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Living my dream- Building @RooterSports ⚽️ 🏏🎲 || Next up- The mission to educate every girl child 👧📖 || Previously @rado⌚️

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Catch them live tomorrow from 5 pm onwards at Limelight Networks (@llnw) presents #e4mWebinar on 'Uplifting the Sho…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳#FREEFIRE - Best Tricks For One Tap Headshot | Dragunov Headshot via @YouTube and @RooterSportsInteresting commentary from MS Research: "Either TikTok is expensive, or SNAP and Twitter look cheap" TikTok US:…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳Twitter is the new LinkedIn.Absolutely brilliant. For someone who believes in the power of relationships, this is everything I could never arti…सच में क्या ख्याति और योग है मोदी जी की । To be able to do this on behalf of the entire movement and perform this…
Thrilled to join ⁦@Sequoia_India⁩ to drive the policy agenda for the startup ecosystem and VC industry. Look forwar…
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In the other news, festive season began in India today. I simply love the months ahead with so much colour, light… finding him, working on him and preparing him for olympics long jump...
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳Do not tolerate any bad behaviour, not even for the 1st time, no matter what they are going through, nobody should…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳An open advisory by our government to education institutions around the world about Indian students not being able…
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♾1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ @sehaj23 Little dramatic but a bit of substance for sure.This is brilliant.
I hope this is an August month for all of us. 😇All the right reasons. This is good, @VCShekhar. August is always special. It’s the day I resigned from corporate life to become an entrepreneur. I must have… a rooftop match that went viral to meeting @rogerfederer. Just incredible to see 💖
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Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳Heart touching reaction of a grandpa on meeting his grandson ❤
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳How to know you’ve hired the right executive: You don’t worry about their part of the business anymore.
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳 @agrawalakhil @sangeetaberi01 @neerajberi01 Gajab.A friend told me that in UK they have opened schools for students until Grade 5 while students beyond that continue… when CCD founder VG Siddhartha's died by suicide last year? His wife & CCD Director, Malavika Krishna is n…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳 @MrBlairHughes Congratulations Blair! @chitgo Profound, bro!
2020- You became one of the most admired human being. 🙏 @SonuSood any Test side beat this team? The July born World XI 1. Sunil Gavaskar 2. Barry Richards 3. Zaheer Abbas 4. Sou…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳 @D_Brat @eklavyasinha @Apple @RooterSports Super. Look forward. @D_Brat @eklavyasinha @Apple @RooterSports Please let me know if I can be of any help. @D_Brat @eklavyasinha @Apple @RooterSports About 2-3 weeks process. @D_Brat @eklavyasinha @Apple @RooterSports Not at all. It’s just a paperwork. No money implication. @eklavyasinha @D_Brat @Apple @RooterSports Hey! You can easily transfer from personal to business account on AppSto… in. #IndiaGamingSummit 100 Streaming sessions on a Thursday morning on @RooterSports right now. @ArmaanAgrawal5 Brilliant
@anshumbhambri Oh nice! I will have a look. Thanks.A founder has 3 most important jobs in the beginning: 1) Get the money 2) Assemble the right team 3) Give people t…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳 @nitwit_hit @RooterSports Thanks @_PerNyberg Thanks. Hope to reach no.1 and stay there thanks to our partnership. @Ch9may @RooterSports Thanks Chinmay. Just a small validation. @DanceEatRepeat @RooterSports Thanks @vikramadhiman Thank you Sir. Just a small validation.I am writing a new Pitch Deck again. And it never gets easy even after some 500 pitches so far. Story Writing is… @Manishavaani. Very well deserved! 👏 @value_360 @join2manish Tata Sky. Vistara. @AbhishekMadhavn @RooterSports Aap logon ne to phod rakha hai! 🥳And @RooterSports is now no.4 in Top Free Sports app. marketplace for popular culture !
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳 @andrin30 @rashi_kakkar Yes. Also Brasilia in Brazil instead of Rio. Canberra in Australia. @rashi_kakkar My favorite GK question as a kid. Also Dispur for Assam and Gandhinagar for Gujarat. And the 3 capitals of South Africa.
