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A young blog *When You Motor Away: which contains opinions about music you might like.

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Joined Twitter 4/2/11 Fuzz and jangle just the way we like it on the new two-track single by UK's @jetstream_pony
2019 "Violin" and "Cubans In The Bluefields" remind you why you will want to preorder the first…“Datsun” opens an album by Sydney guitar band The S-Bends full of rich storytelling and moody low-key-charming ambi…
Retweeted by WYMA Blog Superb debut album Nothing Feels Natural To Me by Sydney's The S-Bends, via @thestablelabel
2019 A stylish kissoff song "Tell Your Lover" by @LukeMarshallB Supercharge your day with "Teenage Blues", the new single by Edinburgh's Vistas. Via @LABRecords
2019 Excellent alternative rock/pop with pep and humor - I Understand & I Wish To Continue by Ma… Jangle pop discovery to thrill us, Toronto's @ducksunltdband with their new Get Bleak EP. via @bobointegral
2019 We are pleased to introduce you to dynamic Swedish band Guds Pengar, via "Borttappad", thei…
2019 Indian Ocean 7", the sad, hopeful and completely beautiful final statement by one of Puget…
2019 Compilation of original songs in the style of '60s sunshine pop by current indie artists in… Time Again by Brisbane's Dumb Things is the jangling guitar pop album you need. Get it now…
2019 Wonderful solo debut Love Is Alright by Sasha Bell (@theessexgreen )
2019 Just in time for the holidays, Incidental Friend EP by UK four-piece @Theatre_Royal_
2019 A perfect rocking tune to start your weekend: "Backyard" by @LAMood5 (Melbourne's Dave Mudie), via @HotelMotelRecds
2019 Bouncy, hill-filled indie pop song "Comfort Zone" by Edinburgh's Fabric Bear "Feather Soul" is the new wonder by Swedish band Lilla Parasit. via @ramalamarec
2019 big beat indie rock single with psychedelic elements - "Anthem For A Doomed Youth" by Scots…
2019 Lyrically rich an emotionally affecting lo fi pop: Ballerina, by Baltimore's @RomanticStates via @genremrecs Very satisfying late night dream pop - Chalice by Seattle's @HikesNight
2019 Jangle pop heaven on earth via Singles 1986-1991, all of the singles released by The Spring…
2019 The songs on the new album by Manchester's @sprintersband live up to its title: Struck Gold… Get your Friday started with "Editing", the first single from the forthcoming new EP Panic by @JohnnyKillsBand
2019 More indie guitar pop joy from Melbourne, Show Me LP by quintet Program, via Anti-Fade Records.
2019 Tasty brew of power pop and '90 rock on You're So Jaded by New Jersey trio Joy Cleaner. via @jigsawrecords
2019 Another absolute gem from @SlumberlandRecs singles series: Faces by Failed Flowers. Sweet a…
2019 Grand scale synth pop for the head - Melancholitronica by Edinburgh's Blue Tiles. Via @errantmedia
2019 New song "Feel You More Than World Right Now" by Glasgow/Berlin's @spinning_coin heralds Fe…
2019 Lovely new song "Moon" by Stockholm's @SBDEband via @ramalamarec . Debut album in early 2020! Shy girl trained by aliens to be a world-class disco dancer, tale told in ten top pop songs…
2019 All of the travails of young life (delivered with a wink) on Reward For Effort by Melbourne…
2019 Soaring shoegaze and dream pop - Nothing's Ever Finished, the debut LP by Brighton's @dreamsofempire
2019 A fine four-track audio for your summer scrapbook: Songs For The Summer by @starsonfire2
2019 Top class jangle pop, life affirming in the face of mortality -- "When It Breaks" by Hobart…
2019 Get your rocking boots on for Recounting the Ballads of Thin Line Men by Giant Sand (…
2019 @youngguv proves himself a one man hit radio on Guv II, out today via @rfcrecords
2019 Who needs jangling indie pop today? We need jangling indie pop today. Here is Double Life,… "Wonder" by The Springfields reminds us that the release of compilation Singles 1986-1991 w…
2019 thrill to the glistening tones of "3's & 4's", one of the great songs to be found on next m…
2019 California Americana/rock and power pop on Let It Burn, but Brent Rademaker's @gospelbeac_h "Come On Down Jupiter" is our first, delicious taste of the upcoming album from UK's…
2019 Wonderful warm and clever indie pop: Take the Reigns by Emma Russack (@EmmaRussack ) and La…
2019 Excellent S/T debut EP by @Bluey_WAV (Lachie Gilmour of @ivleagueband )
2019 Entertaining indie pop on Head Sounds The EP by the UK's @SUPER_8_music . via @subjangle . New LP in 2020. Smart electropop with a wash of playful soul - "Cubs", the new single by Scottish-German duo @wearelunir
2019 Affecting tune about regret, "Whats In A Name" by Australian artist AA Matheson. New EP Try…
2019 Excellent psychedelic garage pop perfectly capturing the Southern California vibe: LAHS by… Top quality power pop: Electrical Living by Minnesota's @PersianLeaps
2019 An instant classic set of songs, Wait and See by Glasgow's The Echo Session, via… slow-burning garage pop brilliance on "Sundown" by Finland's Pink Chameleons (Paltsa-Kai Sa…
