Charged Tests SEAT Mii, One Of Europe’s Cheapest City EVs via @insideevs.comFreyr Intends To Build Norway’s First Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Plant via @insideevs.comMitsubishi Plug-In Car Sales In The U.S. Decreased In Q2 2020 via @insideevs.comTesla Is Leading The Charge In A Battery Revolution via @insideevs.comGreat review video here if you're interested in the best available Mercedes Benz.
Retweeted by StevenAlways love the work by my friend Andrei
Retweeted by StevenThis seems to be more of a demand than supply issue.
Retweeted by StevenIn Q2 2020 Audi Sold Over 1,100 e-tron SUVs In The U.S. via
These Tesla charts are works of art. Accept no substitute.
Retweeted by StevenLooks like not every future factory will have a battery component.
Retweeted by StevenMore plugs for the MINI brand.
Retweeted by StevenThe huge gains in plug-in sales in 2020 should be helping them get back on track.
Retweeted by StevenThe recently resurrected controversy is fake news, according to this Tesla expert.
Retweeted by Steven6.7% of all Porsche models isn't bad!
Retweeted by StevenIt's a plug-in hybrid, but shouldn't have to use its diesel engine often.
Retweeted by StevenAfter being cleared by YouTube My video was taken down again within 40 mins of being released. It is 100% now on pu…
Retweeted by StevenIn the market for an EV? Here's a quick survey that could land you a few Amazon buck$ and help a friend understand…
Retweeted by StevenWith another article out there that claims to have seen the documents no one has presented so far, @wk057 had somet…
Retweeted by StevenThis Might Be The First Commercial Electrified Fire Truck via @insideevs.comOp-Ed: Electric Or Not, The Mercedes-Benz EQC Is One Fine Luxury Car via @insideevs.comPorsche Taycan Sales In U.S. See Notable Improvement In Q2 2020 via @insideevs.comCongrats to Tesla on this result. Is a profitable Q2 next?
Retweeted by StevenThis is the wrong kind of valet mode.
Retweeted by StevenValet Crashes Tesla Model S While Testing Cheetah Mode: TeslaCam Save via"Ain't nothing gonna break our stride."
Retweeted by StevenThe incredible feat is pushing the company's already-sky-high valuation upward this morning.
Retweeted by StevenDo you prefer your VW I.D.4 in Audi flavor?
Retweeted by StevenFaithful readers already know the answer, but this may help with that uncle of yours. You know the one.
Retweeted by StevenThis is a really big deal for the company for multiple reasons, as we explain.
Retweeted by StevenThe Nissan Ariya can't arrive soon enough.
Retweeted by StevenThings are really looking up for this Chinese automaker.
Retweeted by StevenThe @Toyota RAV4 Prime reviews begin.
Retweeted by StevenGM can't be happy with this result. The decline was slightly higher than Chevrolet sales overall.
Retweeted by Steven
One of these represents the past of pickups. Which represents the future?
Retweeted by StevenSeems his message wasn't well received.
Retweeted by StevenEver wanted to own and operate your own commercial EV charging station? Grizzl-E just made it MUCH more affordable.…
Retweeted by StevenLet's hope the Suzuki Across can be supplied in better numbers than its Toyota doppelganger.
Retweeted by StevenThe Nikola Badger pickup truck is beating the Tesla Cybertruck by one metric, at least.
Retweeted by StevenThe countdown is on!
Retweeted by StevenMore motors, more power, more more more!
Retweeted by StevenSavings here aren't massive, but we'll take what we can get.
Retweeted by StevenWatch the car get the submersion treatment to prevent reignition.
Retweeted by StevenIts 25 miles of all-electric range leaves it short of some noteworthy competitors, so its price will be key.
Retweeted by StevenThree motors + great looks + emphasis on performance. Sounds like a good dog hauler to me!
Retweeted by StevenThe smart was never a quick car. Not even the EV version.
Retweeted by StevenBe still our beating hearts.
Retweeted by StevenTesla Cybertruck Vs Redesigned 2021 Ford F-150: How Do They Compare? via @insideevs.comHyundai Announces New Details For 2021 Santa Fe PHEV via @insideevs.comWatch This Dirty Video Compilation Of Diesel Trucks Coal-Rolling Teslas via @insideevs.comThis is crazy cool!
Retweeted by StevenOne of these companies has a bigger future than the other, according to investors.
Retweeted by StevenNot all wheels are created equal.
Retweeted by StevenOne app to rule them all.
Retweeted by Steven3D is the key.
Retweeted by StevenTesla's Market Cap Passes Exxon Mobil In Historic Paradigm Shift via @insideevs.comTesla Model Y Towing: Skip 20-In Wheels Or Lose 1,200 Lbs Of Capacity via @insideevs.comThe exec takes on the doubters.
Retweeted by Steven
Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV Availability In U.S. To Be Extremely Limited via @insideevs.comThis reeks of compliance car to us.
Retweeted by StevenNikola CEO Talks Fuel Cell Trucks, Tesla Supercharger Pricing, Battery Degradation via @insideevs.comAll they have to do is finish building the factory and get to making cars.
Retweeted by StevenThis is the 5th electric from @Citroen! *looks at domestic automakers through squinted eyes*
Retweeted by StevenLooks like Ford's latest Mustang (Mach-E) is packing more ponies than they originally announced. Also, if you've…
Retweeted by StevenAs Europe's COVID count goes down, plug-in car sales go up!
Retweeted by StevenWith only 18 miles of all-electric driving per charge, it's not an especially satisfying taste.
Retweeted by StevenDeliveries are expected in January 2021.
Retweeted by StevenI'm sorry to report this. @BYTONcars might be the first EV startup causality of #COVID19 @InsideEVs
Retweeted by StevenYou can do this!
Retweeted by StevenUltimately, consumers will decide if they got the balance of battery, capability, and vehicle price right.
Retweeted by StevenThis one hits us hard!
Retweeted by StevenConcerned about paint chipping/peeling on the lower panels of your @Tesla #Model3? Tesla now offers "All-Weather Pr…
Retweeted by StevenIt's not one single thing but a number of small improvements that makes a big difference.
Retweeted by StevenRoadrunner is the name for the secretive project that will see the automaker design and produce better batteries.
Retweeted by StevenThis chemistry should end up in GM's Ultium battery cells and are possibly a year ahead of schedule.
Retweeted by StevenA little extra income stream here, a little incentive there, and soon you have a free car!
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