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im a Pisces and I absolutely expect you to base your judgement of me on it

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Me in the house listening to music by myself
Retweeted by kayla 🥵Also I tried to sell a bag of clothes for like $20 because it’s 9 pairs of pants and 10 shirts but people don’t giv…’m sorry TMI I might as well be a poop account. I JUST SHOT A POO BOMB IN THE TOILET. LIKE IT SOUNDED LIKE A DROPP… toxic trait is i get h*gh n start replying to everyone’s tweets like we besties or sum LMAOOOO
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I feel so bad for all the normal ass people following me who have to watch me fucking break down on the internet al… just wanna go lol. What’s the use doing the same thing every day and struggling every day just for all that work… and I aren’t nearly perfect but at least we don’t deal with trust and insecurity issues. Some of the most tr…
Sometimes I like to see how far I can get my jaw open every day. Sometimes it’s like butter and other days I feel l… come if I’m wishing pregnancy on people out of spite, I haven’t gotten my karma and gotten pregnant?? What, God…😭😭
Retweeted by kayla 🥵did it work?
Retweeted by kayla 🥵apparently there’s some rumor being spread that I receive all the royalties from Crystal Castles music. I DONT.…
Retweeted by kayla 🥵Like I wanna cry I’m not even close to a period or anything that could be disrupting my sleep but here I am up at 3am as per fucking usualme posting music on my insta story even tho no ones gonna listen to it
Retweeted by kayla 🥵I’ll never ever ever get used to the exhaustion of not sleeping. I don’t understand why my body wakes me up and ref…
@devinlucifer ❤️❤️❤️ @abbydm_ @ailayne me toooo, I literally can’t look at the toilet or breathe in until I’m fully ready to throw up lolI go from bawling my eyes out to sleep to panic to puke to cry to you get me? I’m struggling hard hard… driving to the store to buy a head of cabbage to fry up
cant explain but this what shrooming feels like
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Kenneka Jenkins is still one of the scariest cases ever
Retweeted by kayla 🥵An "accidentally" cut cable has brought down the entire voter registration system in Virginia on the last day that…
Retweeted by kayla 🥵I am so scared my ballot somehow won’t make it through the mail 😅“i stay out of politics” is such a weird way to spell “my rights as a human being aren’t up in the air every 4 year…
Retweeted by kayla 🥵I don’t know musical terms so it sounds like bass to me....but those wobbly notes in 745 by Vince staples make my puthy wetfixed it
Retweeted by kayla 🥵christopher columbus trending so imma jus leave this here
Retweeted by kayla 🥵watch this and notice that the whole time the hairdresser is dealing nicely with them and talking to them like a hu…
Retweeted by kayla 🥵 @devinlucifer Omg one time I had spent the night at my dads house but forgot to bring a bra. So the next day when I…<3
Retweeted by kayla 🥵I had a route 44 cherry limeade, 6 Reese’s peanut butter cups, and a can of sprite for dinner. If I complain about…
I am so sad today like I just genuinely can’t snap out of it
A black woman as the lead singer of a rock band??? YES I WILL STAN.
Retweeted by kayla 🥵This made me cry wow mom I’m moving back in sorry’s a good tip on a $200 hair bill?? How do you tip artists?! I’ve always felt I’m under-tipping in that industryI want a catFun little study this morning. In progress 💛
Retweeted by kayla 🥵 @devinlucifer That was an amazing decision to do your hair like that and you look HOTLord I don’t know if I’ve said it before but I will say it again, girls who only post inspirational quotes on Faceb…
sounds like an apartment lmao step out of my bed into my couch vets love playing the hero card when they legit went to vietnam and did this
Retweeted by kayla 🥵I miss living near rock bottom bc I want that fucking carrot cake
Why do we see Confederate flags on houses with a Trump sign in the front yard?
Retweeted by kayla 🥵Heartwarming! This 2-year-old's family couldn't afford his $20,000 electric wheelchair, and their insurance didn't…
Retweeted by kayla 🥵i will never delete this app😭
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Retweeted by kayla 🥵 @devinlucifer You absolutely 100% without a doubt should do it 😍me: omg why do I feel so anxious why does my tummy hurt why am I nervous also me: *has held in pee for 4 hours*asked my therapist who their therapist was and went to see them. asked them the same thing until i got to the final…
Retweeted by kayla 🥵No one: People who own air fryers dying to tell you what they made:
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@devinlucifer Okay thank god omg lol. I started thinking of all the things I eat that make my tongue feel kiwis make your tongue scratchy or am I allergic?!?me when I got back on Facebook just to argue and be political again I can’t help it free
Retweeted by kayla 🥵since men apparently know everything what’s this?
