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chad ryan @writingiswar Ghost River, AZ

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@PWolfecastle @ziegander sold out in so little time @AuthorVivekSea I'm thinking so. Bubble wrap envelopes. Maybe wrapped in brown paper with dust jacket.My favorite kind of monsters are the ones you feel empathy for. They become tragic figures, and then that feeling t… @hpmueller242 I like the paper idea. Wrap it like a Christmas present @PWolfecastle @ziegander I announced that while he was getting married. Maybe that day! 😜 @raekennedy_ I'm going in soon. An idea forms. @theMarieCasey @LostBoysPress I've never finished it. I've started it 5 times probably. Bout time I give it another… @dreaminventor Sounds like you've done this. 😂 @LittleWrighter Good work! You've got one more than me and I'm 40. 😄 @MisterLeaves @duck______duck @itsokimherenow7 What a Lucky and Handsome Duck. @DantonSix Err... ceiling 😂 @DantonSix Might look like a lampshade glued to your roof @DantonSix I think it works, but does it look insane when the light is off? @phlipsidejdp @LostBoysPress Cask was such a great piece. @LostBoysPress The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Lolita.Tell us about a book you've read that changed your life. 👀
Retweeted by chad ryanSo...can I toss these leftovers yet? We done here? Or science experiment? @Hydedriver You're good. For now. 😂 @Hydedriver You calling me out, man? 😜 @TheSamMachine Yes! @duck______duck Salty sweet connection. @duck______duck That's all I eat in December. @duck______duck They're nasty best. @duck______duck Have you tried the brownie ones? @alexisxstetic Yup. Its a hobby. 🤫 @DavidKummer7 Yeah, it's a tough thing to navigate. @alexisxstetic You're not far off. I have half of one recorded. 🤣 @PWolfecastle You have a camera on me, don't you? @MisterLeaves The hotbox panting in that mask got my filterfree face moist.I have a workout buddy and we wear masks during our WOD (in my garage) because why not choose love? @ziegander Read Broken Window - Born in Barbed Wire 🤫
@sk5102w Good info. Yes, I'm looking at setting up a autographed copy being available via the website, now that I f… @therealzevgood @CherylLBooks We're busy celebrating Britney's birthday @rc_robbin That's where they got me @carmen_author I was hoping bubble mailers would work @AuthorBlizzard @DzintraSullivan Good info @DzintraSullivan And I've got a garage full of Amazon boxes to cut up. @karissa_writes Very good! That's how Amazon sends them. I'm going to be releasing a limited hardcover run and don't want those scuffed up. @rc_robbin Yeah, I'll probably have to tack on additional shipping rates outside of the US/Can. Although I paid thr… @Tanweer_Dar Could be. Shipping is getting pricier by the day here. @AtaMistress That's it! @JereAuthor Ah, thank ya Jere. @DzintraSullivan Ah, good idea bracing the book. Then you can use a standard mailer (envelope)? @rc_robbin What kind of packaging, a media mail bubble-lope?Book Sellers, What's the best, most cost-effective way to ship a book to mitigate damage? For example, a signed co… @CassThomps13 @theMarieCasey I've done no work since meeting either of you. @therealzevgood @JessKHardy2000 @PatrickAttawayy *steals*This is a savage story about love trauma slavery monsters identity vengeance and ghosts A mature read for thos… poetry book is now available in ebook format for a measly $2.99. Don't want another paperback? No problem. Goth…
Retweeted by chad ryan @KatyNDarkQueen Is this a custom design for @therealzevgood's next joint? @DElizabethAyer1 That works. Leather pants all around for the bandits.Once upon a time, Avery lived in a place filled with family, magic, and love. It ended when her mother came for h…
Retweeted by chad ryan @vvikaa 🤫 @MisterLeaves @TheRealLizMT Myspace hookups baby @vvikaa Can I stream loudly and rush over to hug you, Viks? @therealzevgood @PatrickAttawayy I was thinking Rein Rhayne Rain to really own it @ReadWayneDavids Oh yeah and it only gets happier @therealzevgood @PatrickAttawayy Dick Hornsby Romantica @therealzevgood @PatrickAttawayy True story I'll do a M/M VSS and get a trillion likes from straight people. My new… @therealzevgood It meeeeeeeee @ToddVercoe That's cool. Sounds like you have a plan. @MartinWFrancis Hope they avoid catching it! @MariaDampman Exactly right @CassThomps13 Everything is too tit for tat. If we spent all day RTing people out of "courtesy" our feeds would be… @glee_writes Absolutely. Gotta find those #BitCoin hashtags @CassThomps13 Oh yeah, the stomach that can launch a thousand ships. Queen of the Damned. No Broodmother pic? @KWilliamsAuthor Yup. For real. @CassThomps13 What, no girl vamps? @JLFoster_ YES! Thanks, JL! 🖤I'm what you call a 'deep worker.' I thrive in isolation. My ability to fall into my work is scary sometimes. Ba… @MGMasonCreative @theMarieCasey Jeepers @theMarieCasey And did you laugh at the people mocking you? Cuz, that's the only acceptable response before a block. 😄 @LoganRyanSmith @MisterLeaves There's a hotel chain called Drury Hotels, so def a name. @AKempAuthor Oh yeah, for sure. I'll RT my twiends all day. It's just strangers that show up and start RTing frantically. @DantonSix I bring my A-game here. Lookout. 👀 @DantonSix Good luck catching this snake, Duck.Welp. Just what you needed: more of me. 🤗 I'm on All Author now, so follow me there if you feel so inclined. @OneLastEcho That's pencil??? Wow @Estochen I rewrote GR 5 times. 144K words. LOL, it is indeed. @kesterfin Yup. That's a much bigger problem. The stuff that goes viral isn't great. 😅 @OneLastEcho Amen, Sarge. @Estochen It's so hard on the first draft (especially for a Virgo) to swim through the shit sandwich that is draft one. @NHWeberWrites Numbers are a status thing, but a meaningless one. Book sales + fun conversations. Those are the numbers I want. @NHWeberWrites Nope. Besides, as a writer, (although I love all my writer friends) I WANT READERS. Whatta concept.… @shayraystevens Yup. It was a trend a couple years back. I did it too. A lot. LOL, been cleaning up the mess ever since. @Estochen For sure. Early draft dialogue stuff is mostly a placeholder. During revision, you'll know what needs to… @Estochen Yeah, another trick I do is use text to speech, close my eyes, and listen to the dialogue flow. Does it s… @Estochen Not sure about reading, but here's some advice. Don't let tags and action get in the way of the talking.… @ReadWayneDavids Oh man, Wayne. Ghost River is beautiful. 😏Twitter doesn't have to be transactional. It's OK to support and share stuff you like without expecting anything i… @EloquentEnigma @theMarieCasey Moving very quickly, yes. @BatwoMANDA We have to keep looking then, Manda. It's in there. I just know it. @Michaelbigchees That's a great hat @theMarieCasey But it's cool to move to poop. @AshleyEditorial Won't happen. Contrary to Eliot, the centre is holding. 🤞 @MordorHeWrote Trump comes to mind."We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." -Oscar Wilde @Patrickfjohnson Then I'm cured! @NettieSars I wonder if I could. 😅 @Patrickfjohnson How's that pin looking?