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RTs don’t mean squat. There’s a thin line between clever and stupid.

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@JohnRentoul @indypremium Because terrorism in the 2000s came out of...nowhere. Not our fault, guv. @Baz704 @StigAbell “Baz704” 😅😅😅 @talkRADIO @Baz704 @Iromg @CatharineHoey Mike is a fart-filled balloon and not actually real, folks. @JackLopresti @TelegraphNews Absolute cretin. Imagine the imbecility of the people who voted for this retard. Britain is f*cked.
Retweeted by Gordon Sanitaire @SzMarsupial The return of the giant hogweed?#ClapForBoris 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the bot farms are busy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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@JohnRentoul It's ok. He said the same about that trivial business in Iraq with WMDs. @RhythmicPolitic @AWohls @PrisonPlanet you have my blessing @RhythmicPolitic @AWohls @PrisonPlanet You diaper-brained figment of a dying shitgibbon's wet dream. @PrisonPlanet Klapp or you VILL be SHOT!!! @Luiseach Can he legally be shot with a harpoon? Just asking. @Mypenisout @simonmaginn @Keir_Starmer @BoardofDeputies Agree entirely. Let’s expose their loathsome corners to the… @CeasarorRome @DailyPolitik No. He’s our hero. Battling through. Churchillesque yet still a bloke you’d like to exc… @Sisyphusa @Simon_Vessey Wooding is properly scary-looking. What is it with Sun hacks that makes them so physically vomit-provoking? @phoelscher1 @JoshBerryComedy @Aiannucci It’s better than Veep. This I know.Being a Jew in this country is so fucking exhausting. Right-wingers granting themselves passes to be as antisemitic…
Retweeted by Gordon Sanitaire @OwenJones84 He’s not a fighter. He’s a spineless lying coward. Still, I hope you make it thru, Alex! @bristoca @god_nhs @talkRADIO @Iromg That fish has more up top than you 🐟🧠 @god_nhs @talkRADIO @Iromg @yadevolkram @AaronBastani @Jamsoir @talkRADIO @Iromg 🤖🤖🤖 @ladyjones_777 @JonquilLucy @talkRADIO @Iromg BorisBimbo @talkRADIO @Iromg Why does he look like he’s slowly deflating? Is he in fact totally made of rubber and not a perso… @MissLauraMarcus What was the allegation? @SCynic1 I've never met the bloke. But yes there were plenty of things I'd have rebuked him over including those. @mePadraigReidy Renaud, Les Rita Mitsouko, Indochine, Mylene Farmer, Etienne Daho. One-hit (but what hits!) wonders: Regrets, Axel Bauer. @GillianLazarus @LatestMessiah @SCynic1 @ShowerAbsolute @KeithMarr6 @bexibettyboo1 @JewishChron I have dodged anyth… @SCynic1 WRONG. As a QC you should ideally pay more attention to the meaning of words. Nowhere do I defend Corbyn e… @michaeljswalker @AaronBastani @OwenJones84 Sounds cynical but they can just make that up if they want to. @LatestMessiah @GillianLazarus @SCynic1 @ShowerAbsolute @KeithMarr6 @bexibettyboo1 @JewishChron But are you not (pr… @ShowerAbsolute @LatestMessiah @GillianLazarus @SCynic1 @KeithMarr6 @bexibettyboo1 @JewishChron He did not defend i… @LatestMessiah @GillianLazarus @SCynic1 @ShowerAbsolute @KeithMarr6 @bexibettyboo1 @JewishChron Great research. @LatestMessiah @GillianLazarus @SCynic1 @ShowerAbsolute @KeithMarr6 @bexibettyboo1 @JewishChron Sloping. @LatestMessiah @GillianLazarus @SCynic1 @ShowerAbsolute @KeithMarr6 @bexibettyboo1 @JewishChron That is gently slopping not hooked. @ShowerAbsolute @LatestMessiah @GillianLazarus @SCynic1 @KeithMarr6 @bexibettyboo1 @JewishChron So; let's summarise… @LatestMessiah @GillianLazarus @SCynic1 @ShowerAbsolute @KeithMarr6 @bexibettyboo1 @JewishChron Haha. Those being t… @LatestMessiah @GillianLazarus @SCynic1 @ShowerAbsolute @KeithMarr6 @bexibettyboo1 @JewishChron Bless him. What’s w… @LatestMessiah @GillianLazarus @SCynic1 @ShowerAbsolute @KeithMarr6 @bexibettyboo1 @JewishChron Very good. Very goo… @simonmaginn Query: why has Smeeth's Wiki page no mention of the Wiki revelations?Off you go then, Vanguards of Antisemitism, attack this... ...helloooo??? @lewis_goodall @PhilipCJames Priti Patel is nowhere to be seen. Which is strange, for a Home Secretary in a time of national crisis.
