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WSL Surf Breaks May 26th
Retweeted by World Surf League.@LakeyPeterson is in full attack mode. 💪 Video: Nick Pollet
.@billy_kemper explains what it's like to fly over foam-ball inside the barrel at Jaws, making him a favorite for t… analyzes his @wslbigwave Awards Ride of the Year Entry on the latest episode of World Surf Weekly. 🌊… Birdman was spotted in Lemoore over the weekend. Possible R&D for "@TonyHawk Pro Surfer"? 🛹🏄‍♂️ over in Tahiti, Aelan Vaast enjoys what island life has to offer. 🏝 Video: Caroline Beliard Zebrowski’s own CT star @maliamanuel joins The Lineup with @DaveProdan to talk about: 🦋 her new film “Metamorphosis” 🌴… a ski driver? Hype man? Joel Scott's got you covered. 😂 🏄‍♂️: Josh Dowthwaite
Q&A with @whoisjob! 🏆 Watch the full episode now at, please keep the Grade-A clips coming. Sincerely, surfers everywhere. 🎥: Dani Grubba by Malia, edited by Malia. 'Metamorphosis' a film by @maliamanuel, 🦋, Nathan Florence, and @florence_ivan, finding ramps on Oahu. 🚀 Video: @ZoardJanko a ton of swell on offer this past week, Crosby Colapinto is one of many very happy Southern Californians. 🙌 Vi…
@avalongalll styling through a recently opened lineup in San Diego County. 💦 | 🎥: Log Rap staying sharp at his home break. ⚡️ Video: Ricardo Toledo Prince Ziggy show you around @lauraenever's crib. 🐶👑 Surf Breaks May 23rd Tsuzuki making her mark on an open face. ✔️ Video: Kumio Tsuzuki
We'll let Harrison Roach's surfing do the talking. 🔥 | Video by Log Rap, Hunter Vercoe about as dreamy as it gets. 🇳🇮 🏄‍♂️: @nicatimesurf 🎥: Michael Mejía Ribeiro's got a nasty 1-2 punch. 🥊 Video: Dani Grubba wave that changed J-Bay forever. Watch @toledo_filipe fly to victory at the 2017 @Corona Open J-Bay now on…
.@lauraenever goes after some of the most remote and dangerous waves on the planet in her film, 'Undone'. Downloa…'s THIRD 🔟 of the event. Watch Finals Day -> off WSL Rewind Finals Day with one of the most unexpected J-Bay moments of all time. 😱 @corona Watch now -… investigation is underway after tragedy struck the epicenter of Dutch surfing. 2017 @Corona Open J-Bay, where @jordysmith88 became the sixth surfer ever to record a perfect heat. 2️⃣0️⃣ Wat…
UNDONE is available now or on Vimeo on demand :)
Retweeted by World Surf LeagueYanca Costa adding style and grace to a finishing turn. 💃 Video: Lb Surf Treino joins The Lineup with @DaveProdan to break down the J-Bay wave that made him “a man”. 💪 The Lineup… south swells hit the island of Oahu, @rissmoore10 and the C-Stars training program are ready to hit the water.… 2 of the 2017 Corona Open J-Bay, where @toledo_filipe's standout performance began. 🔥 Watch now ->… top fun with @gabriel1medina 🙌 🎥: Olho Azul Filmes | Maresias Crew makes a green smoothie with ingredients harvested right from her backyard. Full recipe,…
Koa Smith Unboxes: The Perfect Fin? 📦👣 No shore break is too heavy with some DaFins. Koa unboxes and approves a fre… to my Manor! Allow me to take you on a tour with @wsl’s Lawn Patrol! 🏡🐐🐐 🎥 @mauimarcc @redbull…
Retweeted by World Surf LeagueWith excellent scores often times come excellent claims and the 2017 Corona Open J-Bay had plenty of both.…'s nothing like a session with Kani Stewart. 🌈 | 🎥: Nick Cribbs top social athlete remains Notorious. 👑 From 5/11 to 5/17, @TheNotoriousMMA kept his title as the most engage…
Retweeted by World Surf LeagueWSL Rewind heads to the leg-burning rights of Jeffreys Bay. 🦵 @crcoffin Watch now -> Pipeline surfing from Oahu’s own, Moana Jones. 😍 Video: Larry Haynes Surf Breaks May 19th joins World Surf Weekly to talk about her new film, "Undone". Watch now ->
Slowing things down with Sheldon Simkus. 🙌 Video: Lachlan McKinnon Wedge giving us a friendly reminder of how it got it's name. 🏄‍♂️: Trevor Collins 🎥: Brent Weldon Lou Sakura Johnson with her foot on the gas. 🏁 Video: Spencer Suitt CT superstar @KanoaIgarashi joins The Lineup with @daveprodan to talk: ✈️ growing up on tour 🏆 maturing into… dreams are made of this. 😍 Video: Yoshi Tanaka another swell has come and gone on the Gold Coast and Nick Vasicek bagged a gem. 🎥: Lachlan McKinnon would you do to surf against your idol? 13-year-old San Clemente surfer Makai Bray surfing a mock heat against…
