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I FIGHT FOR THE USER. Minecrafter, Mod Enthusiast, RGPer, Streamer, Designer. Ex-SysAdmin. Sponsors @HermanMiller @AlienwareOZ Email

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We're in Adelaide, @ladyhana is grabbing the car from long term storage now. In about an hour, once we're home, the…
@Direwolf20 I mean, I know @HelenAngel wants more hugs.. @M_irish29 I feel like I put my brain in with the checked luggage.I have a favour to ask; do you know of any small streamers or content creators that would genuinely benefit from an…
Retweeted by WyldStep by step, inch by inch. Home soon. @ZuriyanC check out @CityOfMistRPG, it's gonna happen @Direwolf20 Unsure. Maybe? It's hard to tell at first because these flights always make you think you have, just fr… @Direwolf20 I'm wondering how I'm functional enough to even tweet.Pullover. Public. I'm too tired to complain about Autocorrect. to pullover opinion and fiction, the Great Zombie Plague will be started not by secret organisations or go… @ZOTAC_UK And this is barely the beginning. #WatchThisSpaceCatch a sneak peek at this gorgeous #RTXOn Minecraft world by @Wyld. 👀 We can't wait to see some of your #RTXOn Mi…
Retweeted by WyldLanded in Sydney. Now to run around like crazy to catch connecting flight to Adelaide! @M_irish29 @ladyhana @Pokey_19's been real, Texas. Let's do this again. But for now, it's a 17 hour flight to Sydney. See you soon. @Hanse00 My fav is the Arnold Palmer but there's quite a few tasty ones.Do you find yourself unable to play scary games? If so, you'll want to check out @Hope_Corrigan's latest feature on…
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@AlienwareOz I'm traveling through Texas at the moment but I'm pretty sure it's GTA5. Mind you, that's nothing compared to Minecraft >.>Okay gamers, according to your Steam account, what’s your most played game and how many hours have you sunk into it?
Retweeted by Wyld @Direwolf20 @ladyhana Hell to the yeahTime to go. folks, if you are fundraising to help tackle the Australian bushfire crisis, we want to help 🧡🇦🇺 Whether you'r…
Retweeted by WyldRemember that joke tweet about buying so many games at PAX that we should buy another suitcase? It wasn't a joke. @HyperionPlays That's too hard to answer right now.Starting off #Minecraft fantasy structure week for day 2⃣9⃣ of #ABuildADay is a wizard tower! (Of sorts, anyway 🤪)…
Retweeted by Wyld @Jerome_43 @MongoTheElder @Direwolf20 22 minutes of Wilhelm Scream @Wyld Up, down, charmed, strange, top, bottom, and now Wyld.
Retweeted by Wyld @Hanse00 It is impossible to dislike.I have achieved a new quantum state; I can't wait to be home, but I don't want to leave. @M_irish29 @ladyhana All my love, to both of you. @Ellpeck We have a tiny selection. Pretty sure this is a crime.I swear, I want to move to America just for Arizona Iced Tea alone.Embrace the power of the bacon side of the force.Good moaning folks. Last night was a Good night. @Pahimar I believe in you.
@necrogami @CityOfMistRPG @ladyhana @necrogami @CityOfMistRPG @ladyhana Unsure, but latest spec. at in a few - continuing the quark 1.15 port!
Retweeted by WyldWhich brings me to the many new friends I met at the Forge Ranch. Too many to name individually. Thankyou for turni…
Retweeted by Wyld⚠️ With the #DOOM Eternal reactions going out, it's time to share this UAC-approved broadcast: If you're a UK-base…
Retweeted by Wyld @ZeldoKavira @CityOfMistRPG @ladyhana final Amazon shipments arrive today, and I can't wait .. latest raspberry pi kit plus a 256g card (home media se… moaning folks. And happy birthday to my wonderful partner in c̶r̶i̶m̶e̶ life, @ladyhana. I love you darling.
@ecoarmy01 @TwitchTexas @ladyhana We're all good.This pax south has been fucking amazing. These crazy people, these wonderful crazy people.The massage train was real @Wyld @OG_Arist0tle @SpencerWest @necrogami #PAXSouth2020
Retweeted by WyldPAX South 2015-2020 with @Wyld
Retweeted by Wyld @ladyhana with her new Assassin's Creed coat! Might be a @Wyld hiding in there somewhere.
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@DeinoWall We're not at the con today, we're out eating BBQ and trying not to burst @mikebub2 Not soon enough @P4wnyhof Rock on, my brother. @DaBigMoose66 I can work with that.Good moaning folks. Today is Texas Day. @Graphoniac @ladyhana I am always happy to sit and chat and giggle 💜 @Selmephren @ladyhana @jojobee4_joe Not going to happen @SasiahHochle @ladyhana No, we were going to crash from to much walking and now we're going somewhere else and oh god my feet
@Pokey_19 @ladyhana The best @Pez_Bro Mate, it is so damn good. Details attached. @VolanteDesign @Kleetho WINNING @MongoTheElder to tag @ladyhana @Selmephren and @jojobee4_joe because I'm a pwofessional.One of the best things about going to #PAXSouth is meeting old friends. @SubParLover @Pez_Bro I have their business card.So. Damn. Good.'m going to need another suitcase for all the board games I just purchased at #PAXSouth #NoRegrets @Pez_Bro mate, I just purchased an AMAZING tailored Hyperion jacket. Photos incoming soonOn the way to Day Two of #PAXSouth .. will be in the board game area 😁I would share a picture of my sushi, but I already did eatted it. Burp.A wild @Wyld appeared!
Retweeted by Wyld @Kleetho Night BEGINS @iamBrandonTV
@Direwolf20 @KingLemmingCoFH We're on our way. Ish.Mod Idea: Wykia (blame @KingLemmingCoFH)Heading back from PAX now, to be ready for dinner tonight. Anyone see @CityOfMistRPG there at all? Would love to pick it up. #PAXSouth @TallicedLatte We're pretty much just wandering heh @Hanse00 It's so gooodHey all, @aureylian struggles to post about things she is proud of, so I am here as bestie to share her achievement…
Retweeted by WyldGood morning folks. There's something special friends and PAX. Last night was big, and it's only going to get bigg…
@Direwolf20 moaning folks. Managed to break the jetlag beast, but the need for coffee is Real.yo @CaptainCoots, what the HELL is going on?!
Couldn't sleep due to jetlag, decided to setup my streaming laptop. Seems I left my USB hub and portable monitor ca… made it! Found our luggage, in an uber now, should be settled in 20 minutes or so. This certainly has been A Flight.
@Selmephren Step by step, inch by inch @Pokey_19 @JayBrotatoe @HiveQueen_ news, yurp we missed our connection. Good news, @AmericanAir has got our back and we should be in San Antonio by 5ish.Take a ride on the @Wyld side... Catch a sneak peek at the #RTXOn Minecraft world he built while visiting our HQ.
Retweeted by WyldIn Dallas, and I suspect we won't make our connection. @Selmephren @NikkiExDee @ladyhana rush was mad, but @ladyhana and I made it. Next stop, Dallas!, off to Sydney! #PAXSouth2020
@oISketcHIo One day and soon my friend @Direwolf20 to the airport! #PAXSouth2020 moaning folks. Today starts the great journey to the United States! @Fugiman bask in it