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Corey Graves @WWEGraves Pittsburgh, PA

The Savior of Misbehavior. @wweonfox Commentator. Podcast Host @barewithuspod // @wwe #staydown

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@HotYoungBriley What is your favorite Swedish House Mafia song?I don’t know if there’s a man on earth who can pull off an ascot like @fightbobby. #WWERAW @Ivar_WWE @ScrapDaddyAP He’s crooked.
Refill the mail bag with suggestions so we don't bore you to sleep. 😎 #barewithus #podcast
Retweeted by Corey Graves @Erik_WWE Street Cleaner.Just watched the Fresh Prince Reunion and I definitely did not at any point cry grown man tears. 😳My girlfriend is dancing around the hotel room in her @CalvinKlein underwear. Holding our dog. Who apparently also… @Kazeem This was the very 1st DVD I ever owned. God damn great film.
Make 𝗔𝗡𝗬 donation to @PghFoodBank or @GWCFB, 📸 your receipt, post 👇 & be entered in a raffle to win a suite! Times…
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.@WWE_Murphy reveals some of the wildest ideas he considered during #WWENXT tag team days, including one Super Mari…
Retweeted by Corey Graves @davidlagreca1 @acdc @CarmellaWWE Baby steps, Dave. @dX927 @LessThanJake It is.We present to you, LATE NIGHT WITH LTJ, our first livestream event ever! We will be jamming some classic songs and…
Retweeted by Corey Graves💁🏻‍♂️ vs 💁🏼‍♀️ #barewithus #christmasmovie #homealone #podcast
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Retweeted by Corey GravesOUT NOW: @WWE_Murphy relives his @WWE tryout on @WWEGraves's #AfterTheBell. Subscribe and listen on…
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AMIGO THE DEVIL Announces New Album, Born Against
Retweeted by Corey Graves.@WWE_Murphy describes surpassing 79 aspiring WWE Superstars to be part of the first WWE Performance Center class i…
Retweeted by Corey GravesHoliday temptations 🍗 🥧 #barewithus #newpodcast #holidayseason
Retweeted by Corey Graves @FreddyInSpace You raise valid points. Can we please be the 1st two people on Twitter to ever agree to respectfully disagree? @FreddyInSpace My point is, Christmas is just the setting, not an essential part of the story. The plot could still… @MattTaven Nope. I stand by it. @MarkGroves26 Absolutely not. Same situation. Just a good movie set during Christmas time. @KingMonkey83 @josh_fields @CarmellaWWE @barewithuspod Alone is a GREAT movie, but it’s NOT a Christmas movie. 🐻🐼 @fabulousfIair @CarmellaWWE @barewithuspod “The Disciple” @WWE_Murphy on @AfterTheBellWWE TODAY! Get it on @spotifypodcasts or wherever you get your ATB… Butter a Carb? via @Audioboom
Retweeted by Corey Graves @ScrapDaddyAP Nuclear heat. Not for the mask, but the dance.In a compelling interview, @WWE_Murphy describes his early introduction to the wrestling world on @WWEGraves's…
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@MichaelMatteoRo The quintessential holiday movie. Candy is one of the greatest ever!.@WWE_Murphy, former disciple of @WWERollins, joins @WWEGraves on tomorrow's #AfterTheBell. Subscribe and listen on…
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Merry everything and a happy always. #barewithus #podcasts #holidays
Retweeted by Corey GravesI wasn’t the only one concerned that a snake was gonna pop out of the box and bite Drew, right? #wweraw
Easily worth $15.
Retweeted by Corey Graves @ScottyVia @TheBoDallas @AfterTheBellWWE 🤔🤔🤔
Sometimes, life’s not half bad.
@sonjaydutterson Very sorry to hear, man. Keep your chin up.WWE Official @ScrapDaddyAP wouldn't mind stepping in the ring one more time against... who? 👀 FULL VIDEO:…
Retweeted by Corey GravesRock paper scissors and the winner gets to pick where to spend the holidays. 😰 How do you comprise?…
Retweeted by Corey Graves @BaronCorbinWWE’t say enough about both @WWEGraves and @ScrapDaddyAP! Graves took me under his wing - Coach Pearce showed me ea…
Retweeted by Corey Graves @VicJosephWWE @ScrapDaddyAP @AfterTheBellWWE 😘 @Rosenbergradio ALL Tigers hate you.
