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Military Discount > Military Salary😂😂 @ summer almost doneUnpopular Caribbean Opinion: Cut up lettuce is not a salad.I love all these new DJ’s popping up and becoming interested in the culture but... Baby,where are your headphones… @KvngSherm @sweetmellowpea I had Fibroids the size of coconuts along with endometriosis.Ended up on morphine, dilau… be sorry just be safe. am an FGM survivor in need of reconstructive surgery please help me by sharing and retweeting, thank you!
Retweeted by Cousin~5 years ago I asked my SO why he drinks his coffee black when cream and sugar make it taste so much better. He lo…
Retweeted by Cousin @nnncxo Laps 😂😂😂😂Congrats to our director, @techgirl1908 for becoming a Java Champion! 🎉 Be sure to check out one of Angie's free J…
Retweeted by Cousin @askModulei Right and one is always appropriate.Mood for the longest has been “Our King? Well I didn't vote for you!”Please watch it or “I shall taunt you a second time”! for a new passionate and motivated member of your engineering team? Talk to Emily 👇👇👇
Retweeted by Cousin @ChrisUnderoath @MNightShyamalan Or are we not alive yet? @MNightShyamalan A blind man stood in front of a mirror.My thoughts on exit interviews: "I told you all this stuff over and over before I quit and you did shit about it."
Retweeted by CousinAre there any women who’d be open to having a transparent conversation about salary/negotiation as a UX Designer? F…
Retweeted by CousinRight!!!! @TirzahMonee @TirzahMonee This is gonna be the person who sent that text. @Latesha_Byrd 7 yrs.Stability and promises @spencerhall We can all agree that someone will always disagree
@ashleymcnamara Curious Cases of GraphQL from @dabit3 @hacks4pancakes @IanColdwater Thank you so much!!!! Really appreciate the kindness and generosity.Stay safe💜 @damovisa @IanColdwater Thank you so much! Hope to be in a position to pay kindness I’ve received forward soon.💜 @gdavis92 @kyleshevlin I would like the numbers on this @kyleshevlin That's like the "in your life you will come into contact with 5 serial killers and not know it" stat lol
Retweeted by Cousini hope my bestfriend heal from things she don't talk to me about .
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@glenmaddern @1Password @threadreaderapp unrollNew Monica , New Keyshia, New Jazmine whenever you hear that know you are in for some hear 💜@MissyElliott @Ngongang @postracialist at nine months. Scamming at ten months. Our baby girl 😍 (📷: @postracialist)
Retweeted by CousinBest part of “So Gone”by Monica is when Missy says “Yeaaaaa New Monica woooooo”song still goes hard @BasicBitching @threadreaderapp unrollWhenever people suggest I make 2 twitter accounts: one for personal and one for professional it’s always a HARD NO…
Retweeted by CousinWe’re hiring a mid-senior level front-end engineer. Must have deep knowledge of CSS and React. RT and let's help get somebody a job!
Retweeted by Cousin @iamblabrey I love Diana Ross but It’s now way she’s headlining over Whitney nahhhhh. Had to be a huge stan that made thisProgramming tip! 👉 Remove your debugging print statements BEFORE pushing to production! Otherwise, you will be real…
Retweeted by CousinJada got 20 years on that young man, who came from a broken home and was literally fighting for his life. 🥴 if that…
Retweeted by CousinNope I cannot choose but I will write a letter about Whitney not being the Headliner @LowKeyUHTN Give Entourage and How to make it in America their Flowers !!!!When Con thinks I’m upset with him he’s started bringing me snacks and juiceboxes and I don’t want him to think tha… @FredTJoseph @ochocinco 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 talk about who is the best joker while never giving Danny Devito his due as penguin.
Retweeted by Cousin @realjayelaine Yes and they a damn lie.Just say it’s not anyone’s business what goes down in their relationships.To Jada Pinkett Smith...You are grown and can do what you want. @TMZ August: “I was messing with Jada and I got Will’s blessing” Jada:
Retweeted by Cousin @jlengstorf Add a lil vinegar @IanColdwater Attempting to get the funds together to move before we get put out due to having been behind eviction… @IanColdwater $playcousin or 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Just a little does so much! Thank you all In advance and stay safe!What is wrong with ppl Venmo transactions and crafting the story in my headThis account only started tweeting half an hour ago and is already one of my favorites on Twitter 😂 Give…
Retweeted by CousinFirst and last @NoTotally $playcousin or 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Just a little does so much! Thank you all I’m advance and stay safe!
I think someone sent a PayPal to me by accident. I’ve emailed them and await a response although it would be nice if it was intentional lol.Hi, my name is Luvvie and I have a URL buying problem. I own 103 of them. 🙈🙈🙈
Retweeted by Cousin @_laempresa [agrees in woo] @MattiasPlayz @MrBeastYT Mr Beast’s “Finger on the app” app has crashed for many people once the competition started.
Retweeted by Cousin @Hyrukio @MrBeastYT SameHow #NickiMinaj #Trollz
Retweeted by CousinWhen I say I haven’t laughed this hard in such a long time😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 since we’re all family imma be honest with y’all...Im 100% behind @violadavis and the you are worth it L’Oré… man Carl Reiner @samuelgardgren @itsthereal 🙌🏽🙌🏽 @itsthereal “There’s no crying in baseball” gets said a lot“Hand me the fking keys, you ccksucker, what the fck?” Or “ you come back yard to mash up the island with your fore… @KristolePerkins I am waiting on my moment to shine! Bout to start wearing a GoPro body cam so my hands are free to… @IanColdwater And I must buy all the domains!!!!!Me during work hours: 😴☕️ Me after midnight: I HAVE MORE INTERESTING PROJECT IDEAS THAN I KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH AND…
Retweeted by Cousin @telmo Meanwhile OMG are you hacking? [npm install] running Me: Yes. Yes I am.
Retweeted by CousinCon is going to the Safari today with his cousins and this is the first time I’ll be alone in the house since the p… in search of a Tech job(front end developer), Internship preferably. Please help retweet. @_Eduvin @EliezerAjah
Retweeted by CousinIt was so hard to crawl out of bed today 😭 BUT I DID IT. And I sat down and learned about: .forEach() .map() Hig…
Retweeted by Cousin2000s: Linkin Park 2010s: LinkedIn 2020s: Link in bio
Retweeted by Cousin @MagicalOverload Hopefully next year @TatianaTMac An answer/suggestion when no question was asked.I’m going to give away a set of my @JBC_SEC stickers. If you like Lil Wayne, The Weeknd, and Missy Elliot based IT/…
Retweeted by Cousin @verzuzonline This the only really debatable one @mtliendo Have you met @domitriusclark and the rest of the @reactadelphia crew? If not I suggest syncing up for a quick chat.Pardon books! Any takers on these feel free to message me also I’ve got a lot more I’m trying to pass on that I have… @mastashake08 Any takers on these feel free to message me also I’ve got a lot more I’m trying to pass on that I hav… caught up on some Hubspot work and remember that nobody has responded to my pr so I head to GitHub and 🤣, watching the Firebase Typescript tutorial Anyone have any other recommendations… The perfect internet video doesn’t exist The internet:
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@NoTotally Thank you for this 🙏🏾🙏🏾 @HotFreestyle Wtf @KeziyahL Don’t know how I’d make it through most days without my addy 😔I would eat my insoles before I would ever😂😂"x32" canvases starting at $100 💫
Retweeted by Cousin @AyeshaSelden 😂😂😂Hey @Twitter have you ever thought about adding an edit button?
Retweeted by Cousin @TatianaTMac $playcousin or 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 @askModulei look at God!!!!!