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Living my dream- Building @RooterSports ⚽️. Next up- The mission to educate every girl child. 👧📖

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@abhishek_tri @SparklinGuy Haven’t been there. 🤦‍♂️ @SparklinGuy SanfranciscoDeleted that chat, coz some of the assholes here are so vile, that they would cause further heartburn to the person…
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2020 @imVkohliPerfect Anniversary Celebrations for @imVkohli.The seeds of Jasprit Bumrah’s India selection may have been sown at the IPL, but the fruit was borne on this day fo…
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Daily reminder that founders have literally everything riding on their startup 😁😅 👊
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳 @Captainsagar @pepsi It’s a long term association. Confirmed. They are launching with Dabangg 3. But next year’s su… @kapilkantkaul @pepsi I know. 😀 @KinnyNayyar @pepsi But Bacardi is consistent for decades and all these drinks are mixers for that. 😀 @tweetria Balance between a father and an entrepreneur! @tweetria Now between 11-12.30 PM. @tweetria I have been waking up at 6 AM for last four months thanks to my son’s new school timing. And I never felt… year old Salman Khan signed as Brand Ambassador of @pepsi. While it’s a youth brand, I think this is a stellar…
Suddenly it looks like that Amit Shah has switched on to driver’s seat for BJP now. And it is not about this… @_Anshul @RepTodayMag @wizikey From a brilliant brand manager at HCL, look where you have come. Proud of you and your journey, Anshul.This is an amazing interview, @SharmaShradha. Unlike Q&A format, you almost took us through how your conversation w…बहुत पहले पढ़ा था। अब जा के इसका महत्व समझ आया।। @sehaj23 @utsavagarwal Dude, you are suddenly my favourite startup commentator on Twitter. Well done. Your tweets are gold.In 2003, 18-year-old LeBron James signed a $90 million deal with Nike. He was asked about how he would handle the…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳Last weekend was about a major ✅ in The Bucket List. We did some 1450 kms in less than 2 days from Mumbai to Delhi.… commentary has reached saturation levels for me. Enjoying listening to Badani, Balaji and Badri on Star Spo…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳Probably the first time my tweet has been quoted somewhere. Thanks @HTBrunch.
Kohli!!The world chess champion - Magnus Carlsen is 2nd in Fantasy Premier League (once his auto substitutions kick in)!!!! #FPL
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳Driving on a highway is therapeutic. 🚘
“If you had to pick one skill you need as a founder, it’s storytelling. The other is obsession. The third, tenaciou…
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@krishnanism @Apoorvjain96 Sent. @krishnanism @Apoorvjain96 Hahahahha. Done Sir. You want to start on Really cool app. Play at your ease.Indian Ocean- 🎵 Ma Rewa with Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor pe gaye- Live version lost to @Apoorvjain96 few days back. #Chess session between @Sumitmishra0059 and @bomanirani. You should listen to this. @Ashutos53284476 @bomanirani Jald bhai. @ravimathur15 Totally.In a true sense, the real competition of Uber/ Ola is @zoom_us.The real businesses are built on Fridays.
❤️💖🥳🥳 #live #cry #feel #imperfect #fail #bleed #survive #rejoice #deep #story
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳It was such a pleasure to meet you, @edsmithwriter. Thank you for your time and for your positive feedback on… @Pratikks @bomanirani We are starting something on that line soon. Great point. Will tell you offline.And he is Live again interacting with 3 fans simultaneously through our multiple broadcast feature. @bomanirani is how @Paytm looked like in its early days. Who thought this simple product would evolve to become a $15B beh…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳Always a pleasure to meet the man who got our story started at @rootersports. Thank you for everything @bomanirani
Your Mr Arjun stories are damn cute, @nishith_pandya. I so look forward to them.’s a wrap folks! Our 2019 leAD SPORT1 Accelerator season has come to an end - and what a season it was! It’s be…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳If you made the Forbes 30 under 30: congrats! If you didn't: don't worry, it's a racket not a meritocracy. (I mad…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳 @piyushpankaj Done, Sir!! @piyushpankaj @RooterSports Brands are already running after them. And TikTok isn’t leaving a stone unturned for… @sindwani I second that.Kuch bhi ho raha hai is desh mein. Amazing creativity. @ashoklalla @thesatbir @thesatbir is Tendulkar of these things. He has made food so much mainstream on Twitter. Eve… @chinmaybhogle Bhaskar.The energy at few offices is infectious. And it lives upto it’s reputation and positioning.If you are taking a flight from T3 and have time in hand, don’t miss this Murthal Aloo Parantha from Dilli Street.… are a test of character. Unlike a corporate job there are far fewer places to hide your incompetencies an…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳 @krishnanism And I had this Murthal Parantha at Airport in the morning. @Sporty_Baba Perhaps. I was more saying from customer’s perspective. @shaliniharnot HahahhahaaMy friends at @value_360 are really pushing greatness now. Congratulations @divjn, Eeshant, @KunalKishore24,… brands simply outshine others on service- Amex, Vistara, Taj, Amazon, Apple, Zara. They don’t need to give fr…'t start a startup where you need to go through someone else to get users.
