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i am in emotional pain alt @simpingonmain

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This could literally save a life. Save a family. My god
Retweeted by brooke back mountain @Baconwasted @itsNICKSNIDER ❤️🥺🥺🥺 @thisbemyname0 WHOcan’t believe Ted Bundys real name was Tedward what a loser lol @HarperRoseD Omfg @katie_jacksonn I took it in Kim because they dumped it on my fukin doorstep that’s why Kim
this !!!!!
Retweeted by brooke back mountain @spiritnght a party what @thisisnefertiti @QueenOfThaNight I absolutely love this @cantalkholing I love both @cleoblossomTV omg:-( @EBAW5 KOTA 🥺 @brent34825996 I know right look at this one lol @Bimb0Slice I will Cry @Bimb0Slice omg omg cutie @clay_mcch and both would still be considered poverty does that make any sense @ThePoonce malamutes r huge don’t worry! @brent34825996 this is their normal size pretty sure it’s just the angles @sharty_b HOSKY @PercReynolds yeshusky chonk @JeremyFredric yeah but he’s commenting it under a victims post @vLoftus10 @organiclavendr Sounds like something a rapist would sayacting like being raped doesn’t ruin lives? @rudegyalzeee It’s satirebro??? @bocxtop i love cold play i would get in and listen wif u @daintysl0th I would love that @daintysl0th Heyyyyyentering my airhead era
Retweeted by brooke back mountain
@jasminericegirl me pls @RoxyTall What the hell @notmyluv Painful to watchhappy friday @thedigitaldash_ yesi need one of these @88smallninjas Believe it @MintChip04 peace up a townDu Du Hast Du Hast Mich @GreenHuevosNSam @itmegreggy @TFLN HAHAHAHAHA @alewis7457 @olive__ridley @voiddarkie @JennWyer They’re probably not from here tho lol @AumSellsHomes @kydasaint maybe focus on the murderer instead bc that’s who is actually responsible @kieransofar lol @Vibes__tee so much can be learned by their life stories too :-) my absolute favorite @meaghannwho ur doing great keep it up being sober has been so helpful for my mental health recently ❤️ @smokingresin twitter is suspending inactive accounts don’t worry too much ive lost like 3k recently @meaghannwho fuck YEAH @rudy_betrayed @SaeedDiCaprio @bocxtop @spicycasserole rudy don’t be jealous @SaeedDiCaprio @bocxtop @rudy_betrayed @spicycasserole He luv meif you auto-tuned a fart and gave it a reddit account you’d have ben shapiro
Retweeted by brooke back mountain @itskristofer This should be framed @bocxtop @rudy_betrayed @spicycasserole 🥺 @matchu_chutrain YOURE HOT @unlliterate LMFAO @bocxtop @rudy_betrayed @spicycasserole what am i @touyaloveb0t yes chefnever would have guessed around the house muttering to myself DU HAST @iwantt0dream Omg I love @spartin5150 strange lived there my whole life never heard it @chicagohotdog Lmaooo @spartin5150 where @voiddarkie i have never heard it from anyone herenobody who lives in california actually calls it “cali” @jenniferspadaaa how sweet 🥺🥺❤️ @hancaake nobody likes you when you’re 23wait who is army hammer
@coomking8 @DribbIed it’s recycled as hell plus if u can’t be funny w out shitting on other people ur probably just ..not funny @veefroggy Ma’am pleaseplease.. who needs their crib cleaned?
Retweeted by brooke back mountain @zasshhuu Oh my god how have I never seen this @iamresnick Ily !!! @literallysofie @DribbIed @literallysOF Queenplease shut up @meechleech711 @nashwalina Me too!! @sgtballsvevo i think it stems from not believing we can succeed in being healthy so taking the easy way out now is… @sgtballsvevo me too man @StephanoJP57 I amWho is Sea Shantywhat the hell is a sea shanty @Bizarrooo_ Not for longis this not illegal trump is in a peach? @hannystyles69 The what @jasminjoestar probably notthis vet appointment is taking HOURS I miss HER @daintysl0th Oh mywait but ur avi? @gattjacob u r so sweet ilychoose your fighter @mourningyou @gattjacob It’s so true like she forces me out of bed and I’m happy to do it @JacobtheGirafte I love uShe really said 😜
@nashwalina LMAOOOO @aimeemthompson LMFAO @HoppityHunter @belleentropie @Suffragentleman @jack @marwilliamson It’s literally not real LMFAO @shanianav pretty baby @elftitties omg congratulations love !!!! that is huge so happy for u