Beloved wrestler-turned-onscreen WWE authority figure @ScrapDaddyAP looks back on his wrestling journey in a brand-…
Retweeted by Corey GravesPoll: Are you a fan of Thanksgiving? Y/N #barewithus #podcast #holidayseason
Retweeted by Corey Graves @Kazeem 😘Brand new episode of @barewithuspod is out! @WWEGraves and I are already getting in the holiday spirit!! Too soon??…
Retweeted by Corey Graves❤️ to @WWEGraves for the convo and for the intro to @primantibros. Check out our @AfterTheBellWWE blabbing at your…
Retweeted by Corey Graves @Rosenbergradio ALL Tigers hate you.Get to know @ScrapDaddyAP on this week’s @AfterTheBellWWE ~ On @spotifypodcasts & anywhere else you get your podcas… really love this podcast! And they’re right, Thanksgiving is the official countdown to Christmas! @CarmellaWWE
Retweeted by Corey Graves.@ScrapDaddyAP talks independent wrestling, his role in #WWE and much more tomorrow on #AfterTheBell with…
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Good conversation with the good brother @WWEGraves drops mañana.
Retweeted by Corey Graves @Rosenbergradio He hates you.We just had an UNBELIEVABLE dinner at @CioppinoPGH ~ That’s it. Just wanted to say something nice on Twitter for once. Check it out.
Keeping up appearances. What’s on your must-do list? #barewithus #podcast
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Internet expectations vs. Reality #barewithus #newpodcast #podcast #socialmedia
Retweeted by Corey GravesI just asked my son if he “had enough light” while reading the back of his baseball cards. I’ve skipped becoming m…
Send for the man. 🔈⬆️ #SmackDown 💀💀💀
.@AliWWE reflects on the injury that changed everything. FULL VIDEO: 🎧 #AfterTheBell with…
Retweeted by Corey Graves @Rosenbergradio He hates you. This is your fault. @MarkMaddenX Canceled!On love to my homie @AliWWE for the kind words on @WWEGraves awesome @AfterTheBellWWE podcast! Check out the profile for the full interview.
Retweeted by Corey GravesI’ve really enjoyed Black Sheep playing on repeat on all of the major networks lately.
#RETRIBUTION leader @AliWWE recalls how his @WWE journey nearly ended before it truly got started in an all-new…
Retweeted by Corey GravesJust got to see the @SpaceX Launch from my hotel balcony. So cool! out my “heavily edited because it was too hot for streaming and the higher ups would be mad” interview on…
Retweeted by Corey GravesWow. @AliWWE on @WWEGraves' #WWEATB regarding the Retribution names and looks: "Imagine having people make preconce…
Retweeted by Corey GravesIt's what's inside that matters but not on today's episode. #barewithus #podcast
Retweeted by Corey GravesCatch @AliWWE on this week’s @AfterTheBellWWE - Really interesting chat with a fascinating guy. Get it now!…
@troybeck Congrats homie! Can’t wait to check it out!#RETRIBUTION comes to #AfterTheBell as @AliWWE joins @WWEGraves on tomorrow's episode!
Retweeted by Corey Graves @EBischoff Goals.Well, for the first time in years, EVERY American can agree on something. This election process is a nightmare.
Play along 👇🏼 #barewithus #podcast #lol #games
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Just called PA voting registry to find out which polls to vote at tomorrow, and was told that my registration was “…👀 #barewithus #podcast #couples
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Cries turned into laughter, and laughter turned into screams. @WWEGraves sat down with @LarsSWWE on #SmackDown.
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@emiliosparks You’re fired.🤭 #barewithus #newpodcast #haha
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@notsam @BaronCorbinWWE @WWENetwork @WWE He hates you..@WWEGable has his eyes on a certain #SmackDown championship, and a dream match with a certain Superstar on the blu…
Retweeted by Corey GravesDon't be shy. ➡ #barewithus #relationshipadvice #questionoftheday #podcast
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@notsam He hates you.From training for the Olympics to being neighbors, @WWEGable & @otiswwe go waaay back. Get some insight into thei…
Retweeted by Corey GravesLet's have some fun. 🙃 New episode out now. #barewithus #podcast #wouldyourather #lol
Retweeted by Corey GravesThank you @WWEGraves. This was awesome. Listen and subscribe to @AfterTheBellWWE on @applepodcasts  …
Retweeted by Corey GravesThis interview that @WWEGraves had with @WWEGable on @AfterTheBellWWE was so good! Hope to hear another one down the road!!!
Retweeted by Corey GravesWould You Rather? via @Audioboom
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I’ve known @WWEGable for years now. I’m excited for the @wwe Universe to FINALLY meet him. He joins… @WWEGable joins @WWEGraves to talk about his career, future and more on #AfterTheBell. Listen and subsc…
Retweeted by Corey GravesIn this world, it’s hard to think of ANYBODY who SOMEONE doesn’t like. Tracy Smothers might have been THAT man. I…
Thanks mom and dad. #barewithus #podcast #gettingolder #olderandwiser
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@Rosenbergradio @RandyOrton He doesn’t listen. He hates you too. @MarkMaddenX gift giving is an art. #barewithus #goodmemories #bestgiftever #birthdays #bday #podcast
Retweeted by Corey GravesDoes Orton have a light saber? Asking for a friend. #HIAC