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Black Lives Matter #BLM Snr Technical Artist @unity3d Formerly: Insomniac Games (Spider-Man), Ready At Dawn (The Order: 1886). Short. Scottish. Angry. they/them

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@Avaltor05 Cursory Internet Google says it’s likely an outdated driver - possibility graphics driver. @SlickBricker Guilty as charged... 😔My favorite thing about this is everything about this.
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them) @HosFross I find I have the opposite problem! I'll see relevant info or news here and it'll be lost in my mountain… how it's totally normal that men can say anything they want will commanding authority and no tact but if a w…
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them)#awooootober: A thread Going to put these all in one thread whenever I hit 4-per for convenience, and to see my pr…
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them) @ZippoZappo Thank you! She knows it - don't you worry! @ZippoZappo Just the lighting! They're green! She's my little old lady Scottish farm cat. I got her when I finished… WHAT ARE YOU DOING 👀 @berryfoxes Wow... that's just 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
@zemthings They tire you out mentally and emotionally. You know what my favourite thing to do is when critically il… @KCDodgeroo So fucked up. The worst is that it's more expensive to be poor. I have a secure and well-paying job wit… is a human right. 😤 My identity isn't a choice. Keeping parts of my body isn't 'cosmetic'. @StopTweetingMia Just twist that knife why don’t you 🔪😩Love to have some of the best US health insurance & be quoted over $5k for gender affirming surgery.🙃 I know this… about the guy that put cheese in a chocolate fountain
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them)Digging up some designs from Hayop Ka from about two years ago
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them)Hey guys, coming at you with another gamedev tip. "Why are normal maps blue?" Normal maps are blue because, withi…
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them)Only a couple of days left to submit a talk for the 2021 Animation Exchange. Talks of any length, live or pre-recor…
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them)POV: your werewolf moms giving you love & advice
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them) @NoraShramek NO @vicehii You say that... but I really didn't do as good a job on my roommates hair versus my own hahahahaElection Day (A Goofy Movie Parody)
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them)A quick tip regarding horse leg posing. #animation
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them) @vicehii Quality work!! Wanna give me a fade too? 😂I’ve been trying to come up with an appropriate response to this for 5 minutes. Do I joke? Do I cry? 🤷
So can I now share that i earned $430 monthly for full time work on facial animations on That Great Game 3 in That…
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them)TFW you see your end date on the horizon & you tell yourself “Everything is fine.” but you are still internally scr…
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them) @Emily_x_Juliet Sending all my love and well wishes to a perfect Bento baby. I know how nerve-wrecking it can be -…'s Swedish site went up today and it's the best. Watchdogs translated to "Look at Dogs."
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them)It’s @aceweek - public health does a terrible job of recognizing the spectrum of human sexuality, especially includ…
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them)flat boye
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them)I'm already tired of this personal project. I wanted to finish it by Halloween, but that's looking unlikely.