@ayushpranav3 @RooterSports Thanks Ayush! 🙏I have perhaps not mentioned it enough in last 5 months but the team currently at @RooterSports has done a stellar… @windiescricket for helping save the game of cricket in the UK ... Without you guys agreeing to come over in…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳Piyush Kumar from Rooter, will be joining as a Panelist for a session on '𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐮𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐳𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 & 𝐏𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐧 𝐆𝐚…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳Amazing amazing story of @vikalpsahni @chitgo @vaazu High time he prefixed or suffixed “Baba” to his name. @chitgo I wish I was that friend to you. Some day. 😇 @karanbhandari @chitgo Big Ivanisevic fan. I don’t think anyone has served better than him except for Del Potro sin… waking up Fergie at 3.30am to tell him Liverpool had won the league 🤣😂 #LFC #YNWA
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳 @anshumbhambri Arre brilliant. This is one of my favorite Live concert album by Jagjit Singh too. @piyushpankaj Yaar, the only reason I will start day at 7 will be for a flight or to play. Kaam nahin hota. 🤗 @AbhishekMudgal_ Driving is the best time to be constructive. Totally agree.
Since my school days, my most effective hours to churn out good/ creative work has been 11 PM to 2 AM. I am so not a morning person. @zomatocare Brilliant as always! 🙏 @zomatocare Hey! I managed to get this after few hit and trials. But do you mind making it a little simpler for use… @ZomatoIN I can see that you have removed Gold from Delivery. If that’s the case, I guess you guys should ret… @ashoklalla Very well said. @AjeyGore Completely agree. @Tazeen_11 I agree. It’s iconic.
Only one club could have made it to the Champions League from here. #MUFC
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳 @ravihanda @ZEE5India @ZEE5Premium EpicYou have to, have to see this, especially cricket lovers. #whatsappwonderbox walks into #ChampionsLeague. @shaliniharnot I never used to take food seriously. This is the first time I am putting some rules behind it. @ashoklalla Let me take my chances. You never know. 😇 @indianterrain Siri Fort, Delhi. @gauravp___ I know. Koshish jaari hai. @abhishek_tri Thanks Abhishek. @ashoklalla That’s too far, Sir! But yes recording each game really helps. I improved drastically over last 2 month… @nidhionline Hahahahahha 🙏Also I record all my gamesusing another phone from stands. I just need to tab after each game. Wide angle really he… @nidhionline See this. I keep my Samsung phone here on stands and just keep recording each game. Then edit later… @nidhionline Nahin Madam. I keep my Samsung phone on one side and put that on recording. I record all my games indi… another nice pick in the same game. 🏸💖 did this today. One of my all time best defensive shot. #Badminton 🏸💖 @HimanshuArora_ So still very early for me to advice but since I have heard this before and now see results, listin… @agrawalakhil So still very early for me to advice but since I have heard this before and now see results, listing… @TheJadedQueen Happy Happy Birthday, my twitter friend. May the magic happen all the time. @cricketaakash Many congratulations! Best wishes, Aakash.I never took food too seriously. Never had to. I burn a good amount of calories every day focusing on sports. But…“Again, we invented a popular choice award.” From the looks of it, Bollywood seems to be the most difficult indust… common mistake founders (me included) make in growth stage is to spend disproportionate time in tactical & operat…
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@GanpatTeli1 @kkumbhat @cricketaakash Thanks for sharing. Really good to know.Very interesting session by our star Backend coder, @cosmologist_10, on Event Loop. Still 15 mins left for the sess…
My entire Twitter timeline is a joke today. 🤷‍♂️👏Give two solid batsmen to West Indies and they will be as good as any other team in Test Cricket. #ENGvsWI @piyushpankaj 😂#Hiring for @Faboomgaming : s/w engineer with experience in #Flutter. It is a remote work opportunity. Leads apprec…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳I have a joke on Twitter, but I will tell you when I get followers.