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@LeahLitman @Slate And McGirt is a huge, good-for-more-than-one-ride decision that will likely change American juri… @LeahLitman @Slate Also, it seems like the real story this session is Gorsuch. Unlike Roberts, Gorsuch ruled in a s… @LeahLitman @Slate This is a great point. I'm not sure I agree about Bostock though. I think Roberts could have fou… @yechielk @dan_abramov Are people still teaching this crap to new developers? I'd have thought this dumb meme had died by now. @ShammaiIntl Cellular peptide cake... with mint frosting.'M A JEW AND I'M PROUD!!
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@dan_abramov @garybernhardt 👏👏👏 I think you can make too much of this kind of logic, because these signals compose… @dan_abramov @garybernhardt This makes a lot of sense to me. I'd expect direct uses of useEffect to decline a ton o… @mattyglesias serious question: how did all of the people who signed the Harper letter know about it? Is there some… @kateashaw1 You're a #PersonOfThePeople and we love you for it! @garybernhardt Most of the time, the axiom of the react reactivity model seems to be "it sucks, but you'd hate the… @garybernhardt This is a flaw in the react reactivity model, but it is perceived not to matter enough (or to be eas… the only plausible conclusion that someone can draw from the claim that someone "should have known better" is t… is frustrating because the impact disproportionately falls on marginalized people, who can receive serious thr… seems like Twitter has made it really hard to express profound disappointment about the behavior of someone you respect.Okay stop being shitty to Emily; she and I obviously disagree about some things but she doesn’t deserve this kind o…
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If you have the means, I also strongly recommend paying the few dollars a month it takes to support some of these f… listen to @PodSaveAmerica pretty often, but it's much more preaching to the choir for me than informative. There'… aren't the only podcasts I listen to, but it's a representative collection of the must-listen podcasts that I… Race: Fivethirtyeight Podcast (@ClareMalone, @galendruke, @NateSilver538, @perrybaconjr) Campaign: Campaign HQ (@davidplouffe)- Deep Dives: The Ezra Klein Show (@ezraklein and truly amazing guests), Why is this Happening (@chrislhayes and gu… News Behind the Scenes: The Josh Marshall Show (@joshtpm, @Kate_Riga24, @davidtaint) -- Gradys 4eva SCOTUS: Stric… National Security: Rational Security w/ @shaneharris, @benjaminwittes, @tcwittes and @Susan_Hennessey (of "The Re… listen to a lot of podcasts. Some of my faves: - Daily: What a Day (@AkilahObviously and @GideonResnick) and Tod… have a newsletter now! subscribe below to get occasional words from me on life, code, work, and everything in bet…
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Retweeted by Yehuda Katz #BlackLivesMatter @melaniersumner For a second I thought you were talking about real life. @aviflombaum It's not just that parents need school to take care of their kids. A big factor is that schools are ex… @mikemaccana Suppressing discussion means that there is a space where certain topics are disallowed for fear of soc… @mikemaccana Nobody "deserves" a website exactly. That said, saying that Vox is a good example of cancel culture be… @monopine Almost nobody has to sacrifice for talking about things. The sacrifice comes from going into a space and… @radagaisus I didn't mention social media. Anecdotally, I don't see a substantial reduction in private conversatio… @mikemaccana You're conflating the North and the South. But even if you take this view, transgender rights is a he… @mikemaccana Are you trying to say that Vox avoids exposing its readers to certain heterodox views? Can you give an example? @mikemaccana Not in the North. New York was the second-to-last state in the North to abolish slavery. @mikemaccana I was talking about people who opposed slavery and wanted to boycott businesses involved in the slave trade. @forketyfork For example, what is JK Rowling's argument against people aggressively disagreeing with her writing ab… @forketyfork I was disagreeing with the idea that the mere fact of social pressure makes an argument illiberal. It'… @forketyfork I have serious doubts about the idea that analogies are usually non-constructive. I was (obviously) n… the other hand, they require a woman's claim of substantial burden to *her* constitutional rights to be extremel… claiming that the accommodation is a substantial burden is sufficient according to Alito, and the court is n… seems like Alito's conclusion is: - driving 150 miles: not a substantial burden - filling out a form: a substantial burden 🤔 @StrictScrutiny_ Really loved your summary of "Little Sisters of the Poor" today. Something that jumped out at me:… @mikemaccana It seems like that would include telling a business that you aren't going to be their customer as long… @tobypinder @mpopv You probably think I have more power than I do ;) My tweet meant "I don't think this has litera… @kitsonk @jntrnr @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @sophiebits @NamiHirschfeld @youyuxi I am never claiming… @tobypinder @mpopv "Kanye isn't serious and the way we know that is you shouldn't trust anything Elon says