.@toledo_filipe breaks down his insane perfect 10 at JBay in 2017 on the newest episode of World Surf Weekly. Watch… Vaast, younger sister to Kauli Vaast, is already charging at Chopes. 🙌 | 🎥: Tim McKenna sends with @barronmamiya & Makana Pang. 🎥: Peter King delivers some of the best contest surf ever in the 2006 @ripcurl Pro Search Mexico. Watch now on… takes a steep drop and wipe out at Teahupo'o, Tahiti. 🏝 Video: Florian Rey, flow and grace with Sydney’s own Matt Chojnacki. 👌| Video: Hunter Thomson
When swell was tough to come by at home, Alex Gray set off for the Atlantic with a one way ticket and a quiver of… Tsuzuki teaches us how to spice up your board with easy steps and these two materials. ✨ @ripcurl's manor is open for viewing. But first, meet Sir Douglas and Tina. 🐐 in Nova Scotia, Canada, Kara Vogler joins the #HomeBreakChallenge with a cold water surfing edition. ❄️ Video… Surf Breaks May 16th Errico's footwork that earned her a longboard world title. ⚡️ | 🎥: Roxy Facer
.@ian_gouveia drops in and ducks for cover. ⛱ Video: Caio Faria busts out the foil for a fun session while home in Hawaii. 💦 Video: Noa Ornells backside style with @Mahinamaeda. 💥 | 🎥: Matthew Facer'o came alive last week and @mihimana found himself a gem. 💎 | Video: J Czerm Photography @ethan_ewing 🤙🧡 | Ethan is supporting his local surf shop Bob Minty Surf Shop where he got his first eve…
Explore the most uncharted and unexpected surf locations around the globe. The Collection continues with… perfect 10's, Two perfect heats, and one epic event for @realowenwright. 👏 Finals Day continues on… clean turn to air combo from @Jesse_Mendes at home in Brazil. 👏 Video: Paulo Kid the 2015 Fiji Pro, @realowenwright became the first (and currently only) surfer to record two perfect 2️⃣0️⃣ poi… in learning how to pop up? Listen to 6-year-old @rissmoore10 and future 4 time world champion. 🏄‍♀️ Vid… @toledo_filipe getting creative on a 2015 Fiji Pro lay day. 😂 🎥: Peter King Surf Breaks May 14th a global competition like the @wsl, #COVID19 presents many challenges in dozens of different countries. CEO Eri…
Retweeted by World Surf League @sbjsbd 🙌There aren't any lay days during WSL Rewind but that doesn't mean we can't dive into the #Tournotes archives. Here'…
Learn why COVID-19 is an environmental justice crisis with @SalMasekela, producer, surfer, Olympic commentator, an… you’re 12 years old and your turns are on point… 👏 🏄‍♀️: Mia Mcleish 🎥: Josh Mcleish tube riding doesn't get much more technical than that. 🙌 @kellyslater Fiji week continues, watch on…"In the face of adversity, this will definitely be one of the most special wins I'll ever have." @sally_fitz…'s surfing just got 10 times faster… 🏎💨 Saquarema to Teahupo’o, there isn't a slab in the world that @lucaschumbo will shy away from. 🌊 Video: Renan V…
@CryptoWendyO @surfline @wsl @Surfrider Beaches will stay open as long as everyone follows the guidelines put out b…
Retweeted by World Surf LeagueKoa Smith Unboxes: A New Boogie 📦🐭 It’s episode 2 and the shaka scale has already been broken. Was it the Hubboards… LA beaches reopen, SoCal surfers have a leadership opportunity to show the world how to #SurfSafe. Here are so…
Retweeted by World Surf LeagueWinning the Fiji Pro is an accomplishment worth writing home about, but how about doing it with a perforated eardru…'s nothing quite like watching Ricardo Christie lay deep into the rail at Keramas. See for yourself in his new…'s backhand attack. 🔥 Fiji week is a go, it moving 🏃‍♂️ Leave it at home ☂️🚫 Stay safer at 6 feet → 🏄🏽‍♀️ Keep it clean 💧 @CAStateParks Wellness Weekly featuring @FredericoMorai1. 💯 Tune in to our Instagram Live today at 9 a.m. PST to talk CT equi… Surf Breaks May 12th few weeks before the 2019 Tahiti Pro, @alessa_quizon charged into a dreamy Teahupo'o barrel. 🌺 Video: Florian Rey
.@kai_lenny paying a socially distanced visit to his trainer. 💪 strikes as five Dutch surfers lose their lives. qualifying for the CT in 2015, @KanoaIgarashi continues to level up his surfing. 🔥 Video: @TheTannerCarney Steele joins The Lineup with @DaveProdan to talk: 🌊 competition surfing vs. free surfing 🎥 how he chooses th… up the night with @hunterjoness @eastondjones and Wagner De Abreu. 🌙 Edit: HJ Creative Zietz is going to come out of quarantine ready for the Championship Tour! 🤗 #HomeBreakChallenge @cbasszietz