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The Internet’s Best Reactions To The 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix
Next up, it's the Bahrain 'oval'. Get in your predictions for the #WTF1Podcast 👇👑 update from Romain Grosjean on his Instagram ❤️ @RGrosjean to get your #BahrainGP questions in for the #WTF1Podcast 👇 very strong words from Ricciardo #BahrainGP #WTF1 Perez about losing a podium place: "After what happened today, you really put everything into perspective.… F1 community came together to show their support for Grosjean after that horror crash ❤️ #BahrainGP #WTF1 was emotional. #BahrainGP #WTF1Ricciardo with car damage. Bottas with a puncture. They'll escape as the race will finish under safety car. George Russell is 12th.Norris: "There's a guy running across the track" Madness.💔 #BahrainGP #WTF1 Car. Race over. #BahrainGP #WTF1SMOKE! PEREZ! van der Merwe 3.2 seconds behind Hamilton. We MIGHT just have had a race without that slow stop. #BahrainGP #WTF1This could really be Perez's third-to-last race in F1 😢 #BahrainGP #WTF1Verstappen goes for the undercut but it's a rare poor stop from Red Bull. Game over. #BahrainGP #WTF1Perez vs Albon for the final spot on the podium Helmut Marko: reporting vibrations on his tyres. Fastest lap incoming. #BahrainGP #WTF1Don't say it.Vettel: "The car is undriveable." A radio message that could be played at any race this year. #WTF1 #BahrainGPSainz vs Leclerc! Probably not for the last time... #WTF1 #BahrainGPVerstappen: "My car is jumping like a kangaroo" #WTF1 #BahrainGP race would usually be finishing by now. We're on lap 7 😳 #WTF1 #BahrainGPVettel very unhappy with Leclerc going down the inside at turn one. "He can't just do that, as if I wasn't there. T… is OK 🙏Another big crash. Stroll upside down. Safety Car. #BahrainGP #WTF1The race will resume in 10 minutes time. Let's have a safe one 🙏 #BahrainGP #WTF1The Halo. Life saver. #WTF1 #BahrainGP"Thank you. Honestly, I was surprised how you guys fucking reacted" Steiner to the FIA's Alan van der Merwe. #BahrainGPLewis Hamilton's thoughts: walked away. Speechless. #BahrainGP #WTF1 have to thank everyone who has pushed to make this sport safer. How on earth has Romain Grosjean just walked ou…! Thank you @HaasF1Team for this news. Flag! Horrible, horrible crash. Hope Grosjean is OK. #BahrainGPJust enough time for a quick bold prediction ahead of the race? 👇 #BahrainGP #WTF1 are our predictions ahead of the #BahrainGP 👀 Share your top five below 👇 #WTF1 saying it could be a 3-stop race #BahrainGP #WTF1 7th. He takes a 14 point championship lead into the finale at Bahrain Outer #F2Russian 1-2 🇷🇺 Great drives from Shwartzman and Mazepin 👏 Deletraz on the podium after an equally impressive drive! #F2Everyone locking up into the hairpin. Ilott takes out Daruvala. Could be massive for the championship! #F2Schumacher and Mazepin almost colliding in a mega battle for P4 😳 #BahrainGP #F2 Sprint Race time! Looks like we could see quite a few making a pit stop in this one 😮 #F2If you want to watch @MattyWTF1’s POV 👇 In with a shout of a podium!
Bottas playing Mario Kart before quali 😂 #BahrainGP’re racing in @JimmyBroadbent’s Race For Mental Health today! Let’s help him raise a tonne of money for…’s to-do list: ✅ 98th career pole in F1 ✅ New track record ✅ Another Pirelli Pole Position Award…"Another one of these. Great." #BahrainGP in 2014: Mercedes in 2015: Mercedes in 2016: Mercedes in 2017: Mercedes in 2018: Mercedes in 2019: yeah, this. could really reach 100 pole positions this year 🤯 #BahrainGP2019: Ferrari 1-2 2020: Ferrari 11-12 #BahrainGPVettel outqualifies Leclerc for the second race in a row but both Ferraris are out in Q2 #BahrainGPWe are live for #BahrainGP qualifying! Come join @MattyWTF1 and @TommyWTF1 for a watchalong 👋…
Retweeted by WTF1Carlos *sighs* #BahrainGPStroll back to back poles anyone? 😜 #BahrainGP are live for #BahrainGP qualifying! Come join @MattyWTF1 and @TommyWTF1 for a watchalong 👋… are our predictions we made on Friday 👀’ll be live in just over an hour for another qualifying watchalong. Last time Stroll took a shock pole, who’s get… for the championship̶e̶r̶c̶e̶d̶e̶s̶ ̶1̶-̶2̶ Verstappen fastest! #FP3 #BahrainGP🚨 F1 FANS! 🚨 @redbullracing are giving away what is quite possibly the greatest F1 prize EVER! 🛫 Flights to the 2…
Retweeted by WTF1What do you think the press conference will be announcing?Sergio Perez press conference on Monday...❤️ Help name the Bahrain puppa 👇 to 6th! What a drive from Yuki Tsunoda! #F2Dominant drive from Drugovich! Made it look easy 👏 #F2What a battle for P3 between Daruvala and Schumacher! #F2Make that 7th!Started last on the grid, Tsunoda moves up to 8th and reverse grid pole for tomorrow! #F2😂 Schumacher 5th, 14 seconds off the lead but on the better tyres. Where will he finish? #F2Schumacher leads, Ilott leads the drivers who’ve already pitted. What a race this is 😍 #F2Callum starting on pole seeing Mick (started 10th) passing him on lap 9 #F2 down to 4th now after an incredible battle with ArmstrongMick Schumacher started 10th. He takes 3rd at the end of the first lap! #F2 @drumman_tx How we’ve missed you 😍 Who’s watching? 🙋Ordered @wtf1official shirts for their black Friday sale yesterday and got them today. #WTF1
Retweeted by WTF1Do you think Mick Schumacher will be the F2 Champion? 🏆 #BahrainGP #F2
Here are the team’s predictions for qualifying. Give us your top five and be sure to join us for the #WTF1 Watchalo… are just paw-ful 🤦‍♂️ #BahrainGP team Roscoe Racing coming to F1 in 2021 😂 🤝 #BahrainGP Doggos on track dog has run a long way from Istanbul #BahrainGPSession gets underway but there's a dog on the track! Another red flag! #BahrainGPF1 TV directors cutting to Perez in the garage after Albon crashed #BahrainGP crash for Albon. He's ok but his Red Bull is not. Red flag. #BahrainGP's impossible not to love this guy 👏 takes pole in F2! Schumacher 10th. The championship battle is on 👀 #F2🚨 F1 FANS! 🚨 @redbullracing are giving away what is quite possibly the greatest F1 prize EVER! 🛫 Flights to the 2…*Bohemian Robsody plays*Kubica P13 👀 #BahrainGPGasly ruined this#FP1 #BahrainGP