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@glee_writes Yup, and that mirror 👀 @bobcorrigan Yeah, I'm ready to be so owned like that. @invisiblemoth1 That's all that matters. Do readers get it? Yes? Mission accomplished. @DesideriaMesa *phew* @CosmicTaryn Unfortunately, must lessons are learned that way @therealzevgood I'm ready for it. @diannasaurusr3x It's their ray guns. Shit is motivating. @therealzevgood Fraid so. We've tried everything else @Dewiwrites Sorry, Dewi. I'm not a merciful assassin @diannasaurusr3x *subtweeeeet* or, the aliens did itMake today the day you stop saying yes to doing the things you never intend to do. @harleylaroux That's a brilliant idea. Imagine the clowns. 😅 @harleylaroux I love pulp covers. Maybe one day we'll trend there again. @diannasaurusr3x Damn aliens @Scoutdwriter Love bombing is the right tag for it @TeaWhileWriting It's meant to be @dreaminventor Not me running to Google translate @mamaguesswhatt You're always welcome to pop in, Erin 😅 @AndrewSlinde Yeah. Don't really care what's on the page, as long as it hits the reader between the eyes or right in the heart @SuspiciousPig Send it to my legal team, oh wait, I don't have one @dreaminventor Unfortunately, there's no going back. But keep your eyes peeled for it happening in the present (again). @MmeDeschamps A bunch. 😅 @TeaWhileWriting But, yes, I am @MmeDeschamps If only I could. 😆Be wary of the one who comes on too hard, too fast, and says all the right things. Be wary of the one who sees your… @AuthorJFuller And you're not hungover? You're an animal @therealzevgood @MisterLeaves Oh. But. It. Is. @AuthorJFuller Fuck, it's been years since I did some "watch the sunrise drinking" @BatwoMANDA Good thing I'm learning how to wrestle great whites. @abbythetweet @WTBPodcast Oh yeah, I forgot they do it live. I fucked up and couldn't log in when I was on. Lol, I… @abbythetweet @WTBPodcast Did you talk about me, Abs? Well, didya? 😅 @abbythetweet @WTBPodcast Nice! 🔥 @DRBWrites16 Yep, you know your body best. Sound like you're on the right track. @ccbaguley That's pretty much what I But with a thermometer you can adjust the ice, learn how many bags y… @MisterLeaves totally. not. a. porn @BatwoMANDA Same, I have a irrational fear of oceans and lakes (mostly oceans now). I hate being in any situation w… @DesideriaMesa But just not me @ccbaguley Like anything, go slow. I do like ten minutes at 35 degrees but I started at like 2 minutes at 50 degree… @DRBWrites16 Good. Just checking. I'm on a losing three pound a week diet and people say that's pushing healthy weight lost. @ccbaguley Oh yeah, the chillest in fact. But, your muscles feel great after a long week of exercise and nothing wa… @DRBWrites16 Gratz! Are you eating a balanced diet? 9 pounds in a week is a lot. Be safe. @ccbaguley Ice baths 😅 @BatwoMANDA As far as settings go, Rapture is captivating. Scary and beautiful. Vast, but smothering. I think it's… @glee_writes And a short story is born. 😅 @hwilliamruback 🤫🤫🤫 don't give me away @derra_nic Mwuhahaha @HRApostos Actually countertops sitting on three small dressers then added additional legs for support. Google "IKE… @derra_nic Derra - I mailed you a bookkkk 👀 @ShaneBlkheart I wrote a paper on Hellbound Hearts in college. Such a great novella. @raaaaaaaaaaaine You okay? @AmberIsEditing Gimme @JanetReidAuthor Now you're cookingIn creative writing, everything's negotiable. Grammar, style, rules--all negotiable. The game is making the reader… @emilyinkpen It's a great question. I'm inclined to agree with no. Some who believe in predetermination live in com… @LeslieM6725 Um, yes. 👀 I'm with the "warranty" company. @NathalieSaleeba Absolutely 😅 @CRTaylorwrites Winner winner @mockparhelion Damn, you knew my exact ransom. @AndrewSlinde Ha, it's not a landslide @laurcunn Thought so 😅 @diannasaurusr3x A real go getter alien. Top performer. Just like Dianna at work. A model employee who loves her work. @diannasaurusr3x @LifeLock LL and I are going to have a one on one to figure this all out, Dianna. @diannasaurusr3x 👀 I 👀 don't 👀 know 👀 fuck... We' 👀 Alien abduction? Fire in the sky style? @AkaJayhova I can work with that. Who was your favorite childhood friend? @diannasaurusr3x @LifeLock 😅 At least drop us a promo code. @diannasaurusr3x Same. I have all these grand plans for 9-12pm. But it's like a blackout. Then, morning comes and t… @BatwoMANDA Damn right 🔥 @diannasaurusr3x Same. I always think I'll go to bed early and actually you know sleep...but... All the sudden it's midnight. @laurcunn What's that? @diannasaurusr3x What stopped you? Bed is the dream. @BatwoMANDA That's the way to do it. Work it out in your beautiful art. @ctototoo Just 3? @AndrewSlinde I post from IG to there, and I keep getting emails that people are joining my group... 😅 @CassThomps13 Yeah, that mouthy Frenchman. He looked at you with wanton eyes. Then, we took his eyes. @AndrewSlinde I have a Author Facebook but I couldn't tell you how to log into it. 😅 @AndrewSlinde I'm trying here, man. The fish ain't biting @AmiMoo19 Hmmmm @CassThomps13 Dahlia Romanovski @CassThomps13 We both know you used your false name from the old country. @raekennedy_ Hey, that's my line. @raekennedy_ And send it my wayz @the_moonshadow Oh, c'mon - don't be bashful @CassThomps13 WELL? I'M WAITING 👀 @mattstandiford Yeah, she rules @TeaWhileWriting What? I'm just playing a little Twitter game is all.... @Spyder_Collins They were. We wear the scars of her love like tulle. @Pey_Storm Oh, I wrote yours down. Thanks for the PS5, Pey. I mean, you should get LifeLock. @scottypotty616 I remember Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Wales fondly. The summers are wonderful there. @Spyder_Collins And that splintery wardrobe she locked you in as a treat *sigh* those were the days. @RtisticWriter I already cracked those. You need more special characters. @idontgethowthis lol, got me there @mamaguesswhatt ™️™️™️™️™️™️ @LiminalLies need the rest, man. Chop chop. @mattstandiford Jenny, that you? @Spyder_Collins I remember Mother Antiquity - she was a sweet soul @mamaguesswhatt It proven only cream and bastards rise @BorderlineBilly Oh yeah, thanksBased on my profile pic, what is your social security number, city of birth, and mother's maiden name? @Pey_Storm @DaySigned @4th Every. Time. 😂 @LeoLunnin a miasma of nonsense at times