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@aleksandarosa happy birthday king @notrxchel @ignovercook @t4sted ya we should @ignovercook @KaedenVAL nah this caption 💀 @notrxchel @ignovercook @t4sted im kinda bored of everything rn tbh @notrxchel @ignovercook @t4sted sounds like my life 🫡 @notrxchel @ignovercook @t4sted eh lifes kinda boring rn just working and doin stuff on val wbu @notrxchel @ignovercook @t4sted i hope so, its about time he found his 🤭 @ignovercook @notrxchel @t4sted OVERCOOK FAN IS CRAZY @emluo @ignovercook @SanriosVal ai ssibalstuff from last nights stream
Retweeted by gunny @emluo @SanriosVal @ignovercook literally goated bro @emluo @SanriosVal @ignovercook imagine if she returned sooner @unshtable @fairyfps she dont want me bruh @fairyfps expected nothing less from u
@Bobbert_VAL Bobbert ur too young for this @karraof hop on and play a few dms or sum @wlyrrr @daimyoFPS NOOOOOOOOO @karraof take a break for a lil bit tho and grind agane @cryptXVAL 💀💀 @cryptXVAL wait this isnt obvious? 💀 ppl care abt stats way too much @nnzoee where the last kill at @Evs2x @ignepiphanys @unshtable @AlexJacksonVAL @Subroza Start locking him on haven NOW @Subroza @AlexJacksonVAL 🤭 @Evs2x @ignepiphanys oh? @ignovercook WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @unshtable OHJ YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHrunning out of time
Retweeted by gunny @paranoidval @cryptXVAL like u never left @fairyfps ME
@fairyfps CLOSE IT OUT @renaiVAL SHEEESH @acez2k am so fucking god awful at this game i want to quit @fairyfps @xanderaj_ @unshtable @kayvalorant 😔 @fairyfps @unshtable @xanderaj_ @kayvalorant can u stop. @homiesrice HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYY
@fairyfps lightwork @CarbynVAL @ReDoFPS @AeroValorant heat > all ur teams @AeroValorant @ReDoFPS look at him 💀 @ignovercook @rdstnd yes @ignovercook @rdstnd R u slow @PokemonGems @matchacataimers @nabiichuVAL @ignovercook @rdstnd plz stfu u r way better than me @ignovercook @rdstnd not better than u @ignovercook @rdstnd u are the best chamber @jakeeVAL @CrazymojoVAL LMFAO @Evs2x @inaahxo LMFOAOAOAOAOAOA @ssav1or @scrollval i see @ssav1or @scrollval wtf is this supposed to mean @scrollval @ssav1or facts @ssav1or its 11:54 am and i want to go back to bed forever @ssav1or 😂🫠🫠🫠 @ssav1or please end my life @ssav1or xD xd XD @fIuffyzx @inaahxo this guy does @ysk1ng Feel better soon pops @ysk1ng i wish i was sick so i could sleep all day @jakeeVAL @zekeiVAL @juleevalo good shit brotha @jakeeVAL @zekeiVAL @juleevalo did u end up using the rag and shit for ur hands or @jakeeVAL @zekeiVAL @juleevalo id suck ur shit no matter how big it is @jakeeVAL @zekeiVAL @juleevalo LKFIKANFAOIFAFMAOIFMASOIPFPKIMDSIAJKFAN
@ignovercook @unshtable @kayvalorant on god bro was meowing @ignovercook @fairyfps yeah. @ignovercook @fairyfps u play too much @ignovercook @fairyfps what @kazvmo @nabiichuVAL my intention is not to score. @ignovercook @fairyfps hey bae @kazvmo @nabiichuVAL chill bro look at her pfp @fairyfps wait what LMFAO @nabiichuVAL is everything okay @wlyrrr @adorbse @kumifps Ryan the amount of work these mfs be makin me do for $15 a hour is criminal @kxtieoh @MisfitsGG 🥲🥲🫠 @Avxrsive @KillerMillerGG @tdawggVAL @ignovercook @citrusval this had me crying LMFAOAOAOAO @KillerMillerGG @tdawggVAL @ignovercook @Avxrsive @citrusval HOYL FUCK ITS ANDREW TATE @ignovercook @karraof
i lost holy @notrxchel @ToozyVAL whats ur schedule @notrxchel @ToozyVAL bro wtfff @notrxchel @ToozyVAL im at work till 3 and then i gotta be home by 6 for scrims and shit but ill sew @notrxchel @ToozyVAL im pullin up rn @FaNbF41 HBDD @ignovercook @WasteManOP @emizoxo @WasteManOP @Evs2x LMFAO @WasteManOP hey
@ReDoFPS uhh idk if it works but try roy's optimization it helped my game alot nglDANCE BABY
Retweeted by gunny @Lthew_ welcome back @RachellyVAL @Add3rTV @juliaaiis @Huston_TV @witmer @texerino vouch @scrollval @inaahxo Fair enough @scrollval @inaahxo i just smoke blue cuz like might as well @scrollval @inaahxo u trust ur ranked teammates to fight backsite properly tho @scrollval @inaahxo Ok @JSaulsTV LMAO @StonkBear @koofstar who the fuck is that like why do i have a fan lol… @ssav1or pre good shift had me dead tho 7-3 is brutal esp with my sleep @ssav1or just finished my shift wbu @ssav1or Hey @cloudyerin_ happy bday