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I Truly Want All People To Understand & Will Not Stop Trying To Find Information To Make Understanding Easier. All… is a time of Revelation, Revealing Our History which was Systematically withheld & at times completely altered… @linfords1 @DannyHumes2 @Shal02Farmer Speaking for myself like everyone out there the behaviour of some & the behav…
@trickynicky58 @linfords1 @qsteph Yes exactly! so stop discriminating we didn't do it for fun! Respect is due & the… @itvcorrie @ITV @WeAreSTV Simon's script is so mature..his mannerisms are great & his character growing before our… @itvcorrie @ITV @WeAreSTV I would love to see Steve's Past Relationships! They were magnificent! Fiona, Becky & his… @itvcorrie @ITV @WeAreSTV @itvhub The pending storyline for Aggie could be potentially quite good & so on point, (p… @PaulMickleburg5 @itvcorrie @ITV @WeAreSTV @itvhub Such a life changing,thought provoking storyline on soooo many l… @itvcorrie @ITV @WeAreSTV @itvhub Re:Aggie's son how old is he meant to be these days? It's as though he's manneris… @Gary39185076 @itvcorrie @ITV @WeAreSTV @itvhub This is a genuine question, Why does this storyline get on your ner… @GHovhanesian @itvcorrie @ITV @WeAreSTV @itvhub @SairKhan @sallydynevor The manipulation of Geoff & the loyalty of… @DeanoNicholson @itvcorrie @ITV @WeAreSTV @itvhub 😂🤣😂 You're funny! Thanks for making me chuckle! Lol @JoanneTidmas @itvcorrie @ITV @WeAreSTV @itvhub In society there are many people just like Geoff who absolutely des… @ITV @itvcorrie @BBC @Channel4 @channel5_tv @WeAreSTV I love Coronation St...its so timeless with at times thought… @itvcorrie Fantastic inspirational character for the older Woman. Looks stylish, works, got a boyfriend, playing it… @ITV @itvcorrie @BBC @Channel4 @channel5_tv @WeAreSTV Loving the Geoff&Yas storyline.Geoff's dialogue on 8/7 talkin… @CyenceP @davepadz @djrustynail @ukblm What is an Anti Semite? I ask that as a genuine question trying to understan… @angry__albanian @ukblm Is the Black Lives Matter Movement solely about Mark Duggan? I genuinely ask YOU that quest… reflecting on the last few days, especially. We’ll have more updates by August 4th 🙏🏾
Retweeted by Johanna AlexanderAre You... @trickynicky58 @linfords1 @qsteph Research your history properly & get a thorough education@ responding to dialogue… @trickynicky58 @linfords1 @qsteph & your point is what?NUBIAN people FOUGHT in YOUR WORLD WARS & YOUR IMBECILE MIND… Merkel: “You cannot fight the pandemic with lies and disinformation...the limits of Populism are being laid…
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @DavidLammy State of Emergency #britishempire #sociopaths #compulsive #liars #thieves #systemic #brainwashing woman's attitude is white is right and black take a step back that's the attitude and mentality of today's Society
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @Shal02Farmer we have 400 years of my ancestors being slaved abused raped murdered colonized then last year and Win…
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @moloc611 @Naiiii_xx @GMB @InayaFolarin Race Card?Niandathals are so stupid PLAYING this GAME! YOUR EYE COLOUR isn'… @trickynicky58 @linfords1 @qsteph Caucasians look@ LIFE as one big Competition,a gameshow they're playing on their… far as some white people are concerned WHITE IS RIGHT AND BLACK TAKE A STEP BACK. This has been going on for ove…
Retweeted by Johanna AlexanderExactly. its so emotionally upsetting to hear it, see it & experience it as I have,alone & in 5 separate incidents…
@DannyHumes2 I'm so disturbed by their #sociopathic murdering behaviour.These Caucasians seem to do things without… @DannyHumes2 I'm so angry right now. These imbeciles are crazy sociopaths & clearly insane. @DannyHumes2 I noticed that years ago With films/documentaries They must be seen to be doing the right thing...cove… @DannyHumes2 For the day? Firstly were Nubian People everything Black is negative & they called us BLACK,they are C… @DannyShawBBC Oh! so "we're" part of an experiment for confidence building exercises for racist police officers! Ho… @DannyShawBBC Carry on stopping NUBIAN PPL! Have some #lynching parties! youve got the handcuffs!Nobody was being v… @rosskempsell @CommonsHomeAffs Whats clear to me is when you have ppl who LOOK LIKE YOU,brother/mother/sister/nephe… chief Cressida Dick tells @CommonsHomeAffs she has ordered an internal review (by another senior officer) of us…
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @DannyShawBBC "Competition"What do they mean?All I want to know is if you stop someone, ASK for ID? NO ID?NAME/ADDR… @rosskempsell @CommonsHomeAffs On the spot Policing decisions are discretionary I've been told by officers dispite… racial division? #diversitymatters #DiversityAndInclusion #humanityfriendshipfoundation #EndTheNightmare everyone in the UK be forced to wear masks in public? #MasksSaveLives #GreatBritain #UnitedKingdom Does Suffering Transform Us? #jobloss ? #freedom ? #anxiety ? #confused your Morals on point? you know your true family linage? Watch this shocking story. #whitewoman #secrets
@juniordrblog Do you expect anything different Daddy goes to Greece via the back door Cummings gets his eyes tested…
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @soupdragon53 @juniordrblog Fraudsters/Scammers/Pirates/#thieves The British Have Stolen People! Number 1… wait, that is nothing. The Government spent a cool quarter of a billion quid buying facemasks from a rather in…