because… @tobypinder @mpopv On the other hand, people have made a lot of mistakes (and lost a lot of money) taking this assumption pretty far. @jbscript @sophiebits @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld @youyuxi I agree that being able to… @tobypinder @mpopv Yeah I knew that would happen. But you could make a lot of money betting against the people who… @tobypinder @mpopv Ok I walked into that one. I think you should take Elon Musk seriously and am not interested in… @tobypinder @mpopv On the other hand, Elon Musk does not. @mpopv @tobypinder He still has time to file in lots of states. You only need 270 electoral votes to win. You only… @tobypinder @mpopv I don't give him great chances but who really knows. @mpopv @tobypinder There are plenty of reasons to laugh at him. I'm giving one reason not to laugh at him. Probabl… @aviflombaum I think we're living in a universe created from the discarded drafts of America: The TV Series, occasi… take: I don't think Kanye will win but I think it's possible for Kanye to win. @mikemaccana I agree, even though it meant that many abolitionists used social pressure to attempt to win the argum… @b0neskull Me neither. @youyuxi @sophiebits @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld imo what people mean is "I can person… @youyuxi @sophiebits @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld There's no basis to the idea that `{s… @youyuxi @sophiebits @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld The irony is that, in general, templa… @sophiebits @drosenwasser @youyuxi @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld The truth is in between…
@sophiebits @jntrnr @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld @youyuxi Comparing React/Angular to Vu… @SeaRyanC @jntrnr @sophiebits @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld @youyuxi (as discussed in other parts… @justinfagnani @SeaRyanC @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld It wasn'… @justinfagnani @SeaRyanC @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld Exactly. @sophiebits @jntrnr @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld @youyuxi It's hard for me to untangle… @justinfagnani @SeaRyanC @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld You can… @justinfagnani @SeaRyanC @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld bingo @SeaRyanC @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld If it's simply a matter… @SeaRyanC @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld When I've asked about i… @SeaRyanC @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld If you told me: "we hav… @SeaRyanC @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld That's not quite right.… @sophiebits @drosenwasser @youyuxi @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld In the history of my re… @sophiebits @drosenwasser @youyuxi @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld Sick burn! I guess you'… @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld I totally agree. But it… @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld ("if react really neede… @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld For example, I understa… @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld I have no doubt about t… @sophiebits @jntrnr @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld @youyuxi I totally believe that. But t… @sophiebits @jntrnr @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld @youyuxi Internally, I believe that th… @sophiebits @jntrnr @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld @youyuxi Something like that. It's har… @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld It's still hard to shak… @drosenwasser @youyuxi @sophiebits @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld To try to take the temp… @sophiebits @jntrnr @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld @youyuxi That's still not my claim. @adamthesherwood @sarahjeong Your position that the NY Times should be more resilient to mobs was the right positio… @adamthesherwood @sarahjeong The question is "where is the line", and if you say "it's totally unacceptable for gro… @adamthesherwood @sarahjeong I think we would all agree that it would be reasonable to try to get someone fired for… @jntrnr @sophiebits @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld @youyuxi I would ask that you consider… @adamthesherwood @sarahjeong I'm not saying "they do it too" I'm saying that social pressure is normal, and I don… @adamthesherwood @sarahjeong It's even pretty ineffective compared to the 2005 version from the right. When I was i… @adamthesherwood @sarahjeong Social pressure is a part of the human condition. It's pretty clear to make that creat… @adamthesherwood @sarahjeong The inconsistency was talking about left-wing "mobs" as chilling, but only saying that… @sophiebits @jntrnr @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld @youyuxi fwiw, Ember was never "popula… @adamthesherwood @sarahjeong So do you think that people should only talk about their disagreement privately? Do y… @sophiebits @jntrnr @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld @youyuxi I'm not claiming that React b… @youyuxi @sophiebits @SeaRyanC @AlicanC @vlascik @dan_abramov @NamiHirschfeld And unfortunately, the TS team has ev…