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It's my personal mission to make you all fall in love with @rinasawayama if you aren't already. Also, stream #XS. 💕💸
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I spend most of my day in 24 hours for hating my self. Damn.
Retweeted by xadityaOhh jadi consignment store ya sekarang konsepnya.Gila banget yah bun sekarang jualan di @ShopeeID @ShopeeCare ada biaya adminnya🙂🙂🙂 jadi maaf untuk pelanggan yang t… banget moms, ga ngapa-ngapain tapi self reward mulu tau-tau miskin, terus ngeluh lagi deh. Iya, aku. wasn’t love, it was a perfect illusion. off the do not disturb today, expecting for the excitement notification but I only got a disappointment. @lordeispoc OMG AKSKSKSKS i’m about to take pics there too but lotta children line up so I went to Dunia Lain house instead lol😭 @lKlTAl_ Iyaa tapi masih belum berani pake:/ @lordeispoc Yes!! It Trans Studio Bandung, have u been here?3 secs of me kaget karena hiu virtual bgst seriously need this OMG’ve created new ways to PUNK it up🤘 The brand new @hauslabs EYE-DENTIFY GEL KOHL Eyeliner in our signature jet-b…
Retweeted by xadityaDo I have a lover? No. Do I have a crush? Yes. Are they love u back? No. Do you hurt and cried a lot? Of course. @crhna Sksksksk lotta men outta here maam😭😭 @lKlTAl_ Panutan mayoritas di sekolahku, meanwhile panutanku tex savario back then😭😭😭 @sinemarah Beneran😌😌😌😌
Okay this is delicious
Retweeted by xaditya @rlthingy Sama nderHappy Sunday!😊I’m sending love+a friendly reminder that your signature on your mail-in ballot needs to match your s…
Retweeted by xadityaJing malah baru laper zzzKasian emaknya beli kental manis buat bikin sop buah, eh malah dipake beginian of our Tokyo Fashion Week street snaps are up at Vogue #TokyoFashionWeek
Retweeted by xaditya @mhmmd_fdl U SPILLEDIf this isn't dafauuu hahahahahaha
Retweeted by xadityaKasta terendah itu kalo di penjara kan pelaku kejahatan seksual. Jadi pasti dia bakal jadi bulan-bulanan napi lain.…
2020 do you need rn?
Retweeted by xaditya15 years ago i became a phaggot
Retweeted by xadityaSome people in here might be glorifying Lana Del Rey but then saying she was a “cringe” one, so I think you’re inde… was born and ruined my life. @wartafana Ini angkot terjauh sedunia ceuk akumahHe loved me so much now he’s gone and I can’t be there for his last time and it so sucks💔God i wish the rich one😔My beloved grandpaps in purwakarta just passed away, and I can’t go there, this is so sad and literally heartbreaking</3Pen Bakmie Gempol🥺
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Retweeted by xadityaGoodbye Cute Psycho fag, this is XADITYA. @biduantikus 🍊Aston Hotel Pasteur was on fire!!!! Aing lagi foto-foto di parking lot gt kan trs liat asap ini, kirain dari dapur… Rangka Pesawat was the way I was a makasih was a fun game to be a fun day of my god haha is my day to my… @hermajustea EMANG MIRIP SIHHHHWadrobe room nya udah kaya di Zara ya bun looks amazing in new Instagram post. 💥
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A Biji Is Born @gaganotify @ladygaga Fun tonight😔 could be lover, even just tonight. We could be anything you want, and I’ll be your Enigma🥺😔Mau nangisOH GOD.......... what the hell am I doing that?? I supposed to not catching feelings😭😭😭😭😭Braver than marine @offonroy Iyaaa😭😭 rada tebel tapi rusak percuma:(
Guess i’m not having fun tonight.⚔️Battle for your life, Burger King!⚔️’m sad SADHappy birthday gorgeous!!<3 @troyxduoWe are not perfect.
Retweeted by xadityaI’d rather throw up 10 times than drunk and sad bitch this is torturing me i wanna cry but i cannot!!!!!I can’t believe I think I can’t fall in love again, or is it just my low self-esteem idkHiks @beauthingy Oily Cleanser: kiehls calendula Toner: hadalabo gokyujun strip ijo Serum: TO niacinamide Moist: safi essence Sunscreen: olay @babuclassy YES TALENT QUEEN<3Rina Sawayama for SkullCandy Moodboost
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@PopCraveMusic @PopCrave @BhadBhabie Oh I’ll be streaming........................ AG6<3ANARKIS VS BRUTALITAS
Retweeted by xaditya @menterianime Dum dum thai tea LMAOOOO💀💀💀Money is the anthem for success, everybody know is the fact, kiss kiss 💋 potong rambut aja❤️ @cc6oy OMG OMG AAAAMMMMAAAAZZZZIIIIINNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!<3miss getting all dolled up to go nowhere 🥵
Retweeted by xaditya @indofag No ofc sksksksks but now i’m getting bored:/Guys kalo kalian ada yg jual preloved/thrift semi brides dress gitu yang ga terlalu extra, please knock my DM. I’m… ngurusin orang and what they do with their money
Retweeted by xaditya @indofag SHSJJSJSJAKA im so dumb it supposed to be more than a hundred bc i’m talkin bout myself lmao i can see the… @indofag Yes but only for cock’s case murder only<3Skinny legend and proud❤️ @penyintasbuzzer The only virgin majesty in the PBA ended virgin maryMakanya kalo lg chat pada satu app, gausah ngajak Virgo pindah app ntar dighosting koar2 lagi🤪 soalnya feelnya beda, vibesnya jadi berubah:/RT if you’re body count <100 @penyintasbuzzer Rio @xaditya_ @BAED1CK lets say the wooooords boo, BENCOOOOOONG GILAAAAAAAAA
Retweeted by xaditya @kingsyit ISTG!!!!!!!! Lemme wear black outfits and be MASCULINE !!RT to cleanse your timeline
Retweeted by xaditya @BAED1CK Get her jade @kingsyitOh this fagg0t culture, please be gone❤️ say “HELLO WORLD IMA MASC FOR MASC BOTTOM. NO I’M NOT INTO SISSY” and go fuck yourself with your toxic masculi… @offonroy Panjang itu teh:( @VVYND YES!!😭😭😭 i’m open thru the app, they won’t play the video, i only can access and scroll the home:((((Pgn netflixan akuteh sekali we jangan error beb, capek atuh restart terus komplain terus ihhhhh @IndiHome @offonroy Hah rambut emg panjanggg?👩🏻: your skin is hella clear and glowing OMG😍😍😍 what’s your routine? 👱🏻‍♀️: well, I ain’t use too much skincare, i… really thought being darker in your fams means you’re AUTOMATICALLY black????? Lmaoooo those money u had just cov…