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@CharlesPlaine forreal lol @Jemmillion I'd stan this game since the VS characters are all broken besides Felicia but its way too busted to pla… really cared about League but I hope the FGC eats off of this news tbh. We need some money lmao @jonnittiFGC there's definitely bragging like it's some secret clique lol @iamBrandonTV @LaynaLazar I just love Jackie in general but this is facts @EXT0PD0LL big same @blackmail_desu thats sad =/ @MarkMan23 HOW?!? Her loss. Enjoy the slime cuties in peace @JakyoManor come stay with me 💜 @AmandaTNStevens jesus, to be THAT boredSo umm... two questions. Why did Richard Lewis mass block a shitload of the FGC? and... Why are y'all bragging… @Coriimon 14 year old Cori @swk_knees definitely understandable @Rob_026 awww thank you so much for saying this @KeroChobittsu this is the content we always need 😍😍😍My community rarely compares anything, we just want y'all to enjoy what you're playing. Play Vampire Savior 😘 @Romeogunz thank you so much~
@Punisherx6 bless 🙏 @diamondandy awww thank you @CG_Sonicboom 😂 @gfuwfu @KawaiiFaceMiles of course love 💕 @PatrickRyan23 thank you~ @ZoNikeSZN ☺️ @gfuwfu LOL, salt and pepper is all you need! *eyeroll* @MetalKatTV ILY2 you deserve the world @Lady_Kytrea I had some random dude who would comment on all my Instagram pics THIS AIN'T IT CHIEF just like an hour ago so I blocked him 😂 @raynexpress @2dJazz @MetalKatTV I need to actively purchase items from the hard R store @xMisfit_Panda ive talked about it in the past just not enough I guess 😂 @JWes420 ☺️☺️☺️ @stayconsistent3 LOL I like him but I know that mans be spitting during his delivery @excesstigress the fuck? @ravensonthewing I hate that fucking feeling so much @TheLeroy81 @2dJazz @MetalKatTV been there, all I got were people accusing me of not being black lmao but this was… fucking snapped but I still ain't feeling how sometimes her delivery goes in and out of this weird version of G… I wished I could have visited at least once before they were gone 😭 @ZeeNajamGaming I am an empath and sense vibes pretty quickly. Ive made some good and bad choices in life @NickyFGC Cetrion no fucking contest @2dJazz @MetalKatTV I do that everyday and yall fucking hate me 😂Make her famous she deserves it 😈. Also go congratulate her on how good she looks at 22. @Book_Wurm_Nerd bless you 🙏 @JRpotential he wasn't even a canon character I think but I liked him @ZenraiBaishuu @tatsunical def play it again, shits hard especially if you're trying to get all the coins but game is beautiful @PharmacyBrownie I'm glad you did gorgeous!"Advice would be stronger about sexiness if you were ugly, ijs love." LOL. Plenty of people think I'm ugly as fuck… @strongchris lmfaoI want to book my Capcup ish but I still dunno if there's an "official" hotel or not. Anyone got any deets? Work keeps badgering me. @CrescentEsports @RobTeeVee Oh shit congrats!!!!!!!!I never want to make anyone feel shitty for doing things they enjoy if they aren't hurting anyone =___=Does anyone feel this way truthfully? I used to. I used to feel like it was a waste of time doing anything unless I… @Kaihkuteam I understand this, but it's not the only way~ @GrayFoxMacLeod they are ^___^ @gfuwfu just LED light shit, they have a fucking TON @StonedDude4 super turbo @WakuiTsubasa fuck that guy @ZeroReality4 @FD_Slayerpon2 it's picking up and I'm happyTrue joy in a man's eyes can be found when he parries fireballs and explodes in someone's face source: @TauntButton
Retweeted by 魔法少女 Xanoz 魔法少女 @TuboWare jesus christ =___= I know you loved the fuck out of her too. Im so sorry. her loss @TuboWare wait, y'all broke up????? I'm so sorry @TheSpiritJuice top 10 easily @xoFROOT ily2bb❤ @YuriPatterson fuck that lmao @King_Drew101 they're all from Express just a few years oldReading people's Twitter rants and I have questions... What's wrong with the man being the little spoon sometimes?… @NoGoodCitizen def seen that shit @WSOLogan you haven't ascended far enough into dangerous weeb territory at least. Maybe you can still be savedWhen Wolverine said, "THIS ONES FOR YOU, MORPH!" I felt that. @WSOLogan even Griffith busted nuts so you're a fucking liar @WSOLogan you were probably having sex while tweeting thisMe myself watching some streamers in general just talking and enjoying whatever they're doing is highly therapeutic. @AsianFinDomme trippy 🌸👁🌺 @WSOLogan that community probably paid more for the initial WE MADE EVO parties than the actual pot lol @xoFROOT Congrats!!! you're a fucking beastBLESS UP will NEVER not be funny when attempting to underpay someone what they're worth. are allowed to enjoy fighting games without being really good at them. It isn't your choice to make them get… @SPACEGHOSTDAGOD next time do bothi want it. i got it. ✨ finally broke top 8 at spectrum tonight! 5th/52, taking sets off noku, clune, blue and acea…
Retweeted by 魔法少女 Xanoz 魔法少女 @svpereight do one of those input displays as a compromiseOh if you know the artist please credit them! I got this image from Google.🌸 A E S T H E T I C 🌸 I love 80's vibes. Reply to this with some art that's wavy @Rareezy1 I'm definitely a nerd lol it's cool being a nerd tho right @MetalRenz man even the ones on og xbox were fire @WSOLogan @HelloKittyRicki oh you IMMEDIATELY went for the Louie Vui pussy. Although expensive finely crafted leath… yourself instead of envying anybody else.Media makes everyone rethink everything and can severely reduce one's self worth due to not meeting whatever appear… @Lunar_Opals i always did Randomization Random @JoAizen90 @yumecan2 @ZenotronZX99 their artwork is always adorable ty for sharingYall ever use the visualizations on WMP while listening to music? I remember the nights of being so stoned in colle… @WSOLogan @HelloKittyRicki you stuffing your new YEEZYS in your Off White pussy pack? @nxkami @MentalMinx 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 @JoAizen90 awww thank you for saying that Jose~ @AzureNexus 💜💜💜 @PatrickRyan23 thank you Patrick ^___^ @TriforceBlade you have to realize the good things about yourself first off and what you are as a person @svpereight gimmie both @izzysaek0 she soft floaty girlYou don't need a fat ass to be sexy. You don't need giant tits to be sexy. You don't need a tiny waist to be sexy.… @eltroubleSRK yep, I do need to take my ass to a bakery tho @eltroubleSRK send me a box of baguettes @Jephrocs @Kirbycide you asshole 😂 @starcIef lots of people like the analog, I can't use it well