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳 @sprasad1012 Morning mere bhai!!Absolutely love people who go for a 🍺 at 5.40 AM before a domestic flight. 😎 I wish I was one of them.T3 in the morning looks sorted. Reached airport almost 80 mins before the flight in panic but check-in (CV) and sec…
@sportsbetcomau Can I go next.
@asidhu_ I think we should restart that one.Phenomenal day today. 60th Birthday of @bomanirani Sir. Anniversary of @cricketaakash. Two amazing people who… of my favorite songs picturised in a very unique way. Really like the way it’s shot. think I found the next Tajdar-e-haram!! #CokeStudio12 #AtifAslam @offsidegoalss Very kind of you to say that, bhai!Whatever the role life gives you. #PlayaWithPassion @writetopiyush Bhai, Story.
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳Why can’t we leave every other problem for now (Economy, going global, housing, pollution etc) and just focus on wo… @nisheethchauhan @eklavyasinha I am glad you like it.Thank you @writetopiyush. I really like the concept of 'non-zero days'. It reinforces your identity of being a pers…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳 @ashoklalla @the_topspin On that note, I am meeting someone very interesting this week related to this discussion.… @Captainsagar I don’t care about what Sena does in future. I was never a hindutva guy, for any party. I believe in… @Captainsagar Like Rahul Bajaj, I am too scared to speak in front of people like you. Also sometimes it makes sense… @ashoklalla I agree. A bigger reason is that. NZ and Aus are practically in India every year, in addition to IPL wh… @Captainsagar You are basically writing down transcript of Amit Shah’s interview to Arnab which I have seen. Thanks… @nisheethchauhan @eklavyasinha Tweeted again.Long ago when I discussed about my goal with my brother @eklavyasinha, he told me that I will have to start moving… @its_tabrez__ @ashwinravi99 TN need 3 from 1 Ashwin was in non striker end. He decided to remove the pads from leg.
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳 @vidyahariharan Great observation. I don’t think anything less than 3 Tests should be played in a series. Draw in a… and Southee chatting amiably in the players' enclosure as they prepare for the afternoon session. Hard to imag…
Retweeted by PIYUSH 🇮🇳#NZvsENG were playing 3 Test Series until 2013. But since 2013 when England hosted NZ, they have played 4 series… Sena was hoping to win all the 63 incumbent seats and additional seats where it contested in alliance with the… the Sena fielded 11 turncoats from the NCP and Congress this time, BJP fielded 15, of which 10 won. Thus, had… Sena Alliance- #MaharashtraPolitics Of the total 126 seats the Sena contested on with its ally, the part… Liverpool’s darkest days under Hodgson, when the team was ninth after 14 games on 19 points - nine behind…
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@karanbhandari @Superneha83 Ditto. It’s important. She makes every other life look so small. Stay blessed @Superneha83!I don’t know whose idea is this but these open community gyms all around Delhi is a brilliant thing. I see citizens… story on @vishy64theking in @HTBrunch today. He is the least spoken about superstars of India, someone w…
It’s Akshara Theatre/ Auditorium in New Delhi. Correct answer given by @RSubhayu. @meajay Amazing! @RSubhayu Bingo. You have some class, man! @Sporty_Baba Nope. Try again.#Trivia Where in Delhi would you find this?
This is so well said. I always felt that very few people work harder than Chinese and their hunger to succeed is fa…
@GabbbarSingh This restaurant at Mt. Titlis is really expensive and serves shitty food. Is it that one?Brilliant story today. @TheKenWeb is the best way to understand startup ecosystem. @AbinayaV5