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Mig @wtfmig Dallas, TX

Chaotic Evil Game Developer, C- Artist, Magpie

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@DenverSkyline @TupelosHoney eric bauman, the original content thief @DenverSkyline @TupelosHoney We don't talk about rotton. We BARELY talk about YTMND @TupelosHoney Fuck I hope they get to be normal. I can't imagine how terrible the internet will be in 10 yearschad alligator and virgin policeYOOO HE KNOCKED HIM OUT COLD
Retweeted by Mig @EdFarage Haha asking for books isn't crazy @ProbablyAimee And them you explained that Jackie Chan didn't support a free Hong Kong and asked them to fetch a switch? @AntonMCorazza I feel you man. It hurts me to see people not even able to agree that violence and murder are bad @judashman @ProbablyAimee Up to 7 @ProbablyAimee I feel like it might be damaging to have them only see that stuff during a month and make it "weird"… @DesignFries Thanks. @DesignFries There is so much fucking nuance @ishyrodriguez Hahaha those are some claims, but yes we are chess people @ndlela_yami Ah yes I'm familiar with this Thanks
I firmly believe that racism is learned, but we must also teach about racism and inequality in order to combat thes…'m curious what other parents of young kids have done to try to educate their kids about issues like bigotry so th… @simp1istic really underwhelming show by the MURDER HORNETSI didn't actually anticipate this looping at all................................................ @JsusC6 Thrill of the Fight... the best game @SunraHeadgear @bartwerf undeniable2020 sucks so much ass that murder hornets didn't even register @SunraHeadgear @bartwerf Invest in eggs @DaniMaesk Generally before I start I hit the heavy bag and figure out my hip turns. I've got my hooks around 4000n… @DaniMaesk I sit at 1x on both multipliers @AlexRoseGames hahaha kicks are a special attack I save for bosses @AlexRoseGames here is a reference for when I was out of shape lol @AlexRoseGames if the metrics they provide are accurate, I'm about 25-30% faster @kurtruslfanclub It also looks dangerous, so I was thinking he gave up skateboarding to do a much more dangerous th… @KainYusanagi I think the quest has trouble recording video of my EXTREMELY BRUTAL HOOK ;)A little squashin've been starting from fighter1 every night in outclassed mode. This is the furthest I've gotten and I feel like I… @MarcStraight oh good finally a use @Salman_Shh Congrats brother
@SergeantIndie but they're unarmed with a knife!Animal Crossing is out there stealing Apple Kid aesthetics @DanFessler haha I have multiple computers I work on all on one desk.. for like no real good reason @Sloobles probably all the twitter doin it to us :( @Sloobles yo I have a psychology degree which literally pushed the smart part of my brain out and replaced it with feels @Green9090LP it wasn't a real issue. I'm just trying to make jokes on the internet lol @Green9090LP Thanks momMe: hey google.. uh... how do I convert slope to angle agian? Google: bro you learned this when you were 12... i'm… I'm writing code I google basic ass math way more often than I google syntax and language
@balmut_ I'll probably add shootySwiggity swooty, making games without any shooty @SergeantIndie haha getting this right is pretty important @SergeantIndie I sorta have to huh? @Alugz_p fuck it everything gonna jiggle used to feel like humanity could use a major indiscriminate catastrophe to bring us all together and eliminate th… @ElMetallico1 Tru. Been boxing for a while that shit is nuts @ElMetallico1 Dizzy tho @KainYusanagi Just light headed. Been doing maybe too much cardio and my pills are lowering it further @animtree Shit I hope that's not realI 100% lost this project and have no clue where it went. @Cannonbreed For a couple seasons for sure @pollkem Now we're tarkinstarting to look like cloud-ish things
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@Klokwurk They look 40 @SergeantIndie This is my mission @eldrone I hear the music in my headMight make something silly this weekend. I have an itch Table Tennis so real it feels like I'm actually losing to a terrible opponent... @dwtw Shit man. Stay safe out there @DoodleBard The locals don't want their town burned down. I don't understand the motivation.Locals pulling out-of-towners out of local businesses. Lots of frustration. Lots of dangerous things happening ton… a live stream of Minnesota and it's obvious there are numerous groups of bad actors who flew in today with…
@lou_quorice babbylou @DanFessler Those tablescraps we were given were a tiny portion of trillions of dollars that were printed and given…'m so glad Apple ended up not going with horsePod like Jobs originally wanted.I hope everyone is holding up okay. I'm always around if you're having a hard time processing and need an earIf you could gain precise self awareness over your skill level in whatever your chosen discipline is, would you do it?One of my best and oldest friends broke up with his high school girlfriend over a decade ago. Today, his wife of 7…
Retweeted by Mig @garbagefilth @devolverdigital Get a room @garbagefilth A+++++ @ellalowgren What has helped me is to completely dissociate and have a persona exclusively for this stupid website that isn't really me 😅
@TupelosHoney I made the switch to a desktop + xp pen artist 15.6 pro and honestly couldn't be happier with performance @TupelosHoney @Microsoft which surface do you have? My surface book 1 literally melted after prolonged dev @vgephemera @Nateryl holy shit I just noticed the little car @beardswin @Iceztiq @swonqi the rare virgin chad @SungamTheGreat @jaybee_tyn That's okay I like money @Iceztiq @swonqi I don't use a tablet... When my kids find out I'm a virgin it's going to be rough for them. @Adsinjapan he's my training partner @jaybee_tyn expending extra effort when it doesn't correlate with cash dollars seems like a big waste of time @punchesbears @Estirdalin what the fuck @Estirdalin @punchesbears oh noI don't want to live in a world where people think I make cute things for any reason other than I am bad at drawing serious things. @NightMargin They're learning your routines so they know how to KILL @NightMargin I heard that often times cute games are made by deranged psychopaths trying to muster up the courage t… @punchesbears @Estirdalin Forget girls, we'll start our own karate club @punchesbears @Estirdalin Master Lee's best adult student might have something to say about this. 🦿🐸👌🔊 @fell_martins Dankey kang @fell_martins Huge if true
@gavanw But are the BoxBoxes @obiliskVG Steam gamegames @Estirdalin I think OP might hate dudes @Estirdalin AITA, someone asked a question and I assumed they didn't know what words are? @Estirdalin ACTUALLY FEMALE GAMER I KNOW INFORMATION THAT YOU MAY NOT BE PRIVY TO @_Xiovi_ but they wouldn't say FPS Game right?It's 2020 why am I still seeing this?