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Retweeted by brooke back mountainTexas Governor: I want Sandra Bland's case reopened. - Sign the Petition! via @Change
Retweeted by brooke back mountainthis interaction killed me LMAO😀 @goodbeanlocked I love u @lovingliberals Your wife is a queenBREONNA TAYLOR’S FAMILY HAS NOT MET THEIR GOFUNDME GOAL YET. STOP FORGETTING BLACK WOMEN AND DONATE PLEASE
Retweeted by brooke back mountainmfs don’t even use condoms you think they’re gonna wear a face mask during sex cool how teachers have to buy their own supplies and all cops get a captain america shield
Retweeted by brooke back mountainMy friend was protesting next to him, whole time kid was stopping to take "aesthetic" photos, attempted to start r…
Retweeted by brooke back mountainCan anonymous help us find Ghislaine Maxwelloh cause I thought a bitch named Kylee Torres that attends Riverside City College in Riverside CA said something
Retweeted by brooke back mountain @BullysBeats Honestly if a McDonald’s worker called you fat they’d probably get fired tbh so not really lmao @fairyyy_floss SAME DUDE LIKE ??? @BullysBeats Shut upgross NOW YOURE SORRY finally getting my prescriptions today i really had to fight on the phone with kaiser for 2 weeks can i get a W @carbonated_cum and that is your right the same way it’s within anyone else’s right to burn the flag @carbonated_cum people are being murdered @saddestbenny YesAbsolute queens @mugshawtys FREE THEMOKAY RIVERSIDE CAME OUT TODAY‼️💯🤝 ✊🏽#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #RiversideProtest
Retweeted by brooke back mountainfuck it let’s name em...
Retweeted by brooke back mountain @wydstepbrOoke i do hate to add on here but i came across this today. he lives in my city and basically i want to d…
Retweeted by brooke back mountain @vodkaIime Oh my. GODawww you think I’m pretty? @SheLovesTarrell i never burned a flag bro im just saying anyone has the right too if you expected everyone to kiss… are dying and ur over here crying about a piece of cloth. read the room @SheLovesTarrell @TediouzTurtle how does that boot taste @SheLovesTarrell @TediouzTurtle I’d rather die @SheLovesTarrell @TediouzTurtle you thinking a piece of cloth is more valuable than a human life is disgraceful @SheLovesTarrell @TediouzTurtle oh yeah cus they men in uniform are clearly handling the situation very well rn @SheLovesTarrell @TediouzTurtle for a piece of cloth @SheLovesTarrell @TediouzTurtle They didn’t die for a piece of cloth man @SheLovesTarrell *protect @SheLovesTarrell they died to protected our rights yeah? which includes freedom of speech freedom to protest yeah?yes actually, they did @DrShipmansBadEs black children younger than them are killed for simply existing I could care less if these racists… @danjohnson8776 I think there’s a setting to change the volume/soundif u get them for a kidnapping it’s bc ur in the area so it’s possible u could see them why would u voluntarily not… do people turn off their phones amber alertsthis is a student at @ClemsonUniv. ive never done anything like this, but drumroll please... twitter do your thing
Retweeted by brooke back mountainthis is Sophia Eick nursing major at @UDelaware she wrote this on her personal blog about how black people will…
Retweeted by brooke back mountain
TWITTER DO YOUR THING @OriginalRonDest Omg what what @RosewithTh0rns I do agree with that forsure I just don’t like how she said “fellow white swers” and left out everyone elsei think everyone has the right to work/post on their onlyfans but advertising and constantly posting pictures & thr… @BobOfTheCave @biboofficial Like to say “fellow white swers” @BobOfTheCave I understand that but I think there is a difference between posting/woeking on onlyfans and advertising on twitter rn @lintflavored or advertise on your Twitter with multiple tweets/threadsthis is a bad take :/ doesn’t the media talk about the majority of protesters who are remaining peaceful yet still are attackedYou can clearly see the difference between the MEDIA video and THE REAL VIDEO #dcblackout
Retweeted by brooke back mountain @SukkitW @LiorPapismedov @finelinecth @princessptv19 Bro what LMAO @DanTonkin @YbnSteve @LiorPapismedov @finelinecth @princessptv19 US census bureau
Retweeted by brooke back mountain
Retweeted by brooke back mountaincole herringshaw has attacking pic and lgbtq members saying he needs “target practice” HE RUNS THE LAWNTASTIC COMPA…
Retweeted by brooke back mountain @BuckleButtercup do you know how cameras workmy education, society & culture professor ❤️ worry that the killing of #BreonaTaylor is getting lost in the noise. We cannot forget how she was “accidentally…
Retweeted by brooke back mountain @auntychristxxx love to see ittwitter do your thing thread of cops vandalizing property and their own cars, something the media will never show. don’t let them fool you.
Retweeted by brooke back mountainGeorge Floyd and I were both arrested for allegedly spending a counterfeit $20 bill. For George Floyd, a man my age…
Retweeted by brooke back mountain @p6ris1 I’m sure it’s not an original thought budpro lifers where you at Independent autopsy finds #GeorgeFloyd died from "asphyxia due to neck and back compression,” labels dea…
Retweeted by brooke back mountainIf we can help our other business too. We should
Retweeted by brooke back mountain @Camp1391 @angeluvcth how does that boot tasteA black man, David McAtee was murdered by LMPD & National Guard officers. He was shot and killed just after midnigh…
Retweeted by brooke back mountainI’m sensing a trend here
Retweeted by brooke back mountainI vaguely remember second amendment lovers talking about using their guns to fight against a tyrannical government…
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@teal_tuck It’s ridiculous @AlwaysAButt literally !! my roommate isn’t even awake yet lol @r_ckslick Santa Montica is 12pm I believeLA put up a 1pm curfew are you kidding @YourAnonNews It is about racism as well🤢 @Skoog happy bday:)FOR PROTESTORS: enable hey siri. in case you’re arrested for protesting, tell siri to run unlawful arrest and a mes…
Retweeted by brooke back mountain @quaranthirsty yes but this is different i shouldn’t be getting the same acknowledgement for donating money you don… @quaranthirsty just bc im not broadcasting my donations around trying to get praise doesn’t mean i haven’t been don… @convvr THAT PARTthe same people who praised the joker for exposing injustices in society are real quiet right nowANONYMOUS JUST LEAKED THE LAWSUIT & AFFIDAVIT AGAINST DONALD TRUMP AND JEFFREY EPSTEIN IN A CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING C…
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@liImorg Stay safe my loveyou mean racism and police brutality? yeah. you probably are the only one blatantly ignorant enough to have such a… ignorant do you have to be to call the brutal murder of an innocent man “the whole George Floyd shit” @lanasourheroin Nah @aprilarson @Te11Th32ruth @LiorPapismedov @finelinecth @princessptv19 don’t bother with them they just spew bullshit n lies @Te11Th32ruth @BoyYeetsWorld literally no that was not meummm when was this? @sammiphantom @Te11Th32ruth @LiorPapismedov @finelinecth @princessptv19 I don’t think they can see ur post bc ur ac… @Te11Th32ruth Please seek help you are way too invested in proving me wrong be productive with your time bootlicker @Te11Th32ruth you’re talking out of your ass