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They've worked for Apple, GoPro, Nordstrom, Nine West and Peloton, among others.
Are you celebrating National Margarita Day today? 11-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by her brother gave birth at home, and now he and their parents are fac… Red Cross is assisting displaced residents. driver's license may not be enough to get you through airport security in the U.S. and onto a domestic flight. would be huge -- currently, there's a NICU at Carilion but not at LewisGale. demonstrated against a cast member. candidates' strength with minority voters will be tested for the first time in 2020.'re only a few hours away from the Polar Plunge! Here's how you can help us help the to look for from tonight's results.'s the day for the New River Polar Plunge! Help us as we continue to raise money for @SOlympicsVA!… say he boarded a train in 2017 and began shouting racist, anti-Muslim and xenophobic slurs at two young… do you fill out the form if you're away at college? Or in the military? (Your answer:👇) you miss this popular attraction? Three-month-old Isaiah died last night as a result of his injuries.“It’s a black eye for the DEA to have one of its own engaged in such a high level of corruption." say they're following every lead. aren't the only ones taking the plunge for a great cause! 🐧❄️ Sen. Bill Stanley took to Facebook, claiming Democrats are punishing deputies over Second Amendment sanc…“It’s a celebration of life, so let’s help her be a kid.”'t miss @MacandBobs on the @TODAYshow! Set your DVR for Sunday morning!Local, state and federal agencies worked together to make these 36 arrests.
“We can’t continue to ask county taxpayers to fund a small group of parents unpaid bills.”'s quite the prize for saving money! Good luck!🚦 If you're headed this way on 81, you could be sitting for a while! 🚦 center has also filed a lawsuit for conspiracy, basically alleging that their neighbors are trying to bring the…"I figured I’d just do everybody a favor,” Watson wrote. “In for a penny, in for a pound.” most recent poll has Pete Buttigieg finishing fourth in Virginia. IN: These four were allegedly helping distribute drugs throughout the mid-Atlantic region, plus recruiting peo… BUD! Former Virginia Tech Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster was recognized for his incredible career by law… could lead to headaches for some drivers on I-81 this afternoon. lovers! Don't miss out on this deal! say they don't have any information about where the little girl could be“He said, ‘I love you too much to live without you,’ then immediately shot me." you want to see these changes? used to have to catch three buses and walk two miles to get home. Not anymore. was on her way home from the neointensive care unit visiting her son when she saw the flames Their deaths have been ruled a homicide. The suspect is being held without bond. far, the president hasn't had any luck with Congress. UPDATE: According to the department, Hurst was treated the same way that anyone else would have been treated… shooter drills have become commonplace in schools across the country, but some fear they are too realistic In a few minutes, police will announce the results of their investigation into the traffic stop involving De… kids haven't been seen since September you going to see the dinos this weekend? was officially reported missing on Tuesday, more than seven weeks after she vanished. group behind the stunt is called P.U.T.I.N, an acronym for Pigeons United To Interfere Now starts the countdown to the signing of a peace agreement between the Taliban and the United States at the end… your kids going to school late? Check out the full list of schools that are delayed or closed here U.S. and other countries have put former Diamond Princess passengers in second quarantines family of Faye Marie Swetlik is asking everyone to wear bright colors, especially pink and purple, to honor the… most, yesterday's system was a disappointment just like the rest of the winter has been so far. Meteorologist… Associated Press review also found hundreds of other dams lacking official emergency plans that are located dang… country said a total of 204 people were infected with the virus CRASH: Authorities say it happened last night're back in action! you voted yet? scary reminder to watch out for dangerous road conditions. of us (finally) got a taste of winter!😲 The city spent almost $1 million to collect it all. you know the warning signs? really do live in a beautiful area 😍 This was taken earlier today in Carroll County. (📷 Melissa Russell) sure to check back as the night goes on! ❄️❄️❄️ to our team would turn Jeff's frown upside down! We're raising money for Special Olympics Virginia.…'s main concern isn't the snow, but ice and slush that could form on freezing roads later in the night.! Steve Scott just ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days to raise money for a local cancer organ…
In case you didn't know, catalytic converters are not cheap.'s excited for this in downtown Roanoke?! this guy wishes he chose a different restaurant to rob. health officials estimate the nation has already seen at least 14,000 deaths from flu this season of his rivals say he's trying to buy the presidency. better to ask for advice than the guys who spend their days on frozen water? you seen any snow near you?🚦 HEADS UP! 🚦“More than half don’t have the financial means to care for themselves in retirement." service notified churches of hard situations, such as families without beds or clothes, and allows members to d… police have wrapped up their investigation. is awesome! Floyd County schools will get to work with the Science Museum of Western Virginia and Virginia Tech HER? Tamara Anderson is wanted for creating fake money. baby’s 17-year-old father is allegedly a relative of the 11-year-old girl.“I want justice. I want justice. I want this policeman to go to jail for killing my son.” you have one of these? Here's how you can get your money back Stone has been sentenced to 40 months in prison. TRAFFIC: There's about a one-mile slowdown, so if you're heading that way be prepared!'s snowing in Grayson County! What are you seeing near you? (📷: Rebecca Richardson in Elk Creek) you catch this local staple on the @TODAYshow this morning?! with information is asked to call the police department🍺🍺 It will be brewed at the Ballast Point facility in Daleville. organization is facing an avalanche of lawsuits and horrifying accusations of children being sexually abused guy messed with the wrong goat! ALERT: Some family members say they haven't seen her since November. No tip is insignificant. was convicted on an indictment that accused him of lying to Congress and other serious charges attacks from his opponents, this underscores his staying power race is heating up, and these locals say they're not going anywhere had recently evacuated 60 Iranian students from Wuhan your kids be home from school early today? Check our full list here. @WSLS_Michaels says it's unlikely this turns into a HUGE snowstorm, but it will be impactful to parts… pleaded guilty in November to lying on a federal firearms form and to possessing a gun while using illegal drugs tragic. candidates didn't hold any punches, especially when it came to Bloomberg and Sanders Korea said it has confirmed a total of 82 cases of the virus