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Today I walked my dogs, “showed up” at work, did not drink any caffeine until well into the afternoon, drank three… @annajeanette Yeah! Even seeing other people’s responses put my experience in perspective ☺️
I mean, I guess I’m gonna workout at 7 tomorrow morning, while waiting for calls to come in 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just want abs T… @rileyiriecash I saw this too and thought the same! God knows big pharma NEVER gets held accountable!13 days until the most important election of our lifetimes. And you don’t have to wait until November 3rd to cast y…
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀"Homosexual people have a right to be in a family. They're children of God and have a right to a family." Pope Fran…
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀 @annajeanette I guess I “ghosted” mine? I just told him I’d get back to him when my schedule was more forgiving and… anyone wanna have a virtual movie screening/party for Borat’s new movie premiering this Friday on Amazon Prime… @noslennai I’m doing it, Dad! I’m really doing it! 😂I just feel it’s v important for everyone to know it is past 1:30 in the afternoon, and I still have yet to touch m… @lzzcat FUCK. Looks like I’ll be checking the two Costcos here in the Springs then, but if I find him, I’ll let you… @lzzcat MY GOD SUCH A THING EXISTS??This is a prime time to get your finances in order! Start by s... More for Sagittarius the petition to the Senate--No SCOTUS confirmation until we have coronavirus relief and the pandemic is under…
What needs to happen for us to stop ignoring the fact that the earth is, everyday, scattering her own ashes? My ne…
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀“If I hit it one time, I’m a pipe her. If I hit it two times, then I like her. If I fuck three times, I'm a wife he…“Maybe this bitch is who I come back to...” #Throwback'm so fucking burned out.
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀#anxiety to vibe this morning by watching this live show I missed, waiting for calls to come in...and get my mind off…“One estimate shows the ACA extended health insurance benefits to 1.6 million previously uninsured people with subs… you feel very confident and self-assured due to the Moon... More for Sagittarius
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀I’m happy to see you
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀Don’t talk to me when i wake up, i need an hour to defrost
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀It seems we’ve reached that time in quarantine where Jax has decided to behaviorally act the fuck out whenever I tr… I want another boxer so bad it’s painful 😓Mood
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀The climate crisis is real, & we need to hear what candidates will do to help Americans impacted on flooded farms,… clearly can't rely on Daniel Cameron to bring forth justice for Breonna Taylor. He lied to the public and never… not fill RBG's Supreme Court seat until after the 2021 inauguration. Voting for the 2020 election is already und… just signed this @theactionnet petition--Add your name: Urge congressional Republicans to push for refugee resett… home is driving me nuts. If my dad throws one more cough drop wrapper on the floor because he doesn’t know wha…'I'm the one': Philippines president takes responsibility for drug killings
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀the 'gross' parts of mental illness should be talked about more, like depression, it isnt always just about being s…
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀There is absolutely no reason I should be eating Extra Toasty Cheez-Its and watching more “Unsolved Mysteries” at 1… and send the petition: Demand the Senate wait until after Inauguration Day to confirm a new Supreme Court just… and send the petition: Demand Congress stop unproven vaccines before the election. Write one here: down the Senate and stop Trump and McConnell from picking RBG's successor: @syddozois BECAUSE SHE’S THE BEST!Watching the new season of “Unsolved Mysteries” and I AM THE HAPPIEST 👻In difficult times, we turn to books for solace and understanding. The @guardian offers 30 books to help us underst…
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀 @syddozois SARAH URIE 😍I usually take pictures of the ocean, this year I had to create my own
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀JUST IN: The debate commission says it will mute Joe Biden's and President Trump's microphones to prevent interrupt…
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀A very good guide dog gets to make their own toy
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀The refund should be processed just as quickly as the payment.
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 2021: The first official poster for the film has been released.
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀In a time that’s tested everyone’s relationships with their loved ones, The New York Times created an empathetic gu…
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the first thing i think of when i see a black cat is "omg that's a pretty cat" not "omg that cat is gonna curse a s…
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Vote out Donald Trump.
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀ily #fucktrump
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀I know we’re all just getting closer to death every day, but I’m pretty convinced I’m dying faster than that becaus… @syddozois What?? 🤦🏻‍♀️It’s important to know your financial limits as Mars in your 5... More for Sagittarius
I have had nightmares every night this weekend.Expect some power struggles and disagreements with your peers ... More for Sagittarius
Yo! Check out the 2020 Colorado ballot measure guide from @neweracolorado #NEVG you find yourself having a hard time sleeping lately, today... More for Sagittarius
Your friend list is long and you find it easy to gather the tr... More for Sagittarius
You’re full of big ideas with the Sun hanging out in your goal... More for Sagittarius just signed a @commoncause petition: Remove postmaster general Louis DeJoy immediately. Sign here: @annajeanette I struggle with this on a daily. I’m doing better, I’m on great meds, but it weighs on me for sure 💜 @lzzcat #relatabletweets’m dead 💀 @SHO_Dexter W H A T 😳Law students on TikTok have been watching the hearings and are fed the fuck up. LOLOL. They’ve had it.
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀How it started How it’s going
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀How it started: How it’s going: wanna lay in one of these things and close the lid like I’m in a sensory deprivation tank
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀Imma say it AGAIN... since y’all decided to adapt to COVID instead of defeating it... we are not going back to pre…
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀Cafe Con Libros — a Black owned feminist bookstore in Crown Heights — did not come to play with #PrimeDay
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀 @rileyiriecash 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
I am grateful for how far I’ve come.Just a little reminder to never take your pets’ health or safety for granted 💛Mirror post-it reminder.
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀 @lzzcat Dude, I think the amount I spend on Starbucks is more than I spend on food, and it’s concerning for sure 😅Elections are won at the margins, and we can't afford to sit on the sidelines. If you’re fired up, take the next st…’m drinking my second Starbucks pumpkin cream cold brew of the day, and this is officially my new low 🤦🏻‍♀️Today your mind may be on some of the professional setbacks yo... More for Sagittarius love dachshunds so much I heard about one on Instagram just getting diagnosed with cancer, and I immediately star… Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham’s Senate coronavirus coverup (petition via @MarkedByCOVID) doesn't answer their questions because she feels no accountability to them or the process. Just towards Trump a…
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀amy coney barrett is disqualified for claiming she doesn’t entertain hypotheticals. that’s literally all lawyers (h…
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀 should be ILLEGAL to have to be productive when you’re cramping
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@rileyiriecash YEAHHH! That’s what I’ll be doing this week too!🤘🏽🇺🇸SCOTUS hearings: Amy Coney Barrett faces questions about ‘court packing,’ Roe v. Wade, George Floyd and more… brother is absolutely everything 😩 That is all.Setting firm boundaries with toxic people is necessary as Merc... More for Sagittarius page 50 of 384 of A Place Called Waco, by David Thibodeau isn't enough xanax on the fucking planet to get me through the next 22 days
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀I don’t exactly know why, but wearing a piece of clothing from someone I love anytime I’m upset is the most comforting thing.insomnia sux
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀 @lzzcat I mean, I had cookie dough for breakfast this morning, so...
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“Every time you decide to not just pull a lever because some TV commercial told you to, but because you did your re…
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀this transition makes more sense to me as an adult
Retweeted by Xtina 🥀 @lzzcat ❤️❤️❤️WE CAN DO HARD THINGS 22 Days to Go Today We: Follow Indigenous Leaders Indigenous peoples inhabited this land &…
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