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them) @KCDodgeroo @xavierck3d I WILL THROW YOU (one day) @TriumphantBass By all means!! 😤 @NoraShramek Never again. 😬😬😬😬dogtober day 27: the battle between two wolves is inside us all. one wants you to drink coffee at midnight, the oth…
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them) @NoraShramek *his @NoraShramek hahahaha!! I mean I also liked Vegeta and it's giant forehead so it's very clear I lack taste. @NoraShramek fuck that's the highest praise I could receive. Trunks was a teenage awakening for me as in 'I like bo… @SlickBricker all i'm saying is...lads... I'm single 👀 @gaypunkposer I bloody hope so.Looking to follow some mutual s private accounts. HMU so I can sneakily sneak upon you. Or don’t. Unless... 👀🙈 @Ebonscale We are safe! They managed to contain it and put it out. But I had pancakes carry box ready to go along with the cats carrier too! @bentllama that's what I'm eyeing up... All them trees. To be thrown. For my amusement. @thewritegame I know! I would have been evacuated for the Silverado Fire. I used to live on Sand Canyon - near Trabuco. :( Stay safe! @Ptraci I started but then I remembered ... 😂 @qorquiq @Ptraci Yikes. Not unexpected. Just sad.Also SUPERSCOOPER!!!! with Grace as my trainer cause she is 🔥🔥🔥 @Thinh_Anim It has been! Look em them go! @Ashley49518505 Yeah and even I can’t afford shit out here with a career and good jobWell out of all of that excitement at least I got some pics prior to show off my shoulder progress 😤👌 @Ashley49518505 30
@Ashley49518505 Me too. Just wish it was more affordable. I'm lucky that I have a good landlord. But I know many people don'tFire looks contained and mostly out on the Glendale side. I can see the firefighters on the hill surveying the frontline. #GrandviewFire @Ashley49518505 Yes - border of Burbank/Glendale.Looks like it's contained and mostly stopped. Wonderful work from #LAFire as always. 💪 @Ashley49518505 Seems that way. Looks like it's contained from my limited view @N_GONS They're evacing the folks who need to nearby. I'd watch @myBurbankNEWSAll I can hear is helicopters #GrandviewFire They keep flying right over my house. Must be so close. @kellyAREKAYyeo @xavierck3d Thank you!! Much appreciated <3 <3 @kellyAREKAYyeo Yeah @xavierck3d has offered. 😤Air dropping water @xavierck3d Will do. We might. Seems they've got the flames down a bitAsh is now raining on us. Time to pack the bug out bagPics thru my binocs to have a fire within spitting distance of my house. 😔 #glendale @Stitched I'm not even on VPN! I just use a private browser session or sometimes choose to do it via my phone/ipad.Every...fucking...time... I try to buy a game on Steam it makes me go to my email to enter a code to login. EVERY.… @GhostLyre @Beavs It's fascinating. There is so much in there. So much detail. A person could go insane in here - l… @graysinning Grats!!! @sstarkm Yeah hahahaha... first I was like 'wow bitch u live like this...?' ...then I went downstairs and it was a Whole New World. @AlProgramming @Beavs I saw!! The conditions of the people just LIVING here is criminal so I'm hardly surprised!! @ghostsjogging this is a good summary. ✌️ @Aeyoqen I'm loving it. There are 100% pure dad quotes. 😘👌This was a wild ride. From the porno room with the weird tub/shower, to the two toilets side by side, to the sign t… @Beavs Holy shit. So many good gems in here. This is totally an eBay warehouse filled with people who are being pai… the rich
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them) @qorquiq I was 23. @qorquiq I developed chronic IBS, chronic tendonitis and had short term afflictions like insomnia and hair loss. @KapuraMax What's even better is they apparently found out about this delay at the same time twitter did :)
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them) @wastelandwolff Here's a good and lengthy summary : love colder weather 😤 @lizaledwards This but I’m already in the US 😢 @_mlktea @SamMaggs My solution is to be on testosterone. 🤫😂 I heard Mirena is the best especially if you haven’t had children yet. 🙌🎊New rigging tutorial🎊 Check it out to see how I used a Limit Distance constraint and a couple other ones to drive…
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them) @xavierck3d @innesmck I will never not tag you in relation to mummy soup.Got the paper screen protecter @xavierck3d recommended and drew myself a werecat... 🤔 Gin93 (dA) ! Were!Jotaro and Were!GravityFalls
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them) @fionapup Stay safe! I used to live a block from that fire - In Esperanza right across from the Ralphs/Trader Joe's on Sand Canyon! :( @SamMaggs Yup... you should be eyeing your Canadian passport about now.So the Senate gets Amy Coney Barrett approved on the Supreme Court in record time but can't approve a stimulus bill…
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them)The perfect video doesn’t exi-
Retweeted by Dark So(u)l(s) (they/them)
@Avaltor05 I literally used to live a block from here. 😢 @zemthings if only it were 9-5. 😂 @ErikRobson It’s Apples built in email client but I cropped it out.