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3D character lead at Magnopus | Co-founder @SoftLockStudio | he/him | Inquiries re: consulting, press, interviews:

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Raising minimum wage debate in America
Retweeted by Xavier @SamMaggs This is really similar to how I felt after I started taking Celexa REALLY happy for you, Sam! @BelgianBoolean @arvalis dad? @BelgianBoolean @arvalis ben @arvalis rjhades game
Retweeted by XavierIf you’re reading this: tense your jaw and shoulders, tighten your entire body, don’t drink water for 48 hours. You got this 💖
Retweeted by XavierSorry to those with trypophobia, I hate it myself but also why i include it in some imagery. some more Fresno Nigh…
Retweeted by Xavier @jesawyer These threads make me hopeful that someday I'll work with genuinely good designers who understand these t…
Retweeted by XavierIn Denmark, McDonald’s employees make $20 an hour and the price of Big Macs went up by $.80. Stop defending exploit…
Retweeted by XavierDamn the NRA couldn’t survive one year without school shootings
Retweeted by XavierDisney + has these super cute little mini docs. On one, a Pixar script supervisor is talking about how she noticed…
Retweeted by XavierGame idea: Battle royale game where you start off in a random doorway in Victorian London and have to get to a ran… rely so much on FromSoftware’s female character designs.
Retweeted by XavierIf MacGyver wanted something dependable for any situation he’d carry a small Kathryn Hahn wherever he went.
Retweeted by XavierThe art / the reference #HadesFanArt
Retweeted by Xavierhe's a writer on Big Mouth .
Retweeted by Xavier @SamMaggs You've accomplished way more than I have today‘It's Northern instead of Western. Northern action thriller’: High Ground’s producers are redefining movie genres i…
Retweeted by Xavier @HazelMonforton Please don't hate me. I can hear the slap of your facepalm from all the way over in LA @HazelMonforton I don't know enough about what I'm doing to be able to answer that These are the third and fourth… @HazelMonforton I shaped them by hand and then put them in bowls in the fridge lined with thin towels covered with flourEhhhhh there's a lot wrong here First thing I need to do is fix my starter It gets bubbly, but I guess it's simpl… @conor_draws Probably not long enough, or maybe not the right way The recipe I'm following recommended a two hour…, things look slightly less pancake-like now, but I think my sourdough starter needs help ok I see some puffing and bubbles Maybe this isn't a loss?They looked really bubbly last night, but I don't know if it was enough I want to have all the practice done now s… look fucking flat again. I hope they puff up. @Binzimation*deep concern* @axl99 Oh god, now what happenedTime for the oven. I can’t help but feel that Alucard’s design was made with these pants in mind...
Retweeted by XavierHound of Tindalos #horror #lovecraft #frankbelknaplong #noneuclidean
Retweeted by XavierFamily Portrait (1) #HadesGame
Retweeted by Xavier @DarkSlayerKi 👈😎👈
Game idea: You're the ghost of an astronaut and you haunt the specific region of space where you died As other sh… Idea: An RPG where a group of animal familiars have been separated from their wizards and go on a Homeward Bou…
Retweeted by Xavier @b0tster @art_mino This is so unbelievably coolStarting todays Bloodborne PSX dev thread with a blind playthrough of a new test level designed by @art_mino, who i…
Retweeted by Xavier @HazelMonforton But why? Don't you enjoy having an 18 page character sheet? @SamMaggs 👀if you like sea shanties... can I tell you about union work songs?
Retweeted by Xavier @hannaesthetic If you bake out a position map and/or object space normal map, you should be able to apply transform… new challenge has been set: "Shader that applies jeans to an arbitrary shape"
Retweeted by XavierWrite the plot hole Lean into the plot hole Fall down the plot hole Party in the plot hole
Retweeted by XavierValkmira, Protector's Shield not a lot to say about this one, other than it's my first artifact I think? I like pa…
Retweeted by Xavierhey friends, if anyone is looking for a roommate in LA i'll be looking asap! i have a few restrictions about COVID…
Retweeted by Xavier @saltyhag It's basically an entire game of Born Sexy Yesterday, and that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth @saltyhag If you want to spend 20 hours staring at a butt wiggling back and forth for no discernible reason, sure,… I play games on easy mode as often as possibleI actively disliked Nier Automata the entire time I was playing it I played through the entire thing thinking mayb… have Bloodborne brain worms, but I regret nothingAlso: thread: don't know how to say this any clearer. @wuffles @Paradoliak I'm glad whenever this happens @wuffles @Paradoliak This is visionary, honestlyGame idea: Sim City, except instead of buildings and roads, it's the bones and internal organs of a creature that'… Nintendo finds people playing their old games
Retweeted by XavierAnyway, that's the story of how I had a multi-hour panic attack and threw up at Disneyland.Capitalism and culty corporate/brand allegiance does weird shit to people's brains, yo.Then we had a big dinner at some out-of-the-way corner of the park surrounded by what seemed to be abandoned storef… my last job they took everybody to Disneyland for a weekend and had us stay in one of the hotels there Aside fr…'ve been to Disneyland twice The first time it was bewildering The second time it was horrifying Literally noth…'ve heard the sad news that Disney is no longer selling annual passes I grieve for the people who can never again… of Beasts #conceptart #demon #horror
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funny relatable art meme
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Retweeted by XavierThis is what VR was made for.
Retweeted by XavierPresented without comment
Retweeted by Xavier @Binzimation @AnnaHollinrake I wish this headline was speaking literallyThis is what I mean
Retweeted by XavierThis started as a joke but it’s canon to me now
Retweeted by XavierIf at first you don't succeed... @Fretmasterbal @wuffles Making comments like this is ugly afCasting call: “Shoots in the quiet isolated hills of Northern California” Translation: “There’s a 90% chance we’re…
Retweeted by Xavier @CarmenSinek Thanks, I hate it! @axl99 (it's a good idea) @axl99 @AbsolumT @dphrygian Should we start calling you Al? @HazelMonforton I guess that no one told you Hyrule was gonna be this way? Ganon's a joke to folk, and Zelda's sealed awayAnyway, I'm putting together ref boards for something @FromHappyRock Show me your hot shanties, Nicholasheal these nuts
Retweeted by XavierLook at this excellent friend He's doing his best, and his best is just great brought his girlfriend over today"Jobless women selling nudes on internet" says, jobless woman selling words on internet.
Retweeted by XavierWe're so excited to share the concept art we did behind the @PlaySpellbreak Halloween skins, artifacts, and FX! Th…
Retweeted by XavierDespite having done my damnedest to block every account and keyword I could think of to exorcise CDPR and Cyberpunk… Blessings
Retweeted by XavierI've been following this story just so I could see what happened to this guy. I have a very personal story to tel…
Retweeted by Xavier @saltyhag Like, how can you even think that a grid of dots on a screen can represent anythingThis is now twice as funny as it was the first time around
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