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DEVOUR XAN @Xansmind London, England

Founder & CEO @OfficiaIDevour | #ETH #Solana

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@zuckrs @mitchchicken I can vouch he is the best company to watch anything with 🤝 @MadiHunni Hi maddi @cwaudiia Bro??? @andiswrId ❤️ @themanaspon The quickest way to burn 5K 🕵️‍♂️ @Hantao @_xans It’s fun tho @Aeolus @BHVannessa You need a hug? @seshiriaa_ Finish the meal, it’s okay I got u @sabpie_ same
@MeltValorant sdfsdfaF @notdiin This is who I carry on val 🕵️‍♂️ @1EDEN_ @Saulsrevenge @seshiriaa_ Sign me up @1EDEN_ @Saulsrevenge @seshiriaa_ Bro… @1EDEN_ @Saulsrevenge Let’s gooo @RipJalens @OwainFN @cursabruv $225 you can buy me food at the motive 🤝 @DevourSilent @DevourProx My sons grinding @itsjawhn Jessica is too fine bro 🥲 @DevourRecruiter Same bro @Saulsrevenge @SwampverseNFT He spent 1.3K on a picture @ameialuv @Michy4x 🥲 @OfficiaIDevour How to get rich fast @Wolfiez Can I have food to? @notdiin @KobyDutton I don’t speak English @Mohammedsr4_ Siuuuuuuuu @nawtaww Wake up we got money to make @turntdais surround yourself with the right people and they will make you feel great everyday @angervaI @OfficiaIDevour 🔥🔥🔥 @Mohammedsr4_ It’s ok
@angerVLR @OfficiaIDevour Welcome! @AeroVXI 86 one is very good @ahad Research purposes @AeroVXI Benzema striker @PlxtoVFX Not that @faultlessly guy pls @ahad Still waiting for it to send ⏱ @ahad The google drive is empty @ZeloValorant @ashIyne @Wolfiez His new team I refuse to play 😂 @ashIyne 5-0 @Wolfiez on fifa 🕵️‍♂️ @NastyvNas @OfficiaIDevour Grind pays off @fqnos_ Thanks for tweeting about me @sash4s If u want me to carry just say 🙄 @OfficialShrill yes @KobyDutton Same @Vrosess_ ❤️
@DevourRecruiter @OfficiaIDevour ♥️ @OfficiaIDevour Who am I recruiting before Christmas 🥶 @brixwtf HBD @MitcheIl We will manage your twitter and then boost it to 20K, btw someone on the team made "100K" and you can get… @notdiin I h8 u @AlshirifyHabeeb You out flexed me gg man @andiswrId 🥲 @phamilys @yoxics Lmao @TheBigJerr Cappp @sash4s You @nawtaww @DevourPeanut Shush don’t let them know @SiteableDL Fr @crestsz You already one of em 🧑‍🦯 @notdiin Just ask me out ffs @EchoVisuals_ @OfficiaIDevour eww @klorkvfx you just out flexed me sorry @Wolfiez Mums I heard this pic 😂 @KobyDutton December 10 official date 🔥 @Dylanilyy I want a 5 star restaurant & you pay 🙄 @Luck4x Shhh fam @soulexian Almost close to me 🧑‍🦯 @Mplmao True ty g @itsMaximize Idk where does one exist? @ltsKal 🧢 @EqyBot I think it’s time to edate 😂 @iKezza_ Pain bro 😂 @ParallelTid Let’s have dinner & talk about our problems 🥲 @ItsTumbelina English accent, arab, tall, best beard in the game & no gf 🥲 @jc1btw Fr? @princeraso1 I know bro 🥲 @splasheyy Yeah that’s true, still nice to have someone @xKitzi You crazee @ZitoFN_ We should date 😎 @Emacityy_ I’d steal them tho, it’s a choice not to date them 🕵️‍♂️I have been single for nearly 6 years 😂 @ykInfinity @Rewind1K This is the energy we like
@andiswrId No you ❤️ @FaZeSway @skqttlescuh I woke up to this 😭 @TylaDecker @Tanzer Tanzy qt @madebymxtt Ly @notdiin Finally @ObiJai Facts send it me next time @ObiJai Is today flex how much you spent day @nawtaww I’m an inspiration 🧑‍🦯 @PlxtoVFX @OfficiaIDevour ew
@benjyfishy @juiceman8111 @NRGgg ????? @ameialuv @Saulsrevenge get on the tiktok grind for free bread liaaa @XenBDH @vohlii nm u @vohlii Thanks little sis @beebinton @sneerid ????? @zuckrs shush @sabpie_ Vouch @zuckrs Zuck @Milliam @mommysandra_23 Your welcome 🤝 @Milliam Give me money @SiteableDL @Nadeshot @DoctorAlpaca shush @SiteableDL @Nadeshot @DoctorAlpaca yo site