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @juniordrblog This is fraud, can't anyone see that? 250 Million why would anyone spend more when they dont need to?… @LondonHypnotiq @DuchessMeg2 Well Yes, No work history Kate? & the Brits respect that? Meghan has a successful care… @LilianesaysBLM @DuchessMeg2 Well Yes,Camilla was clearly knocking off Charles in the background & effortlessly bro… @DuchessMeg2 kate clearly has a manipulative streak as she wore that see through outfit designed by her friend know…
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @buttetscotch30 @DuchessMeg2 Quite predatory & slutty! If that was Meghan the press would have said plenty. She's a… @SatchFrank @DuchessMeg2 I was so looking forward to to seeing them doing their public duties. They started & the b… @DuchessMeg2 Yes,Systemic Racism! There wasn't any💩so they DID💩Her reputation is still intact.This discrimination h… @DavidLammy It’s always someone else’s fault with Boris. He needs to realise that he’s PM and it’s his job to fix i…
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @jfhuk @DavidLammy And stop skiving! His bumbling persona was almost endearing when in his previous position but ho… @trickynicky58 @linfords1 @qsteph No she isnt, & I'm sure she's pleased She isn't. This isn't a competition & that… white woman talking about Martin Luther King! #WhiteLivesMatters really need to listen to this White Woman @bbcnews @itn @GMB @channel4 #JaneElliott #thecolourofwar @OWN'm not Black, I'm Nubian Simple.Who started calling Nubian People Black? Everything with the word black in it is n… Dad Has A Dream Winfrey does Chat Shows...Been There Done That...blah blah! Let's talk. @InclusionAnd @BBCNews @GMB
Be sociable. Be nice please. exhausted
@BorisJohnson what was said about this ferral behaviour? No #tazer #teasers ? #nostopsearch #differentstrokes! This #WhiteLivesMatter riot was very violent towards the police wasnt it? What were they angry about exactly?(… @XANDERV6 @GMB @Channel4News #theschoolthattriedtoendracism
Retweeted by Johanna AlexanderGreat week and we got a lot done. Looking forward to a nice quite weekend. #relax
Retweeted by Johanna AlexanderThank you for allowing me to come in and talk to your audience @BorisJohnson the time is TODAY!!!!for true CHANGE!!…
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @GMB @sal2nd @BorisJohnson @BBCBreaking @itn_news @ITVChannelTV channel #diversityandinclusion #Training @GMB @sal2nd The next step is Diversity & Inclusion training for Teachers & Children so no matter what negative gro… SocialStudies Lesson at school to combat #SystemicRacism where #TEACHers have #DiversityAndInclusion tra… @h8sbc @Channel4 Nurturing starts at home & it is important not to groom negativity about others around them & maki… @h8sbc @Channel4 Being Parentsof Childrenof Colour we want to allow them to enjoy being CHILDREN but unfortunately… of Nigel Farage in pub appearing to break quarantine after USA trip sparks calls for police probe
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @juliesmith472 @DavidLammy Is there a Race War going on? If there is, what/who started it?This is a genuine questio… @vijaya57 @Sideways_On @DavidLammy Very interesting point. So are you saying he secured the Jewish vote or people… @kimb291101 @TaraGee76 @DavidLammy No they were sunbathing on the beaches! Lol @DavidLammy I guess he didn't take part in clapping for carers since that's a 'gesture' too.
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @DavidLammy The Bible says in Philippians 2:10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven…
Retweeted by Johanna AlexanderAmen 💓 @DavidLammy His whole brand is gesture politics and vaudevillian performances - Johnson is a joke.
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @Oates1592 @DavidLammy WOW 110m! That revenue can now be used better elsewhere Yep! @GMB #racism #education
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @Oates1592 @DavidLammy WOW 110m! That revenue can now be used better elsewhere Yep! @GMB #racism #education @DavidLammy Why haven't you given us our Windrush compensation
Retweeted by Johanna Alexander @Leon75377462 @DavidLammy Im not pretending to know, but who authorises compensation for these proven wrongdoings?… Your Daddy said You MUST work Harder! #SystemicRacism #silversoon @willireallyam1 @DavidLammy @BorisJohnson He's an imbecile & EVERYONE has ALWAYS known that & loved him soooo much… @DannyHumes2 @RealDeniseWelch The English has ALWAYS just cared about MONEY! Sad But True & nothing ever changes!…,000 pending lawsuits! Dispite withdrawing their babypowder in America due to them knowing it caused CancerThey n…
@RobertsWBA23 @zee8801 @qsteph Harry watched!😏 😂🤣 Black Don't Crack ! As they say! He just lurved that! He just had… @Yugogirl2 @qsteph @RealNatalieRowe She had Hollywood before Harry! A real established career, articulate hardworki… @linfords1 @qsteph She GETS attention because she's a grafter! & an aesthetically pleasing one at that! Harry choos… @linfords1 @qsteph A genuine question, what evidence is there that shows @MeganMarkleOYW as a needy unskilled perso… @RozellaACruz Thank you so much @RozellaACruz
@RozellaACruz Could you share the information about your course, as I'm really interested in learning more. @CaptinBossPants I would love to be a #DiversityInclusionPractioner It's so necessary right now to support future… is quite discriminatory isnt it? #institutionalracism #BlackLivesMatterUK