Retweeted by kayla 🥵When I’m at the family function
Retweeted by kayla 🥵Sometimes my tongue feels spicy when I eat blue cheese so is that normal or am I allergic lmao
hey Colorado friends: remember to vote NO on prop 115. Voting yes forces women to give birth to dead babies after 2…
Retweeted by kayla 🥵me: it’s okay to be a person struggling with productivity during a prolonged crisis my brain: not u though me: not me though
Retweeted by kayla 🥵 @devinlucifer I’ve gotten into the same argument like what’s not clicking here sir lolsimilar but not, my dad picked me up for “work” one day, which was just me walking this random lady’s dog. He had f… you have to have a box fan running while you eat to drown out the noise or are you normal?
Urban planning & infrastructure is a disability issue 👇 #CripTheVote #GhostWheelchair
Retweeted by kayla 🥵Being in ur 20’s is like “if i can just get through this week i’ll be ok” but it’s every freaking week
Retweeted by kayla 🥵I'm not an adult. I'm a child that has automatic bill payments set up.
Retweeted by kayla 🥵infinity cow rug
Retweeted by kayla 🥵He noticed a man assaulting a woman & he intervened. When police arrived, he raised his hands & attempted to explai…
Retweeted by kayla 🥵Same Artist
Retweeted by kayla 🥵The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
Retweeted by kayla 🥵Men created the narrative that men are supposed to the breadwinner of the household and now men are mad that women…
Retweeted by kayla 🥵I wish there was a place I could go and just be evaluated and given medication and watched for like a week without… fucking hate waking up knowing you’re gonna puke at some point that shit gives me anxiety which makes it WORSEafter I figured out he actually did smoke, our first date was the Christmas party and when we went back to his plac… wanna do that cute ass how it started but it went something like Daniel getting my number from a coworker, textin…
missing this
Retweeted by kayla 🥵ONLY starburst jellybeans the rest can go to DIEAs an adult I have choices, and my choice is to throw away all the purple jelly beansa relationship should be 50/50 I buy him the fenty underwear and he builds me a house by hand
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Just reminiscing on the days when I would check out the Riot! CD from the library and dream of Hayley Williams 😌bisexuals be like “I CANT-“ you cant what ? choose between the sarcastic dark haired guy or the devastatingly beaut…
Retweeted by kayla 🥵Same sis.
Retweeted by kayla 🥵Sticker in Auckland, New Zealand.
Retweeted by kayla 🥵happy six years to gone girl. here’s the monologue that is the literal epitome of “good for her”
Retweeted by kayla 🥵At this point in life all I want is to live in the country and tend to my animals every morning
.......are you fucking kidding lol’s October 3rd
Retweeted by kayla 🥵usually we don’t lock my dog in his kennel at night because he enjoys sleeping there so he doesn’t open the door. b… we allowed to pray that trump never recovers and ends up six feet under or is that bad karma? I’m asking for my friend 😔
“I don’t wear masks like him. He could be speaking 200 feet away from people and he’ll be wearing the biggest mask…
Retweeted by kayla 🥵Twitter: 😔 people’s children are off limits, Biden’s son is a recovering addict 😔 Twitter: BARRON TRUMP LOOK LIKE MY MOMMA LEFT TOEif women want respect why do they have boobs🤔
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I miss seating bad tables and having to go back to the kitchen after 5 minutes bc the servers are arguing over whos… lol I’m gonna go to school but if I pursue that career I have to really fucking work for itI would do anything to be a financially stable interior designer, ANYTHING....except for go to school and get exposure lmao 🤫no thoughts just cat playing violin to the moon
Retweeted by kayla 🥵“you’d really end a friendship over politics??” yes what’s not clicking
Retweeted by kayla 🥵Ive ended family relationships like idc this is not up for debate lol
@devinlucifer It takes some work and distance from the dog for them to unlearn a lot of anxious behaviors :( I had… always say “change my mind” like we’re seeking a debate partner to constantly argue and defend our character t… women’s march is marching in oct. for the Supreme Court, where the fuck have they been for BLM & the fight against police violence??????
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