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💜 @numbl3ss 💜 | esport athlete | travis scott stan | @_NotTeryn 🛹❤️ | @realJBA 🦄 | Kam and Ollie ❤️🐶 | he/him 17 BLM

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@Mako Love you @HarryButAverage actually real @MillerDCgaming wow man congrats thats amazing ❤️❤️ youre gonna be a great dad @Mako Hey man @playboicarti retweets @playboicarti wow2.14 seconds @lewnair oh i dont speak french whats that say @lewnair whats that @leahdb98 🥺🥺🥺omg @kidfromindy on god @kidfromindy yhcant believe travis scott had rihanna in 2015 and lost herWowgirls @FavsPriv i got youLETS FUCJING GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOOGOGOOHOGOO jesus✌? more like 🙏😇 @longneckedbeck @Conmxn hey grace @lewnair just tell them u ordered something super illegal and they wont question you because now you have Power @Conmxn @longneckedbeck i dont want one please stop @longneckedbeck what if i wasnt kidding @longneckedbeck just kidding just wanted to make you feel wanted for a second @longneckedbeck more like c&g @PaintClown_ DaBed @xQc @isnotzzz noooo dont cry🥺shake shack no shake that ass @isnotzzz u are 😭 omg @isnotzzz o my god u areAyo?? @xanful
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@kidfromindy Bro @DUSKNR no @BeastCaucasion 😏 @yxngsoup Holy shit Yung Soup @isnotzzz do u like sweet n sour chicken wif white rice and pork dumplings @shivisdumb what would u like shivvv🥺 @isnotzzz What would u like ma'am @BeastCaucasion got u bossordering chinese food do yall want anything? @unterhay he comes back tommorrow right?top 5 photos taken before disaster @iHaveNoHoe get the hyperx cloud 2's shit oh fuck @bunnydelphine no @lrgpriv @obrndo @grjffy @_NotTeryn suresies @JoeyTheSuperJew gonna have to watch it again for research purposes to see if i agree its been awhile. I will get back to you @JoeyTheSuperJew i'd say bump it up to an 8 the film scoring is impeccable @KARMATOGOD @_NotTeryn nah aint no way they r getting torn up kids r dumb as hell @BRITlSH u feel me @HarryButAverage thank u man we'll be okay. at least i got the average harry stream to keep me company LFFFFGGGGGGG… @haleyscalm @Preston omg i remember that guy @RodeoTheAlbum because its not the best rap album @refreshdos fr @Conmxn big anime girl mommy milkers awooooggaaaaa @HarryButAverage not doing great tbh my dad tested positive which ruined our thanksgiving plans and it jus sucks no… @Conmxn anime boobs @BoyOneDrrPriv oh i thought u meant sex idc ab that @HarryButAverage meowwwww @BoyOneDrrPriv please tell me someone recorded it @HarryButAverage hey AverageHarryboobsrockstar or the box will win because duhh but i hope Trav wins so bad @allie02322335 yeah neither deserve a grammy nom @allie02322335 yeah ive listened to changes too i think changes is a 4 and fine line a 6 @allie02322335 how would i state an opinion on something i havent listened to why would you assume that @allie02322335 so was fine line @Ryan_Recon wait why not @dagostlno @BungieHelp thanks Man @CryptiicNo need @notdiin Sorry but the answer is no @yungricepatty bro under the infinite tsukuyomi 😭 but nah fr that'd be a trip waking up in the future or sum shit i… @bil_cipher @Boy1drr Back off @yungricepatty wait u meant like dying my fault dog @yungricepatty u prolly need all that beauty sleep @Boy1drr goodnight to all 3 of ishans legsthanks guyssleeping schedule is ruined Why me god @roojuliee mid artist @prakdip I like being your friend @lexieyuh what the f is that @PaintClown_ I will take you on a date to make up for it @PaintClown_ what makes you think that @PaintClown_ dont carewho wanna buy me cod @lewnair Sorry @OhZoinksScoob goodluck hope it works @Froste @COSTCOBACKWOODS @shmeat W @syhnicaI @floozclues meow for master @shivisdumb if you think i can write more than one sentence let alone all of that in 10 minutes you are severely ov…
Retweeted by connor🧛🏻🥂🦃 @syhnicaI so dope @shivisdumb im still writing it @kidfromindy is that a insult @floozclues my little kitten @shivisdumb yes shiv?