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live with @wunjii
Retweeted by gunnywarming up rn then ranked with @ignovercook @whosmicheIa ur funnier + thank you, you too :) hope u have a good day today mich!!! @Ino_VAL I’m 6 ft and I suck at Valorant @Ino_VAL man. @limit_tester @whosmicheIa hi @iamhcu @bobabonk stfu @bobabonk @iamhcu how to mute convo I hate u guys fick you d!3 @lialovesyu stay safe ❤️i am now dropping on ALL PLATFORMS ! i’ll put up the rest of my discog asap go fw it<33
Retweeted by gunny @Toastedtw @spoofzera @vrofps ofc u did u opp @spoofzera @vrofps ur lucky I didn’t @vrofps @spoofzera @aeluinn @vrofps LMAOO @loserpill @mikeVAL_ ong @bobabonk is Zach sleepin @fluffyyFPS ppl gonna take this the wrong way brogm ranked stream today?? @1EDEN_ @fishszns bro ratio'd him LMFAO @Evs2x @Evs2x ong @1EDEN_ more songs to add to the playlist @1EDEN_ i didnt even know kyle put his shit on spotify @1EDEN_ eden what is good with u @notrxchel this ratio bored @1dianazzz @spoofzera hi @ignovercook Wtf @MoonKillerYT i always choke the aces @sadIucas @spoofzera CHILLLLL @spoofzera LMFAOOO @77Joeyy UR NUTSSOVA ACE IN VALORANT RT RT RT
Retweeted by gunny
@_routers @TeamSynergy @OniCulture 110 velocity is too fast bro LFMAO @homiesrice oni claw buff bro @dogbackp6ck @notrxchel sorry @dogbackp6ck @notrxchel shut the fuck up @ignovercook i think he has the ruin daggerthe duality of a man @KarraOf demontime @sundownswrld @fluffyyFPS @cloudyerin_ no sniffing doge is not funny noob @sundownswrld @fluffyyFPS @cloudyerin_ yep bro is off the perc 60 @fluffyyFPS @sundownswrld @cloudyerin_ bro is off the perc 40 rn @fluffyyFPS @sundownswrld @cloudyerin_ def drugs @fluffyyFPS @cloudyerin_ bro? @NarwhalFPS @fluffyyFPS @1wiiree factual @fluffyyFPS @cloudyerin_ @b8ndo @AspireUnit Bando 🙈🙈 @cloudyerin_ yea ur so loud @ignovercook @bobabonk @iamhcu Bro? @iamhcu @bobabonk @ignovercook ???? I’m broke wet @bobabonk @ignovercook @iamhcu I don’t got money I’m joking @ignovercook @bobabonk @iamhcu bro exposin me @bobabonk @ignovercook @iamhcu I been had money @ignovercook @iamhcu @bobabonk yurrr @ignovercook @iamhcu @bobabonk we flyin back to BC right 👀 @bobabonk ong east coast best coast @iamhcu @bobabonk @ignovercook next year gonna be a movie 🥱 @ignovercook @dogbackp6ck assist @dogbackp6ck ratio
Retweeted by gunny @edatercentral @vrofps @etherealVAL_ @spoofzera LFMAOOOnew aries and keshi tonight 🥲 who tryna cry with me @CarbynVAL guess im q sniping @Ino_VAL BRO WHAT @merakidina ur pretty asf @Agr0fps @AeroValorant @ch3nn1e im taking the kaneki one @merakidina oh my... @dogbackp6ck @yslnai oh bet then @vrofps @hhaleylol @notrxchel @dogbackp6ck @dogbackp6ck @yslnai im 14 @Agr0fps @AeroValorant @ch3nn1e me me pick me @dogbackp6ck @yslnai that meme is just meant for u bro im soryur @dogbackp6ck @yslnai 😭😭 @mitchchicken @IzumiNSX LMFAO IVE NEVER RELATED TO A TWEET MORE IN MY LIFE @etherealVAL_ @anntfkk @lylacVAL thats all u sexy @CarbynVAL @ShiftyVAL @AeroValorant LMFAO @anntfkk @etherealVAL_ @lylacVAL @_Wupa @yslnai BANGER @seshiriaa_ make sure to take care of urself ! <3 @notrxchel @seshiriaa_ noti @Aditya_RR404 @AspireUnit ofc bby @ignovercook @AeroValorant do u not habe schol @kayvalorant @SoaRGaming notiALOE LITE | VALORANT HIGHLIGHTS #8 ❤️’s and ♻️’s appreciated <3 ⁦@AspireUnit⁩
Retweeted by gunny @spoofzera @iamhcu @fairyfps @eeeriomirg @ignovercook @scrollval @sadIucas @vrofps @homiesrice @etherealVAL_ @iamhcu @fairyfps @eeeriomirg @spoofzera @ignovercook @scrollval @sadIucas @vrofps @homiesrice @etherealVAL_ @ignovercook insane what? @fishszns @AspireUnit dat boy fish @redjumpss @AspireUnit ur clips got me jumpin and shi @AeroValorant @AspireUnit gotta outwork everyone @turtlewurdle @AspireUnit banger banger banger alert @Ino_VAL @AspireUnit OKAYYYYYYY @ignovercook @AspireUnit not as good as uuuuiuiuuuyyuyu @MarkusMJM @AspireUnit what im SAYINALOE LITE | VALORANT HIGHLIGHTS #8 ❤️’s and ♻️’s appreciated <3 ⁦@AspireUnit⁩ @sadIucas @subipocketsage 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀LMAO
Retweeted by gunnygo follow @homiesrice rn @cloudyerin_ noti @AeroValorant IF I GET THIS KNIFE BRO