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Tilde Co-Founder, OSS enthusiast and @wykittens's parent. Co-author of the Extensible Web Manifesto. Front-end developer. @wifelette's husband. he/him

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@kentcdodds @sophiebits @gnapse @TensorNo @TestingLib @emberjs Makes sense. There's no reason for Ember not to *s… @mehulkar @TensorNo @gnapse @kentcdodds @TestingLib @emberjs I'd be in favor of revisiting semantic test selectors, personally. @kentcdodds @sophiebits @gnapse @TensorNo @TestingLib @emberjs We've invested quite a bit in the testing story over… @kentcdodds @sophiebits @gnapse @TensorNo @TestingLib @emberjs How long ago did testing-library pop up? One of the… @guybedford @danbucholtz Can you elaborate? @gnapse @kentcdodds @TensorNo @TestingLib @emberjs This is roughly what our tests look like these days. @gnapse @kentcdodds @TensorNo @TestingLib How long ago did you work with @emberjs. We've focused heavily on testin… @tomwayson @danbucholtz I'm still getting on the web, though. @danbucholtz It has to be done at the browser level precisely because it caches resources outside of the isolation… @danbucholtz I think that's somewhat reasonable as a starting objection, but it seems possible to mitigate it throu… @danbucholtz Sure. It should be possible to cache libraries on the basis of their SRI hash without needing to coor… @joshtpm @TPM @GradysColdBrew Follow up: bean bags is what I did! I already use 'em at the office with great success. @danbucholtz No need to be sorry. Thanks for the back and forth. I agree that something ought to be done and wish… @danbucholtz If we want to get serious about this, we really ought to figure out how to share resources easily acro… @danbucholtz I agree with this and think it's gonna happen as native modules become more usable and people build ou… @danbucholtz I don't think it's destroying the web. But I've probably said all the words on Twitter that I need to say on this topic.If you’re tweeting about tone when we just learned that the President’s negligence will lead to a few hundred thous…
Retweeted by Yehuda Katz 🥨 @kentcdodds React nailed this from the jump, and web components confused the ecosystem a lot. Angular and WC-based… @kentcdodds Incidentally, a lot of the design for Octane came from attempting to port "Thinking in React" to Ember… @mattw59 TodoMVC was good for the time, but over time, people began to use it way more as a golfing competition tha… @kentcdodds Yeah that's exactly why I don't feel great about just turning it into material for a competing framewor… @danbucholtz Is it? Is it though? @mattw59 Yeah I think people really underestimate how hard it is to come up with a useful project that also serves teaching goals. @kentcdodds It makes me really want to port it because of how much ground it covers with such good organization. @kentcdodds 🙌 I probably would jump past the early vanilla stuff because 1. It kind of stands on its own 2. It d… @chriseppstein Something something NTFS is pretty goodI wonder if we could establish some general norms along the lines of music remixing.It's not that the Ember version is orders of magnitude better or anything (or worse). It's just that I think the A/… pretty often want to try to port React tutorials to Ember just to show A/B differences, but I'm never sure if the… @bascule @alexlafroscia @samselikoff @mjackson @amatchneer You got it :)
@samselikoff @trek We'll see how well @pzuraq's reactivity talk does at changing minds. It's pretty accessible, as… @samselikoff @trek At least from my perspective, it's not about accessibility, but rather the assumption that if an… are coming... 😍 @trek I'm not trying to say that one or the other is right, but we should be clear-eyed about how much everyone is willing to swallow. @trek Argument for React pre-hooks: React is Just JS. You don't need to learn anything special other than writing f… @trek The rest of this thread shows you how the effective React has been at not only moving the goalposts, but lite… @PythonicCoder @LadybugPodcast @EmmaBostian @kvlly @ASpittel Kathy Sierra is just the absolute best. She's a living legend.The past episode of @LadybugPodcast was about learning how to learn and it was just great. Definitely recommend. I… Save America: remember during impeachment there was an "absurd" hypothetical about Trump calling a governor and… you want up to date news about all the stuff the White House is messing up, @allinwithchris has you covered; hi… of what I'd expect Cronkite to be like if he was still around and reporting these days.I'm also not saying that the informative segments aren't tinged with a progressive point of view. I'm just saying… no, I don't want you to find some snippet of content where she's been partisan recently. There have been a han… there was a long segment about the status of the medical supply chain that I found fairly informative.You probably don't expect this, but @maddow has had a lot of episodes lately that are filled with information about… @kentcdodds On the other hand, now is the correct time to film backgrounds for green screens without having to shut down streets. @AdamRackis @trek I've said what I need to say, and I'll say more once Suspense ships and there's more empirical in… @editingemily @cm_stead EaaS Enough! as a ServiceBeen playing with #EmberJS (#EmberOctane) + #TailwindCSS during the weekend and I have to say that I am blown away.…