Retweeted by Gordon Sanitaire @ryansabey I'll do my bit by offering earnest prayers that most of the UK's national press shuts down for good. @mrjamesob OK, I'm staying silent on the c*nt. @butwhatifitsall @jacquep Is your Twitter account strictly necessary, David? @BenJolly9 I think that's only fair in the interests of competence. @danwootton Burn, baby, BURN! @DavidWooding All of Liverpool is praying for The Sun, David 😂 @RJM_Performance @allisonpearson Old school racist. @Bangorhistorian @allisonpearson @LukeHaines_News @boogaloo_radio More Hillage
@phil_woods @SMcCallum93 @emilyhewertson Idiot Tory @GKC119 @emilyhewertson He’s caused many unnecessary deaths, you daft twat. @GodlemanBen @CliffordRoger @emilyhewertson In the bin, Tory 😂 @SimonSm34987327 @emilyhewertson Not me 😂 @emilyhewertson GFY @SayNoToLabour10 Fuck him. And you, arsehole 😂 @ChrisRGollop @SebastianEPayne Gollop the dollop @dungeekin @SebastianEPayne In the bin, twat. @SebastianEPayne Sebastian is the name we give to our Payne.Just to be clear, the Jewish Labour leader being smeared constantly with a photo of him eating a bacon sandwich, wh…
Retweeted by Gordon Sanitaire @JustinWelby @BorisJohnson If the one lasting effect of this awful crisis would be to destroy the disgusting Anglic… of tasteless jokes on the timeline so i want to remind people that no matter what you think of Boris Johnson, h…
Retweeted by Gordon Sanitaire @chiefrabbi UNPRINTABLE @OHATyoutube Lefties are simultaneously and impossibly raging thugs, sobbing snowflakes , very middle class muesli…
Retweeted by Gordon SanitaireShadow foreign sec Lisa Nandy is a director of Labour Together, a group co-directed and funded by pro-Israel lobbyi…
Retweeted by Gordon Sanitaire @Lokinash06 People upset about you wishing death on Doris, now wishing death on you. @Euan_AK47 @2damntrans @MaraWilson Labour will adopt voting reform. @LatestMessiah Of course not. How would I even see his tweets for one thing. But if Mira does believe in that nonse… @LatestMessiah And when IS the Dukes of Hazzard coming back anyway? @LatestMessiah If he praised Twin Peaks, yes. @jetfury Those jacket spuds are ruined m8 @LatestMessiah Can I just not agree with everything she sez or stands for? @bbcnickrobinson @DominicRaab @BorisJohnson So somebody has lied. But heaven forfend that you could ever call out govt lies. @LatestMessiah Take Johnson off the machines?? @LatestMessiah That’s light on detail. @LatestMessiah Why so?coughed in public and 4 people turned around. tf they think this is, the voice? 🤨
Retweeted by Gordon Sanitaire @LatestMessiah Was the Green New Deal more damaging than a full-on climate emergency then? @LatestMessiah I do hope you rediscovered your membership card in time to vote this time around. Staggeringly no pl… @frankthetank622 @NewStatesman @patrickkmaguire @DavidLammy You made that up. Stop being a lying Brexit POS then, THEN, maybe we can talk... @FoundGolfClubs @SolGamsu @BenNunnUK Don’t care. If he does his job well. Unlike Seumas. @OliverKamm @michel_ehrlich You write for Murdoch. Now vomit up your own lungs, you snivelling Wiki vandal creep. @Coops365 @dangerbird1972 @OliverKamm @LittleEnglande1 @Polly_Phluid @OwenJones84 @RLong_Bailey @Ed_Miliband @AndyMcDonaldMP You’re not an ‘ordinary pers… @LittleEnglande1 @walterjesmond @OwenJones84 @RLong_Bailey @Ed_Miliband @AndyMcDonaldMP Enjoy it. You won’t be on here long 🤖🤖🤖 @NJ_Timothy @RussellKane You’re a multiple failure professionally. Won’t you please go where nobody ever has to hear from you again. Cheers
Retweeted by Gordon SanitaireI don`t have a problem with right wing Labour ideas- I disagree with them but they are a valid tradition ie .Fabia…
Retweeted by Gordon SanitaireI know if Corbyn was PM we would've had a coup about ten times over by now but IMAGINE if he was rushed to hospital…
Retweeted by Gordon Sanitaire @mrjamesob That’s not...a euphemism, is it? @hocwatch @AdamWagner1 @TulipSiddiq @DavidLammy @LordCFalconer Maybe he won’t cause actual deaths though @MissEllieMae Funnily enough, all of them electoral poison. It’s easily forgotten how rubbishy that generation came across in the media. @JimmySecUK I just won that one. @MatthewMahabadi @JimmySecUK But more votes than Brown... @JimmySecUK Twaddly cobblers. Sorry. Nobody but nobody from your bloodless section of the party dared say ‘boo’ t… @RLong_Bailey @Keir_Starmer @AngelaRayner 🙏👍✊ @MsCCollins1 @melaniekmelvin This ain’t what you said. @MsCCollins1 @melaniekmelvin I voted for him. @MsCCollins1 @melaniekmelvin Where are they for me to read them? @new_number_2 Too technical @MsCCollins1 @melaniekmelvin OK. To make it crushingly simple. Remain/Leave are meaningless terms now. Cos of event…