2019 You won't want to miss this "Catch", the final single from the upcoming new LP by Emma Russ…
2019 Three terrific fuzz pop songs on Bae EP by Portland, Oregon's @certainsmilepdx , via @jigsawrecords
2019 Classic melodic, jangling Seattle power pop gem -- Upside Down by @The_Rallies . Good price & excellent tunes. One of the finest rock albums this year, Sbwriel Gwyn by Welsh quartet @blancoslos502 via @LibertinoRecs
2019 Welcome to new Swedish psychedelic pop band Lilla Parasit via their single "Gaslights". via @ramalamarec Energetic lo fi guitar pop with a slacker vibe on Now For Example by Australia's Thigh Mast…
2019 Sparkling, jangling and very energetic indie pop on Home Today by Seattle band Tincho. Grea… Top ten album, Thirty Five Years on Woodfield Street by Welsh craftsmen @GriefBrosUK via…
2019 "Caught Lookin'" is our early listen to the upcoming and sure to be great GUV II by…
2019 Terrific pop music with interesting lyrical sketches on More To Enjoy by Melbourne stars… Beloved jangle pop band will get a deserved compilation of their singles via…
2019 Smoldering electro pop duet "Looking for Love (feat. Club 8)" by Sweden's The Legends. via @labradorrecords
2019 Haunting late night soundtrack - "Emma" by Scottish-Portuguese singer/producer Su Shaw…
2019 Excellent folk rock/alt pop album I Won't Be Found evoking the landscape of the Scottish Hi…
2019 Thrill to the video for "Prazer Em Te Conhecer", the latest release from the upcoming LAHS… Free download of "The Verlaines and Husker Du" by Dunedin, NZ's Charcoal Burners
2019 Check out the garage rock tones of "Sbwriel Gwyn", the title track from the soon-to-be-live…
2019 Two pop jewels from the upcoming Take the Reigns by @EmmaRussack and Lachlan Denton. Album… Nostalgia wrapped in an anthem - "Mid 8Ts" heralds the return of Comet Gain. New album in early October via @tapete
2019 Multi-textured post punk delights on Look Me In The Eye by Wellington, NZ's @mmmermaidens . via @FlyingNun
2019 Your jangling power pop gem of the week is All of the Pieces EP by Portsmouth's @LostShipsBand via @subjangle
2019 Finish the first half of your seek with a happy swagger via the self-titled mini album by M…
2019 Space Pilot EP by @memoryfades67 with start out your week right with four excellent songs s…
2019 EP of muscle, heart and melody, with a bit of garagey blues tossed in: Breakfast At Sassy's…
2019 Superbly crafted, wide scope and heartfelt songs on the debut self-titled album by… "Hula Hoop Group" is another infectious cool sound by Melbourne's @CoolSounds1 . Single ava…
2019 "Try Not To Hang So Hard" is the opening salvo shared from GUV II, the October follow-up to… "No Plans" is your upbeat, brightly colored first listen of the solo EP to come from Lachie Gilmour of @ivleagueband
2019 Fun and charming indie pop/post punk with a French accent on Have You Met Elliott? by Montr… Check out "Looks Like I'm Running Out" by David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights from the upcom…
2019 The video for "Should We Be Dancing" reminds us all of the delights awaiting via the Sept 6…
2019 Three-song Essex Princess single is our latest gem from @Cleaners_Venus1 . A 'name your pri… "1985" is our first listen to the upcoming solo album by @cafollamusic . Cowboys & Africans… Essential reissue of indie pop gems from @IndiepopSunday (Sunday Records). Beloved artists…
2019 Soaring pop/rock bliss on The Big Rewind by Bergen, Norway's @SecrtTreehouse "Believer" is a great first glimpse of the upcoming self-titled LP by @dystringclo , out Oc…
2019 A warm, wide-eyed hug of a summer album, Count Bateman by Queens, NY musician @heyitsfrog . via @audioantihero
2019 Power, attitude and infectious grooves on Power by Aussie power duo @_heartsrockets via @PsychicHysteria
2019 "Enjoy "Not A Dream" the B-side to the upcoming 2-song single Visions At The Stars by Glasg… Gentle 'name your price' record, the self-titled EP by The Umbrella Puzzles (Ryan Marquez o…
2019 Tasty psych/garage song "Melting Face" is our first hint of the good stuff to come in the d… Thrill to the rescued "lost" album by '90s British Band The Irony Board (@JohnyNocash ). Te…
2019 Exceptionally lovely and clever pop songs on Fvck The Heartache by Fashion Brigade (… One of the guitar pop albums of 2019's third quarter, Primitive Future by Melbourne's Life…
2019 Introducing Scottish dream pop band Tibetan Miracle Seeds Breezy and engaging summer jam by Dundee, Scotland duo @stmartiins via @LABRecords
2019 Two terrific slacker pop songs by Welsh band @papurwal for your Thursday delight. via @LibertinoRecs Excellent new shot of energy and fun: "Throw It Up" by Welsh band @seazooband Check out "Polar Onion", just one of the fine songs on the upcoming new album by LA's…
2019 Alternative pop gem, Love Songs & Poetry EP by Melbourne's Sweet Whirl, via @ChapterMusic .…