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@Zizidown HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊❤コロナによる外出自粛で暇な方の為に、悪魔城伝説のサイクロプス戦でのテクニックを上げておきますね。 このボス戦、なんと短剣を避雷針代わりに雷を呼んで大ダメージを与えられるのです!動画の5回目の短剣で成功してますね。皆さん知ってました?
Retweeted by 魔法少女 Xanoz 魔法少女 @Eidelonn nuuuuu I'm sorry. Baby needs to let momma rest @BANGleilei he punches like a tank lol @TonyRona2 I miss that show 😭 @ThePacosTaco lmao @cheeseburg3rcat LMFAOOOOO @Aratonra @unrooolie LOL @RagingRajang LMFAOOOOO @SundeepSaiyan Yearrrrssss ago at one of those anime gaming stores in the mall @tajh256 ooh he SCHMOVIN this is sick @Simon77596210 hanging in there, hope you are too @RLHasABadIdea lmfaooooo @Simon77596210 hello~ @CD_ageS i notts a kiddo @honzogonzo 😂😂😂 @F0rwardLife i would~THIS M@$:*?#!&($*ING LIGHTING THO @WillieDC28 this nigga lit @Blueshift09 LOL 2 Omega Mode @FuTure_Smash LOL NO @RLHasABadIdea LOL WTF @Just_Akid55 you wasted cake @Faxxu_ BWAHAHAHA @BwareOfKoko LMFAOOOOO @Just_Akid55 pls hug meWhen he first puts it in imma be like, 𝕎ℍ𝕀ℂℍ 𝕆𝔽 𝕋ℍ𝔼𝕊𝔼 𝔽𝕀𝔾ℍ𝕋𝔼ℝ𝕊 𝕎𝕀𝕃𝕃 ℙℝ𝕆𝕍𝔼 𝕋ℍ𝔼 𝕆𝕃𝔻 𝔸𝕏𝕀𝕆𝕄 𝕋𝕆𝔻𝔸𝕐???¿¿¿??? here called me a crazy horny kid 😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺'm trying to do this with bae, if I had a bae LOL @SenpaiNoticeMe youre adorbs~ @TheGayAgenda69 you need a training team of people who are all around your level so you can learn together @GhsalF ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? IM BLOCKING U @ERICKcj 🥺 @SpaceCakeQueen lmfao bleeessssssssssssss🙏🙏 @sonic883b please do and let us know if we can help you if you need @Chris_Dechene jesus christ lmfaooooo @EthanAkins6 EXCUSE ME PRINCESS @TheGayAgenda69 id rather have this than green eggs and ham from a friend @mrjoe94 😂😂😂 I will always break the immunity @Arwood_Lucilath 😂 @Arwood_Lucilath just FIX IT @ShadowXLaw1 😂 @MentalMinx girl lmfaooooo let it rock 👀I like how I'll post absurd shit and some of ya'll just open up and allow yourself to just laugh instead of being s… @blynchehaun 😂 @CharlesPlaine jesus lmfaooooo @FeliciaIsMyWaif roflSomeone fix the P H E N O M E N O N of mandingos in the next patch @Arwood_Lucilath LMFAOOOOO @LegacyofSol thank you love ❤ @Official_RoninC lmfaooooo @Mikeand1keFGC nope @Lady_Kytrea YOU THINK I'M HARD UP TO THROW PUSSY AT LORD DAIGOD @RLHasABadIdea he's in my top 5 but dodges me suffocating him with hugsIs dick a bug, a feature, a glitch, or a function? There's some dick that's just fucking busted because y'all will… @DNOpls it speaks to me @TheSpiritJuice lmaoReminder of the only professional player I will dickride into the moonlight because he can never do anything wrong… @TheSpiritJuice come over @Eidelonn wack, picture getting the stuff you use points on at sephora but you only want maybe 20%. IT'S REALLY GOO… @evangelifrog a fucking hot ass adorable blanket with big tiddies, I fucking stan @SadizticKitten the zipper 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 @StrongestIdiot @SadizticKitten it doesn't matter 🥺 @Z29328381 @BostonBaby9 man I appreciate y'all having maintenance so much. Bless @TheGoodPhantom You gotta share pics too the day it happens @LegacyofSol Im not around enough, I wish life was easier @SadizticKitten I basically have that leather outfit too....... @IS1GMA 🥺 @SadizticKitten this gif always gets me 🥺 @DenpaHiveQueen don't apologize for venting! @S_x0x_ imma find one you would like @V_Scott_ @standalone_exe mm yeah good people deserve to be treated as good people @SadizticKitten 🥺🥺🥺 a meaty tuck please @DenpaHiveQueen wow? I fucking love that movie but that's not cool. It definitely doesn't help people feel comforta… @SadizticKitten that's automatic, everything you buy I want to see you in! @deshaunturner95 mm if I'm around, I check Twitter often @SadizticKitten 🥺🥺🥺 I try, I felt horrible when I thought I upset herSometimes people just need to vent and honestly feel much better after having someone listen and at least try to un… that I'm not getting any dick right now. I told her I'd trade her if I could and she started laughing. I then a… said she's had really bad body dysmorphia because one time while wearing a tight sexy dress, someone commented… was talking to one of my trans friends because she was having a bad day and wanted fashion advice. I told her I'm… @SadizticKitten but you can with a ballgag 👁're not a professional fighting game player unless you consistently wash your ass. Welp, looks like about 50% of y'all ain't shit 🤷‍♀️ @Flexiss_ Best penpal 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 @SadizticKitten 👀👀👀 yes please 😍 @WarpWhistles mm it's always on in the background lol @Lemilli_Lemilli 😂😂😂 @EWGFRyan thank you~So CLEAN 🤩 @axel7930 ZigglesBrushed the doggo hardcore so she's relaxing, then cleaned the living room because there was hair everywhere... it'… @25ftPhantom I like this pic of you~ @Bigbird_fgc what do you think about when they're hired as stream team and content creators instead of players? Same premise?In TvC, Alex's stun-gun headbutt super is mostly underutilized in high level play. However, when performed on giant…
Retweeted by 魔法少女 Xanoz 魔法少女 @RLHasABadIdea I keep my sticks, I already got rid of the ones I didnt want. I get rid of things fast @DrSwaggenheimer @evangelifrog yeah ive been waiting for my masks for almost a month now @Spyro9824 I already sold em
It's so wild that it's May and I have 70% of Christmas covered....... If this clears up I may have a Christmas part… @giginorez no I have a poshmark but don't update it because eBay is quicker. I don't share my eBay on sm cause I do…