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An Angry Bee @wuffles Burbank, CA

Status:??? Former Character TD @ Insomniac Games (Spider-Man). Ex-Ready At Dawn (The Order: 1886). Owns a veritable zoo. Short. Scottish. Angry. they/them

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Here's how I pin objects to a NurbsSurface in Maya. I do not use follicles anymore. I use matrix constraints like…
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @_mlktea AHHHHHHH that's what that was about!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! @GavinGoulden @_mlktea I don't know what the context is for this but I'm melting inside.*our... goddamit. Every single goddamn time.Are you a rigger? Do you have burning questions? A portfolio to review? Would you like to talk to people with a com… raptor
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @BraveRobynArt don't worry sarah! you're freaking KICK ASSSSSSS!! I don't need a chart of dumb fictional characters to tell me that ;D @BraveRobynArt Yeah I guess you can see the dots but it would be nice to see where each character is matched in what traits! @Dramido Hahaha if I'm truly Tyrion I fear for who my siblings might be 😂😂
Retweeted by An Angry BeeLight dictionary tutorial thing
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @oneLankyMunkey Honestly I only hope I can radiate the chaotic evil of Jiang Yang 😤 @PowerLeca @despair @GavinGoulden Hahaha Yeah that's a pretty good one!!! @kellyAREKAYyeo I can still hear them~~~~ @despair @GavinGoulden Holy shit - you got higher than me hahaha!! @1ndigoglass Man she was a wicked cool character @GavinGoulden Brienne is goals so I approve...요망스런 꼬리
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @jillithe hahaha!! I'm so sorry!! XD @1ndigoglass ! @GavinGoulden Holy shit. I can totally see you being an Ehrmantraut. @GhostLyre Hahaha told ya!! @BraveRobynArt Aang is fucking BADASS!!! But I don't know if the rest are necessarily you??? @the_Willard I have been known to. Tho these days I'm a reformed lightweight. @jvalenzu This is one of the best compliments I've ever received. @jillithe Noo! I love Simon, and Lisa and Bruce is pretty good. But yeah - doesn't start off too hot LOL! @alexprevity hahahaha dang xD
2020 it wrong? 🤔 really just peaced out on me like that I-- #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @SamMaggs Stay safe Sam. :( :( ❤️❤️❤️ @JusticeKazzy_ Such goals 😤😤 @Courtnipie I feel like they will!I refuse to be part of this rabbit’s games. I’ve eaten every easter egg I’ve found
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @Courtnipie ;___; I got none yetI think these eggs are getting to me. Constantly hearing the 'whoosh'ing noise of balloons above me when I'm playin… 👸: English Cocker Spaniel Luke ⚔️: Duck Tolling Retriever Han 🎲 : Mutt Chewie 🎖️: Tibetan Mastiff Clone Troo…
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @vicehii I love this lad. 😭I love my Animal Crossing neighbors #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
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Retweeted by An Angry Beeはじめて蜂に遭遇する人🐝 #どうぶつの森  #AnimalCrossing  #ACNH  #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by An Angry Beenew niche interest: japanese gamers vs tarantulas on animal crossing
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @GhostLyre It's been bananas over here all day. Constant foot traffic!! Normally we don't get shit. Its weird as hell @despair But as you can see depending on what media you consume with what biases they have that is no longer really… @despair I think we can only work with what information we have and can seek. But it's hard for the layman to trust…
Taking it chill
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @floatvoid Don't feel too bad. @XCK3D did this to me once after a break and it took me 2 hours of restarting my machine. @AnthonyBarranco @XCK3D at this laddie. Nae fear아니...공포게임 동물의숲
Retweeted by An Angry Bee[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: 'Moose' the mouse villagar from Animal Crossing - a jock type with curly hair and a constant 'D… Stay Safe with Bryan and Nicky Dee
Retweeted by An Angry BeeYou can see Catalina Island from Griffith Park right now.
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Retweeted by An Angry BeeNO!!! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch reset my console entirety and HE'S HERE!!! @Ebonscale Yeah he's just not there... No announcement from isabelle.. @Ebonscale I am! Correct time/date. I was on someone else's island and let it 'go to sleep' last night (I fell asle… is cancelled for me. Zipper nor his eggs appeared for me. On Patch 1.1.1a and no time travelling. Reset my g… @_mlktea Holy shit congrats?!?!?Obligatory #ACNH post, me n the bois
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@unpacklo Do it Dale. I need someone in solidarity with me here!And YOU get a spinning death blade! And YOU get a spinning death blade!!! #gamedev #indiegame #indiedev #gaming
Retweeted by An Angry BeeCoronavirus silver-linings: Jack Black is now on Tik Tok...
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @BraveRobynArt I'm such a lucky player 😍've added another customer requested feature to #Maya2020 Update 1: go to next/previous bookmark. This sets the c…
Retweeted by An Angry Bee"do you need something"
Retweeted by An Angry BeeI started DMing at the start of the year, i love it & love my players! Started drawing up a few special maps for th…
Retweeted by An Angry BeeAs a Monday treat, we hope you enjoy this little breakdown of all of the different stages that went into creating o…
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @Juleshortstuff JuLi I will destroy them. Anyone who looks at you twice with judgement. As soon as this is over I'm… diaries # 4
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @despair I appreciated it, Elan. ❤️ @despair @ManMadeMoon Give us your best recipes Elan. My mum never got the memo! @jvalenzu @ManMadeMoon Yeah... no joke! I just started a batch of kombucha tho! Yeah... I'm that person... @jvalenzu @ManMadeMoon Now I'm just running out of flour tho 🤣 @jvalenzu @ManMadeMoon Due to this thread I learned how to make my own! I knew about starte… @ManMadeMoon For real. I've not been able to find yeast since this whole thing kicked off. :(Finally got my flag up! #animalcrossing #ACNH #ffx
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @GracieDraws OMG!! Lucked out! You deserve him!!
Last week I sent the #AnimalCrossing opening theme to my lovely professional musician/shotokan karate instructor pa…
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @daveexplosm @daveexplosm True... which looks like it’s coming to Switch!!! 😍😍 @BryanRenno I remember the opening of Besaid, with the beautiful cliffs and waterfalls as you weave thru the enviro… smokes, someone forked GIMP into a new image editing app called Glimpse - to fix decades of UI failings, and b…
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @MissFire4 Thankee 😤 @zzzombiy I didn't shave it all off!!! ...yet! dunno why I drew all of this... #BOTW
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @DDAssets Haha thanks! It's natural, baby!! @Avaltor05 Thank you!! 🙌🙌🙌It's still my original character, but it's only in Chinese and I haven't translated it yet
Retweeted by An Angry Bee @XCK3D You are absolutely doing this right. @thelaurynash Ahh! Luckily all it says is a warning not to abandon pets. Not that I don't doubt some people will...… @thelaurynash Sources? I know it's depressing but at the same time there is a lot of fake articles put there designed to stoke rage... @1ndigoglass I aim to please @jillithe 😏butt of course! @awayfromlife Yeah I'm touching it up as I got along. Its definitely patchy in places but that's gonna happen when… @jillithe Hahaha this is amazing!!! You really got into that. Major respect 😭💪 @thelaurynash Are people REALLY doing this???? @lanibirdtweets Thank you so much!! ♥️😭