Retweeted by Yehuda Katz 🥨 @matthew_d_green @AdamRackis @trek Like I said, we can wait for empirical reality to tell us whether this is a serious problem or no… @AdamRackis @trek This is analogous to the problem that led JS to the `await` design in the first place: avoiding u… @AdamRackis @trek This means that treating "throwing promises" as a totally invisible thing that you can abstract o… @AdamRackis @trek This post shows that assuming that `throws` are invisible leads to undesirable waterfalls, and re… @AdamRackis @trek Did this post end up being wrong? @AdamRackis @trek Time will tell whether this concern is important. We can let the empirical details resolve this debate. @AdamRackis @trek If "fetch while rendering" had been the original plan, I don't think they'd have landed on throwi… @AdamRackis @trek Invisible is not a feature here. The original design of the API assumed that you would want to b…
@amatchneer @samselikoff @mjackson Unfortunately, this just makes the problem obvious. It's pretty easy to create t… @swyx @samselikoff @mjackson @amatchneer From my perspective, I'm pretty happy that idiomatic JS doesn't introduce… @amatchneer @swyx @samselikoff @mjackson the problem is that JS doesn't make it easy to program in this style. I t… @amatchneer @swyx @samselikoff @mjackson There's a programming language that's good at this... @swyx @samselikoff @mjackson @amatchneer btw, Glimmer's VM (the moral equivalent of Fiber) actually does use a gene… @swyx @samselikoff @mjackson @amatchneer This is a great description of his motivations 🙂 It's not the end of the… @samselikoff @mjackson That was a compelling aspect of the original demo, but it didn't pan out. You have to know w… @mjackson @samselikoff The more serious problem with `throw` is that it creates a waterfall of fetching, which requ… @dolo_sensei 1) Nina 2) Pinta 3) Santa Maria @real_ate @geekosupremo @embertimes @nickschot @wifelette @melaniersumner Likewise! Thanks for attending in rough times 😊 @ctcpip To be clear, I'm talking about beginners, not people with a year or two of experience who should be startin… @ctcpip For beginners, you can teach that certain functions like `fetch` return asynchronous values. It's fine to m… posted the first few parts pretty quickly to get enough content out there for people to build off of. I plan to p… cover dynamically fetching data, writing helpers, and even writing tests, all in the service of real-world probl… just published Part 3 of the "rebuilding the EmberConf schedule in Octane" series. It's the first post with Java…'m specifically looking for a tutorial that doesn't have quirky #Opinions that it really, really wants to force be… know of a free beginner JavaScript tutorial that covers `async function` instead of the details of promises,… @joecianflone @WyKittens Night Ninja is the *absolute best* at washing uniforms, but Luna Girl wants all the unifor… @vaidehijoshi @zkat__ @meerasodha It's really, really good. I've been slowly working through it, and am very rarely disappointed. @zkat__ Oooh. An Instant Pot cookbook. I've been alternating between a great cookbook I got from @vaidehijoshi and… @joecianflone @WyKittens I'm guessing Luna Girl collects them all up during the day and washes them in Romeo's Lab. @sleeplessgeek @CodingItWrong It's pretty consistent after the first few episodes. Citation: @wykittens definitely memorized the order @sleeplessgeek @CodingItWrong I think his skin is pretty consistent in costume (but the lighting makes a big differ… you don't already read or listen to @ezraklein, his coronavirus coverage is getting at things that are mostly no… to start a thread of positive uplifting moments and people helping each other out. For my own peace of mind a…
Retweeted by Yehuda Katz 🥨 @jackiehluo I'm with you. I guess we're just taking in the scenery? I thought the point was just a relaxing game w… @thestokkan @vaidehijoshi @basecspodcast @saronyitbarek BaseCS is a gift to programming. It was an honor working with @vaidehijoshi.Despite all that is wrong about the federal response, lots of individuals working in the federal government are wor… morning Embereños! Last week's Ember Times was a doozy. So much good information! This week, I plan to post… @LexiCWhite @joshtpm Do you have any papers already published? I'm so interested in this!Shorter Trump: These nurses. They're no angels.
Retweeted by Yehuda Katz 🥨Yes @thinh_phan_tom @EmmaBostian LC? @zkat__ What recipe do you use? I have some base gravy and precooked chicken in my refrigerator looking for something to do tonight!Please refrain from using instacart or amazon today if u are able. Help our strikers organizing for hazard pay and paid sick leave.
Retweeted by Yehuda Katz 🥨 @mattyglesias Takeaway for us: never never never use log scale* * except maybe as a scientific notation. @mattyglesias We ended up with a smart zooming feature, which worked really well for us. I don't mind including lo… @mattyglesias I work on a software product that shows people where their app is slow, which is a "perfect" use-case… tremendous good fortune of living in the West, even during coronavirus:
Retweeted by Yehuda Katz 🥨I'm a "senior developer". I helped launch Google App Engine and spent 4 years teaching others to use it. I wrote pa…
Retweeted by Yehuda Katz 🥨